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Pay It Forward Ch. 09


We have one more chapter to go. We break away from the boys a bit in this one, but they show a united front. Simply read and enjoy. Thank you for following this tale.

A special thanks to Overstar for taking time to edit this chapter. Any errors found are my fault and not his, as I tweaked it a bit after I got it back.

Now: Chapter 9. IR2R

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. Janice had to rush to answer her phone. Whoever was calling was insistent. "Hello," she answered breathlessly. "Um, just what I like to hear. That's how you sounded when I finished with you the last time", his voice boasted.

Janice froze. She clenched her fist. She hated this man. Whenever she saw him and had to pretend to tolerate him, her skin crawled. "What do you want, Deacon? Look, deacon, I am not-", she stated with false bravado. Five years after her night with him, she tried to forget. Even when she had his children, she never said his name. Now he called her.

"Shut up," he growled. "The board is tired of your Daddy. They want him out. Guess what? I'm the deciding vote. I have a proposition for you. That church is your daddy's life work. Letting those homos in was his first mistake. Then you got pregnant, I kept him there as a favor for my baby's momma. Right after you got knocked up, your sweet innocent sister, Shelia, let Old Rod pop her cherry and got a bun in her oven as well. Now, baby girl Kara did the same thing, with a white boy, no less. Just because Kara married that boy, it doesn't change anything; the feelings are the same. The board wants him out." He chuckled. "Little girl, I know you love your daddy. You'll do anything to protect him, right. I want three nights with you. I don't care how you do it. Leave the brats with your momma, but give me three nights, and your daddy can keep his church."

She exclaimed, "Hell no! I am not some scared eighteen year old girl. You will not use me like you-".

He cut her off, "I'll tell daddy I found out who fathered your brats. Imagine how upset he'll be when I tell him that drug dealer, Treymaine, knocked you up. You did name the boy Treymon. I'll tell him I found out and I tried to make him man up, but he came after me right? After all he did attack me. I guess your thug boyfriend thought he could defend your honor. Why else would he do that Janice? You know he didn't want you dating that boy. He'll believe me, and you know it. I'll let you think about it, so before you say No; just think on how that news will hurt your daddy. Besides, I was your first. A girl never forgets her first. See you later, lover." He whispered, blew her a kiss, and then hung up.

Janice collapsed on the couch. Oh, God! What am I going to do? I have to tell daddy the truth. He'll be so mad, but he believes everything Deacon Virgil tells him. The truth will kill him. But I can't be with that man again. I hate him. He is not a Christian; he's evil. I wish he'd never found out about Treymaine. She thought as she cried to herself, tears streaming down her dark cheeks. For five years, she kept this secret. She didn't want to hurt her father this way, but she couldn't let this man use her again. Janice didn't know what to do, but she knew she had to do something.

Trey ran in and stopped, "Mamma, what's wrong. Why are you crying?" He asked hugging her, trying to make her feel better. He was scared, but Uncle Gianni said he had to protect his Momma and sister. Momma was crying so much; he'd never seen her cry this hard. He wished Uncle Gianni was here, but he and Aunt Kara went away for a while. Trey remembered that Uncle Gianni said to call grandpa if he ever got scared.

"Nothing, baby. I'm OK. Let's make you breakfast." She hugged her son close. She looked at her little boy, and realized that he looked like Virgil. She never noticed how much her baby looked like that man. But he was hers, and it didn't matter. She'd protect her children from that bastard, no matter what it took. Janice hugged her son, and kissed the top of his head. Gianni told him to look out for her and Tracy. Her little man did just that. "Hey, do you and your sister want pancakes this morning? I feel like pancakes with strawberries, Ok." Trey nodded and Janice smiled. Then she stood to and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for them.

So when Mom left out, he dialed the number Uncle Gianni had taught him. "Hello" Reverend answered.

"Grandpa, someone called Momma and scared her. She was on the phone and they made her cry." he explained, being brave and trying not to cry. Reverend was concerned, "Troy can you look at the phone and see the last number that called?" He asked. "Yes sir, it was 666-555-9999. She's really scared grandpa", he told him.

