tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 05

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 05


When I woke to see Ann standing in the bedroom smiling at me my feelings of shame and guilt began to overwhelm me. I could see tears in Ann's eyes, just short of falling down her cheeks. I realized that I was naked and that Joan was standing there looking at me, as well as Sanya.

Ann and I both began to talk at the same time, but I let Ann go when I realized that I had no way of explaining the last two days to her. What she told me left me feeling cold and a bit afraid as to what we had gotten ourselves involved in.

When Ann laid on the bed with me and we kissed I knew that she still loved me. I could see the pain and hurt in her eyes though. Even though she knew that none of this was my fault, there was still jealously and hurt to be dealt with.

When Ann began to kiss me, and then stripping her clothes off, I was a bit surprised. Suddenly I knew that now more than ever, I had to perform for her. I could see she had doubts about my feelings for her.

Neither of us said or did anything about the two women who watched us as we began to make love. That is exactly what it was too...making love. Even though we were in very unknown and possibly dangerous territory, I knew that I still loved my wife and that she still loved me.

I remember that once we got into the moment, Ann was very active and loud even. Her moans and cries were of a stranger. I had never heard her like this. My changing pace in my strokes into her must have helped her get to that place too.

When she began to cum, her scream was so loud it startled me at first. Her arms and legs were around me so tight, as I pulled out of her tightness, I was lifting her body off the bed. The intensity of the moment was so strong that I came pretty hard too.

Later, when we both woke up and ate that damned food, I couldn't tell right away that it had been spiked. But, since it was still just Ann and I only, I let down my guard. I fought hard when the other women came in and took Ann away from me, forcing her to stand across the room as the other five women tried to hold me.

I was fighting for both of us, and had almost gotten to Ann when I was taken down with that drug injected into my ass cheek. I felt the sting and then the hot rush in my veins. I got dizzy and in what seemed like only a few seconds, but was probably a few minutes, I began to lose consciousness. I was out cold before I hit the floor, the last thing I remember hearing was Ann screaming in anguish.

When I came too, I was back in the room with the circular bed. This time I was tied spread eagle, naked, and oiled with that tingly oil again. Looking around I saw that a rather large, maybe 50 inch or so LCD television had been set up in front of the bed where I could see it clearly.

It was off at the moment. Sanya and eight other women came into the room and stood in a circle around the bed, staring at me, but not saying a single word. Then, four men entered and took up positions, two on one side and two on the other of the TV screen.

"Ah. Patrick we have not been formerly introduced yet. I know you, but I also have you at a serious disadvantage. You don't know me. Or us."

"What's going on? Why..."

"Why, you will know shortly. Well, a part of the why you will know shortly. The what, you can thank your grandfather and his grandfather for that. You see, they, your grandfather and great- great grandfather, were Shaman Priest's. Their influence and power are still mentioned today as a matter of fact."

"My grandfather was just a man."

"NO. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. Your grandfather was far more than ‘Just a man' as you say. He had great power, much magic, and was very loved by his people. He walked with the Gods and Goddess's closely and in ways that none have ever before or since. When he left us there was great danger to his family and to all of us. He never got to fulfill his part of the prophecy handed down from his grandfather."

"What the hell are you talking about? My grandfather was a gentle and loving man who attended the Lutheran Church every Sunday like clock-work. He was no more a ‘Shaman', than I am."

He looked at me then sighed. The other three men looked at one another with guarded and stern glances. I could see that they were getting tired of my insistence that my grandfather was not the man they thought he was.

"Patrick. You have much to learn and a very short time in which to learn it in. Don't assume that you know anything of your grandfather's history because you don't. We know that even your father doesn't know of your grandfather's past. You must listen to us and learn what you need to do and know. It will make things for your beautiful wife much easier, and your stay here will be far shorter as well."

"What does Ann have to do with this? It's me you want. Leave her alone and do whatever you're going to do, do it to me. Do I have any choice at all in this matter?"


