tagLoving WivesPayback Ch. 02

Payback Ch. 02


Chapter 02—Getting On with Life


Life was good once more. I still missed Patty sometimes but that ship had sailed. I suppose; no I know what I missed most about Patty was the companionship and sex. If truth was told I had been getting pretty tired of Patty's disrespect and sour temper even before I had caught her fucking what I thought were my two best friends. I knew Joe was an asshole and had the ethics and morals of a snake but damn, I just never in my wildest dreams thought he would fuck the wife of his best friend.

For a couple months after the divorce I was not the easiest person to live with but in truth much of that evil temper I carted around was over the disrespect and even the vandalism to my father's store and my home by my so called friends. Well, at least I was pretty sure they were the ones who had done it, perhaps at Patty's request. Unfortunately the Police were never able to find the perpetrators. The one bright spot in my life at that time other than my family was my friend Glenda.

Glenda and I had dated occasionally in high school but more as friends than because we thought of the other as a potential mate. We had lived close together; played together from the time we were toddlers and many times studies together. Truthfully we were much too close to cross that emotional line and try to become more than good friends. Even during my divorce I thought of Glenda as a pillar of strength, a great companion and good listener when I wanted to vent about my problems. Besides, she understood what I was going through because she had been there. She also knew what an asshole Joe was. He was her ex! As close as we were however, we never thought about becoming lovers.

I had been there for her when she and Joe had divorced and she was there for me during my time of pain. We also had a business relationship because she sold Real Estate and I built houses. I bought my first piece of property through her and made sure she was the listing agent for all property I sold. She was also the rental agent for the few properties I rented.

After my divorce she was almost hurt terribly when George, another of our friends and classmates found out I had let his wife know he had been fucking Patty, my ex. He came to my house while Glenda was there chastising me for upsetting Susan. I had just explained why Susan had been so upset when a drunken George came barreling into my driveway and crashed his truck into her car.

After he stopped George broke down my front door and destroyed items in my home with a tire iron as he went from room to room hunting me. We were fighting on the patio when Glenda said something to infuriate George even more. He stepped toward her and swung the tire iron. Thankfully he didn't connect fully but it tore her blouse and left a pretty nasty looking scrape and cut across her abdomen.

After the police had arrested George and taken pictures and statements Glenda and I were exhausted. We sat on my couch and had a couple of drinks while we unwound. Glenda fell asleep there and I carefully carried her into my guest room, removed her shoes and covered her. She smiled gently and sighed while I was doing that. I staggered back to my bedroom and lay across my own bed. I fell asleep with the light on and slept straight through. Neither of us cleaned up that night we were so tired.

The next day I was awakened when my parents and George's wife Susan came into my house hunting me. They found me standing behind the door to my bedroom where I had hidden in case yet another upset person had broken into my home to attack me. I was holding my trusty souvenir ball bat. It was the one I had used to hit a grand slam home run that won my high school the state pennant my senior year.

Mom and Dad were upset when they saw I could barely move my left arm and Susan was crying and apologizing when Glenda walked up behind them. We hadn't cleaned Glenda's injury the night before. In fact, I wasn't even aware she had been cut until I saw the bloody blouse that morning. Mom and Susan made a fuss over Glenda and marched her to the bathroom to clean her injury. After they were done, Glenda and I guided them down the hallway and filled them in on the previous night's activities. Mother and Susan got busy and made lunch for us all. While they were doing that first I, then Glenda cleaned up. I gave her one of my shirts to wear since her blouse was trashed. She put on the same skirt she had been wearing.

After my guests left Glenda and I sat on my patio under the old growth oak trees and looked over the small stream running through my property. It was dusk and we could see a couple of deer come out of cover and begin grazing. We were sitting in a large padded swing and without thinking I slid slightly closer to her, put my right arm around her and pulled her closer. She looked up at me and smiled.

I smiled back at Glenda and said, "How do you feel now? Does your stomach hurt where that asshole hit you?"

