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Pastor Sarah Ch. 17

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This story is a continuation of the stories of Pastor Sarah submitted several months ago. My schedule changed and I did not have time to continue. Many have requested more Pastor Sarah adventures. Thank you are for your input and suggestions. I hope you enjoy this and future submissions. As always your critiques are welcomed to improve the story line.

The Double Marriage

Pastor Sarah could hardly sleep Tuesday night after receiving four million dollars for the home for abused women and children. She was even more surprised when Dennis had told her that she could expect more than four million dollars from the guests attending the picnic on Saturday.

The first thing she did Wednesday morning was to personally call each of the trustees to give them a report on the receipts from the night on the yacht. She also stressed with each of them how important it was for them to attend the picnic on Saturday.

When Barbara dropped Jason off at the daycare, Mrs. Buckley told her how well the staff liked the brochure that Barbara had created. She gave Barbara the names of three people who had seen the brochure and wanted to know how to get in touch with Barbara to do work for them. Barbara no longer needed to work on spare time at the church since she had purchased all new computer equipment for the office in their home.

When Barbara arrived at the church, she went into Pastor Sarah’s office to ask her how much money was donated last night. She knew it was at least three hundred thousand dollars.

When Pastor Sarah said four million, Barbara gasped and said “Four million?”

“I think it was your mother’s cooking and the hostesses excellent serving that opened up their wallets.” Pastor Sarah said. “Your mother should consider a catering business.”

Barbara said “She has another job tonight on Rodney and Gloria Matthews’ yacht.”

“According to Dennis Sweeney, we should try to get Rodney Matthews as our investment counselor for Paradise Haven.” Pastor Sarah said.

While they were talking, Judy from Brian’s car dealership came by to talk with Pastor Sarah. When she came in the office, Pastor Sarah asked how things were going at the car dealerships.

“You wouldn’t believe the business we are doing. The car carriers bringing new cars, come several at a time. We sold more cars last week than we ever sold in a month. But the real difference is how well Brian treats everybody, which is what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Is he still expecting sex-on-call with all the female staff?” Pastor Sarah asked.

“Oh no, just the opposite. He hasn’t touched any of us or even made any off color remarks. He has suddenly become the most perfect gentleman and boss anyone could ask for. The whole staff would like to surprise him and attend his wedding but we don’t know if it would be appropriate. We all like Susan and we would really like to be here.”

“Let me call Susan and see how she would feel about having a couple hundred extra guests.” Pastor Sarah said, “I know they are not actually planning a reception. They just plan on having the ceremony and then going home with their few guests after the service.”

“If she was willing, the employees would like to throw a party afterwards in your fellowship hall. We would provide all the food and clean up the hall when we were finished. The staff really wants a way to say thank you.”

When Pastor Sarah called Susan, she was thrilled. “What a compliment.” she said. “I will make sure that Jeremy gets Brian to the church early and they can stay in your office until everyone is in the sanctuary. Tell Judy I love the idea. My big surprise is that his sister and brother-in-law and their family are flying in for the wedding. They haven’t seen each other for twenty years.

George and Dennis met at the site at 7:00 to outline what needed to done before the picnic on Saturday. Sampson arrived also at 7:00 to get a crew started on the plumbing for the fountain. As he was walking around the newly poured concrete with Dennis and George, one of his new crews arrived in one of the new trucks. To the surprise of Dennis and George, three women in work clothes got out of the truck. Emily was the lead licensed plumber, Michelle was the apprentice and Madeline was the laborer. All three women were in terrific shape. George decided he was going to spend more time on site to show these ladies some of his plumbing expertise.

Once he had made the introductions, Sampson headed to Elizabeth and Peter Blake’s house to do the final work for their renovation. They were planning and open house Friday evening to showoff their home. Rita and her crew had done a beautiful job, which he was sure would result in many more contracts for Rita and for his crews. His other two crews were both working at the Sweeney’s mansion. Sampson recognized Peter’s car coming toward him and they waved to each other.

There were certain jobs that Sampson preferred to work alone and this was one of them. When he arrived at the house, Elizabeth opened the door wearing a sheer robe with only her body under it, and what a body it was.

After closing the door and greeting him with a kiss, she said “I am sorry to see the job complete. I am going to miss you being here.”

