tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 09

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 09


I woke up the next morning, Sanya still laying beside me. People were stirring, and I saw that our breakfast had been brought in. I got up and showered, letting the hot water relax my body. I was tense for some reason and could not quite figure out why.

Sanya came into the bathroom and joined me in the shower. Together we soaped each others backs and soon we were making love again. My heart was full, even though I still had Ann in the foreground of my mind.

After eating our breakfast, we went for a walk. I had been able to range out pretty far by now. Bob even seemed to trust me a bit more than he had, although he was still trying to locate Ann. His questions to me were always guarded, and carefully phrased.

On this day things began to change rapidly. Bob introduced my new teacher. A very old man. His hair was shockingly white, not one out of place. He had a mustache and it too was very trim and cared for. He was meticulous in his appearance, and even his manner.

When introduced he had repeated my name twice in the short conversation afterwards. I knew that he was memorizing it, seeing the thoughts form in his mind. He didn't block me at all, and for all I knew, he knew nothing of my skills at reading.

Bob was nervous around this man. He deferred to him in many small ways that started to make me wonder if he was losing it or had already lost his mind. This old man was small in stature, but seemed to tower over Bob.

It took me a few hours to see that Bob was actually six inches or so taller than the old man. For whatever reason, this man was larger than life. Bob was only with us as long as need be and the second he was able to, he fled to his office.

Thomas, the old man, seemed to be quite nice and friendly. We went for a long walk, him questioning me as we surveyed the grounds. I could see that he had icy blue eyes that could be a bit intimidating I supposed. Still, I saw no reason to be afraid of this man.

I told him my life's story, even about not knowing my grandfather as well as I would have thought I did. He laughed at that part of my story. His off hand way soon had me trusting him pretty much all the way.

Then, the most amazing thing I had ever seen happened. As we walked across a field, on a rolling hill, he stooped and picked up a small rock. Holding it in his hand he asked me to gaze at it. See it fully.

"Patrick. You see this rock. Look it over, just look at it as I hold it. Tell me what you see." "I see a whitish rock. It has little black specks in it. It looks like granite of some type."

"Ok. Now, look at the rock again. Tell me what you really see."

I glanced down and to my shock, it had changed shape, color and even become translucent. He had not moved one little bit during this whole time. His hand steady, cupping that rock, showing it to me.

I was at a loss for words. Somehow he had tricked me and changed this rock for the one he had been holding.

"This is not the same rock. It's different. You changed it."

"No. It is the same rock I picked up. You changed it. You actually see it for what it is now. Tell me...what do you see Patrick.?"

"Uh...well, this rock is um...greenish blue. I can almost see through it so it has become like a crystal. It looks smooth on the outside and I can see little swirls of white inside. It is not the same rock."

"It is the same rock."

"It's shape is different totally. It is not the same."

"Look again Patrick. Tell me what you see."

Looking back down, the rock had changed yet again. This time it was a fiery red, like a ruby in sunlight. It glowed and seemed to be alive as well. If he had been wearing anything but that T-shirt with short sleeves, I would have thought he had rocks up his sleeve. Bare arms and not moving, the rock had changed.

"How do you do that?"

"I am not doing anything. You are."

"I don't understand."

"You are seeing the same rock from different...planes. I have begun your journey into a travel that you have never experienced awake. You are able to see other places. Other ways. Tell me what you see. It is important to this old man."

"Red, clear, on fire. Looks like a ruby in sunlight. It glows quite a bit too. The shape has changed also."

"Very good. Very good. You are much farther along than Bob realizes." Nothing else was said for a while and we just walked some more. As we got back in close to the buildings we came up to a few trees in a small grove. Each was different, and I didn't know what they were other than one of them had pretty leaves in spectacular colors.

"Tell me what you see in front of you Patrick."

"A tree. It has deep red leaves, a few green leaves, and some yellow leaves. Oh, even a few dark purple leaves too. The bark is silvery looking and smooth."

"Is that how you see it then?"

"Well, yeah. That is what I am seeing in that tree."

"Hmmm. Lets go inside. We have much to discuss."

