Author's Note: I would like to thank my dear friend Allan for providing me with the inspiration for this story. *

Priscilla Widener was a pretty girl. Everyone knew that. With her long, jet-black hair, startling cobalt-blue eyes, and a petite, perfectly symmetrical nose, she made an unforgettable picture of loveliness to all she met. And standing at an impressive 5' 9" with a bust size that measured just a tiny bit shy of 38 DD, you would think that most men would have fought tooth and nail to get a date with her. But this would be an exaggeration. Why? Because Priscilla Widener was fat. Not fat as in obese, but fat as in zaftig with a little more padding around the caboose—just enough to place her among the ranks of the big and beautiful. Yet most people saw her as fat. In fact, Priscilla herself knew she was fat, and she hated it.

Priscilla didn't start out life as a fat baby. Both of her parents were of nominal weight and she had a more or less normal appetite all through her childhood years. That is, until she got to be thirteen. Then all hell broke loose.

Her parent's divorce was a nasty one and Priscilla was caught in the middle—as is usually the case with children, and especially since she was an only child. What exactly motivated her toward gluttony was at first indeterminable. But as the months went by and she kept putting on more and more weight, her parents finally took her to a psychologist who determined that the girl's weight gain was directly related to the anxiety she was feeling about her parent's impending divorce. By the time she reached her fourteenth birthday, she was 5' 5" tall and weighed 180 pounds.

It was bad enough that Priscilla had to witness the painful dissolution of her parent's marriage, but to have become the constant butt of her classmates' cruel jests was even worse. And it didn't help that her name so conveniently rhymed with some of the children's rather colorful ad hoc phrases: "Priscilla, Priscilla, the big fat gorilla!" Or, "Every day Priscilla just keeps getting Widener!" It was all very demeaning and meant to satisfy that mysterious part of a child's nature that finds amusement in cruelty.

The constant barrage of insults finally drove the congenial girl to adopt a more introverted nature, and by the time she was ready to enter high school, she had acquired only a few friends—mostly girls who suffered from the same malady. Even her relatives, who should have acted toward her with far more equanimity, found it incumbent upon themselves to play amateur psychologist, offering her tips on how to lose weight, or gently scolding her when she attempted to procure a second helping of food at the dinner table. This was all done with an air of concern for the girl's best interests, but it was a futile effort: the nice, amiable Jewish girl from Manhasset was far too intelligent and astute to take her relatives' warnings as anything more than a ploy to make themselves look immensely wise in her eyes, and it only made her act more distant toward them.

Priscilla's father, Alan, was a handsome man of 38, tall, and prematurely gray. He was the senior partner in the law firm of Widener, Scharf and Goldstein, prominent Manhattan attorneys who specialized in criminal law. He was what psychologists would call a "Type A" personality—a person driven to succeed. He pushed himself hard and expected his colleagues to follow his example. The problem was that he expected the same fanatical devotion to excellence from Priscilla, who, like her mother, preferred to travel the road through life in baby steps, pausing every now and then to enjoy the scenery along the way. It wasn't that Priscilla was lazy or indifferent; she wasn't. But she failed to see how her workaholic father could really be enjoying life with the burdensome schedule he kept, or how it could benefit his health by working himself to the point of exhaustion. As her mother and father became more estranged over time, she retaliated by packing on the pounds, and her father mistakenly blamed her gain in weight to laziness, often calling her a "fat and lazy" kid. In time, she began to avoid him, seeking refuge in her books or by hanging out with the few female friends she had made.

Selma Widener was another matter. She was a genuinely caring woman who did everything in her power to keep her daughter happy. She was of medium height, attractive, and at 37 was still every bit as shapely as she was during the height of her modeling career, which she had abandoned once she had married. She had a carefree persona that sometimes belied her otherwise motherly nature. She loved to give parties and thrived on fostering relationships with "progressive" types of people that mostly included women who were either artistic or had achieved some measure of success in the business world. Once she and her husband had divorced, these parties became more or less a "woman's only" kind of gathering wherein the issue of female superiority was always at the forefront of their discussions. Although Priscilla was not allowed to take part in these events, she did overhear much of what was said, and it intrigued her greatly.

