tagNovels and NovellasPay It Forward Ch. 10

Pay It Forward Ch. 10


So it ends. I want to thank everyone who followed this tale. I hope you truly enjoyed it. I asked myself a question. Can one man make a difference? This journey answered it for me. It is a resounding YES. These characters came to life for me as each went on their own journey. I truly enjoyed telling their stories.

A special thanks to Overstar for taking time to edit this chapter. Any errors found are my fault and not his. Again, thank you all for reading and supporting me through this adventure. IR2R


Speeding down the long winding road, Kevin Knight was heading to work. He had just been promoted to Vice President, second in line to replace the President when he retired. He'd worked for the company for years. At thirty, he'd accomplished more than most men his age dreamed.

He'd trained many people. Normally, he wouldn't give a rat's ass about others but things changed. Today he was meeting with the President and CEO of a new company he worked for to recommend someone deserving for a more prominent position in his department.

Kevin was ready. With the help of his friend, Eileen, he was more than prepared. The two of them had worked nonstop for months to prepare him for this meeting. He knew people hated working under him, but Eileen was different. She worked well with him and dealt with his eccentric personality.

Kevin was a workaholic. He had family, but they were mostly married with kids; He was still a bachelor, having long ago given up on finding someone. His adopted Dad often encouraged him to date, but he really didn't have time to deal with the intricacies of it. His job was his main focus.

He was impatient and would quickly dismiss anyone he deemed wasting his time and not getting to the point. His often harsh and curt mannerisms lead many in his office to avoid him at all cost. Eileen was the only person that could deal with him. She was at least a foot shorter than him and thin. Clear alabaster skin and russet red hair that was naturally curly and wild. She wore it long and often twisted it in a bun. She dressed conservatively, always professional, unlike the other young women her age. She was a natural and beautiful woman. Kevin really liked that about her, although he'd never admit it. He loved the way she carried herself, unapologetic and proud.

As one of the only Irish women in the office, she never stopped being true to herself. She was also the only one that was strong enough to deal with him and his boorishness. Kevin had gone through several secretaries before Eileen was assigned to him.

He smiled as he recalled their very first meeting a few years earlier and how she quickly put him in his place.

Kevin failed to attend another family gathering, Delia was now concerned so she called him. He made some excuse about work, but she didn't believe him. She talked to Shaun.

Shaun MacGregor was ready to retire. Not that he had a reason to, but he wanted time with his lovely Delia. He'd had his physical and learned he was in the best of health. His sons were all successful, and now raising their own families. Only one wasn't, and he'd take care of that.

"Good morning, Kevin. We've hired a new secretary to work with you. Since you have a hard time keeping anyone around you, we had to pay her more and give her a title of Executive PA. She will work directly with you and help with any and all assignments you have. Now son, you've gone through twenty-six secretaries in the last year. If this girl quits, you will work by yourself from now on", Kevin's boss, Mr. MacGregor explained. He liked Kevin. He knew his past and realized that he'd had a hard time growing up. So he took the young man under his wing and molded him.

His investment was well worth it as Kevin was invaluable to the company. Often positions would open up, and Kevin would be passed over because of his lack of social skills. He simply could not work with others, but the man was a designing genius. He could create and design proposals that seem to fall from the heavens.

Pushing a button on his desk, Mr. MacGregor called, "Ms. Isaacs, please come in." Kevin was floored as the most amazing and exotic creature entered the room. He'd never seen a more beautiful woman. She was awe inspiring. She had clear alabaster skin, with a few freckles across her nose, thick naturally curly red hair, big plump lips, dark green eyes, and smile that stopped his heart. He admired her svelte frame. Eileen was not thin and frail like most of the women in the office. She was slender, but healthy. She had a narrow waist, wide hips, and an ample bosom. Kevin had to remind himself to breath.

"Yes Mr. MacGregor," the Red-haired Goddess answered smiling as she entered. Then she noticed Kevin sitting in a chair and her smile vanished. "Eileen, remember that post I offered you. Well this is your new boss, Kevin Knight. You will be his Executive PA. Kevin, this is Ms. Eileen Isaacs." MacGregor introduced the two. He didn't miss the younger man's reaction to the young woman that walked in.