"Nothing I say or do will convince you that you have the wrong man?"

He nodded to the man standing next to him, who held out two photographs for me to see. I instantly recognized them both as pictures of my grandfather when he was a young man. His dress was strange, native looking even. But I could still easily see the features of my grandfather's face.

The background was a strange place, and there were other's in the second picture. People that were obviously dark-skinned and also dressed as natives. A chill ran through my body as I realized that I had not known my grandfather near as well as I had thought.

"Your grandfather, just before he left us to go to America. As you can see, he was dressed as the High Priest he was. His power, as I said earlier, was great. Greater even than his grandfather's. It is felt that your power could be even greater than your grandfather's, if you knew how to use it. As it is, you can't even see that you have power's beyond a normal human. A shame actually."

"Powers? ME? Who are you trying to kid here? I certainly do not have any kind of powers like you are saying. Don't you think that I would notice it if I had special powers?"

"You probably have noticed them but assume, and mistakenly I might add, that everyone has them. Your dreams, you have seen and done things in your dreams haven't you?"

His last question was more of a statement than asking me. It was as if he already knew the answer, and was checking with me for what? Honesty? Cooperation?

"Everyone has. I've flown and had powers to do things, yes. But everyone I have ever known has told me similar things that they have dreamed of too. That doesn't mean I have any powers."

"Ah, but you see, your dreams are on a plane that no others dream on. When you have dreamed, our interpreters have seen them as well. Clear from America where you have lived, they have clearly seen your dreams when you dreamed them. Even when you were a small child they saw. Even your grandfather did not have that power. That strength. Your are at least ten times as powerful as he ever was."

I was afraid. I could tell that they knew more about me than I knew about me. Do you have any idea of what kind of feeling that gave me? To be tied up spread-eagled on a bed, naked, and ten or so people standing there telling you that you have powers? That those powers came from your grandfather and that your powers are ten times stronger than his ever were? How stupid that must have looked to anyone who might have walked in at that moment?

If I had such great powers, why was I tied to this bed naked? Why were my wife and I in such a predicament? If I had these powers as they claimed, why had I not even had a twinge of uneasiness in coming here in the first place?

"We need your seed Patrick. You have given us some, but we need more, much more. We also need other things from you as well. Only you can give us back what we need to continue on. We need you far more than you realize. We are also prepared to go to any length to achieve our goals. We ask you now for your cooperation. If you will give us freely of what we need, you and your beautiful wife will be released, taken home unharmed."

"And, if I don't? If I fight you every step of the way?"

"Then, I am afraid that at least for your wife, it could be quite...lets just say, an unforgettable experience. Until you give us what we need, you will be kept here. Both of you. For however long it takes. We have no choice in this matter. For reasons you can't possibly understand, we have to take these desperate measures."

"Leave my wife out of this. If you so much as harm one hair on her head I will die before giving you what you need."

"We will not harm her Patrick. We will...shall I say...give her something. Lots of something that will cause her to need it more and more. After a while, even you won't be able to give her what she will so desperately need. It will be out of our hands, and your hands by that time. I sincerely hope that you will cooperate with us before she crosses that border into that place."

"Drugs? You are going to drug her, get her hooked on some drugs? Is that it?"

"Drugs? No, you misunderstand Patrick. There are things far more dangerous and controlling than drugs. We will give her...well...actually, she will give herself over to a new life. We will show her a path that for most, is unique. Her new ‘path' will become her life. Her needs will become the sustenance of her life to the point that only those who know the secrets can fulfill them. She will willingly go to where those needs can be met. No matter where they are or how hard she has to struggle to get there."

"Not drugs? Then what..."

"Needs of sexual and personal ways can be the overpowering cause of many to lose sight of their original intents in life. Some can be taken there very easily, others require much hard work to get them to that level of need. Once they have been seduced to that plane though, they want more. Always they want more."

"Sex? You'd use my wife sexually?"