He knew that number. This was one of his most trusted Deacons, Virgil Cunnings. He looked over at the wall and saw a picture of the twins when they were first brought home. "Look at the boy. Look closely", a small voice told him. He did. That child had that man's eyes and nose. That bastard was the man that took advantage of his little girl. "Donna, I'm headed over to see Janice. I need to talk to her.", he called out. Then he left and rushed to his daughter's apartment. Five minutes later, he was beating on the door.

"Who is it?" Janice called out hesitantly, praying Deacon Virgil was not outside her apartment. "It's me, your father. Open the door, Janice, we need to talk", he answered. She quickly opened the door for her father. One look at his face and she knew he was furious. "Are you OK? Are the twins OK? ", he asked first. On cue both children came in and hugged their grandpa, Troy held on a little tighter than usual.

"They're fine, daddy. Why are you here? Daddy is everything alright?" she asked, concerned now that he was watching her intently.

"Virgil Cunnings, is he their father?" he asked in a voice so low and serious. Janice was too afraid to speak.

"Daddy, how did you-? I never meant for you to know", she whispered as tears of shame spilled down her cheeks. Trey immediately tried to get between her and his grandfather, but Otis stopped him.

"Listen son, I would never hurt your mother, but someone did. I need to find out whom. Can you take your sister back to the kitchen so we can talk? I promise I won't hurt her, alright?" He asked calmly, but he was feeling anything but. Virgil had an ass whooping coming, and he was going to deliver today. Trey nodded and he and Tracy went back into the dining area.

Janice stood sobbing, ashamed, humiliated that her secret was exposed. He stood and held his daughter as she cried and recalled events that he'd forgotten from five years ago. The church was upset that he'd let a gay couple join. They wanted to fire him as pastor. For weeks he'd talked with board members begged even. Virgil Cunnings was the main one who wanted him gone. Janice came home late one night, and he knew something was wrong. The next Sunday, he was reinstated as pastor. Virgil was the deciding vote. Two months later, they learned of her pregnancy, but she wouldn't name the boy.

He began to shake, furious that this man used his child this way. He then apologized. He cried as he held her and apologized for how he'd treated her for the last five years. He swore to her that man would never hurt her again, and he would not come near her children. Janice was no longer sobbing, just quiet. Her dad told her she was safe, and she believed him.

"Sweetheart, we must go to church. Can you dress Tracy? I want you with me today. There is something I must do", he stated. He was tired of all the chaos at Greater Tabernacle, and as pastor he had to end it. Learning this news placed the final nail in the coffin for him.

Janice knew her father would confront Virgil. This man could ruin him. "Daddy, no! He's evil and he'll have you thrown out. You've preached at Greater Tabernacle for the last twenty-five years. Don't do anything", she pleaded.

"Janice, why did he call?" He asked quietly. She looked away. She didn't want to answer. He knew; she didn't have to say a thing, he knew. "Do you think I can let him get away with this? Do you think I cannot protect you; protect my grandchildren? Have I failed you so badly that you don't trust me to keep you safe? He will not use you again. Hear me Janice? Never again", he vowed as he pulled his daughter into the safe cocoon of his arms. "Now sweetheart, get dressed and dress Tracy. I'll dress Trey. We go in as a family today."

"OK, daddy," she answered. When her father took that tone, it was pointless to argue. Janice and the twins rode with Otis to his home. They entered and the kids rushed to see their grandma and grandmere.

Janice came in and greeted her mother and grandmother. They both knew something was wrong. Lizzie took one look at her face and said, "He knows, doesn't he? Good, you don't need to protect that bastard", she hissed. Then she hugged her granddaughter.

Donna followed her husband upstairs. It was clear he was upset, but she knew it wasn't with their daughter. "Otis, what's wrong", she asked. He broke down and it scared her. She held her husband as he cried. After a while the whole truth was out and Donna was equally upset. Virgil Cunnings had to suffer. While they were talking, Shelia and Rodney stopped by with their daughter, Alicia. Seeing her grandmother hold a sobbing Janice, Shelia became distraught. Lizzie assured her Janice wasn't hurt.

Then Janice whispered, "Daddy found out the truth. He knows who fathered the twins."

Shelia was dumbfounded. Janice never told anyone who fathered those two children. She was too upset to talk, so she had to see her father. Rodney stopped his wife from going upstairs, so she waited. "Shelia, wait. Let them come downstairs. Give them time. Let's check on the kids alright" Rodney soothed his distraught spouse. The two of them took Alicia and checked on the twins. Eventually their parents came down, dressed for church. Dad was more subdued than usual. He hugged both girls. He held Janice a bit longer, for he felt he needed to apologize again.

