tagNonConsent/ReluctancePayBack Ch. 05

PayBack Ch. 05


Sunday morning Will was sipping his coffee waiting when the phone rang at 6:30.

"Hello?" He said.

"I'm calling like you told me to. What is it you want me to do today? I don't think I can get away any time today." Sandy said.

Will took a sip of coffee and said," Your husband is the pastor of the Lutheran church, right?"

"Yes." Sandy replied. "I was there as a kid. Is the outside stair case to the old bell tower still there?"

"Yes, why?" Sandy replied.

"Have you been up there lately?"Will ask between sips of coffee.

"No, I've never been up there." Sandy said,"My husband has the only key. I'm sure it's been months since anyone was there."

"Good ," Will said,"I take it the original door lock is still used?"

"Yes, but as I said, my husband has the only key." Sandy said.

"When does he start the service?" Will ask.

"10:00 AM, why?" Sandy ask starting to sound nervous.

"Meet me at the bell tower door when the service starts." Will said.

"But I can't..."Sandy started to protest.

"Be there!" was Will's reply just before he hung up the phone.

He took a shower, pulled on some clothes, ate breakfast and then read most of the Sunday paper. At 9:30 he got into his car and drove across town and parked on the street a block from the Lutheran church. He walked down the alley, across the lawn behind the church and quietly climbed the stairs leading to the bell tower.

At the door Will pulled on a loose trim board at the edge of the landing, felt around under it, grinning as he pulled out a key.

"Still here after all these years." He breathed to himself.

He unlocked the door, then returned the key to it's hiding place. He stood waiting impatiently for Sandy to arrive. Finally at 10:10 he heard foot steps on the stairs, glanced down and spotted her climbing towards him.

"You're late." He said as she arrived on the landing slightly out of breath.

"I couldn't........," Sandy started to explain.

Will waved his hand to cut her off and said, "No matter."

He opened the door to Sandy's surprised, "How......"

Will again waved his hand to quiet her, then motioned her through the door. He stepped in, glanced around and noted that it was much the same as it had been when he was there years before: the large bell hanger in the center of the room minus the bell, a few old wooden boxes in one corner, the door leading to a closet against one wall and a small covered window on the far side of the room. As he shut the door Sandy gasp as the room was plunged into darkness. The only light entering the room was a few dim rays coming from around the shade covering the small window.

In the darkness Will toke her hand and urged her to follow as he lead the way around the bell mount to the window. It was small, set at an angle and the shade was dark with age and covered with an accumulation of dust.. He pulled her around in front of him, reached up under her blouse and unsnapped her bra. He reached around and pulled the cups up off her tits, then clamped down on her nipples with his fingers.

"You have such nice titties." He said.

He could feel her moan low in her throat and grinned at what he had in store for her. He reached down and pulled up her long skirt. She didn't have on pantyhose, but as his fingers explored he found she did have on a silky thong. He slid his fingers under it and between the lips of her wet snatch. He knew she was too short for him to fuck her standing up, unless he had her up on something.

"Don't move," He whispered.

He stepped over and picked up one of the wooden boxes, pulled Sandy to one side and placed it where she had been standing.

"Up." He urged.

She stepped up onto the box and he pushed against her, grinning as his hard cock cradled between her ass cheeks.

'Perfect! Just the right height.' He thought.

He pulled up her skirt, pulled aside the string of her thong and thrust two fingers into her snatch. She groaned and he felt her push back against his hand. He quickly unzipped his pants, pulled out his rock hard shaft and rubbed it up and down her ass crack.

"Oh, God! Put it in, put it in!" She moaned.

With one hard push of his hips, he was buried inside her wet snatch. He leaned forward, pinning her against the window frame and began to hammer into her. He cupped both her tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers, making her gasp and moan.

"You're a horny little slut aren't you?" He whispered, "Fucking someone in your husbands church and during his sermon! I'm gunna' fill your wet pussy with cum and your gunna' go back down there freshly fucked, full of my spunk and pretend nothing happened. But you'll be walking around talking to all those church ladies with my cum leaking from your pussy. What a slut!"

"Oh, yes....Oh, yes....Oh yes,"Was all she could manage to say.

"You know what's behind this window?" Will aks as he continued to hammer her pussy.

"N-n-n-o," She stammered in time to his thrusts.

"Pull the shade back a bit and look." He whispered over the slap of his skin against hers.