"Well, at first she will resist in her mind. Then the oils and herbs we use mixed in with the ritual massage, well, she won't think of it as being ‘used' as you put it Patrick. She will be...begging us to help her. Of course, our whole goal is to help those in need. You see, after an hour or so, the help that she needs could wear off. She will return to normal. If the oils and ritual continues beyond that, after too many hours, there will never be any release for her. Her needs will be too strong."

"The oils have drugs in them then. You will be drugging her into a haze that she will not know nor will she freely give of herself. Your drugs will have made her easy to induce to your will."

"No Patrick. You fail to understand yet again. The oils have been treated with herbs and natural plants that will...hmmmm...enhance...her own deep desires. Desires so deep that she has never lived them. Her body will be allowed to explore new plateaus of sensuality that she has not known about. Then, if by the time she has gone to that certain point, and you have yet to give of yourself what we need, she will be allowed to go beyond. Trust me when I say that once she has gone there, never will she come back freely. Never will she be the same. One could say that in this instance, too much of a good thing..."

The way he left that sentence open-ended sent a chill through my body and into my heart. I was scared for my wife. Ann had changed so much with her new job, and now that I knew just what her limits had been, they would soon be radically changed, and if I didn't cooperate, forever changed.

I decided that regardless of what I thought now, I had to do whatever these people wanted me to do in order to save my wife. The threat that this man had alluded to sounded like whatever was in that oil, would cause my wife to become a psychotic nympho manic, and unrecoverably so. If there were such a thing, I certainly didn't want my Ann to become one.

"Ok...please don't hurt her or use that oil on her. Please. I'll do whatever you require of me."

"Oh, Patrick, we have to show you a taste of what will be should you decide to change your mind. I'm afraid that the first phase of the...ritual...has begun fifteen minutes ago, when the oil was massaged on to her very lovely, very naked, body. We will watch, and when the time comes that we can see you are throughly convinced of what you need to do, I will see to it that Ann is released from the...ritual. She may be unharmed, but there have been some women who have not released well afterwards. If only you would have been a bit more cooperative at first."

"Cooperative? You have not given me a chance to even try to be cooperative this whole time. I just told you that I will do whatever you want. Let my wife go."

This whole trip was becoming a true nightmare for me and now Ann. I could see that regardless of what I would have done the first night when Sanya and the others had taken me, he would have continued to this point anyway. My only hope was that Ann would be okay afterwards. I believed what he was telling me would happen to her since I had already had a taste of that oil once.

One of the men on the other side of the TV reached out and taking the remote, turned it on. What I saw on the screen chilled me to the bone. Ann, tied to some kind of ‘X' shaped bench. Her naked body had a sheen, evidently from the oil that he had told me about.

The screen was split into four views of my wife tied and laying here. The view from her feet looking up towards her head showed her whole body plainly leaving nothing out of sight. Then there was a side view from either side, and then lastly, one from above her head looking down towards her feet.

I saw a naked dark-skinned woman come into view. She wasn't totally naked as she had some kind of belt with pockets on each hip. Her left hand was in the pocket on her left hip. As she stepped up to Ann I heard her saying something in a soft sing-song voice.

Ann struggled for a bit then relaxed in her bindings. Her eyes never left the naked woman standing over her. The woman's left hand came into view from the pocket and I could see some kind of powder in it. The woman lightly blew it all over Ann's body in a clockwise motion.

Ann closed her eyes as the powder stirred through the air, coming to rest on her body. Out of the right hand pocket the woman took a small vial. After opening it she sprinkled it's contents all over Ann's body in the same clockwise motion.

Ann laid there, her eyes closed, her breasts heaving with her now labored breathing. I could see her nipples getting hard and a deep flush began to grow outwards from between her breasts. Her toes curled tightly into her feet and her hands were balled into fists. Her mouth was slightly open as she tried to catch her breath.


"Patrick, don't yell mon. It will be all right. For now."

"No, don't do this to her. Please. I'll do anything you want, just leave her alone. I can't stand to see her..."

