tagErotic CouplingsPayal ki Jhankar Ch. 11

Payal ki Jhankar Ch. 11



Payal felt that her world had ended now that Shahnawaz no longer was around to support and love her. Rather than things improving, given that he had been very successful in his business ventures and Payal had gained a name in journalism, everything had collapsed around her instead.

Within hours of his demise, scores of people had descended to express their grief and anger, including lots of businessmen, politicians, media folk, relatives and others. Religious dictate suggested that she was to stay away from all males excepting those in the immediate family during the four month mourning period required to ensure whether or not she was pregnant at the time she was widowed. Rather than dealing with powerful men, whom she had often handled with consummate ease, she instead was subjected to weeks of weepy and unhelpful female acquaintances that were able to meet and generally bother her. Of course talking over the phone to men like Mike Whittaker or Clarence was not an issue and most of the real heartfelt condolences came from such quarters. Even Muzamil and Michael called and promised to help in any way. Payal figured that Michael was probably true to his word but Muzamil was hoping that she would prove to be easy prey now that her husband was gone.

The one notable absence throughout was Haqnawaz. Despite the fact that his wife Parveen and son Paijoo were present at all the important junctures during the funeral and the subsequent ceremonies, Haqnawaz did not make an appearance. Naziran had called from London and expressed her inability to condole in person as she feared for her life if back in Pakistan. Yet he did send one message, a strange note that he would like bygones to be bygones and so was dropping his lawsuit against Shahnawaz and his company once again. The fact was that with his brother dead, there was really no way forward with the lawsuit anyway.

The four month waiting period appeared to stretch out forever, but Payal took it one day at a time. The one thing that steadied her was her hatred for Haqnawaz. The other factor was that both her children were not yet at the age of majority and needed her to be around as a sensible parent. Both had grown significantly during the difficult time. Nida, now thirteen, was beginning to show signs of a developing bustline and had much of her mother's good looks. Her son had a sudden growth spurt and all indications were that he would possess a better physique than his father or any of his other relatives in future. The children ensured that Payal was well cared for, his visitors monitored, and all manner of business handled. Of course, both had the benefit of having known Clarence since childhood and could easily discuss matters with him or take advice. Clarence had temporarily assigned Caroline to handle the business end for Shahnawaz until further actions could be taken with Payal's input. The arrangement worked well as she was able to visit Pakistan every few weeks to update on the situation and to help Payal cope with her sorrow.

Just as things appeared to have settled down a new issue arose with Haqnawaz again being the main player. As no will had been presented anywhere, he had moved the courts to declare that Shahnawaz was intestate. Furthermore, as the only brother, he laid claim to a large part of his dead brother's holdings. Normally a case like of this would take years even to reach a judge. Haqnawaz had, however, used his political connections to have things rushed through while Payal was in her state of mourning. By the time the news reached Payal and she could seek any legal advice, the best her lawyers could do was delay the hearing to a week after her period of mourning ended. Panic set into Payal's heart as she saw Haqnawaz not only being responsible for her husband's death but also now trying to usurp the rights of his wife and children.

News of the new situation quickly reached Payal's family, his sisters-in-law, well-wishers and others. By and large a barrage of curses and recriminations descended upon Haqnawaz. The voices of his wives, Parveen and Naziran were among the loudest in condemnation of his actions. The only person who was okay with this was Paijoo, who appeared to have discovered some new reason to hate his dead uncle's wife. Despite pleas from many quarters to dispose of the ridiculous lawsuit, Haqnawaz stuck to his guns, and Payal steeled herself for whatever ill-tidings the hearings would deliver.


"I am so lost," Payal sobbed as Clarence tightly held her in more of a brotherly embrace, rather than one of a lover, "Haqnawaz has just not gone away for all these years and still is tormenting us."

Clarence had decided to visit Pakistan just as Payal's waiting period had ended and a few days remained to the hearing. Rather than finding the usual confident woman, he was saddened to see a near wreck. She still looked good, even in her relatively unkempt state, but the sexual spark appeared to have totally vanished. Her stance betrayed a slouch and she kept losing track of her conversations. Clearly her internal mourning was nowhere close to ending.