After a few moments she pulled the corner of the shade back and her body stiffened in shock as she saw the view. She was looking down at the pulpit and her husband preaching to the congregation.

"Now my little fuck slut,"Will said,"Watch your hubby preach while I hammer my hard cock into your wet cheating pussy."

Sandy relaxed, then moaned as Will slammed into her. She never took her eyes off her husband as Will fucked her. Finally she felt Will stiffen and heard him groan as his cock throbbed, filling her with gobs of his warm cum. As she felt his cum squirt into her, a tremendous climax crashed over her senses. She felt so dirty, so used and the climax was so big and felt so damned good!

Will pulled his slippery cock out of her, stepping back as he zipped up his pants and said, "Straighten your clothes and we'll get out of here."

A few moments later Will opened the door a crack, peeked out to make sure no one was about and then stepped out onto the landing. Sandy followed and they quickly descended the stairs.

"Call me tomorrow night at 7:00." Will said over his shoulder as he walked away.

Sandy nodded and slipped through the door leading into the church kitchen. _______________________________________________

Sunday evening Will thought about calling Fran but decided against it. He needed a day or two of rest to recuperate from all the pussy he had been getting. He decided to sit and watch a game. As he clicked on the TV the phone rang.

When he answered, Sandy's panicked voice said,"Will! What am I going to do!"

"Calm down." He responded, "and tell me what's wrong."

"Billy said if I don't fuck him he'll tell my husband and being a minister I'm sure he'll divorce me if he finds out!" She gasped out in one long jumbled sentence.

"Slow down!" Will said," and start from the beginning. I can't make out what you're talking about."

Slowly he got it out of her.

"This Billy said he saw us?"Will ask.

"Y-Yes." Sandy stammered, tears in her voice.

"And he told you he wanted you to fuck him otherwise he'd tell your husband about us?"Will said.

Again Sandy said,"Yes."

"So this Billy was hiding upstairs in the closet watching us?"Will ask.

"Yes, and..."Sandy started to something when Will interrupted her.

"Slow...slow...calm down." Will said,"Let me ask questions so I can make sense out of what you are saying."

"Ok." Sandy said, sniffling.

"So what was he doing up there?" Will ask,"He isn't a kid I take it?" "No he's 22." Sandy said,"And I have no idea what he was doing up in the bell tower. He should have been down stairs listening to the sermon."

"Did you notice him coming back inside after you got into the church?" Will ask.

After a moments thought Sandy replied,"Why yes I did, though I didn't think anything of it at the time. He came in 10 minutes after I did."

"Did anyone else come in after you?" Will ask.

"Only Sara Brown, the deacons daughter. She came in a minute or so after I did." Sandy replied.

"How did she look when she came in?" Will asks.

"A little nervous,"Sandy replied,"and a little rumpled, but I assumed that was from being late to church."

"How old is she?" Will aks.

"She's a friend of my daughter Crissy." Sandy said,"She just turned 18 a month ago."

"Is she working?" Will ask.

"Yes. She's a clerk at the department store down town. In fact I think she's working this evening." Sandy replied. "Ok let's go back to Billy. What exactly did he say?"Will ask

"He stood beside me and waited until no one was near, then whispered, 'I saw you in the bell tower with your skirt up having sex with that guy. If you don't want me to tell your husband, I think you had better arrange to give me some.' then he struck a piece of paper in my hand and said, 'Here's my number. Call me tonight and tell me what you're going to do.' "

"Did you watch him after he talked to you?" Will ask.

"Yes. He greeted several people, then said something to Sara and left." Sandy said.

"Ok, here's what you're going to do. Call him and tell him you'll meet him here tomorrow night, 8:00 O'clock. All you need to tell him is this is a friends house who is gone for a few weeks and you're looking after it for them. Call me back when you have it set up." Will said, a grin in his voice.

"But...but...you want me to...."Sandy sputtered.

"Listen, under different circumstances, would you fuck this Billy if you could?" Will ask. "Uh, You think I'd.....well yes, I guess. He is good looking, but he's an arrogant ass!" Sandy hissed.

"Don't worry. You're not going to fuck him, but we're going to make sure he tells no one about it or us and we'll also take a bit of the arrogance out of him." Will laughed.

"Ok, if you think what you have planned will work." Sandy replied.

"It'll work." Will said,"So call him and be here at 7:00 tomorrow so we can set up for the young man."