Unlike her compulsive husband, Selma did not see the world as a rat race, and could not understand why people must sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of making money. Her own family was middle-class folk—her dad had his own dry cleaning business that he owned with his two brothers and her mom was a housewife. They were never rich, but they had enough money to live comfortably. The most important thing in the Goldman family was love, and Selma learned early that money was only a tool that could buy the comforts of life, but love it could never buy. It was this ideology that Priscilla absorbed, not the success-driven ethic of her father.

It was during her sophomore year in high school that Priscilla met and befriended a girl who was to become her best friend. Her name was Claudia Olivetti, an auburn-haired Italian beauty who lived only a few streets away from Priscilla. Claudia was tall, thin, with big breasts and a perfectly rounded butt that made guys drool. She was gregarious, intelligent, outspoken, and unscrupulously honest. She was the most beautiful girl in school and by far the most popular. Yet, she was very circumspect in regards to her choice of friends, choosing to align herself with those with whom she instinctively felt she could trust, rather than to associate with a wide coterie of "friends" simply because it might be fashionable to do so. She and Priscilla found that they had a lot in common, and in a short time became as close as sisters.

Under Claudia's guidance and loving support, Priscilla began to lose weight. Priscilla's mother and father were legally divorced by the time she was 16, and she continued to live with her mother in the same house while seeing her father every weekend. Both of her parents thought very highly of Claudia, not only for the girl's beauty and character, but also because of her positive influence upon their daughter. In roughly a year's time, Priscilla had shed most of her excess weight and had joined the ranks of Claudia's inner circle. She had never been happier.

It was a few days after her eighteenth birthday that she found Claudia at her front door, holding a CD in one hand, and impatiently ringing her doorbell with the other. As she opened the door, the fiery beauty rushed past her and up the stairs leading to her bedroom.

"Hurry up!" You've got to see this!" the girl exclaimed as she disappeared up the stairs.

Priscilla quickly followed her friend into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

"My mother is in the kitchen," Priscilla reminded her friend.


"So, she might have heard you."

"Oh, I see. You think I have some porno don't you?"

"Well? Don't you?"

"Yes!" Claudia laughed. "But this isn't your usual garden variety kind of stuff!"

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see."

Without another word, Claudia removed a CD and inserted it into the CD player. In moments the image of a young, handsome, and very naked boy appeared on the screen.

"Oh, my God!" Priscilla laughed. "Is that your brother?"

"Yup, it's Tony. Just watch."

Tony was Claudia's older brother—actually, her stepbrother. He was sitting on the edge of his bed bent over such that he could absorb about one half of his huge, erect phallus into his mouth.

"Holy shit!" Priscilla exclaimed. "How did you get this?"

"I stole it from his room."

"No shit!"

"He stuck a camera on a tripod and filmed it. I burned a copy and left the original on his desk. He'll never know."

Priscilla could not take her eyes off the screen. "This is great! I love it. Look at him go! Ha! Ha!"

Claudia laughed hysterically. "Can you believe this? I never knew why he spent so much time in his bedroom! Now I know!"

"Look at the size of that thing! It's got to be a good 12-incher or more!"

"Or more!"

The girls continued to shriek loudly, completely forgetting about Priscilla's mother. To their horror, the door suddenly opened and Selma came walking in asking what all the commotion was about. When she saw the image of Tony on the screen her mouth fell open.

"What in God's name is that?" she asked, amused.

"Turn it off!" Priscilla said to her friend. "Mom, please. Look away, will you?"

But Selma couldn't look away. In fact, she told Claudia and her daughter to be quiet as she took up a chair and watched Tony suck avidly on his prick.

"I know him," Selma said, with a grin. "That's your brother Tony, isn't it?"

"Yes," Claudia admitted sheepishly. "You really shouldn't be seeing this."

"Why not?"

"Because it's something Claudia wanted to share with me, mom!" Priscilla complained.

"Do you think I'm a prude, Priscilla?" Selma asked. "I see this kind of stuff on the Internet all the time. It's nothing new."

Claudia was stunned. " watch porn on the computer?"

"Of course," Selma replied. "You do too. We all do. Even you, Prissy."

Priscilla didn't know how to respond. She did look at adult sites and sometimes got off on the images and movies, but there was no way her mother could have known—or could she?

