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Passive Wife Changes Her Tune


I'm a shy woman when it comes to sex even though I have been married for 12 years and have 2 children. My very loving husband has always done his best to try and satisfy me even tough I have not been the most cooperative partner. You see I've just never been aggressive in bed to the point I 'm very passive, and tend to just lay back and let him do whatever he wants, which I do enjoy. But I'm not the type to initiate any sexual act or be a real active participant except for laying there while he does his thing, heck when his on top of me making love I want even hardly put my hands on his back.

One night my husband and I went out to eat without the children. On the way home we drove by an adult toy store and I almost fainted when he suggested that we stop and go in. I was shocked to see all of the different types and styles of toys, some I had to ask what would they be used for and how. As I became more comfortable in the store I could feel my self becoming aroused and extremely wet. My husband suggested that we purchase a dildo shaped vibrator which sent chills down my spine. After all I have always been so to speak a woman in bed that let the man do all of the sex while I just laid back and enjoyed or at least tried to. We purchased the toy and off to home we went, the whole way all I could think about was what would happen went we got there.

I could hardly wait to find out what my husband would do with the toy, it seemed like it took forever to get the kids to go to bed that night. When I got to our bedroom I found my husband naked on the bed waiting for me. I must admit I was damp with anticipation but still extremely nervous about what was about to happen. I laid down on the bed and he began to kiss my breasts and rub the toy over my chest and stomach. He worked his way down between my legs and began to lick me and then he started using the toy slow with just a little vibration and teased my vaginal lips. He then started to let it come to rest on my clit which felt like nothing I had felt before and about sent me through the roof. He slowly started to insert it into my vagina which was a whole new experience for me. Even though all of this made me come several times I was still reluctant to take an active role in our love making session. I still just laid there without really participating. This went on several nights like this until he asked me a question that was going to change me forever....

David was extremely nervous when he popped the question. "Honey would you use the dildo on me?"

Well I was shocked, "What do you mean on you? How?"

"Well I don't have a vagina but I hear it feels good on the prostate."

"You mean put it in your rear?"

"Yes, let's try it and let me see how it feels."

I could not believe it he actually wanted me to do something, he knew that was not me, after all I had always just laid there and let him do what ever. Here he was asking me to actually participate. At first I was reluctant then I thought here is the man I love who has done everything for me, how could I tun him down.

David put a condom on it and then helped me lubricate the dildo, he laid on this back and raised he leg. As he did I just sat there and about froze not knowing what really to do. I slowly put the dildo up against his hole and when I touched him with it he just shuddered in delight. There he laid with a hard on with me between his legs and about to shove a dildo in his rear.

He started to moan softly as I pushed it in.

I asked him "Does it hurt, let me know if I hurt you."

All David could say was "A little but it feels good"

The further I went the more he moaned. Once it was all the way in I just sat there not sure what to do. After a few minutes he took my hand and started to stroke the dildo in and out like I was making love to him with this toy similar what he had done with me. When he took his hand away I kept up the motion and watched him get more excited at each stroke. I could not believe that I was actually doing this, then it hit me I was actually being more then a passive lay on my back and let my husband run the show type woman, I was actually taking a part and making love to my husband. As I stroked it out more and more, he moaned and started matching my stokes with his hips. I started to rub his erection with my other hand and wow he shot his load almost to the ceiling. After a few minutes I pulled the dildo out and hugged him to let him know it was OK.

After a few minutes David spoke "Honey I know I asked you to do something out of the norm but I want you to know how good it felt."

" Yes I could tell by the way you were moaning but it shocked me in that you know I've always been very passive in this part of our relationship"

" Yes I know but I really the action as well as you taking an active role."

A few nights later we started messing around in bed and I started to be my passive self again as I laid on my back while my husband was going down on my and doing me with the dildo. Then I started thinking about what I had done for him 3 nights ago and how excited he had been. When he finished playing with me I shocked him by taking the dildo from him and put a condom on it.

He sat there in amazement as I lubed it up and then pushed him on to his back and began to make love to him with the dildo again. This time as I started to penetrate him I felt even more empowered. We were more in tune with our strokes, him with his hips and me with the dildo. As I was doing him I started thinking that this is actually fun being the aggressive one and taking an active role in our love making sessions. As I was making love to him with the toy I kept thinking there must be other adult toys that may work even better.

After our love making session David asked " Honey that was awesome, what got into you to just make it happen like that"

"Dear, I love you very much and if you like me being more aggressive in bed even if it's a bit kinky, why not try it"

"I truly enjoyed the way you were thrusting the dildo and the way were matching each others rhythm is unbelievable."

As we laid there snuggled together, it hit me I had seen some interesting toys at the store….

At the adult toy store I got over my embarrassment and started talking to one of the female clerks.

I asked the clerk what would be a good toy for me and my husband to use during our new activity.

The clerk responded "Well we have been selling a lot of strap-ons to heterosexual couples"

"What's a strap-on?"

"It's a dildo that a woman can strap on to her self, most ladies buy the ones that strap to their hips and protrudes out like a real dick."