Will hung up and then dialed Crissy's cell phone.

When she answered he said,"Don't come over tomorrow. I've got something else I have to do. But do come by on Wednesday."

A few minutes later Will dialed Casey's phone. When she answered he instructed her not to stop by Tuesday but to do so on Wednesday. After talking to Casey Will went about preparing for Sandy and Billy's meeting.


Sandy arrived promptly at 6:30 the next night.

Will greeted her with,"I take it you got it set up with him?"as he opened the door.

"Yes."Sandy said a look of nervousness on her face,"He sounded very excited when I told him to meet me here. I made sure to tell him I was watching it for a friend who was out of town and we wouldn't be disturbed."

"Good. Good."Will grinned.

"I still don't see how you're going to make sure he doesn't tell." Sandy said as she hurried through the door.

"Well, first your going to meet him outside and make sure he knows where the key is hidden. Then you'll take him to the basement and show him around. Give him a few hot kisses and let him feel you up. That should make him relax. While your doing that you will some how slip into the conversation that you only get over here every other day and you will not be here tomorrow. "

"How are you going to use that?" Sandy ask, puzzled.

"The part about him knowing the place will be empty tomorrow, come with me and I'll show you," Will said, leading the way not to the basement but to his bedroom.

He showed her to a corner of the room and opened a cabinet. Inside was a computer with a picture of the basement rec room on the screen. Will grinned at the shocked look on Sandy's face.

"I've got the whole room down there wired for video." Will said.

"You're going to video him touching me?" Sandy ask,"That's how your going to keep him from talking? That won't work! I suppose you want me to have sex with him? Is that it?"

"No that's not what I want you to do." Will said,"I don't really think Billy would want to face your husband if he finds out Billy was balling you. Who would want to tell their minister they were screwing his wife? But I don't want you fucking him. So you make sure you tell him you only have a few minutes before you have to go home. Let him cop a feel, let him finger your wet puss, but you won't fuck him. You can even set up another date to fuck, because you won't be keeping it."

As Sandy opened her mouth to protest Will held up his hand and said,"Don't worry, you'll never have to. Didn't you ever wonder what Billy was doing up in the bell tower during the service?"

"I thought he was hiding out so he didn't have to go to the service." Sandy said.

"He's 22 for Christ sake!" Will said,"He's old enough to decided not to go if he didn't want to."

"So what was he doing up there?" Sandy said.

"Well he came in 10 minutes after you did. Someone else came in after you entered too, remember?" Will said.

"Yes, Sara Brown." Sandy said, still not seeing the connection.

"After some detective work and questions I'm pretty sure Sara was up there with Billy."Will said matter-of-factly.

"Sara? Sara was up in the bell tower with Billy? She was....Oh My God! You think she was up there having sex with Billy? Sweet innocent Sara? I can hardly believe it!" Sandy said.

Will grinned, reached out, cupped her breast and said,"Well, you never know, even the seemingly innocent school marm types can fool you."

Sandy turned red and jerked away as she understood his meaning.

"Anyway, what do you think deacon Brown would do if he found out Billy was fucking his daughter?" Will said.

"He'd be livid and probably want Billy's balls!" Sandy giggled at the thought of it.

"Exactly!" Will said,"I'm hoping if you show Billy where the key is, if you tell him you nor the owner will be here tomorrow, that he might bring Sara over here. If he does I'll get him on video. That should keep him from ever talking about any of this."

"Yes," Sandy mused, "I think it might. But I feel sorry for poor Sara! You wouldn't tell anyone else about her would you? " "Of course not!" Will said.

'Besides, I have plans for her.' He thought.

Will glanced at his watch and said,"Come on we still have some work to do before he shows up."

They spent the next 45 minutes getting ready. Just before 7:45 Will had Sandy mount the sybian and turned it on low. He wanted her pussy hot and wet when young Billy arrived.

At 10 minutes to eight as Sandy prepared to step out the door to wait for Billy, Will said,"The best way to play this is brassy. Let him know you're a slut and like to fuck."

Will slid his hand up under the short skirt she wore and into her wet pussy,"Which isn't a stretch or a lie." he said as he fingered her snatch.

"Bastard!"She said, but didn't move away from his probing fingers.

He grinned, turned and headed to the bedroom.

Billy was a few minutes early. Sandy was waiting outside the front and let them in making sure Billy saw where the key was hidden. She lead him to the basement and Will smiled as they came into range of the cameras.