Glenda smiled up at me and said, "Not much. It is more of a pulling from the scab and a little burning occasionally. What about you? Your arm is still swollen and I can tell you can't use it very well. We really should have taken you to the doctor you know. I was so scared when he came after you and hit you so hard. When you fell I was sure he would kill you like he threatened."

I could tell from the look in her eyes that she had been truly worried about me. I watched her closely and somehow, her face changed. It got somehow softer and her eyes glistened more some way. I never realized when I moved but I found myself leaning down and I gave her a gentle kiss. Glenda turned more toward me and I felt her arm go around my neck as she pulled me down and held my lips against hers.

Finally we broke the second kiss and leaned back, still looking at each other. I think we were both shocked by what we had done. I know I was. I felt my face tighten and I started to apologize. Glenda said, "Shhhh." She put her fingers on my lips and continued, "Don't say it Stan. I don't know where that came from but..."

We sat looking over the stream, our thighs gently touching until it was too dark to see that far any longer. My stomach growled and we both laughed. I stood and reached out to help Glenda get up. "I'm hungry and I don't feel like cooking. What say we trip down to Sam's and get a burger?"

Glenda argued some about doing that but in the end she agreed to go. Except for our aches and pains and the steady stream of friends and acquaintances coming to our table to check on our health the meal was very pleasant. We talked and even laughed together more than we ever had in the past. I could feel the difference in our relationship but still I did not think of Glenda as anything other than a really, really good friend.

Finally, about 9:30 p.m. Glenda leaned back in her seat and said, "Stan I hate to be a party pooper but we really need to get out of here. Tomorrow's Monday and we both have to work. I need to get back home and do some laundry too. I can't believe I came to your house Saturday night and we have spent the entire night and day together. I didn't get hardly any of my weekend chores done."

The next three days were pretty rough on me. I never did go to the doctor for my arm and it hurt like fury every time I used it. Late Wednesday I was trying to help a crew raise a long wall for the current house we were building. One of the brace boards slipped and grazed my arm. I felt an excruciating pain go through it and this time I could barely move it. My foreman took me to the hospital this time. I was almost in tears from the pain.

The emergency room doctor gave me hell when he saw me. He told me I was lucky I hadn't injured myself permanently. My arm was severely bruised and I had a serious fracture. They also worried about blood clots and in addition to splinting my arm they gave me some medication to reduce clots. He put me in the hospital overnight for observation. Between the pain pills and being super tired I just went to sleep after they got me into a room. I never thought of calling my parents or even Glenda. I had sent my foreman home telling him I would call one of them to get me when the doctors were done with me. No one knew, therefore, that I was in hospital.

Thursday morning about 10:30 my foreman called my parents to talk to me. He told mother he had been trying to get me on the phone for over an hour and I didn't answer my home phone or my cell. He asked, "What time did you get him out of the hospital. He must really be sleeping hard if he can't answer the phone!"

Mother came unglued at that and informed him they had not gotten me out of the hospital. He told her that I must have called Glenda then because I had told him I would call one or the other. He also explained why he had taken me there. Mother told him she would check on me and get back with him. As soon as she hung up she called Glenda at work and I became the proud 'owner' of two scared, worried, PISSED OFF women. After she called my father to let him know what was going on she took off for the hospital.

Glenda arrived at the hospital about five minutes before my mother because she was at work and didn't have as far to drive. She came screaming into my room yelling at me and crying at the same time. She rushed to my bed and balled her fists up. She looked down at me and began yelling, "You ASSHOLE! Why didn't you call me or your mother? We've been worried sick ever since Harry called your mother trying to find you.

I looked up at Glenda in shock, and then I felt my face burn from embarrassment. I said, "Oh, Crap! It was almost eleven before they finished with me. They had given me some pain medication then decided they needed to keep me overnight. I was drifting in and out of it and I just totally forgot. Crap, I'm sorry Glen."

I saw my mother standing just behind Glenda when I said that and she said, "You're going to be even sorrier if you ever do something like this again. You have half the town worried to death right now son. If Glenda doesn't beat some sense into you I will. Now how are you feeling?"

