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Pastor Sarah Ch. 04

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I hope you are enjoying the Pastor Sarah series. Comments are welcome or suggestions for interesting parishioners. This is my first attempt at writing erotic material. My email address is in my profile.

Sarah really had Candice's attention when she told her she had just taken a picture of her next employer. "Who is it she said?"

"Can you and Sampson come for dinner tonight?" asked Sarah.

"I could come, but Sampson has a special job that someone from church called to see if he could do at six o'clock tonight."

Sarah wondered whose pipes Sampson was reaming tonight.

"Great, I was hoping to get to know you better and I think you can help me with a little research project. Bring a copy of you resume, so I can get working on fulfilling my promise."

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you are doing for Sampson and me" said Candice, "I will see you tonight."

Turning her attention back to the laptop she watched as she watched as Mrs. Johnson skipped the formalities and immediately unzipped Franks fly pulling his cock out of his pants and taking her other hand pulled his lips down to meet hers. The camera angle was perfect to show her trying to clean his tonsils.

"Why Rita", Frank said, "who charged up your batteries?" Actually he knew it had something to do with her husband, Bill. Whenever they had an argument he could plan on Rita wanting to fuck for all she was worth. And when she was in this mood, he knew it was going to be a hell of a ride.

"Bill came home Saturday afternoon all upset about a meeting he had with someone in the morning," said Rita. He didn't want to talk about it, but I guess someone put the screws to him. Anyhow, when that happens he thinks I should drop every thing and have sex. When we got into bed, he was so upset he couldn't even that the little thing up." Sarah was glad they couldn't hear her laughing.

"Then after church yesterday, as I was getting undressed he wanted to have sex and I just said, Why bother if you can't get it up. He stormed out of the room and didn't home until after midnight." Sarah had a pretty good idea where he spent the day.

Dropping to her knees, she said, "I am ready for a real cock to enjoy.

"You're really a hot bitch when you are pissed off Rita. I wish I knew who to thank for putting the screws to your husband." Frank said as she attacked his cock with her mouth.

When Margaret had been at Frank and Margaret's home, she knew from what she could tell from the bulge under his swim suit that Frank was well hung, but as she watched Rita bring it to full size, she was very impressed. In fact she moved the laptop so she could get her hand positioned under her skirt. She also wondered if Frank had inherited his large cock from his dad. If so, she was going to have a sore pussy by tomorrow night after a day on the yacht with Frank's father.

Sarah was impressed as she watched Rita (who must be in her 50s) deep throat Frank. Frank had her by the back of her head and every time she pulled back he would yank her head forward and fuck her mouth crashing her chin against her balls. Sarah switched to a camera that had a better view of Frank's face and could tell by the expression on his face that he was about to dump a payload in her throat. She switched the camera back just in time to see Frank pull Rita's head tight against his body as he dumped his load.

"Wow" said Frank as he fell back on the bed. Rita hung right on sucking every drop and then finally licking him clean. Then she stood and started removing her clothes. Not a bad body for the age. Once she was undressed, she unbuttoned his shirt and started running her hands over his stomach while she straddled him on the bed. She started out sitting on his stomach and then his chest and she smothered his face with her pussy. He couldn't said a word if wanted to. Rita just kept grinding away and Frank seemed to be keeping pace.

Just as Sarah was sure that Frank would suffocate if Rita didn't let him come up for air, she rolled over on her back and said "Ok big boy, lets see you put that thing to work. I need a real cock, let Bill stay out all night.

Frank decided to tease Rita a little bit and would just stick the head of his cock in her pussy and then withdraw.

Every time he would withdraw, she would gasp and say Fuck Me damn it!

"Ask me nice and I might let you have a little more."

"Oh please, honey, sweetie, could you give me a little more?"

"Only if you get on your knees and say "Frank, would you please satisfy my need."

Rita didn't seem like the type of woman to beg, but she obediently got on her knees and said what she had been told to say.

