She knew she shouldn't have done it, but she had gone right ahead. She's borrowed money from the president of the frat to make her rent payments. He'd said if she didn't pay up immediately, she would be sorry, but she'd laughed him off. He was swimming in money; how could he begrudge her a couple hundred dollars? Well, she was regretting it now.

At a frat party, she was in a back room sleeping. (Passed out drunk was more like it.) She heard a funny noise through her dream, and opened her eyes to see about twelve guys standing around the bed. The frat president was kneeling over her.

"Morning, sleeping beauty," he said. And then he slapped her across the face. She gasped and started to struggle, but then he sat down on her hips and she couldn't get away. She flailed her fists around, trying to punch him, but two other guys came over and held her arms down. The president reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a rubber ball on a strip of leather. Then he stretched it out and she realized what it was. Clamping her teeth down hard, she started struggling harder, but to no use. Smiling, he reached down and pinched her nose. She tried to hold her breath as long as she could, but eventually she had to open her mouth to breath. Then he jammed the rubber ball into her mouth and fastened the strap behind her head.

While she looked at the grinning faces around her in horror, the frat president reached into his other pocket and produced a knife. She was terrified now, and trying to scream through the gag. But he just laughed. Slowly, he slipped the knife under her shirt, and split in down the middle. It was skin tight, and it popped right off, revealing a low cut lace bra.

He reached into the bra and pulled her tits out. They overflowed out of the top of the bra, almost touching her neck because of their size. Looking up, she saw the frat guys laughing and licking their lips. Horrified, she began to realize what was going to happen to her. The frat president, still sitting on her hips, started running the knife delicately around her nipples.

"You didn't pay me back, did you bitch?" She stared at him, wide-eyed. "Answer me!" and he slapped her face again, hard. Tears starting to her eyes, she shook her head.

"Well, now you're going to pay up. We'll forgive a little bit of your debt for every cock you take in your mouth, your pussy, and your ass. Sound good?" But she was only staring at him with disbelief. He laughed. "Good. Well, it doesn't really matter whether you agree or not at this point. Let's go!" With that, he got off her. As she started to struggle again, two of the really big guys came and picked her up. Holding her tightly, they walked downstairs and into the living room. They set her down on the coffee table and removed the gag.

"No one left to hear you scream but us," said the frat president, "and we love it when you bitches scream, so go right ahead." They tied her hands behind her back and her knees wide apart so she was spread-eagled on the table. Then they hung her hands from a rope tied to the ceiling so her back was arched and her tits thrust forward. They jiggled with every motion as she struggled to get away. Laughing, one of the guys walked around to the front of the table grabbed one of her tits. He slapped it and it bounced. He laughed. Then he grabbed both her nipples and squeezed hard, making her moan in pain. He laughed again and started shaking her tits back and forth by the nipples. It hurt, but waves of heat were spreading from her tortured nipples through the rest of her body.

While he was playing with her tits, she saw another of the guys move away from her head and circle around the table to where her ass was sticking invitingly into the air. She was so concentrated on the delightful pain in her nipples that she totally forgot about him until the first slap. The sound echoed through the room as did her yelp of surprise and pain. The whole group laughed, and the one playing with her nipples started slapping her tits again while the other one continued to slap her ass. It hurt, but she could feel herself getting wet as her ass and tits got smacked again and again.

The guy playing with her tits suddenly squeezed her nipples so hard she screamed. While her mouth was open, he suddenly thrust his thick, hard cock into her mouth. She gagged and choked while he held her head steady by her hair. Finally she stopped choking and he started really fucking her mouth. She had to concentrate as hard as she could to keep from gagging as he shoved his cock all the way down her throat.

"Yeah, bitch," he grunted, "suck my cock. Suck that fucking cock, you little bitch!"

While he kept fucking her throat, more hands reached for her tits and started pulling and twisting her already sore nipples. She groaned around the cock in her mouth, and that was just enough to send him over the edge. He shoved his cock all the way back into her throat one more time and then pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her face.

But before she could get her breath back, there was another man behind her. His hands were spreading her ass cheeks and, the next thing she knew, he was forcing his huge cock into her asshole. She screamed and twisted and tried to keep him out, but her ass was so slippery with her own juices that his cock just slid all the way in with no resistance. She screamed again as his cock buried itself in her asshole and his balls slapped against her pussy. With his cock all the way up her ass, he reached down and flicked her clit with his finger. The unexpected stimulation made all of her muscles contract, making him groan with pleasure as her ass squeezed his cock.