He led the way knowing exactly where he was going. We ended up in the main dining hall. Sitting at a table away from others, we ordered iced tea and cookies. He turned to me, and after studying me for a bit he started to tell me a bit about himself.

"I am the teacher. I have been here for...a long time. I knew your grandfather. Very well. I helped him grow and learn. Just as I will help you grow and learn. When your grandfather left us I was disappointed. He had come so far and knew so much. Pity. You...you have far more power than he ever did. You naturally know more without knowing why. I am here to show you the why's and then the how's will become clear to you. I have been on this earth for quite some time waiting for one like you. I am one hundred forty years old now. A very old man by your standards, a young pup by the standards of the others."

"The others?"

"The others. There are in life many things that send one on the journey's they take. The others see that in the decisions you or anyone makes, that the correct things happen at the correct time. Not preordained, you have full choice of what you do and where you go. They make sure that the...rules...for lack of a better word...they make sure the rules are followed precisely."

"They know what my choices will be?"

"Yes and no. They know all possible choices you can or will make. Which one exactly...only you will make that and at the time you need to. Then, they make sure the rules are followed as they should be."

"How does that all fit in with my current situation. I am here of no choice of my own. I was brought here and then kept here, forced into this. How does that fit me?"

"Oh it fits trust me. Part of the reason I am here is to let you know that the others have seen your future and will follow you always. Before you ask it...yes, you will be with Ann again. Much will happen and you will change quite a bit, but you will be with Ann. And your children. I can see that you are farther along than even I thought. You will not need much more and the world will open to you fully."

"When? When will I be with Ann again?"

"Sooner than you may think. Far sooner than Bob thinks. I fear that you will be in the path of your grandfather. I can see...well, never mind. I have things to tell you and you need to listen closely."

So began my lessons that I hold now. Lessons that at first shocked me, then after some practice, changed me in far reaching ways. I came to see the whole picture and what I needed to do. Not only for myself but for my family.

Thomas taught me how to travel and communicate. His lessons only took up a week. I was in his words, way ahead of any he had taught before. At first I was quite...well afraid. I was delving into things that many considered to be hocus-pocus. Truth was, I had considered much of what I learned to be just that myself. Now I knew better.

On our last day together, he looked into my eyes and after a bit of quiet searching, told me what I needed to hear.

"It is time. You will need to leave tonight. Sanya will help you, but you will have to take her with you when you go. After this, she will be in danger because of her helping you. You may think that I work for Bob. Fact is, Bob works for me. He was a bit...misguided in his idea of what to do. Then, after hatching his little plan and getting you here as he did, he knew that he had overstepped his boundaries. However, he has grown to think that he is the important one. The leader. There will be much anger and turmoil when you leave. Trust me to know that it is the right thing to do. You will be back with your Ann, and children. You will take care of Sanya. She is like my own daughter, I helped to raise her from a baby."

"Tonight? I have no plans. Where to go, how to get out of the country. Nothing."

"Use the force Patrick. Heh heh, always I have wanted to say that. A good movie no?...Sanya has the plans, she will guide you. Trust her, and trust me. It is the right way. Look into me and see if I am not telling you straight."

I knew this already. I had read him throughly this week and knew that Bob had something over him. Thomas was the leader in fact, Bob was usurping power wherever he could. He failed to understand the one important thing though. Thomas's power came from beyond, and Bob, in his devious ways, would never achieve those powers because of the way he was.

Thomas and I chatted for a long time that day. My escape was not mentioned again. We talked instead of the many things I needed to remember. One important thing...to teach my son, and then later, my grandson what I knew.

Thomas felt that my grandson's power could possibly be even greater than mine. If so, in his time, he would need to know all he could before he reached the point I had. His life would depend on it.

After Thomas left, Sanya came to me and we ate together. It was 'her' night to be with me. The other women knew that something was up though. She was afraid that Bob would find out and move to stop us before we could act.

I sat there listening to Sanya and then, without thinking about it consciously, I read Bob from right where I was. I could see that he had suspicions, but he was thinking that tomorrow he would begin to dig. Today he was busy with plans for his new house. I reinforced his thoughts in that manner, hoping to help him not change his mind until it was too late.