Eileen hesitated. Everyone knew this guy's reputation and no one wanted to work with him. But it was just a job, and she needed to work. With her illness, she didn't have the luxury of walking away. So she turned and faced her new boss, taking in the look of shock and then the frown that crossed his face.

"Hello, Mr. Knight. I look forward to working for you." She politely stated extending her hand.

He is fucking gorgeous, she thought as she quickly hid behind a cloak of professionalism. He looked bookish, and she'd always found bookish men irresistible. He was a tall man, muscled, but not in a grotesque way, long and slender. His hair was cut short and his beard neatly shaved. His dark green eyes which were hidden behind a pair of wire framed glasses sitting on top of a crooked nose.

Clearing his throat and collecting himself, Kevin went into his super vicious mode. "We'll see how long that lasts. I certainly hope you don't mind hard work. I mean, you won't have a lot of time to hang with your friends", he answered snidely.

He asked his employer, "So Mr. MacGregor, when will she start, so we can get the crying over with?"

Mr. Macgregor shook his head. His young man was so rude. Even after trying to mentor him for years, he didn't change. "In the morning, she's already cleared everything with payroll and we are finishing her last transitions today."

"Good, Then Ms. Isaacs, report in at least thirty minutes early, I want to go over what I expect in detail. Don't be late. I don't tolerate slothfulness. If that is all Mr. MacGregor, I have work I need to be doing." Kevin explained to his boss then he exited the meeting. As soon as he left, Macgregor asked Eileen to come back into the office.

"Eileen, he's rather abrupt, but he's excellent at what he does. At any time, if you need a break. I'll personally grant you time off." he offered hoping to convince the young woman to not leave. Shaun MacGregor knew people and he knew if anyone could handle this angry, young man. It was the young woman standing before him.

"Mr. MacGregor, I can handle him." Eileen assured her mentor, praying that her words were true. Kevin Knight was one ill-tempered son of a gun.

The next morning, Eileen arrived at work a half hour early to get acquainted with her new boss. Kevin was nervous. She would be here any minute and he had to get himself under control. Here he was thirty years old acting like a schoolboy with his first crush. Besides, she might not even like him. No one liked him.

"While sitting at his desk, he heard the outer office open. She went to her desk and took a few minutes to settle then knocked on his office door. "Come in." Kevin called out gruffly. Eileen walked in and he was momentarily dazed.

"Good morning, Miss Isaacs. Please have a seat." Kevin eyed the lovely woman sitting before him. He had to admit to himself that she was beautiful, but they worked together and nothing would come of it. He had a few women he'd call when he needed companionship and they took care of his needs.

"Well, Ms. Isaacs. I see you've worked here for five years. You started as a receptionist and obtained training to elevate. I can see that you are very ambitious, I like that." Kevin stated. He proceeded to explain to her how things worked.

"First, let me preface this meeting by informing you that I'm not man that minces his words. I expect you here early and I will need you to stay late until our contracts are complete. You will dress appropriately, no tight clothing, anything that exposes you midrif, or short skirts. I hope you aren't offended, but I would appreciate if you maintain a professional air, no girlfriends or boyfriends dropping in. Please keep any and all personal drama you may have out of the office.

I will expect you to be free anytime I call, mornings, nights, and yes even weekends, so please let your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse know in advance in order to avoid conflict." Kevin continued as Eileen watched him intensely.

Kevin Knight was an extremely sexy man. He wasn't drop dead gorgeous, just regular. He was so intent on is work that everything else around him faded. The sound of his voice was like a soothing balm over burning skin and it massaged Eileen's senses. She'd heard horror stories about this man, and seen the ladies that couldn't work with him. The fact that he'd gone through so many assistants fascinated her even more. MacGregor thought he had to offer her incentives to take this guy on, truly he didn't. She would have done it just for the challenge.

Smiling she listened to the rest of his reverie. At the end of his short, but very detailed speech, Eileen nodded her assent that she understood, now it was her turn to set her parameters as well.

"Mr. Knight, I am grateful for the opportunity to work for you, but let me explain myself. I think we need to get some things straight before we even begin." She looked him in the eye. "I am your assistant, not your servant. I will do my job and do it well, but I will not put up with your abuse." Kevin started to speak, but Eileen held up her hand and stopped him.