"Do you think that we are going to let you suffer the way that bastard thinks?" Clarence was sharp and to the point, "take my word everything will work out just alright."

"I just want this all to end," she whimpered, "just tell him to take it all and leave us alone."

"Oh I could, but do you really believe he will stop asking for more if you concede anything now?" Clarence made perfect sense.

Caroline joined the conversation suggesting that Payal needed to face up to her future and to get back on the saddle. "I am certain that a trip away from here, just for a few days, will do wonders for you."

"I really would like that but Haqnawaz has obtained a court order barring me from leaving the province till the case is settled," Payal advised.

"Okay then, stay for now but at least get yourself fixed up so you can stare Haqnawaz down when he loses," Clarence almost barked at her.

"How can you be so sure that he will lose?"

"Let's not worry too much about technicalities," Caroline piped up, "but promise me that you will go along with whatever I suggest once this is all behind us."

Payal saw no reason to argue as she knew that the deck was stacked against her even if her friends thought otherwise, "fine, I'll do whatever you want if we do not lose."

"But for now, you are going to get yourself prepped and primped for the hearing," said Caroline, "you need to look confident and stunning and we are going to a spa right now!"


Payal felt that her insides were exploding. While having had sex with a number of men during the past few years, she had never experienced her cunt being as fully occupied as it was at the present time. Jonathan, the tall, hulking Kenyan had his enormous member buried deep into her and was pumping without mercy. As he withdrew a significant part out and then rammed it back into her, she screamed with abandon, unable to move as he had his way. Jonathan was fucking her while lying on a bed and with Payal facing away from him. One of his hands rubbed her breasts and held her body close to his. Payal was surprised that despite the acrobatic angle of his attack, his cock was reaching into parts of her she had never before allowed anyone to get to. At the same time, Eddie, another Kenyan with a similar build, held his cock in front of her so she could such on it, whenever Jonathan allowed her to sit up a bit. Jonathan had been going non-stop for the better part of ten minutes and Payal had visions that he would penetrate all the way through to her back.

Payal looked to one side as a deep sigh temporarily distracted her from her own ordeal. Caroline Chen was on all fours, sucking on the penis of a third black man, while a fourth went at her pussy from behind. All of a sudden the intense concentration on Jonathan's face relaxed and his cock pulsated as his load was released into the condom. Payal relaxed, having come umpteen times since he entered her and noted that the sac was bulging as it exited her pussy.

Expecting a respite after the intense fuck, Payal was quickly shocked back to reality as Eddie lay down on a large couch, hoisted her over his cock and let go, instantly allowing him to penetrate all the way through. She instinctively wanted to jump off, but was prevented by the weight of Jonathan's arms on her shoulders. As she abandoned the urge to untangle herself, Jonathan slowly clasped her waist and began to raise and lower her body onto the penis now inside her.

Eddie was as well-hung as Jonathan and every time her pussy slid up and down his shaft she found herself wracked with pleasure. Jonathan's arms had come around her torso and his hands were skillfully kneading her breasts. Eddie brought his arms around her neck and pulled her face down so he could stick his tongue into her mouth. As Payal leaned forward and accepted his kiss, she felt something cold and greasy being applied to her anus. It took a moment to realize that her rear was about to be impaled and that the hurt would be massive. She tried to pull away, but Eddie had her in a lock that prevented Payal from sitting up and protecting herself from rear entry.

Payal screamed in agony as Jonathan's cock slid a couple of inches into her rectum. Tears streamed down her face as Jonathan pressed further into her. Jonathan continued to slide Payal's cunt up and down Eddie's member, while pushing into her ass whenever he raised her a bit. Finally his cock could go in no further. Jonathan stopped his motions as Eddie tensed and came. In a flash he had lifted her off Eddie's cock, while his penis was still embedded in her ass. He stood up and offered her to William, one of the guys who had just received a blow job from Caroline. The third cock entered her pussy and Payal fell into a dazed state while the men continued fucking her.