"Wow, and women buy these?"

"Yes they do to use with their husbands, some men actually come in with their wives to buy."

She went on to show me several and suggested one where the strap part was separate from the double ended dildo. She told me that this was their best seller to married couples since it the strap part was good and sturdy for the action and since the dildo had 2 ends to it one end would be in me with the ridges of it rubbing against my clit as I stroked him. She said several female customers had been back to tell her how much they came while the ridges rubbed them and they stroked their man. When I got home I had to try it on. I could not believe how sexy I felt looking at my self in the mirror with the straps and the dildo sticking out. Know I had a sense of power and excitement that I never had before.

That night we put the kids to bed and headed to our room. I almost froze up but I asked my husband to get into bed naked and wait for me. I went into the bathroom and put on the strap-on dildo and then put on one of my sexier nighties. This nightie covered the straps up but as I looked in the mirror I could see a tent where my crotch is. I walked into the bedroom with a tube of lube in my hand and at first my husband did not notice anything. When I got to the bed he pulled me into the bed and we started to kiss. I could not believe what I was doing, not sure what to do next as he had not found it yet. When my husband reached down to pull my nightie up he jumped and had a strange look on his face as he had found something he was not expecting. I laid there for what seemed an hour but was only seconds when I told him that to night I was going to be the man so to speak and that I wanted to please him in a whole new way similar to what we had been doing with the toy.

I took my nightie off and he could see me now in the strap-on. I told him about it being double ended and that we should both enjoy what was going to happen next. I slowly pushed him on to his back and began to kiss him. I told him he could touch it if he wanted and could stroke it. When he took it in his hand and started to stoke it some I almost came as it rubbed my clit just right, I could hardly wait for what was about to happen next. After a few minutes of making out I got the lube out and asked him if he would lube me up. Of course he jumped at the chance.

I pulled 2 extra pillows out for this occasion and got him to lift up his butt and placed the pillow underneath. David asked "What are the pillows for"

I responded "Honey to give me a better angle on you while we make love."

As he laid there I pushed his legs back toward his chest and put the end of the dildo up against his hole which made him gasp.

"Honey I will be gentle."

He looked into my eyes and said "Love, I know you will and this will be an experience!"

He actually helped me guide it into to his rear. As I slowly pushed it in he started to moan in delight, all I could do was look down and watch it go in and think you're the passive one what are you doing. Then it hit me that being the passive one was no fun and that I should be more aggressive and actually participate in sex. Once it was all the way in I just let it stay still for a few minutes until he became accustomed to it. Then I started to stroke it in and out which made him moan even more, once I got used to the motion I started to look into my husbands face. I could see that he was enjoying the action and he started to rock his hips like a woman would.

"Honey, can you believe, here we are making love and I'm the one that's being the penetrator?"

He looked up as we kept our rhythm up "Dear this feels so good to watch you with your breasts bouncing and the full filling I have."

After a few minutes I could not believe the excitement that was building in me as I made love to my husband, the ridges rubbed my clit on each stroke and I started to build towards an orgasm as I watched his hips meet my thrusts. When I started coming I moaned and moaned, my husband laid there and watched with his hips moving in unison with me and the strap-on. Once I had recovered I knew it was time to get him off so started to make love with the strap-on in and out and then I reached down and took his penis in my hands and rubbed it as I stroked in and out of him. The look in his face of total satisfaction as he came was unbelievable. After he recovered I slowly pulled my strap-on out of his rear and then I thought you know what this being the taker was actually the most sexual fun I had ever had.

David asked me "What made you buy this? not that I'm complaining"

Could I tell him the truth that I had awakened sexually, no I just said "Honey, I got to thinking about how we have been since we bought the first toy and how well we used it especially when I used it on you."


"Yes, you got into it so much that I thought more an more about how we could improve."

"Go on."

"Well I asked the lady at the store we had been at and was surprised to find that this is more normal then kinky now a days and so I asked her for the best seller."

"Excellent choice, I think you look really sexy with it on."

"You think so?"

"Yes and it looked like you really got off also."

"Yes I did as it has 2 ends, one end goes n me and it rubs my clit as I stroke back and forth in you."



"Looks like your still hard, want to go again, mine will catch up and get hard like you?"

I responded "Yes, I thought you would never ask!" as he rolled back onto the pillow and lifted his legs back to his chin. I applied more lube and this time my strap-on dick slid right into him. Making love to my husband was even better this time as our rhythm of me thursting in and him rolling his hips to meet my thrusts. Wow that feeling that came over me of love, power and the friction of the dildo in me along with the rubbing of my clit send me to another awesome orgasm.

As a follow up I'm no longer the sexually passive person in our marriage, we take turns as to who will be the one giving and the one receiving. My strap-on dildo now gets a work out at least twice a week. The feeling of power that it gives me along with the way it rubs my clit and the way it satisfies us both is out of this world.

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I love the pegging stories that are not about making the man a sissy.

This is a big fantasy of mine. I would love to have my wife to do this to me.

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