About that time I realized Glenda was holding my hand and looking down at me with a strange, almost loving look on her face. The three of us talked more then Glenda had to leave because she had a showing. Mother decided she needed to make a few phone calls to let people know I was ok.

Before mother got back into the room my doctor came by and released me. Mom took me home and made sure I was comfortable. She fixed me a pot of her delicious cream of chicken soup for supper then left to go back home.

I was eating my supper when I heard the doorbell ringing. I was slow getting up and moving to the living room and before I got there I heard a loud pounding on the door and Glenda was yelling. "Stan are you OK? Dammit answer the door or say something. ARE you ok?"

I finally got the door open and she stood there with a scared look on her face. She brushed past me and said, "Dammit what's the matter with you? Can't you answer the door or at least tell me you're coming? I was scared something had happened!"

I calmed Glenda down and apologized then invited her to come have some soup while I finished my supper. Over our meal we calmed even more and began visiting like old friends do. We both relaxed and things were almost back to the way they had been but there was still something...

I was so tired after the hot soup. I began yawning and could hardly hold my head up. I had taken a pain pill when I began my meal and I suppose it was making me tired. Glenda saw I was almost out on my feet and insisted I go to bed. It was a little after eight by then so I let her bully me into doing that. I don't even remember covering up that night.

I woke early the next morning, Friday, and got up. I normally sleep nude but I found I still had my briefs on that morning. I stripped them off and started for the shower. Before I got there I decided to make coffee so I could have a cup as soon as I finished cleaning up. I was standing at the kitchen counter when I heard the patio door slide open. I turned toward the sound and heard a gasp. I felt my heart leap with fear then I felt my face heat up. Glenda was standing in the door staring at my naked form.

Glenda turned away from me and began stammering. She said, "OH GOD! I'm sorry Stan. I should have knocked but I saw the light on in the bathroom and there wasn't a light here so I... Your mother and I talked last night after I put you to bed and decided I would check on you before I went into the office. She gave me a key to your back door and I was going to make you breakfast. I'm sorry!"

"Ok Glen. No harm done I suppose but unless you want another eye full you need to turn around again. I had started to shower and decided to make coffee first so I just came in like I was. Why don't you sit down and when I get done we can have some coffee before we decide on breakfast."

When I returned from my shower I had put on a T-Shirt and docker shorts. I was going to the work sites today but didn't plan on working so dressed to be as cool as I could. I found Glenda sitting on the patio watching the mist rise from the small stream as the newly risen sun's rays slanted down through it. I got a cup of coffee and joined her. She just looked up at me and smiled. Neither of us said anything for a short time then she looked over at me and said, "God Stan it's so beautiful and peaceful here. I'm so jealous of you. I wish I had the money to buy this when I sold it to you and now I want it even more. You've got the most perfect home here."

"Yeah, I know. I wouldn't give this up for anything. I came so close to losing it too. Patty insisted on a Pre Nuptial agreement before the marriage to protect her savings and potential inheritance. She had her attorney leave out protection for me and I didn't catch it. My father caught the fact the agreement only protected her and sent me to an attorney who advised me to include wording in it to protect my pre marriage property like she did hers. If I hadn't done that, she might very well have either got this place or I might have been forced to sell it during the divorce."

I think Glenda saw the change in me when I began talking about the divorce again. She reached out and placed her hand on mine then said, "I'm sorry Stan. I didn't mean to bring back bad memories. I know how easy it is to slip back into those feelings of anger and hurt. It took me over a year to be able to think about Joe and our divorce without getting angry and hurt again. What's it been for you? About six months?"

"No Glen, around seven since the divorce was granted and only about five from when it was final. I still want to get even with that witch and her friends and family. Sometimes I find myself thinking of ways I can hurt them all like I was hurt. I am so glad you and some of my other friends talked me out of what I was planning earlier but I still need some payback."

"You know, I wonder now, remembering the way her first Pre Nuptial agreement was worded and how angry she and her father got when I changed it...I wonder if she and maybe even he didn't want to get their hands on my families and my property. I was so convinced she loved me and was trustworthy but now, looking back..."