When Payal came to a sometime later, still intimately joined to both Jonathan and William, she could see that two fellows working on Caroline had also concurrently penetrated her pussy and rectum as she moaned and screeched. Payal wondered how long the treatment was going to last, but quick math told her that four guys were in the room and only three had fucked her so far. She was absolutely correct and the fourth also gave her a trip around the world very shortly. Then the four men started back on Caroline and Payal again.


"Sir, how can this be my fault?" the lawyer protested as Haqnawaz slapped him continuously. The beating went on for some time while the man kept claiming innocence. Finally Haqnawaz tossed the sobbing man away, perhaps tired of punching the deadweight.

The members of his Lahore household, including every henchman and servant, tried to be out of sight as Haqnawaz raged on against multiple entities in the universe. The wonderfully laid out party in the main lounge remained unattended and soon Haqnawaz made his way there and destroyed all the food and drink that had beautifully been displayed up there in expectation of a certain court victory. In actuality, Haqnawaz did receive his victory. In reality it was thoroughly pyrrhic only a bad penny accrued to him and the costs of litigation amounted to more than what was received.

The hearing had started off quite well for Haqnawaz. The bought off judge had quickly dismissed any objections from Payal's legal team. As far as he was concerned, Shahnawaz had died intestate and no will was in existence. The fact, of course, was that Shahnawaz had routinely updated his will through the family's traditional law firm, but had decided against doing so since his father's death and his sense that the lawyers were complicit. Since the firm also represented Haqnawaz and members had helped in arranging to kill his father, losing the previous will was not a big issue. By the time deliberations for the first session ended, Payal knew that Haqnawaz was going to take a very big bite out of what Shahnawaz had built.

Things did not improve on the second day either as the judge routinely allowed various motions to be heard and disposed of. Contrary to norm, he did not wait for a few days to deliver his judgment but had a verdict ready within minutes of deliberations concluding. As expected his ruling was that Haqnawaz being the male head of the clan, given that Payal's son was a minor, was a major legal heir and that more than sixty percent of the holdings in Pakistan were his, with the proviso that further representation could be made to the brother Malaysian government to receive property held overseas.

Payal felt her world was collapsing as the opposing legal team demanded the properties, accounts and other assets be handed over. Her lawyers agreed to a date a few days later at which the required transactions would be finalized. Payal went to her family home and locked herself in her room, refusing calls, food and company for the better part of two days. Haqnawaz headed to his Lahore residence, ordered up a set of call girls and held an impromptu party for his lawyers and friends.

His world crashed when the legal teams next met to make the necessary exchanges. Counsel from Chen Holdings was on hand to present documents showing that they had purchased almost all the properties from Shahnawaz six months prior to his demise. Furthermore the properties Payal had received from her father and the house she used in Lahore were already in her name and had never been registered to Shahnawaz. Thirdly, Chen Holdings presented a notice of debts owed amounting to about half a million dollars more than what was in the contested accounts in Pakistan, Malaysia and the UAE.

The Chen documents were unquestionable as they bore the stamps not only of the Malaysian, but also the Pakistani, chambers of commerce and had valid signatures that had been executed during the lifetime of Shahnawaz. The cash in Malaysia and the UAE was about 90% of the total liquidity and the banks had no issue accepting the Chen claim over the Pakistani court ruling which had no documentation at its basis. The Pakistani bank management, recognizing that Payal had important media connections and could run serious exposes on their misdeeds also refused to accept the legal ruling and did not transfer the small amount remaining to Haqnawaz. The only piece of property that was not covered, and thus transferred to Haqnawaz, was a small barren piece of land some distance from the village mansion, which had a few outhouses built on it for use by labourers working the land. The legal aides, on both sides of the issue, could not help but chuckle at this ironic turn of events. Haqnawaz was left stewing as the new owner of a worthless shit pit!