"Oh, come on, mom," the offended girl insisted. "You're putting us on."

Selma looked thoughtful. "You know, sex is not something to be ashamed of. It's not dirty. So why should you be ashamed if I choose to watch this with you? I think it's ever so much fun watching a guy suck himself off." Suddenly her eyes turned toward the screen. "Oh, look! He's going to cum!"

Sure enough, Tony's sucking had abruptly come to an end as his towering shaft bobbed gingerly to and fro unaided, on the verge of firing its full supply of semen. The three women looked on in rapt fascination as the bobbing tool exploded in front of them. Jets of sticky white sperm flew up an out, splashing uncontrollably into Tony's face; his eyes, nose and mouth all recipients of his copious overflow. Several spurts even flew over his head and hit the wall behind him.

Selma threw her head back and laughed heartily. "This is wonderful!"

"He does tend to shoot a huge load!" Claudia admitted between squeals of delight, standing closer to the screen to make sure she could see everything clearly.

Priscilla felt a tinge of lust emanate from the pit of her loins as she watched successive eruptions of cum shoot up high into the air. Tony's face was now covered in his own randy juices, thick rivulets of semen flowing down the handsome profile and coagulating on his chest below.

"I guess he must like the taste of it!" Selma laughed, as Tony's dick fired off several more ropes of sperm directly into his open mouth, and which he quickly swallowed.

"I'd like to swallow some of that myself!" Priscilla blurted out without thinking.

"Not like you haven't!" Claudia retorted.

"Oh, shut up!"

"Come on, girls," Selma said. "We've all been there and done that."

"Are you kidding, mom?"

"Are you kidding, Prissy?" Selma asked incredulously. "Don't be so naïve."

For his final performance, Tony's cock shot out another two or three more ropes of sperm, which managed to coat the underside of his chin. The long, gelatinous strands hung in obscene display for the women to enjoy.

"I want you to invite your brother over here for dinner this weekend, Claudia," Selma said. "I'd like to see this first hand."

"Are you serious?"

"I'm having a party for some of my friends and I'd like Tony to be the entertainment. Do you think he'll come?"

"I don't know. I guess so." Claudia scrutinized her host's face, still not able to believe that Selma was in fact serious.

"Don't look at me like that," Selma said to Claudia. "I meant what I said."

"You're crazy mom," Priscilla interjected. "He's not coming over here to do that."

"Just ask him, Claudia. Okay?" the older woman said.

"What do I tell him?" Claudia replied. "That he's going to suck himself off in front of a bunch of women?"

"Yes," Selma said. "And he'll get a free dinner out of it too."

"Then he'll definitely come," Claudia chuckled.

Priscilla looked at her mother as if she were nuts. "You really mean it, don't you? It's another one of those...what do you call it again?"


"Oh, yes, CFNM parties. Oh, God!"

"What's CFNM mean?" Claudia inquired.

"Clothed female, naked male," Selma informed her.

"I've never heard of that before."

"You will," Priscilla said. "Mom throws these parties from time to time."

"You never told me about this."

"It's not something we care to advertise," Selma said. "But I think we can trust you by now."

"I hope so," Claudia replied, looking a bit offended at not having been deemed trustworthy.

"Get him to come," Selma told Claudia. "I think he'll have a good time."

Selma would not explain further, much to Claudia's annoyance. Even Priscilla remained quiet on the subject, in deference to her mother's will. Claudia pressed Priscilla for more information once Selma had left, but all she would tell her friend is that she would have to be patient and to be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

"I had no idea your mom was so..."

"Out there?" Priscilla asked.

"Yeah. She really is something else."

Priscilla nodded her head in agreement as the two girls sat down to watch Tony Olivetti jerk himself off all over again.

On the night of the party, there were about a dozen women in attendance. They were all somewhere between the ages of 30 and 60, a motley assortment of women impeccably dressed in formal gowns and exuding an air of infinite self-confidence.

Priscilla had chosen a sleek black gown for the occasion, with a simple string of pearls around her neck as her sole accoutrement. Selma wore a lovely emerald-green gown and a stunning emerald necklace adorned with diamonds. Except for the color of their gowns, the two women could have passed for sisters.