"You remember how Patty was in school and college. She was a flirt and put out more than most of you girls did. I guess I was just like most of the guys. I fell for the pretty face and fine body. I was sure after she said she was mine that she was solely mine. SHIT, now I wonder if she EVER quit fucking around and if she was just using me like she used to use her other boyfriends. You know she was always an expensive date and if you didn't give her a GREAT gift for special occasions it took forever to get back in her good graces. I think her picture should be used in the definition of 'high maintenance'.

Glenda looked over at Stan and squeezed his hand. "I know how you feel Stan. Joe was sort of like that. He always wanted more toys. We didn't have much money when we were married because we were young and just starting out in life. I wasn't selling much real estate and he didn't make much working as a framer for his first company. I was always arguing with him because he bought luxuries before we paid our bills and bought food. A time or two I had to borrow money from my parents to buy food or pay utility bills. He was always cashing his pay check and drinking a lot of it up on paydays."

"Now you sit while I go fix some breakfast. It's almost 7:30 and we both need to get to work soon."

Stan leaned back from his empty plate and said, "Glen that was great. I thought Mom made delicious omelets but this one made hers look like a beginner's first attempt. Now let's get our butts in gear and get to work. Leave the dishes and I'll take care of them tonight."

"NO! It won't take long to put them in the dishwasher and I refuse to leave dirty dishes lying around. If you have to go now do it. It won't take me five minutes to clean up here."

Stan sighed and moved to help Glenda. In less than five minutes they were done and going out the door. She had parked in the center of the driveway. He opened her car door for her and as she started to get in, without thinking, Stan leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss.

Glenda gasped and stepped back. Her eyes were almost frightened when he looked down into them. Stan hadn't even realized what he had done until she had that reaction. "Oh, Shit Glen. I'm sorry. I just...Hell, I didn't even think about what I was doing I just...CRAP!"

Glenda got in her car and sat looking out the window at Stan for a moment. Finally she put the key in the ignition and started it. Stan watched as she turned her head without a word or gesture and backed down his driveway. He was still standing there as she drove out of sight.

Stan didn't see or talk to Glenda the rest of the day or that weekend. He went to his parents for lunch Sunday and his mother got in his face as soon as he walked into the kitchen. She said, "Stan what did you do to Glenda Friday? I called her last night to see how things went and she began crying. She never would tell me what the problem was. I sent that girl over there to help you and if you hurt her I'll..."

"Mom I didn't do anything. We sat and talked on the patio with coffee then she made breakfast. I didn't do anything or say anything. I don't have any idea why she's upset. Are you sure she's upset with me? All I did was..."

Stan stopped talking and stared into space. His mother stepped closer to him and said, "YOU WHAT? Stan what did you do?"

"I was putting her in her car to go to work and... OH, HELL Mom, I kissed her. I apologized and she didn't say anything, she just left. I..."

Betty looked shocked then she laughed and said, "Oh, no, you didn't do anything to her did you? Well, I'm sure she'll get over that! Your father's in the den. Go on in there until I call you for lunch."

Monday evening Stan was sitting in his Den/Office working on his books and preparing bids. Unfortunately he wasn't getting much actual work done. In fact, he was staring at the computer screen and thinking. His thoughts wandered from Patty to Joe then to Patty's parents. He still wanted to do something to get even with them all for the hurt he had been put through. He would start to plan something then he would remember what Glenda had told him months ago about being a better person if he let things go and forgot, even forgave them.

When Stan's thoughts wandered on to Glenda he felt himself cheer up. His heartbeat increased and he even felt the beginnings of arousal. He frowned then shook himself and with a sigh turned back to his work.

He was working on a proposal when he had a great thought. He knew how to get even with Joe and not be totally an asshole about it! The beauty of this plan was he could also tweak Patty and her Parent's nose at the same time. Patty and Joe were living together now. Patty was only working part time as assistant manager of a convenience store. Rumor had it her parents had to help her and Joe with living expenses fairly regularly.

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