As they were leaving, his phone rang. Shaun decided to call to remind them of the dinner that night. The pastor didn't sound right, so Shaun asked what was wrong. He replied, "Its family business. We'll see you tonight. We have to get to church." Then he hung up.

Shaun didn't like it. Something was wrong. He immediately called Darren. Michal and Kevin were with him, as they were driving Michal to the airport. The boys turned around and went to their father. "Something is wrong in Bradford. I want to go down there, and I want you three with me", he explained. So kissing Delia on the cheek, the four men headed to check on their new family.

The Johnson's arrived at church, everyone welcomed them. The pastor went to his office and prayed. Virgil came in, spoke to everyone, and asked had Pastor Johnson arrived. He looked across the sanctuary and saw Janice. He smiled at her, as she visibly cringed. Otis Johnson was in deep meditation when a few minutes later, the one man he now despised walked into his office. Forcing his anger down, the Reverend explained to his head Deacon that due to a family issue, he wasn't preaching today.

"Well, pastor, whose preaching? Pastor Troy is taking your place tonight. I think it's real inconsiderate of you to just shirk your duty." Virgil griped, thinking, This man is an idiot. He really thinks he's running this church. I can take this church from him whenever I want. It's a good thing I like his little girl. Damn, that girl is the best I've ever had. I might marry her. Who knows? He'll gladly welcome me into his family. Let me pacify this idiot.

"Pastor Johnson, is everything alright? I know your youngest got married yesterday, but that was expected. I mean no one really faults you or the lovely Donna for her-" Virgil froze. Otis gave him a looked that dared him to say another word. Virgil was anything but foolish; he knew when to shut up. Otis used every ounce of strength he had not to knock that pompous bastard out. Donna walked in and Virgil glared at her. It seemed, as with his daughters, Pastor Johnson also had no control over his wife. Then he smiled as he received a cool reception from the first lady of the church.

"Well, let me go and greet the members as well as the rest of your family. How are your lovely daughters, Shelia, Kara and oh yes Janice, of course?" Virgil stated snidely, as he stood to leave his office.

"My girls are fine, sir. If you will excuse me I need to talk to my wife," he answered. After Virgil left, Donna and Otis held each other close. He shook with pent up fury, and they prayed. Soon, he composed himself and was ready to do what needed to be done.

Service started and Pastor Johnson entered the pulpit in his suit. He didn't don his ceremonial robes. The congregation gasped. As he approached the pulpit, he seemed solemn and sad. "Good morning, everyone. Let us pray." He led the church in a short prayer. This action was completely off the script, and the members were confused. Pastor Johnson, took out a piece of paper, and began to read.

"Brothers and sisters, I stand before you today, asking for your forgiveness. I have failed you as your pastor, as I have failed my children as a father. I allowed evil to fester here, and it has now taken root. I became so full of myself, that I lost sight of who really is in control." The crowd gasped. Everyone was looking around. Virgil was steaming. But he continued to speak. "Some information came to me this morning, and shone a light on my own arrogance. You see, God can elevate you, but when you forget that he's the one that brought you up. He will knock you right back down." Shaun and his sons walked in. Johnson smiled and nodded, but he kept speaking. "Welcome, Shaun, boys. I'm glad you made it." He greeted his friends.

He asked his grandchildren, "Trey, Tracy, will you two come here please?" Janice started to move when he stopped her. "Janice, I would never hurt my grandkids. I promise." The two small kids joined their grandfather, and he picked them up. "These two are my first grandbabies, and I love them with all that I have in me. These children are innocent and should be protected. That's where I went wrong. I failed to protect the most vulnerable amongst us." He then smiled at his daughter.

Trey wanted down, and he almost dropped him when Virgil rushed up and took the child from him. Inside he was seething. "Trey, give brother Virgil a kiss for me." Janice gasped as Trey did as his grandfather instructed. He smiled and said, "Nothing is sweeter than a son kissing his father on the cheek." A collective gasped rose throughout the sanctuary as what he said sank in.