"Can't stand to see her in the deepest sexual state she has ever been in? Patrick, I thought you loved your wife. Your should be happy that we are taking her to where she has never been."

"No...you're not making her happy. She's scared...look at her. She is in mortal fear right now. You have tied her down to that...that..."

"Patrick, you must calm down. She will be all right. When you see how much of a sexual person she is, how much she has held back, you will both benefit. Just relax and watch for now. In a little bit I will tell you the first of the things we need from you and depending on your cooperation, she will be allowed to come back to...normal."

"You bastard's. You mother-fuckers."

"Now, now Patrick. No need to resort to vulgar language. I know that you are under quite a bit of stress at the moment. You see your wife, naked and so...vulnerable...there. It would stress me to see my wife that way also. Especially with what comes next. Just remember...you must be strong for her. You really love Ann don't you?"

"YES. I love her with all my heart. Please. Don't do this. I'm begging you."

"She will enjoy this for now. Then when we all get what we need, she will be released unharmed. I give you my word on it."

I had no choice. I hadn't had a choice since this had started it seemed. I nodded at him, hoping that he would see that I was serious about wanting to help him. I wanted to kill them all, but I was not in any position to do anything at the moment but what they wanted.

Ann was now undulating on the table as much as her body was allowed to, tied down the way it was. The woman with her took out a bottle from the right hip pocket and pouring some oil into her cupped hand, then she began to massage Ann's body. Starting at her feet, she slowly worked her way up, a little on each leg at a time.

Reaching her upper thighs, Ann was moaning and rolling her hips as much as she could. Then the lady moved up to her tummy and began to massage the oil into Ann's body, working up from there. When she reached Ann's breasts, she moved to rub between them being careful to not brush or touch anywhere on the globes that were now a deep red flush.

After getting the oil massaged all the way to Ann's neck, the lady did each of Ann's arms. Clear down to each individual finger, all the way to the fingertips. This meticulous massage had Ann revved up. I knew that the oil and whatever ‘herb' was in it had caused her to be reacting this way, but still I had never seen Ann this worked up before.

I then remembered when they had used the oil on me my first day here. How I had been all worked up but unable to orgasm. I knew that this was probably what Ann was feeling like right now.

As I watched, the woman started on Ann's breasts, rubbing and then pinching her nipples. Ann's nipples, while always sensitive, were now in overdrive. They stuck out farther than I had ever seen them stick out before. I was amazed.

Ann was moaning almost non-stop now. I cold see that her eyes were glazed over and she was off in a sexual heat like no other. The woman's hands were on Ann's breasts for quite some time until she moved down her tummy.

Pulling out yet another bottle of oil, the woman poured some directly on Ann's bellybutton. A little puddle laying there on her soft skin. Then the massage continued. The lady scooped some of that puddle of oil onto her fingers and went directly to Ann's pussy lips. Softly she rubbed those oiled fingers over Ann's most private place.

Ann actually screamed out as the oil evidently caused her to feel something more than just that woman's touch. Whimpering, she began to beg the woman for relief. The woman just rubbed even more oil onto her lips, then down to her tight little brown bud.

Thrashing, Ann was desperately trying to get the woman to touch her clit, but the woman was too quick and experienced for her to allow that. When the woman was done oiling her up, she stood and motioned to someone standing outside of the views of the cameras.

Sanya walked into view and stood near Ann's head. She looked up into the camera directly into my eyes.

"Now Patrick...remember your night and see what your woman looks like at the height of a passion you have never seen. She will beg for relief and the only relief will be from The Four."

I was momentarily confused until I realized that the four men had left the room. They next showed on the camera's, stripping off their clothes. Ann was vocally begging Sanya for relief now.

"Please. I need...I want...it's too much. I need to...Oh God...please."

"What do you want lady? What is it that you desire?"

"I need...I have to have relief. Please. I need my husband. Where's Patrick? Please?"

"What will relieve you Ann?"

"You know...I need...I want to be...Ohhhhhh... I need my Patrick."

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