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Past Renewed


"It had been 5 years since they had seen each other." She thought as she spied him across the way.

Jason was now engaged to a beautiful actress. Annika was still quite single in the regard. Not for lack of attention, mind you, but because she knew no one would ever measure up to her first lover.

He had been so thoughtful, so loving with her, and until she found someone like him again she could do without men. Oh she had an occasional fuck when the mood set in, but nothing permanent. All in all she was waiting for him to come back to her. She had been so young barely 18 and he an "older man" of 25.

She had been and still was quite petite at 5'3" 110 pounds of green eyes and brunette hair. Back then she had worn tight skirts and tiny shirts. She had been a knockout, and was now even more beautiful. He had been a well-dressed small business owner. When she had come into his store he knew instantly that he wanted her.

He took in her well-groomed appearance and delicate frame and knew that a night in her arms would be heaven. She had gazed at him wanting to know him in every way... it was lust a first sight.

He greeted her and after a few minutes of small talk he asked her out. She agreed that they would meet at a little Italian restaurant down on 5th and Sanches. She took pains with her appearance that night, dressing to look casual yet sweet. Her effect was beautiful.

They met for dinner and she noticed now his eyes kept straying to her breasts and she felt a tightening in her stomach each time. He couldn't keep his eyes off her breasts, they looked so beautiful through the sheer material that he wanted simply to remove the clothes from her body and take her right then.

"Let's go to my place for a drink." He suggested.

She nodded and they drove to his condo in two separate cars. When he opened her door she gasped with surprise. He smiled and helped her out of the car and opened the front door into his living room.

"It's not much but its home to me." He told her as she took in the immaculate appearance of his condo. It was small but had fine art decorating the interior walls. He took her coat and hung it in the closet and then kneeled down and removed her shoes.

She looked at him with a slight puzzlement. His hand motioned to his spotless white carpet and furniture and she smiled.

"Its beautiful." She said.

"Thank you the effect can be quite breathtaking." He replied modestly. "Would you like something to drink? I have a fully stocked bar."

"Ummm. A Margarita please." She answered.

He set about making their drinks. She sat down on the sofa and waited for him quietly. She murmured a thank-you as he handed her the margarita and took a sip.

"So what did you have in mind?" She questioned him.

"A drink, some talking, and when that gets boring we could think of something else." He smiled.

She smiled back and he leaned over and planted a soft kiss on her knee. He watched her shudder with delight. He took her drink and sat it on a nearby table and picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

When he laid her on the bed her eyes because guarded and a little bit of fear sprang into them. He assured her that he wouldn't do anything but bring her pleasure. She relaxed and let him take her clothes off. He quickly undressed and she saw him in all his glory. All eight inches of him.

She heard him rummaging in a drawer and saw him pull out a small vibrator. She smiled easily now. He came and sat on the bed next to her and leaned over and ran the vibrator along her breast to her nipple. She gasped with delight and he nodded knowingly.

He then moved down between her legs and ran a finger ever so slightly against her swollen mound. She arched her back moaned lightly. He felt her becoming wet as he continued his sweet torture.

Her body was humming with desire as he gently inserted a finger into her dampness. He sucked in his breath when he felt her insides clamp down on him like a vise.

"You are so tight." He whispered. He sat and tickled her love spot for many minutes slowly arousing her to her fullest peak. He took his finger out again and this time replaced it with the vibrator. He pushed it in a little way and then turned it on. The effect was jolting. She began moving her head from side to side and trying to squeeze her legs together.

He moved it back and forth as he quickly became fully hard. He moved his body close and began to enter her inch by inch. He could feel a barrier within her and knew instantly that she was a virgin. He leaned over and took her hand and began to kiss and nibble up her arm. When he reached her mouth he plunged into her deep moist well and felt her cry out in pleasured pain.

He stopped moving and allowed her to become used to him. He kissed her tenderly until he felt her moving against him then slowly began moving in and out of her. Picking up his pace as he continued caressing and loving her until they reached a shattering climax.

"You were very sweet." She told him as they cuddled close together.

"You were very innocent." He said tenderly as he kissed her soft lips once more. That was the last thing he had ever said to her. They fell asleep in each other's arms and when he had awoken she was gone. A note saying that she had a wonderful time, but was moving away today.

"It had been five years since they had seen each other," she thought as she spied him across the street...

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