Frank continued to tease her from behind as he eased just a little bit of cock in and out of her pussy. All of a sudden he rammed it all the way in and Rita let out a yell like a virgin that had just gotten laid for the first time. Frank had played her and knew just when to ram it home to give her one hell of an orgasm. Sarah also had just worked herself into an orgasm with her hand just as Frank nailed Rita. For the next fifteen minutes he hammered long strokes at such a fast pace that Sarah could tell he was in very good shape.

"I need to get back to the store, said Frank as he rolled off of her and jumped in the shower. She joined him in the shower and after they soaped each other, he backed her into the corner and entered her, saying "You should get mad more often!"

Sarah was glad she had mounted one of the cameras in the shower.

When they left, Sarah used her key to go in and remove the cameras and microphones. She went straight home to get the edited pictures uploaded onto the computer in her den. As she pulled in the driveway, two crews were working power washing and scraping both the church and the building. Bill Johnson was talking to someone who was probably the foreman as she drove in. Walking right over to them she introduced herself to the foreman and said, "it is so great to have trustees who care about the property. Mr Johnson, I can't thank you enough for responding to my request so quickly. He did not reply.

As she arranged the pictures into a slide show complete with dialogue, she knew she had secured a job for Candice. She picked up the phone and called Rita Johnson. She asked Rita if she could bring some samples of wallpaper, carpet and drapery material to the parsonage the next morning at 8:30.

"Yes, I will be glad to bring them over, but everything does need to be approved by the trustees and that might take some time, depending on the cash flow."

"Oh yes, I understand and I would appreciate anything you can do to expedite the process. What is here now is hardly acceptable for the image, that I am sure you and others would want for your church parsonage. Mrs. Johnson wanted to make the appointment later in the day, however, Sarah was due at the dock at 10:00, so she told Mrs. Johnson that she had a scheduled appointment with a church member even though it was supposed to be her day off.

Sarah saw Bill Johnson, getting ready to leave, so she walked to the door and called to him. Oh Mr. Johnson, I was just noticing what bad shape the windows are in , it seems we should install replacement windows."

"That is just what I was telling him" said the foreman. I am glad they finally got a pastor here who is going to get something done. Hell, you might even get me in a pew."

"I am looking forward to it" Sarah said.

Candice came right at 5:00 as the crew was finishing up for the day. Today she was dressed in Jeans and a tank top and she turned just as many heads as she did yesterday dressed to the nines. Sarah gave her a hug and invited her inside. "Can I see your resume" she said you Candice.

Sarah could not believe what she was reading. Undergraduate at Penn State with a double major in Polictics and Economics and a Wharton MBA. Upon graduation she had worked in an interior design firm as their comptroller.

Candice wanted to know the details of what she had found, but Sarah said she wanted it to be a surprise. You can expect a phone call tomorrow with a very attractive offer.

While they were fixing dinner together Sarah asked Candice if she would look through the church directory and tell Sara which men she had seen come into her club. "Sure," she said, "I recognized a few regulars on Sunday", she said with a laugh. "You know its funny, none of them said hello, however, at the club they couldn't be friendlier. I bet some of them put more money in my G-string than they do in the collection plate.

They spent much of the evening reviewing the pictures from the directory, and Sarah was amazed at how many men Candice recognized and she verified that Mr. Johnson does have a small dick. She also was well acquainted with Jeremy's father who was a deadbeat dad. When they were finished looking at the pictures, they just sat and talked with a couple of glasses of wine. Sarah really liked Candice and she knew that her knowledge of the men of the town was going to provide some interesting situations.

As Candice was leaving, she tried to convince Sarah to tell her who was going to be her next employer, but Sarah just smiled and said "Stay close to the phone tomorrow."

With one cause all but taken care of, Sarah decided to start the ball rolling on the behalf of Jeremy's mother. She called Greg and Samantha and they each picked up the phone at the same time from different rooms of the house and said hello. "I have the wine if you have the time" responded Sarah. They both started talking at once wanting to get updated on Peyton Place. "Actually, I have a favor to ask of Samantha."

"Just name it" Samantha said. Samantha had recently passed her bar exam and secured a position with a very prominent law firm.