Selma had introduced her daughter to all the guests and Priscilla found herself quite at home in their presence. Claudia showed up after most of the other women had arrived, looking astonishingly beautiful in her red satin gown. Her brother Tony, standing at an impressive six feet, two inches, was dressed in a three piece dark blue suit, and looked every bit like a movie actor. More than one pair of hungry female eyes rested upon his sublime presence for longer than what might have been deemed proper etiquette, but he didn't seem to mind the attention.

For Priscilla, this would be the first time she had been officially invited to one of her mother's parties. She had made cursory appearances beforehand but was never allowed to stay too long. Now that she was eighteen, Selma felt it was time that her daughter should learn about CFNM and the women who lived that enigmatic lifestyle. Priscilla was more than happy to oblige. She had seen more than a few handsome young men in attendance at these parties and she was curious to see just what all the fuss was about. Invariably, whenever her mother threw a CFNM party she had been forced to stay over a friend's house, never knowing what really went on. Now she was about to find out.

"It was nice of your mom to invite me," Tony said to Priscilla. "But I don't understand why. I mean, I'm the only guy here."

"Don't worry. You're going to enjoy it."

"With all these hot women around? No doubt about it. And I'm sure the food is going to be great."

"I wasn't talking about the food," she replied, turning to Claudia with a sly smile.

Tony looked perplexed but Claudia deflected his questions and led him away toward the dinner table.

It had been decided that Tony would remain in the dark as to what his real purpose for being there would be. Claudia had insisted upon this course of action because she had been the butt of Tony's pranks for years, and now she felt that it was time he was paid back for all the tricks he played upon her. At first Selma and Priscilla tried to dissuade her from this vengeful plot, but the more Claudia went on about the sneaky and perverted things Tony had done to her, the more they became convinced that he needed to be taught a lesson. The guests had been prepped by Selma as to what to expect, so there was an air of anxious expectation pervading the atmosphere once everyone had sat down to dinner. Little did Tony suspect that, even as he took his first mouthful of food, he was going to soon become the object of the women's unbridled amusement.

The dinner began at 8:00 p.m. and ended just before 10:00 p.m. By this time most of the women were quite drunk. Even Tony, who normally held his liquor quite well, was feeling tipsy. In fact, he was feeling so uninhibited that he actually volunteered to tell his inebriated listeners about the many stunts he had pulled on his innocent sister, laughing gaily as he told each story while Claudia sat next to him wearing a wan smile. He thought he had the women in the palm of his hands. But if the liquor hadn't dulled his senses he would have realized that they were laughing at him, not with him.

"So you enjoy torturing your sister, don't you?"

Tony had to turn his head sharply to the right to find the source of this comment. "What? What did you say?" he asked the woman.

The woman who had asked the question was called Betty, a tall, middle-aged redhead with huge tits. She had been listening to Tony spout off at the mouth about his devious ploys against his sister and she had decided that she had heard enough.

"I said it seems that you enjoy torturing your sister."

Tony took a huge gulp of beer from his glass before setting it down on the table with a thud. "Yes, I do. Right, Claudia? Little sister? Ms. Naiveté!" He laughed heartily as he put his arm around his sister's neck and pulled her to him. "She's a good sport, aren't you sis? Not too swift, but a good sport!"

Claudia backed away from his drunken embrace and looked at him with disgust. "You're such an asshole, Tony!"

Several women spoke out in agreement with the offended girl's estimation of her brother, prompting Betty to verbally attack him. "You're sister's got that right!"

"Hey, wait a minute!" Tony said, a look of astonishment on his face. "They were all harmless pranks!"

"One of those pranks almost cost Claudia her job," Betty replied. "I don't think that's harmless."

Tony laughed aloud. "And who the hell are you to judge me, huh lady? Everybody knows Claudia ain't the sharpest tool in the shed."

"Go fuck yourself, Tony!" Claudia snapped.

"See what I mean," the young man said, directing his response toward Betty.

Selma could see her evening degenerating right before her eyes unless she could do something to negate the negative emotions now being displayed. She stood up and called for everyone's attention.

"All this bullshit is ruining my party. I'm sure that's not what any of you had in mind."

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