Later, when it was fully dark, Sanya and I walked outside. I was led down a path, and this time, instead of turning to follow it's course back towards the buildings, she pulled me into a thicket and on over a small hill.

There, in a clearing in the moonlight, a jeep waited. Climbing in, Sanya driving, we headed up the road. I realized that we were going past the ranch and away into the hills beyond. I had expected us to head immediately into the city to the airport.

After driving for an hour or so we pulled over and waited in a small park on the side of the road. Out of sight of the road, but we could still see anyone driving by. Sanya was shaking, and I thought it was from the chill night air. I took off my jacket and put it around her shoulders.

"Oh, thank you Patrick. I do not know why I am shivering so."

"It is cool. You don't have much on."

"It may be more. This will be my first time away. Off the island. I am...frightened."

"I am with you. Soon you and I will be safe in America."

"What will Ann think? My coming with you may not be well accepted you know."

"I think that Ann will be happy that you are there. I think that in her short time with you back there...I think she may have gotten feelings for you. I know that she has never been with another woman, even mentioning it would cause her to be shocked, yet she was with you and loved it."

"You may be right Patrick. I am still a bit afraid though."

"It will be all right."

"You see that do you?"

I searched my mind and saw nothing bad in the near time. I didn't look beyond since that future time can be changed in small ways until it no longer is the truth. I also didn't like the feeling that the knowledge sometimes gave me.

We sat there in the dark until a small car drove up and turned into where we were sitting. It pulled up and as I looked down into the drivers window I saw a man that looked vaguely familiar. I suddenly remembered the man on the airplane. The one who I had talked to while flying down.

"Come...quickly. We have little time."

We loaded up into his car and away we went . We drove for about three hours, in a long and roundabout circle, soon coming into the city from the other end. Driving straight to the airport he took us to a private hanger.

Once inside, he parked the car and as we got out Thomas came walking up. He smiled and then pointed to the Gulfstream Jet sitting out on the tamarac.

"Your chariot awaits Patrick. You do not have much time. Take care of my Sanya and yourself. Remember what I have taught you. I will be...in touch."

As he said 'in touch' he smiled and winked. I knew that he was planning on being in touch through the other worlds. I would be face to face with him at least in spirit. I recognized that he was telling me that I would be learning more once home. Even though physically we would be apart, spiritually we would be very close.

Sanya hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek. Then tears streaming down her face, we ran to the jet. Climbing on, I looked over my shoulder to see Thomas waving. I waved and then went into the jet and got prepared to leave.

Sanya sat next to me, and as we taxied down the runway, I heard voices from the cockpit. Someone was ordering the pilot to park the aircraft over to one side and prepare to be boarded. He refused, insisting that his clearances were in order and we were taking off.

The argument kept up until he turned at the end of the runway. Then, throttle going to full he released the brakes and we shot off into the dark night. I could see Bob's car on the runway falling behind us as we took to the air.

Free. We were free. And going home. The co-pilot came back and talked with us, telling us that we would land in Texas, clear customs, then fly on to Montana. After getting to Billings, there would be a vehicle waiting for us to drive to wherever we were going.

We flew into the night and Sanya nestled in close, her head on my shoulder. She had fallen asleep at some point and I didn't want her wake up until she absolutely had to. Customs clearing in Texas went smoothly. Somewhere over Denver Sanya got a bit playful. I closed the curtain between the cabin and the cockpit, and we made love. Mile-high club at last.

Landing in Montana, the air was hot, the day sunny. The pilot and co-pilot both wished us well and headed off to Chicago. Sanya and I drove into the city, eating at a McDonalds on Grand Avenue. From there we drove west, heading towards Columbus and then Bozeman.

Just outside of Columbus I stopped at a rest stop and using the cell phone that had been in the Yukon, I called Ann's cell phone. She answered on the second ring. Breathless. When I began to talk she cried out in shock then joy. I told her where we were and that we were coming.