She thought he was going to start pumping, but he pulled his cock back out of her ass. As she turned to look over her shoulder with a sigh of relief to find out what was going on, he reached out and slapped her face hard, snapping her head forward again.

"Shut up bitch! I'm going to fuck your ass good and hard whether you like it or not!"

Then he grabbed a big handful of her hair, pulling her head so far back she could barely breathe. As she gasped for air, he slapped her ass hard four or five times, so that her ass cheeks jiggled and turn red. Then, still holding her head back, he started to force his cock back into her ass. It hurt even more this time, since her ass had been stretched by his first invasion. She tried to scream, but she couldn't get enough air. Meanwhile, the head of his cock popped inside her asshole. But he didn't slide all the way in this time. Instead, he pulled out again, only to squeeze the big pulsing head of his cock back in again. Each time he did it, it hurt more.

When she finally thought she couldn't take it anymore, he pulled out one more time and then jammed his cock all the way up her ass. Somehow she managed a scream even though she could barely breathe. Then he started pounding her ass unmercifully, jerking back on her hair with every thrust. Occasionally he would slap her ass again, hard.

He'd been fucking her hard and fast for a long time, but he wasn't showing any signs of stopping. Meanwhile, her ass was getting very sore and she was having more trouble than ever breathing. Suddenly, someone yelled out something and she felt the still-hard cock slip out of her ass. He released her hair and her head fell forward as she gulped in lungfuls of air.

When she looked up again, he was standing in front of her holding his dripping cock in front of her face. She tried to twist her head away, but he grabbed her by the hair and forced her to look up at him.

"Don't you want to taste your ass, bitch?" he asked playfully. She shook her head furiously, but it didn't help at all. Still holding her hair, he shoved his cock into her mouth, making her gag at the taste of her own ass. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and started rubbing it all over her face, smearing her juices onto her cheeks. Then he pulled her head forward again, forcing her to take his cock into her mouth.

Meanwhile, she could feel someone's fingers playing with her sore ass. First one, then two, then three fingers found their way into her ass. She was getting ready for an even more painful second ass-fucking when he shoved his cock into her pussy, keeping his three fingers in her ass. Every time he pounded his cock into her pussy, he twisted his fingers in her ass, pulling toward him with his fingers. It felt so weird, but it also felt really good.

There were guys on either side of her slapping her tits and twisting her nipples as well as the one fucking her mouth and the one fucking her pussy. Suddenly, the guys fucking her mouth shoved his cock all the way down her throat and started to cum. As his hot load flowed down her throat, the one fucking her pussy started to cum also. But instead of cumming inside her, he pulled out and sprayed it all over her ass.

There was laughter all around, and she could heard the sound of high-fives being given. When they untied her, she slumped down on the table with a sigh of relief, thinking it was over. But no.

They grabbed her again, laughing, and lifted her off the table. Looking over to the couch, she saw all the guys standing around, their cocks hard, as one of them lay down on the couch. Then she started struggling. But like last time, it came to nothing, and they carried her over to the couch. While still holding her in the air, they wrenched her legs apart and made her straddle the guy lying down. She tried her best to wriggle away, but he forced his pulsing cock into her pussy. He pulled her forward until she was lying face down on top of him. Then, keeping one arm around her waist to keep her from moving, he wriggled three fingers of the other hand into her ass. She had tensed up, so it hurt a lot. Then, lifting her by the three fingers in her ass, he started fucking her hard. Meanwhile, someone grabbed her hair to force her head up and another cock was shoved into her mouth.

This went on for a while, and then she felt the fingers slip out of her ass and the cock was withdrawn from her mouth. From behind, someone shoved hear head down hard, so her face was buried in the back of the couch. She was still impaled on the cock in her pussy, but now she felt one starting to force its way into her ass as well. She tried to tighten her ass so that he couldn't force his way in, but then he grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them so wide she thought she would split open. As he pushed his cock up against her defenseless ass, she realized it was probably the biggest cock she had ever seen. She couldn't believe how thick it was! After what seemed like forever, just the head popped inside her ass.

"Yeah bitch! Take that big black cock!" came the voice from behind her. He started to slide his gigantic cock farther into her ass, and she screamed in pain. There was still a cock in her pussy, and now this monstrous black cock was ripping her ass even wider. Finally his cock was all the way up her ass. It felt like it was touching her stomach, it was so long! Once he was all the way in, the black guy in her ass reached around and grabbed her tits, pulling her up and rolling her nipples roughly between his fingers.