“I can find plenty of reasons to make service calls.” Sampson responded.

As they entered the bedroom, Elizabeth let her robe drop to the floor and said “I could use a little servicing right now. Quickly undressing, Sampson exposed his most popular tool.

As they were lying on the bed, Elizabeth said, “I hope you and Candice will be here Friday evening.”

“We wouldn’t miss it. Candice bought a new dress and she insisted I buy a new suit for the event.”

“I like the suit you are wearing right now,” she said as she pumped his cock with her hand.

They heard the front door close and Sampson started to jump out of bed when Elizabeth told him to relax. “It is just Rita. Victoria told me what a good teacher she was and she agreed to give me a private lesson.”

“Good morning Sampson.” Rita said as she came into the bedroom. “I see that Elizabeth has the classroom prepared.” Quickly undressing, she joined them on the bed.

As she had done with Victoria’s lesson she started by just sucking on the head of Sampson’s cock while she wrapped both hands around the rest of it.

“That is the way anybody can do it.” she, said. “This is the skill that separates the real women from those who think they are giving a good blow job.” Placing the head in her mouth again, she swallowed, inhaling half of cock and swallowing a second time she his balls were suddenly hitting her chin. Tightening her lips around his cock, she slowly withdrew until just the head was in her mouth, swallowed and took the complete cock in her mouth again. Opening her mouth she raised her head letting his cock free.

Elizabeth watched in amazement. Rita explained the process, demonstrated again and said, “Ok, it is your turn.” When Elizabeth was in place she said, “Take as much as you can in your mouth. As soon as you swallow push you mouth down. Don’t try to go too far. Swallow again and go a litter farther.”

Grabbing Sampson’s cock in her hand, she put as much in her mouth as possible. She swallowed once to see how it would feel swallowing with your mouth full. The second time she swallowed, she went more than half way. Smiling, she swallowed and felt her nose against his body and his balls against her chin. Rita told her to just keep swallowing and before long, Sampson was ready to dump his load. Backing up to just have the head of his cock in her mouth, she was able to swallow as his warm cum filled her mouth time and again.

“Way to go, girlfriend.” Rita said as Elizabeth was licking the remaining cum from his cock.

“I can’t believe what I have been missing, all these years.” Elizabeth said.

“Let me show you the next step.” Rita offered. Taking Sampson’s limp cock deep into her throat, she began to swallow. The action had the expected reaction of increasing the cock to it full stature and when she removed her mouth, Sampson’s cock was standing at attention.

“Plant yourself on this/” Rita said. Elizabeth didn’t have to be asked twice. Lifting her pussy above Sampson’s erect cock, she lowered herself onto the shaft, until it was fully inserted.

After Elizabeth’s second orgasm, Rita laid on her back and said, “How about sharing a little with your teacher.” Elizabeth lifted off and Sampson entered Rita hammering her for all he was worth until his release which coincided with about Rita’s third orgasm.

“Well ladies, If I am going to have your kitchen finished for the party, I better get to it. “ When Sampson went to the kitchen to finish the plumbing, Rita and Elizabeth enjoyed each other’s bodies for the next hour.

Pastor Sarah was scheduled to meet Dennis and George at Herb and Mabel’s hotdog stand for lunch, so she ask Barbara to call Bill Johnson and tell him that if he could wrap up a deal by 5 o‘clock there would be a bonus on the Atlantic trip. Following lunch, Pastor Sarah had calls scheduled for the remainder of the afternoon, so she ask Barbara to have Bill meet her at the parsonage with an answer at five.

“Hello Mr. Johnson, this is Barbara Wheeler.”

“Yes, Barbara, is everything ok at the church?”

“Everything is wonderful here. Pastor Sarah asked me to call you and ask you to arrange to buy the house and two acre lot next door to the church.”

“Why do we need that house. Isn’t she happy with the parsonage?”

“Oh, she loves the parsonage. She wants to convert the upstairs to office space for the choir directors and the director of Christian Education and the downstairs to an office for the associate pastor and a small conference room.”

“But, but….”

“Excuse me Mr. Johnson, the other phone is ringing.”