Virgil froze and started to speak when Reverend Johnson stopped him. "You called my daughter to try and take advantage of her again. She was a child, only eighteen, and you stole her youth. She kept your secret, and I can only imagine what that did to her, but it stops now. You used me and my love for this church against my daughter, to bend her to your twisted needs. You won't use her again. I resign as pastor of this church, effective immediately." He exhaled as tears rolled down his cheeks. "Virgil, I promise you this, you will not come near my daughter or my grandchildren again, or I promise, you'll feel something worse than embarrassment." He finished.

"Pastor Johnson, she lied. You know me." Virgil pleaded as they walked out. But Pastor Johnson kept walking, ignoring him. In anger Virgil yelled out "All of your girls are sluts. She came after me." That was the wrong move. Kevin had heard enough and at this point. He slugged Virgil, knocking him over two pews, as the family proceeded to leave the church. The church erupted into chaos as he and his family stood and walked out of the church. The other deacons turned on Virgil demanding answers, as Associate Pastor, Troy moved to the pulpit to reestablish order. He asked everyone to just sit quietly and give them a chance to get things in order. Thirty minutes later, he delivered a sermon to a building that was mostly vacated. When Pastor Johnson walked out, many of his true followers walked out with him.

Pastor Troy ended service early. Shaun and his sons followed the Johnson's back to their home. Once they arrived, the men talked and Shaun learned the truth. He sat with his friend as he prayed for strength. After Johnson got himself under control, Shaun asked one question. "Otis, is there anything I can do? If you want to press charges, I can get you the best attorneys. He needs to-" His voice was so cold and deadly, that Reverend looked at him twice.

"No, sir. Vengeance is mine said the Lord", he stated. "I want to beat the crap out of him, but it won't change what he did to her. He has been exposed, and believe me, he will suffer. You see Shaun, God can punish a culprit much better than we can." He explained, "I know you are my friend, and I appreciate it. As a man of faith, I have to stand still and let God fight this battle."

Shaun was awed. He knew he'd have to find a way to hurt the man. If this was his child, someone would be in jail right now. This man's faith was strong, as was his children. He nodded, and decided to respect Johnson's wishes. Darren, Michal, and Kevin were talking with the others, and all seemed well. Darren was talking Ms. Lizzie into making him a lunch. Michal was talking with Janice and Shelia, while Kevin spoke quietly with Rodney. All of the adults were watching the three younger ones. Darren's hunger won and Lizzie made sandwiches for the hungry brood. Shaun invited everyone to drive home with him early and that way they could stay for dinner. Michal was catching a later flight home, so he'd get to see Clemmie before he left for good. Darren convinced him that when they got back, they needed to stop by the hospital to check on their women. Michal agreed with him wholeheartedly. Kevin laughed at how besotted they were.

A few hours later, the entire brood arrived back at the MacGregor home. Delia and Mrs. Kingston made sure their guest felt welcome. Michal and Darren went to the hospital. Kevin wanted to head back to his house, but Shaun recruited him to help serve as host. Reluctantly, he complied and stayed. It wasn't so bad. He liked talking with Rodney and the kids were cute.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Michal and Darren were disturbing the nurses asking for their mates. Jeffrey heard they were there and asked that they be sent to his office. On the way, they ran into JJ, and they spoke as he was on his rounds. They reminded him about the dinner. Soon they were walking into the head of Surgery's Office, Jeffrey did not look happy.

"You two young men cannot come down here to distract your women. Michal, you're stealing Clemmie in a few months and I hate that, but guys, they both have a job to do. Go home, and wait. They will get off later. Wait, Michal, I thought you were heading back to LA today?" It was then they explained about their visit to the church. Jeffrey listened and decided to call Shaun when they left. He and Shaun spoke and he assured his friend that he had his support.

Soon the children became cranky and needed a nap. Delia had the girls to put them in one of the bedrooms on the first floor. Kara called to check in. They were going to a resort for a few days and would be home soon. Shelia answered. "Hey big Sis. I don't need any advice-", Kara froze. Shelia unloaded, as both women wept for their sister. Gianni was immediately concerned. "No! Oh my God! He resigned. He loves that church! Wait. What!? That bastard! Poor Janice, is she alright?" Kara paused. "We haven't left yet. We're coming over. I'll tell Gianni." Kara paused again. "No Shelia, I want to be there for her. She wants to talk to you." She handed Gianni the phone.

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