"I need your help to put the screws to a deadbeat dad."

"My pleasure and my specialty" Samantha had experience from clerking for a law firm that specialized in chasing dead beat dads and had served as an intern for the senator that drafted the dead beat dad legislation.

If you guys can come this weekend, we could spend the weekend on a boat just like Herman's. I have a couple I think you would enjoy meeting.

She gave Samantha the basic information on Susan's case and she told them to come down Friday evening in time for dinner. "Greg, if dad gives you any grief about taking the weekend off, just tell him I need some youth ministry training.

"Should I bring the tents?" asked Greg.

Sarah laughed remembering the nights they had spent together on the youth retreats, and said she had better accommodations for such activities.

At seven a.m. Tuesday morning Sarah was baking fresh Danish for her meeting with Rita. Then she packed a bag for her day on the yacht after carefully choosing what she would wear. The slacks, tailored blouse complete with monogram and the sweater draped over her shoulders made her look like she was headed for Newport RI to participate in a regatta.

The crew arrived at eight to paint and Sarah went out to thank them all for the work they were doing. As she was talking with the foreman, Rita Johnson, pulled up and started to get the samples of carpet, wallpaper and curtain fabric out of her trunk. The foreman offered to carry them in for her. Sarah invited him to join them for coffee and Danish which he gladly accepted.

When he went back outside to check on the crew Rita said, "do you want to look at the samples now?

"Actually if you can just leave them with me, there is something else I would like to discuss with you. Do you or Mr. Johnson do the hiring of staff or your business?"

Rita said "I do all of the hiring except some of the laborers, which Bill does."

"I have good news for you," said Sarah. I saw your ad in the paper for a comptroller, and I have the perfect candidate. She handed Rita a picture of Candice, that Jeremy had taken, along with her resume.

"Oh, I don't think she would be appropriate. I have heard some rumors about where she works and she is"

Sarah cut her off by saying "She worked five years as comptroller for an interior design firm in Philadelphia that is three times the size of yours. Here is the reference from the owner. She holds three degrees, all of which were completed with a 4.0.

"I am not interested in having-"

"Before you make your final decision come with me to my den." When they arrived in the den, Sarah invited Rita to sit in front of the computer monitor and started the slide show which began with Rita checking to see if anyone was watching as she entered the motel unit.

"Where did you get this" Rita demanded to know.

"Here is Candice's phone number. She is expecting your call. She will begin immediately at a salary, twenty five percent higher than she was making in Philadelphia, with four weeks a year vacation and all executive benefits including profit sharing." This Sunday's paper will have a display ad for your firm announcing the addition to your staff and a picture of you and your husband with Candice.

"This is blackmail! I will not be blackmailed"

Sarah took the mouse and increased the volume just as Rita reached her orgasm.

Shall I turn it up high enough for the workers to hear outside. I am sure the foreman would give them a break to come in and watch it.

"Please turn it off," Rita begged.

Closing out the slide show, Sarah said, "No one in this town has ever given this talented woman a chance. You have made her work at a trade that is beneath her. I am sorry I had to use this technique to make you do the right thing. The good news is that if you have any pipes that need taken care of, her husband has just the tool to meet your wildest dreams."

"I will call her as soon as I get home."

"Oh by the way Rita, you can continue to meet Frank for your weekly interview,. All the cameras and microphones have been removed."

As soon as Rita left, Sarah unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, picked up her bag with the bikini and a change of clothes and walked to the car. As she was approaching the car, the foreman walked over and opened the car door for her.

"The boss is a gentleman" Sarah said in a sexy voice. When she got in she said "I hope you were serious about coming to church. I would love to meet your wife." The foreman was still standing with the door open enjoying the view provided by the see through bra. He promised to be in church on Sunday morning. The blouse was open enough for him to see the nipple. As she backed out of the driveway, she saw some of the workers kidding him and pointing to the bulge in his workpants. Her recruiting efforts were certainly increasing the attendance on Sunday morning.