“Mr. Johnson, That was pastor Sarah on the other line and she said to tell you that if you had the deal wrapped up by five o’clock, there would be a bonus on the Atlantic city trip and she wants you to meet her at five at the parsonage for a sample.”

“Tell Pastor Sarah I will contact the trustees and see what we can arrange.”

“She will be so pleased.” Barbara said.

One of Pastor Sarah’s appointments was to pickup Angie at the airport. When they arrived home they discovered that Samantha had arrived and was talking with Barbara. Barbara was telling her about the fund raiser on the yacht and the upcoming fund raiser at the house.

Angie and Samantha were coming to town for the wedding and fund raiser at the house. Sarah brought them up to date on her plan to get Bill Johnson to make the other board members vote for buying the property next door. If Bill Johnson has been able to convince the other trustees to buy the property next door, she had promised him a bonus.

Looking at Samantha and Angie, Pastor Sarah asked, “How would you like to be the bonus?”

They both said “yes” without even asking what they would need to do. They knew if Pastor Sarah, had cooked it up, it would be exciting. They spent the next few minutes planning an experience for Bill Johnson. They also called his wife Rita, to see if she would like to watch.

Bill Johnson arrived with an excited look on his face, but was also concerned about what Pastor Sarah was planning. When Pastor Sarah asked how the negotiations were going on the house next door, he showed her the purchase and sales agreement.

“You have earned your bonus” she said inviting him to follow her upstairs. The initial plans were for the two of them to spend a weekend at the condo in Atlantic City that Barbara had given to Angie and Samantha. Since she had already promised to fuck his brains out that weekend, he could not imagine what the bonus could be. When they arrived in the guest bedroom, she gave him the following instructions.

“When I leave the room, remove your clothes and lie face up on the bed in the nude. Put this night mask on so you will not see any of the action. You are to leave the mask on until I tell you to remove it. Keep your hands at your side unless they are moved by someone else. I have a meeting with your wife Rita, while you receive a sample of your bonus.”

Bill Johnson became nervous when he heard his wife was coming because she would recognize his car.

Sarah said, “I will tell her you and the other trustees are looking for a parsonage for the new associate pastor and his family.”

“What new associate pastor” Bill asked. “I haven’t heard of the search committee or trustees talking about a new pastor.”

“I will be choosing a search committee soon, “ replied Pastor Sarah.

“But the trustees have” was all he had a chance to say before she stepped forward and had his balls in her hand. Remembering the last time she had sent him limping to the car, he quickly said “Ok”

Smiling she said, “I knew you would see it my way. When she arrived downstairs, Rita was having a glass of wine with Angie and Samantha in Pastor Sarah’s office where they were creating a video and watching her husband get undressed. He folded his clothes neatly and pulled back the covers before lying down.

As Angie and Samantha started upstairs, Rita said “Have fun.”

“We will!” they both responded.

“So, who is on your search committee for an associate pastor?” Rita asked.

“You, Margaret Wilding, Martha Wilding, Candice Bennett, Susan Sharkey, Barbara Wheeler.

“All women?, Rita said smiling, “The male trustees are going to blow a gasket.

“I can take care of the men in this congregation. We need a man with a family who can discreetly take care of the women. As far as he and his wife will know, I am a virgin.”

Unfortunately Rita was taking a drink of wine as she said that and almost choked.

They watched as Samantha and Angie entered the room and began to undress. As Samantha removed her bra, she placed it in Bill’s left hand. A look of surprise passed over his face as he realized what he was holding. When Angie removed her underpants, she held them under his nose before placing them in his right hand. Removing the bra from his hand, Samantha replaced it with a tit which he gently started to massage. When the nipple was hard, she moved the tit to his mouth. She let him taste just the nipple and then backed off. He started to move his hand but she put it back beside him. Leaning across him, she put the other tit in his mouth pushing forward allowing him to suck it into his mouth. Removing her tit from his mouth, she got off of the bed. She looked at his erection, but did not touch it.

Angie removed the underpants from his hand and positioned his hand on her pussy. She allowed him to probe and even put a finger in before moving to put her pussy over his face. As he started to lick, she grabbed the back of his head and started to grind her pussy. Samantha straddled him and slid down on his cock. The both lifted off, leaving him very frustrated.

They turned to the camera, holding a sign that said “Looking forward to Atlantic City.”

