tagErotic HorrorPassions Through a Mirror Darkly

Passions Through a Mirror Darkly


My dreams were no longer confined to those hours of darkness where I managed to sleep. They began to haunt me in my waking hours. And they grew darker, harsher. Gone was the silent passion, the midnight rendezvous when your husband, my friend, was asleep. Gone was the willing trysts late at night.

They were replaced with thoughts of a hunger sated through coercion, through force. I sat on my couch, my eyes glazed, as the visions returned despite my best intentions. Despite my horror.

::He had left for work, leaving you and me alone in the house. We chatted as always before. Chatting about nothing of consequence. I watched you from the corner of my eye as you breathed, your chest lifting and falling. I could tell you wore nothing beneath that long t-shirt. Your nipples poking out from the thin material.

You stood, realizing the time. You mentioned something about a shower that I barely heard. I sat there as I heard the water begin to run. Images of your naked body flashed through my mind and a decision was made.

I stood, quietly stalking to the bathroom. I silently opened the door, watching you through the opaque shower curtain. You didn't notice as I quickly stripped out of my clothes and entered. I waited until your back was turned before I quietly opened the curtain enough to slide myself in.

I reached out once I was in the shower with you. My hand snaked out and wrapped around your mouth, keeping you from screaming. I turned you to face me, hand still covering your mouth. There was fear in your eyes. But there also seemed to be a flash of a hunger that matched mine. Or maybe I was deluding myself, attempting to convince myself that you desired this as much as I.

I gazed down at your lovely body, your beautiful breasts with their pink nipples, gazed down at your succulent pussy, with merely a thin strip of hair. I reached down with my free hand and slid a finger into you, the water providing the lubrication your tightness demanded. Or maybe you were wet of your own accord.

You bit into my hand, trying to get me to release my grip, but I resisted and turned you around again. I pushed you against the wall, gripping your mouth tightly to keep you silent as I slammed myself into you. I felt, more than heard, you scream into my hand. I tried to convince myself it was a scream of pleasure and not pain.

I thrust into you, forcefully, for once not caring whether or not you enjoyed it. But to my surprise, I felt you tighten around me even more, felt your body begin to spasm as an orgasm rushed through you. But it wasn't enough.

I pulled out and slid into your tight ass, grunting at the grip, almost hurting me as I slid in. You groaned into my hand as I pounded into you. I watched as your hand slid down and began to massage your clit. You exploded again, screaming into my hand once more. This time I knew they were screams of pleasure, screams of ecstasy.

I spun you again, still maintaining my hand over your mouth. I did not want to risk your shouting for help. I pinned you against the wall, lifting your leg and wrapping it around me. I slammed into you once more, grunting with the force behind my motions.

You came again and again as I slid into you. Wrapping your arms around me for balance, grinding your hips into me in a wanton display of passion. I could feel myself nearing the brink, nearing the edge. I pulled myself out, expecting to explode all over you and letting the shower wash it away. You had different plans.

Not wishing to let a drop go to waste, you dropped down to your knees, my hand finally losing its grip on you. You took me greedily into your mouth, sucking and licking as if it could sate a hunger deep within you. And maybe it could. I exploded into your willing mouth, watching you hungrily swallowed every last drop, stroking and licking me, trying to coax more free.

We both stared at each other after, fear, anger and hunger warring for dominance. You pushed me out and we dried off. Never once speaking of what had happened.::

I stared at myself, looking down and watching as my hand quickly stroked my cock. I was turned on by these visions in a way I had not known was possible. I could not stop myself as I stroked. And once again, the visions continued.

::He had come home from work, tired and grumpy as always. We ate dinner as we always did, talking of the days occurrences. Not once did you mention what had happened in the shower. Not once did you decry me the monster I had begun to feel I was.

After dinner, we sat, watching television. His eyes began to droop, a sudden exhaustion stealing over him. Fighting back yawns, he went to the bedroom, stumbling in fatigue. You cast me a curious look and I shrugged. With a shrug of your own, you followed him.

I waited about an hour before I stripped and stole into the bedroom. He was sleeping, softly snoring away. I watched as you slept, your hand caressing your pussy in your sleep. With a feral grin, I stole over to you and slid the covers off of you. Neither the motion nor the sudden drop in temperature woke you but when I began to tug your t-shirt off, you did wake, finally.

You shot me a shocked look, glancing back at your husband, knowing he could wake at any time. I did not care. I gripped you by the hair and pulled you to my raging cock, you were terrified of being caught but excited at the thrill, the risk. You quickly took me into your mouth, sucking and licking much as you had done in the shower. Your mouth dipped down and you sucked my testicles into your mouth. You moaned around them, the vibrations reverberating through me. You caught yourself, trying to be silent when all you wanted to was to pant and scream.

You moved back up to my cock, swallowing it again, stroking with your hand as you sucked. More moans escaped you, and you tried to keep an eye on your husband, to make sure he did not wake. And then I exploded into your mouth. Once again, you swallowed every drop.

Once I had finished, once my body had stopped jerking and twitching from the incredible sensations created by your mouth. I smiled and turned to leave. You reached out, catching my hand. You had a look on your face, questioning, pleading. I grinned down and told you if you wanted it, you had to beg for it.

Anger flashed through your eyes for a moment. Then fear as you glanced over at your husband. Then you relented. You begged me to take you into the other room and to fuck you. To slam myself into you, hard and fast. You begged me to do with you whatever I wanted.

I smiled, a Cheshire cat grin that spanned my entire face. I pushed you back onto the bed, not too forcefully, but none too gently either. Surprise lit your face as your realized what I planned to do. You tried to sit up, tried to convince me to take you into the other room. But I laughed and held you down.

I spread your legs and slid myself into you, thrusting fast and hard. You gasped as the pleasure and the pain all hit you at once. You moaned, trying to keep silent but knowing it was a futile gesture. And then I began to pound into you hard. Your first orgasm struck and you moaned loudly. When your second orgasm hit, you began to scream.

The thought of waking your husband fled your mind as you became lost in a tidal wave of sensation and pleasure. I pounded into you, feeling your legs wrap around me and your nails dig into my flesh. You begged me, between gasps for breath, to fuck you harder and harder. And I complied until another orgasm ripped through you, leaving you unable to beg anymore.

I pulled out then, letting you catch your breath. Once you had, I turned you over until you were on your stomach. You tried to position yourself onto your hands and knees but I pushed you down, holding you to the mattress. I spread your legs, slightly and then slid into your ass, pounding hard and fast.

You screamed again as an orgasm gripped you nearly immediately. I continued, unable to stop myself any more than you were able to keep quiet. Suddenly, I felt the rising, felt the build up within myself that told me it was nearly time. With a loud groan of my own, my body jerked and I shot myself deep into your tight ass. The sensation of my cum hitting your insides set off another intense orgasm and you screamed again, thrashing under me.

I pulled out and we hurriedly cleaned up. You looked over at your husband, wondering how he could possibly have slept through all that noise. I grinned and explained how I had slipped him some strong sleeping pills. You were shocked, but found yourself grinning.::

I came to my senses to the shrill ringing of my phone. Answering it, I was surprised to hear your voice on the other end. I stared into the phone in surprise when you said, "I have been having these weird dreams..."

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