"Two cocks aren't enough for this bitch! Someone come fuck her mouth!" One of the guys standing nearby eagerly obliged, shoving his cock down her throat. Her back was starting to ach from the arched position she was in, but the guy in her ass was still holding her up by her tits and squeezing her nipples painfully.

Suddenly, the guy fucking her mouth grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled his cock out of her mouth, and slapped her across the face three times. It hurt even more since she couldn't move her head with the slaps, and tears started to her eyes. Then he wrapped his hands around her throat and shoved his cock back into her mouth. Pulling her head back and forth by her throat, he fucked her mouth mercilessly. Just when she was starting to see spots from lack of air, he pulled out of her mouth and let go of her throat. But as she was gasping for air, he grabbed her hair and started slapping her again. He probably slapped her five or eight times before he stopped. Now her cheeks were on fire and there were tears streaming from her eyes. Then, still holding her hair, he leaned down so his face was level with hers. Then she saw it was the frat president leering at her.

"I think you've almost paid off your debt," he said, "but first I want one more thing. I want you to beg to have us fucked every one of your holes." At first she just looked at him, not quite able to believe what he was saying. To clear her head, he slapped her face three more times.

"All right!" she cried, "I'll beg!"

"That's better," he said, "Now tell us what you want us to do." At this, the guy in her ass slid his cock almost all the way out and the frat president loosened his grip on her hair.

"I want you to fuck me," she said in a small voice. But they just laughed. "More details!" someone yelled. "That's right," said the frat president, "the dirtier you talk, the less pain for you. Start talking!"

I can't believe this is happening, she thought. I've always been shy about talking dirty, and I'm about to beg ten guys to fuck me up down and sideways in the dirtiest language I can think of. But as she was hesitating she saw the frat president raising his hand for another slap, and she made up her mind.

"I want you to fuck my ass and my pussy. Stuff all my holes and rip my ass wide open!" At this, the black guy with the huge cock slammed it all the way up her ass until his balls slapped against her pussy. She screamed in pain and pleasure as his cock stretched her ass as wide as it could go.

"Does that hurt, bitch? Do you like it that way?" He had pulled all the way out again, and he was twisting her nipples.

"Yes! I love it like that! Shove your cock all the way up my ass and make me scream. I love your big fat cock in my asshole!" He slammed his cock up her ass again, making her scream again. "That's it, keep fucking my ass. Don't stop!" He started pounding her ass again and again, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Then she remembered she had to keep talking.

"I want you to fuck my pussy too. Fuck all my holes!" The guy on the bottom started pumping her pussy too, grabbing her ass cheeks. They were both pounding her holes, and she felt completely full. They took turns slapping her ass, and then the one on the bottom grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide, letting then black guy pound her ass even deeper. She moaned in pleasure, her tits bouncing as they fucked her.

"Harder," she groaned. "Harder! Slap my tits, too, and pinch my nipples." They obliged, fucking her even faster and deeper. Even though her ass and tits hurt enormously, she could feel herself starting to cum. She was screaming and moaning with pleasure. In front of her, the frat president laughed. "You really are a dirty bitch, aren't you? Aren't you?" Out of her mind with pleasure and pain, she nodded breathlessly.

"Then suck my cock, you dirty little slut!" Eagerly, she took his cock into her mouth. Now all her holes were filled. The guys in her ass and pussy were about to cum too; she could feel their thrusts getting faster and harder. At the same time, they grunted and shoved into her as hard as they could, shooting their cum deep inside her. That was enough to send her over the edge. Screaming with pleasure, she arched her back and tensed all of her muscles, milking every last drop of cum out of the cocks in her ass and pussy. She came harder than she ever had before, and while she was still screaming in ecstasy the frat president shot his own load all over her face.

When they had all come, they pulled out of her and left her shaking and dripping cum on the couch. Playfully, the frat president reached down and pinched one of her nipples. She groaned at the extra simulation on her sore body. "I think your debt's paid, my dirty little bitch. And hey, why don't you come to the party tomorrow night?"

She smiled languidly and leaned up on an elbow. Her ass and her pussy ached, and her face stung from all of the slaps. She was covered in cum, having been humiliated into begging to be gangbanged by a bunch of rapists. She smiled. "I'll be there!"

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what can I say??

well that was quite a story, full of very descriptive action, one thing I wondered though, is why do some women have all the fun? I would love to be stuffed full of cock, pumping & pounding & punishingmore...

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