They quickly got dressed and each kissed the head of Bill’s cock before leaving and turned and winked at the camera. As they were going downstairs, they met Pastor Sarah coming upstairs with a video in her hand. “That was fun” they said as they met Pastor Sarah.

Sarah responded, “Join Rita and watch me get our associate pastor a parsonage.”

When the entered the office, Rita said, “I thought Candice was good, you two are unbelievable.”

They watched as Pastor Sarah sat down on the bed in her business suit and began to stroke Bill Johnson’s cock. She said, “You can remove your blindfold Mr. Johnson.” She continued to slowly stroke his cock as he removed his blindfold.

“Who were they” Bill asked.

“They are the two women who own the condo where we will spend the weekend.” Since you have done so well with your real estate transaction, they will be joining us for the weekend.” Gripping his cock a little tighter, she asked, “Do you think you can satisfy the three of us for the weekend?”

In a guarded laugh, he said, “If not, I will die trying.”

Rita, who was still watching with Samantha and Angie, said, “I think I will surprise him and see just what he does have in him tonight. I might be missing something.”

“Speaking of real estate,” Pastor Sarah said, “I have another project for you.” Before she shared that information with him, she took his cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around and sucked briefly on the head of it.

As she resumed the stroking, she said, “The house beside Rev. Sam Black, which is larger than his, is for sale. That will be the parsonage for our associate minister and his family.

As he started to say something, she moved her hand to his balls, but instead of squeezing, she massaged them as she returned her mouth and deep throated him to a climax. After swallowing everything and licking him clean she said, “The real estate agent will contact you at 7:00 p.m. this evening.

Without saying another word she handed him the VHS tape and left the room.

When she arrived downstairs, she found the women had opened a bottle of champagne and had a glass poured for her. They toasted each other. Rita had parked her car out of sight, so that Bill would not see it when he came down. They watched through the window as he came down and walked to his car without looking back.

On his way home he drove past the house that Pastor Sarah told him to buy. It was huge with wrap around porches at both levels, a swimming pool and a tennis court. The porches on one side of the house faced Rev. Black’s house. It looked in perfect shape and had obviously recently been restored. The landscaping of gardens and lawns was second to none in town. He couldn’t imagine what the price might be. Looking at the VCR on his seat he realized it didn’t really matter. He was screwed literally and figuratively.

When he got home he put the VCR in his home entertainment center. He suddenly saw himself undressing on a 52 in screen. He felt very foolish as he saw himself put on a sleep mask and lie down on the bed. A few minute later he saw two beautiful women walk into the room and start undressing. He smiled as remembered the bra being placed in his hand and still had the aroma in his nostrils of that beautiful woman’s pussy being buried in his face. When they held up the sign about the weekend, his cock jumped to attention and he suddenly quit worrying about the associate pastor’s house. Just as he was rewinding the tape to get a better look at the women, he heard his wife, Rita, pull into the garage.

He jumped up to remove the VCR and was closing the drawer as Rita came into the family room from the garage. He was just putting it in the drawer when she came into the room.

“Have you been watching those porno movies again?” again she asked as she reached down and gripped his hard on through his pants. “Well there is no use wasting it” she said as she started undressing. Next she started ripping the clothes off of him and pulled him down on top of her on the sofa.. She kissed him with more passion than he ever remembered. She spread her legs and pushed his head to her pussy.

“Eat my pussy! Is that what they say in those movies?” She actually found for the first time that he was pretty good at this and wondered where he had learned those skills. They had been pretty conventional with sex, but that was going to change tonight. After he brought her to an orgasm with his tongue, she told him to fill her with his cock. He obliged her with the energy of a twenty year old. Next they took a Jacuzzi together and she sat back against him letting him play with her tits.

The phone rang and he answered it from the Jacuzzi. It was the real estate agent wanting to meet with him at 9:00 the next morning. He told her that would be fine as Rita had started stroking his cock.

He finally asked what had changed her and she said she had watched one of his movies and wanted to try everything that they did in the movie. They had more sex that night than they had ever had in years of marriage. The fell asleep in each others arms at midnight and did not wake up until 8:00 a.m. When he realized the time, he quickly showered and shaved and met Candy Blain, the real estate lady at the house beside Rev. Black’s house.

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