"No, Mr. Knight, you need to listen. I have spoken with several of the young women who refused to work for you and their reasons were often the same. I will not quit. Nothing you can do will force me too. So get the idea of bullying me out of your head. I am Eileen Isaacs. I can be your best friend here, or your worst enemy. You, Mr. Knight need to decide. Now, that we seem to understand each other, let's get to work. How do you like your coffee?" she asked smiling sweetly at him. Kevin was speechless. The two of them clearly understood each other, and that was the beginning of their relationship.

Eileen, true to her word, came in and did her job to perfection. Kevin could not find fault in anything that she did. He even created assignments just to challenge her, and she excelled. Kevin was very aware of how his coworkers felt about him. Most hated him on site, but he was the best designer the company had so they tolerated him. He came earlier than most and stayed late many evenings, as his assistant, Eileen was expected to follow the same schedule.

One day Eileen came to work and wasn't feeling well. She knew her health issues were aggravated because she'd not followed her diet and exercise regimen as closely as she needed to. So she called her doctor and scheduled an after work appointment to come in. That afternoon, Eileen walked into Kevin's office and informed him that she needed to leave, she had a medical appointment.

Kevin looked at her, their Cortol Proposal was due in two days and he needed her there.

"Well after you see your doctor, can you report back here to the office? I hope this doesn't take long. We need to finish this proposal tonight. Eileen didn't respond. She asked herself, "Can he really be this clueless? I have not taken a day off since I started and he wants me here even if I'm sick," she fumed.

Realizing she hadn't responded, Kevin looked up. One look at her face, her flushed eyes, and darkened skin tone and he knew something was seriously wrong. "Eil..., um Ms. Isaacs, I'm sorry. Look, go see your physician and then go home and rest. I had no idea you weren't feeling well. You can type up the reports tomorrow when you get here." He permitted her. Eileen glared at him. He was clueless, sexy but had no clue.

After leaving her doctor and receiving a treatment, Eileen went home to rest. As soon as she donned her pajamas, someone knocked on her door. She didn't have friends and no one should be at her door after nine pm. "Who is it?" She called out. She picked up her trusty aluminum bat and if someone came through that door she was taking her some swings at them.

"It's me, Kevin, Ms. Isaacs, can you please let me in? I don't like standing out here." He answered. Eileen opened the door to let him into her small home. Kevin stepped across her threshold and a sense of comfort engulfed him. He relaxed. There was something about this woman that intrigued him. He arrived at work each day waiting for her to come in. He loved watching her and spending time alone with her at the end of the day. Since she'd become his assistant, his productivity level had increased even more as he worked to find more reasons to stay around her at the office.

Today when she left, and he realized she was ill, he could not function and nothing was completed. After sitting in his office and realizing the time was after eight pm, he grabbed his bag and left. He had driven her home numerous of times and so decided to just stop by and see if she was alright. He could have called, but in all honesty he needed to see her. He needed to see if she was well.

"Come in, Mr. Knight. You could have called. There was no need, to stop by." Eileen informed her boss, struggling to get her heart and thoughts under control. He was in her home and it was a mess. "What was he thinking?" "Kevin, my name is Kevin. Are you going to be alright?" he asked softly, concern clearly etched across his strong face.

Eileen smiled and his heart skipped a beat, as he realized no other woman affected him in this way. He'd give his life for her to smile at him in any way again. "Mr. Kni.., um Kevin, I'm fine. I haven't taken my medicine like I should have and my body reacted. I'm fine." She assured him.

Frowning, "Medicine, what medicine?" Kevin asked. He'd make darn sure she had a steady supply from this point on.

"My medicine for my hypertension, I'll be fine", she assured him.

Kevin asserted, "I didn't know you were hypertensive. I should have known this."

Knowing that he hated any sign of weakness, Eileen wondered would he use her illness as an excuse to have her transferred. "Look, Mr. Knight-." Kevin stopped her.

"Kevin, my name is Kevin and I'm not here as your boss. If something happens to you Eileen, I don't know..." he inhaled. "How could you not tell me about this? We need to talk about this and everything else concerning your health. What other secrets are you hiding?"