Payal was awakened by a knock and then recognized Clarence's voice. Imagining that he was there to provide solace for her latest loss she was stunned when he strode straight up, mouthed a silent "congratulations" and brought his lips straight down onto hers. It took a moment for Payal to get her bearings back and by this time he had disengaged.

"Why did you do that?" she protested, not having felt a man's intimate touch for many months.

"That was because Haqnawaz has been defeated in his evil plan due to your husband's foresight," Clarence responded, "and almost all of your property is out of his reach."

Clarence placed a large package in front of her. It was marked "For Payal" in Shahnawaz's handwriting. A stack of deeds and other ownership documents flowed out of the package along with an envelope. Payal quickly took a letter from the envelope and engrossed herself in reading it. Many minutes later, having read and digested the message, she looked up with eyes that were both teary and conveyed an expression of gratitude.

"Dearest Payal, I have been worried that circumstances might occur in a manner that is detrimental to my family and me. I am talking in particular about my elder brother's continuing greed concerning both my property and yourself. Clarence and I have taken actions to minimize the damage he can inflict to our financial well-being. Chen Holdings have, on paper, bought almost the entirety of my land and other properties in Pakistan. In return, a significant portion of Chen Holdings shares are held in trust with my lawyers in Malaysia in your name and those of the children. Haqnawaz will not be able to get his dirty hands on to my family's assets. You will continue to manage the property in Pakistan and can officially buy it back simply returning the shares to Clarence or taking other action as you may see fit.

I have sensed that Haqnawaz is losing any sense of propriety or civility and a danger exists to my life and then perhaps to others including you. Should anything untoward occur, it is my desire that you step up and take charge of our business dealings. Clarence is fully supportive of such a move and has promised to appoint you Executive Vice President of Chen Holdings businesses in West Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the areas I am presently overseeing, should any eventuality occur. The Chen family have been our greatest strength and means of support for decades and I have full confidence that you will be accepted with the same spirit that they first welcomed my dad, and then me, in dealings and business ventures with them.

"You were for ever, are for now and will be for the future the love of my life. I hope you never have to see this letter, but if it does reach you, I am sure you will rise to the occasion and make me proud. I will await you in the hereafter! Shahnawaz."

Payal sobbed for the better part of half an hour while Clarence sat on a sofa, cradled her in his lap and held her body close. He did not need to say anything until she exhausted her ability to cry any more.

"Thank you for everything," she finally whispered, joining her lips to his in an extended kiss.

Clarence slowly helped her stand and held her at arm's length. "Your first assignment is already behind schedule, Caroline will be going with you to Kenya next week to discuss the purchase of hotel properties there," it was a pretty straightforward and direct order, "I am sure you will do even better than my dear departed friend."

At the same time that Clarence was heading out of Payal's room, Haqnawaz had exhausted himself beating up the lawyer after getting the bad news. Things got even worse for him just a couple of hours later. The Army chief, General Pervez Musharraf, deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a swift coup, rendering all political offices completely void. The Prime Minister had badly miscalculated his ability to dictate to the Army and all who hung on to his coattails for years past were now devoid of power and influence, including Haqnawaz. Once more out of favour, owing money, and with almost no one around to provide solace, Haqnawaz could not have felt his future could be any bleaker. Yet his black heart and diseased mind continued to focus on means of revenge on his brother's family, notably on Payal.


"There is no way that I am going to let you attend such an important meeting looking so dowdy," Caroline was direct about what she saw when Payal linked up with her at the Emirates lounge of Dubai airport during her trip from Lahore to Nairobi.

Payal had opted to wear a fairly unadorned shalwar kameez and did not have any visible make-up on. She looked like a shadow of her vibrant past self. Even though she had accepted the new duties and had actually prepped up on many documents prior to leaving, her mind was still not clear from the mourning.

Caroline took Payal to a number of shops within the Dubai airport and then straight to high-end boutiques in Nairobi. By the time she checked in at the Sheraton Hotel, Payal had a very fashionable new wardrobe. Caroline had also mentioned that some things had also been picked up for Payal in Malaysia and were already being sent to her.

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