As I had hoped, she was happy that Sanya was with me. She had some feelings for her after all. Kim's ranch was outside of Livingston on the way to Bozeman. We got there about two hours after I called.

After a very tearful reunion with my wife and kids, we all went in the house and talked for hours. Kim was a bit curious about Sanya. She had heard about what Ann and I had been doing in Jamaica, and how things had gone, but there were many things that she still wanted to know.

I was reading Ann without realizing it. I could see that she was very happy that I was home. I could also see that she was happy that Sanya was with me. I quietly listened as Sanya and Ann talked, watching as Kim stayed engrossed in all.

Kim, I found out was a bit of a challenge for me to read. Her mind was very controlled, whether she knew it or not. Or perhaps, in my newness to this skill I was not very good. I was able to read parts of her and saw that she was happy for Ann, although a bit mistrusting of me and Sanya.

I finally asked her outright about that mistrust. The look on her face, and Ann's as well was something to see. Neither could believe that I could have known about the mistrust, since it hadn't been mentioned at all, nor had there been any hints either. Yet I was asking Kim about that mistrust.

As I read Ann, I realized that Kim had been grilling her about my staying behind in Jamaica and not quite believing her story. Suddenly Kim's mind became crystal clear. She had not believed Ann's story very much thinking that I had left Ann for some mid-life crisis, hunting the babes trip.

I just sat there as they babbled about my comments on mistrust, then in a break of the conversation, I dropped yet another bomb.

"So, I had a mid-life crisis huh Kim? Hunting babes in Jamaica. Hmmmm...I already had the babe I loved at home so why would I want to go somewhere else hunting them? Oh, I did happen to find a babe while there though. What do you think Ann? Should Sanya stay with us?"

Kim looked shell shocked, her mouth wide open. She had been ready to retort to my first question, then I followed up with the rest. She couldn't believe that I knew this, her thoughts out there like they were.

Ann on the other hand was busy answering my last question.

"Oh, yes. I want her to stay with us very much Patrick. I...that is to say...she...oh, hell. Yes, Sanya must stay with us. Always."

Looking into Ann's eyes as they shown with tears and happiness I felt my heart expand. Ann was the best wife and I had been so lucky to have won her heart. Sanya was crying and looking from me to Ann.

Kim was sitting there still stunned.

"You...how do you do that? You knew what I was thinking. How did you do that?"

"Oh, I was just lucky."

"Luck had nothing to do with that. You used my exact words as they were in my mind. You read my mind. How did you do that?"

"Kim, it was just a lucky guess. Honest."

"Yeah. Right. Lucky guess. Lucky guess my ass. You're kind of scary do you know that?"

"Scary? Me?"

"Yeah...reading minds like that. That's scary."

I was trying to get her over this and the subject changed now. If she only knew. I saw that my skills could be used in many ways, but I would have to be far more careful with how I used them in the future.

"So. Where's the horses at? You do still have horses don't you?"

"Horses? Oh...out in the corral. Why?"

"Just wondered if we could go riding tomorrow."

"Yeah. Nice change of subject Patrick. Smooth."

"What? I thought we were done talking about spooky stuff."

Ann broke in and taking my hand and then Sanya's, she led us to our room. When she led Sanya in and kept holding her hand as well as mine, I looked at her. I had thought that Sanya would be in a different room. Obviously I had thought wrong.

"Sanya, if you don't mind...would you sleep with Patrick and I? There's room, it's a king sized bed. I...well...I'd like you to."

"But...are you sure Ann? After all, you and your husband..."

"Have both been with you. I...I just want you to know that I am aware that Patrick has feelings for you...as much as I do too. I think...I think that we should...oh...damn..."

I could see that Ann was having so many thoughts cramming through her mind at that moment. I tried to see her intent and what she wanted to express, but her mind was too jumbled. I broke in.

"Ann, are you sure?"

"Patrick...damn you. Yes I'm sure. You know as well as I do that we both have strong feelings for her. I know that you have been with her quite a bit since I left Jamaica too. It's all right. I just want us to all be happy. I think we can be. It will take some getting used to, but I am sure we won't wear you out or fuck you to death."

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