Sandy moved close to the young man, draped her arms over his shoulders, pressed herself to him and said in a husky whisper,"We only have a few minutes. I wanted you to meet me here so I could show you where we'll meet and decide when we could."

Billy frowned and said,"What do you mean only a few minutes? Aren't we going to have sex now?"

Sandy pushed her tits against his chest and ground the mound of her snatch against his leg as she stroked the hard lump of his cock through his jeans, whispering as she did,"We can't now, but we will later. I have to go home shortly. My husband expects me and I don't want him to suspect anything. I really want to, I really, really do. Would you like to see how much?" Billy grinned and hesitantly ran his hand up under her short skirt. His eyes widened as he found she didn't have on panties, and widened even more when his fingers slipped between the lips of her warm, slippery wet snatch.

She quickly unsnapped his pants and stuffed her small hand down the front. She wrapped it around the hard girth of his cock and squeezed.

"Oh my," She said,"You have a nice one."

Billy's eyes glazed over from the sensation of her wet snatch around his fingers and her hand squeezing his hard rod.

"OH God!" Sandy panted,"I want you to fuck me but we can't right now! I've got to go home. Meet me here Thursday night. The owner will still be gone."

"Why not tomorrow night?" Billy groaned.

"I can't get away tomorrow, or Wednesday. Tomorrow my husband and I are going to a party and Wednesday I've got bible study. I won't even have time to stop and check this place." Sandy panted.

Reluctantly she pulled away from the young man and straightened her clothes. Billy grunted in protest, then slowly buttoned and zipped his pants.

Sandy lead him to the door and as she opened it to let him out he ask,"Thursday night?"

"That's the soonest I can get away for any amount of time."Sandy said.

"Ok, it will have to do. You won't be here tomorrow, huh?" Billy said, a thoughtful look on his face.

"No. I do hope the place will be alright until Wednesday." Sandy said. "Ok, Thursday." Billy replied heading down the walk toward the street.

Sandy closed the door and a split second later felt Wills hands on her ass cheeks.

"I think you got him hook, line and sinker." Will chuckled.

"I think so too." Sandy said pushing her ass back toward Wills hands.

"Time for some pussy." Will said taking her hand and leading to his bedroom.

When they reached his room he picked her up and sat her onto the bed a moment later he was kneeling next to the bed. He had pulled her skirt up, exposing her hot wet pussy. He grinned, draped her legs over his shoulders, gently spread her swollen lips with his fingers and began to flick her clit with the tip of his tongue.

At the first taste of her musky love juices, his cock began to twitch. Slowly he ran his tongue from the bottom to the top of her slippery wet slit. Twice, three times he repeated it, then stood. She groaned at the absence of his tongue.

Quickly he dropped his pants, his hard pole sprang out, a drop of precum glistening at the tip. He pushed her legs up until her knees were resting on her shoulders. Sandy grabbed her knees and held her legs up, allowing Will to free one hand. He grabbed his cock and rub the head up and down her slit, causing Sandy to moan and bit her lower lip. Will grinned placed the head at her hole and slowly pushed his cock into her.

At first he went slow, stroking in and out of her pussy as slowly as he could. But after several minutes he growled, grabbed her hips and began to pound his rod into her. The next few minutes were filled with the slap, slap, slap of his balls banging against her ass, the wet slurping sound of his cock pounding in and out of her cunt and his groans and her moans.

"OH FUCK!" Will grunted as his cock exploded, pumping hot spunk into her.

As she felt his cock throbbing inside her Sandy let out a strangled cry as she too climaxed.

Will jerked his cock out of her, grabbed her arm and pulled her head to the edge of the bed.

Open your fucking mouth cunt!"Will groaned.

Sandy complied and a moment later Will rammed his still hard rod between her lips.

Will watched as she licked every inch of his cock clean of their combined cum.

Finally he stepped back and said,"Go home. I'll call if and when I have news."

Later in the shower Will grinned at the thought of catching Sara and Billy.

"I'm sure they'll be here!" He said to himself.


The next evening, not knowing when Billy and Sara may show up, Will was home and locked in his bedroom by 5:00 PM. He had brought a cooler of beer and had a couple of books and a movie at hand to past the time as he waited. He had also setup a camera to monitor the side walk outside the front door, so he would know when they arrived.

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