Eileen was tired. Her episode earlier had drained her and she didn't feel like dealing with her eccentric boss tonight. "I'm fine, but for now I need sleep. I'll be in early tomorrow. Mr. Knight, I need for you to leave." She explained.

"No, I'm staying here. You're sick and I won't leave you alone." he explained.

"Really, I'm fine and you need to go home. Besides, where will you sleep? My couch is lumpy. And I know you wouldn't want to sleep in bed with me, would you?" She teased.

Kevin blushed, turning a deep red. Then he looked at this beautiful woman. "OK, I'll go home, but don't come in tomorrow. I'll check on you when I get off. If you need anything, call, and I will have someone bring it to you", Kevin promised. Eileen led him out of her door. "I'll check on you when I get off", he promised before leaving her alone. Smiling, Eileen went to bed and dreamed of her frustratingly sexy boss.

Reluctantly, Kevin left her and drove home. He really wanted to stay, but he respected her need for privacy. Once he got home, he called his sister-in-law, Sharon. She was a registered nurse and if anyone could tell him about this ailment, she could.

"Hey, Kevin" Darren greeted his brother. "What's up? You know it's been a while since you've been by. The kids want to see their uncle."

Kevin smiled. He couldn't believe how Darren had changed. He'd married the most perfect woman and fathered the two most adorable girls ever. He loved his nieces to death and took every chance he could to spoil them.

"I might stop by this weekend, but for now I'm looking for your wife." He asked, "Is my favorite sister-in-law home?"

"She's here. Is everything ok? You're not sick or something, are you?" Darren asked clearly concerned.

"No, Eile..." Kevin paused. He never discussed anyone's business and he wouldn't start now.

But Darren had heard enough, "Ok, hold on."

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the mysterious vanishing man." Sharon teased, once Darren told her Kevin was in the phone.

"Hey Sis, I need some medical advice." He stated, and then he explained Eileen's condition.

Sharon listened and informed him that she wasn't a doctor, but the main thing was to make sure she wasn't stressed and took her medications. Kevin nodded as a new plan formed in his head. Things here about to change, if Ms. Isaacs won't care for herself, then I'll do it for her. He smiled as he thought of the interesting ways she'd argue with him about this, but it didn't matter. He couldn't lose her. That thought frightened him more than anything.

Soon the conversation ended with Kevin agreeing to come to the MacGregors for a family get together that weekend. Sharon insisted he bring Eileen with him. After they hung up, she turned to face her husband. He was grinning, and she laughed.

"Well, Baby. I think Kevin may have found his woman at last." Darren pulled his wife close and kissed her. "It's about damn time."

Sharon looked at him. She asked, "Wait, what makes you think that?"

"Baby, this is Kevin. He called for advice about her. He never goes anywhere without her, and even after working with him for three years, she hasn't quit." Darren laughed. "I met her once. I went to his office to make him go to lunch with me and Gianni, and she greeted me. She's a cute redhead."

"Alright now," Sharon teased, "I don't have to color my hair, now, do I?"

Darren stroked her lovely dark hair. "Don't change a thing."

He then kissed his wife, and held her as he reflected on how much his life had changed. He had grown from an angry boy to a happy and successful man. Was it easy? No, but he had help. He thanked God every day for bringing Shaun MacGregor into his life.

"Hey, baby. Let's go to bed. You owe me a little boy. Tonight, I'm collecting", she whispered. She didn't have to tell Darren twice.

Kevin hung up, and was ready for bed. He needed to talk to her. He had to make sure she was alright. So he called to wish her a good night. That night, Kevin slept peacefully for the first time in years.

Eileen returned to work early as usual and Kevin instantly took charge. He wanted to know if she had breakfast. What did she have? He didn't like her reply, so he insisted they grab breakfast and coffee at a local coffee shop.

Once the day started, everyone was asking how she felt. Most were relieved she was back, because that meant they didn't have to deal with Mr. Knight. It seemed only Eileen could withstand his fiery temperament. Mr. MacGregor stopped by to ask about her. He was concerned and wanted to be sure she was alright. She assured him she was fine.

Kevin watched her doggedly. He was attentive, and constantly asking how she felt. Finally after a few hours, Eileen had enough. As soon as he finished his meeting with several department heads, she walked into his office and demanded to know what was going on.

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