When she arrived at the dock, Walter was carrying some supplies from his car. They walked down the pier together and his eyes went immediately to the open blouse.

Was your wife pleased to be going on the shopping outing, Sarah asked with a smirk on her face.

"She was delighted" Walter said.

When Walter put the supplies below, he came up and asked Sarah to untie the lines and hold them away from the dock. A slight wind was blowing on shore and the current was going to make it a little tricky getting out of the slip and headed out of the harbor.

Hand me the keys and you untie the ropes, Sarah said.

Walter laughed, thinking she was kidding and said he needed to get to yacht to open water and then he would let her steer it.

Unbuttoning the remaining buttons on her blouse, Sarah said, "If you want to see any more skin today, I suggest you turn over the keys mate."

Walter considered the price of the yacht as she stood there with the blouse blowing in the breeze fully exposing the see through bra.

Reluctantly, he handed her the keys and started untying the lines. Sarah started the giant engines and remembered all that Herman had taught her about navigation. When the last line was untied, she increased the throttle to smoothly back out of the slip and a single turn, she headed out of the harbor. Walter stood there with his mouth open in amazement. It always took him a few back and forth efforts to get the big craft to this point even on a calm day. Sarah just smiled and increased the speed as she reached the edge of the harbor. It was good to be back on the water. Walter had no idea of the skills she possessed, but by the time they returned at 5:00 he would never doubt her again.

"That was a great job, Walter said after he rolled up the ropes and returned to the mate's chair. He couldn't take his eyes off of this beautiful woman with the blonde hair and her blouse blowing in the breeze. He reached in a compartment to get out the navigation charts and Sarah told him they would be unnecessary, since she had all the markers memorized and knew exactly where they were headed. He started to laugh, but thought better of it as he stowed the charts. As she maneuvered turn after turn, it was as though she had navigated that channel all of her life.

Walter went below and returned with two mimosas. As he handed the glass to Sarah he gave a toast to "The best damn captain in the town." They laughed as they drank the first of many drinks they would share together.

When they were in open water, Sarah asked Walter to take over while she went below to get into something more comfortable. She went below and checked out the various rooms. This baby was much better appointed than Herman's yacht. Walter had spared no expense equipping this vessel.

She needed to convince Walter to let her use it this weekend to entertain Greg and Samantha. Her plan was to have dinner on board on Friday evening, hopefully with Frank and Margaret joining them for dinner and the evening aboard returning Saturday afternoon. She would convince Walter that he and Martha should keep the grandchildren overnight. At this point, she was pretty sure that she could convince Walter to do just about anything she asked. Since he was a trustee, it would seem logical for him to nominate Candice to the board of trustees. (The web gets tighter.)

By now Candice should have received her call to be interviewed. Of course the interview was not necessary, but it would save Rita a little face and Rita was not a bad person. She had married a little man for his money and learned how to control him and get pleasure for herself. Once she gets over the anger of being blackmailed she might even get to like Candice. Sarah wondered how long it would take her to check out the size of Sampson's tool. Last night she had watched the video of Sampson and Margaret. Earlier in the day Margaret had dropped off a package that said "Enjoy." When she opened the box, she found a black dildo exactly like the one that she had used in Margaret's bedroom. She christened it as she watched the video of Sampson and Margaret.

She put on her bikini which didn't cover much more than the nipples and a bottom with ties on each side. She had trimmed her blonde bush, so that there was it was protruding from each side. She had considered shaving clean, but men were so enamored with the blonde hair that she decided just to trim it. The look she received from Walter when she arrived upstairs, definitely made it obvious he approved of her comfortable clothes selection.

"Ok mate, my turn at the controls."

Walter didn't give her any argument this time, but simply stood up and let her take over.

"Why don't you stand behind me and see if you can find something to do with your hands." Walter also accepted that assignment with pleasure.

They were coming to some tricky parts of the channel and Margaret continued to maneuver them making perfect corrections to speed and direction. There were not many boats on the water today, but they received a few interesting looks as people went by who realized that it wasn't Martha who was getting her tits massaged.

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