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Payback Pt. 02


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Presentation Night.

I had put on the coveralls and a cap and driven the van to the side road to the left of the entrance of the college as they would see it walking out. The presentation was already under way and Maddy had already called me to say that Gomez wasn't there and she'd introduced my parents to Lucia and Sofia, she said she would call when they were leaving.

Twenty minutes later came the call, I watched and waited until I saw them hurrying towards me. I got out and opened the side door and hustled them inside and closed the door.

I got back into the cab and turned on a light in the back. I gave them a few seconds to get seated and slowly drove away in the opposite direction from the college.

I took a circuitous route to get out of town and a further detour to get to my house, I drove in and parked down by the hot tub, out of sight of the road. I got out and said 'Wait' while I walked back and locked the gate before unsetting the house alarm system. When I opened the door, Maddy led the elder woman to me, blindfolded.

"Hola Lucia" I said and held her hand as she came down the two steps to the ground and moved her forward a little, I think she was too nervous to answer.

"Hola Sofia, good evening" I said to the girl as Maddy guided her down the steps.

"Good evening Danno" she replied with a weak smile. We now led them into the house and down the secret corridor to what was Maddy's old room, which I had cleaned and replaced the linen and even had a delivery of flowers which sat in a plastic vase making the room smell sweet. I had bought a collection of English and Spanish magazines for them to read, but they had nothing else, not even a change of clothes but that could be sorted later, for now they were safe.

Maddy took the blindfolds off and we all looked at each other, Lucia, Sofia and Maddy were dressed up for the presentation so I removed my cap and coveralls.

"Please sit and I will explain what will happen for the next few days, Maddy would you bring some cold bottled water and some snacks from the kitchen and a pen and paper, please?" I asked, "Would you please interpret for your mother, Sofia?" She nodded.

"This is a safe house and at this time I want it to remain secret, Maddy and I have gone to great lengths to get you free from Gomez and The Baristas but you must never go back. You have met Konrad and Stella who will be your new employers, whom I will take you to in a few days when things have died down. I will monitor the situation in town to make sure it's safe to move you, meanwhile you will have to share this room and bed for maybe a week, I have done this once before haven't I Maddy?" I said as she came in nodding, with a tray of snacks and biscuits and six bottles of water and passed out four of them, while Sofia translated and her mother nodded.

"You will be locked in for the most part, the less you see the safer for all of us, okay?" I added, then continued "You can use the shower and toilet facilities in my office in the morning, in emergency there is a pot under the bed. I realise that you have no other clothes so Maddy will bring her laptop in here tomorrow and you can order some clothes to keep you going for now, meanwhile I will give you a couple of bathrobes." I gave Sofia the pen and pad and said,

"Can you write down your food likes and dislikes? Maddy will do most of the cooking so it will be good"

And we all smiled at that. I had been studying Lucia without staring, she was short, about five feet tall and about one ninety pounds, in her mid to late thirties. She stood up and walked up to me, stopped and looked up and said,

"Muchas gracias Senor, muchas gracias" and a lot more in Spanish that I didn't understand and stepped forward and hugged me. I was surprised but after a slight pause I hugged her too, then asked Sofia,

"What was the rest of what she said, it seemed to be quite a speech?"

"Ahh... Well she thanked you for rescuing us and that she will respect your need for secrecy..." Sofia blushed and looked embarrassed. Maddy whispered in my ear and said grinning,

"She offered herself to you as a thank you, a generous offer I think" she said with a smirk. I coughed and spluttered and went red myself, after a couple of moments I held out my hand and she slowly took it, looking nervous.

"Gracias Senora, I appreciate your offer but I am otherwise affiliated" I replied, released her hand, swung around and picked Maddy up and soundly kissed her.

"Ahh, I knew it, you two are an item, Maddy never said anything but I was sure there was a serious relationship going on with someone and guessed it might be you when I first met you, or I might have tried myself" cried Sofia, laughing.

"Sofia!" Cried a shocked Maddy but then continued, "Well it is a secret, now among friends but he's mine!"

"Okay, okay, I won't rock the boat, I appreciate what you have done for us and especially for me and I would not have lasted long with that gang.

I would have killed the leader in his bed and then have been raped and killed by the rest, end of story" Sofia answered seriously, "Maybe one day we can repay you but for now 'We owe you one'"

"All I ask is that you be loyal to my family" I said simply. Sofia translated and Lucia said 'Si.'

Maddy escorted them to the toilet and I fetched two spare bath robes, we took the dietary sheet and locked them in. The food list was simple enough, no allergies with the exception of no nuts for Sofia and as for the rest they would eat normal American food.

I hadn't eaten since lunch so Maddy made me a ham and cheese omelette with a beer to wash it down and she had a cup of hot chocolate. We discussed the evening's events,

"Your face when Lucia offered herself to you as payment for their rescue, that was so funny" she laughed.

"I was surprised, I reckon she did that in case I took the same payment from Sofia," I replied "Remember Maddy they were voluntarily kidnapped by a stranger, blind folded and locked in a secret bedroom, they took a big risk and showed a lot of trust in you." She thought for a moment and said,

"You're right, it was a big risk but we are such good friends, I'm sure she would have done the same for me." Maddy was silent for a while then looked at me with an odd expression as if deciding something so I waited, finishing my food.

"Danno, Sofia has told me a secret, one not even her mom knows and I don't know how to handle it, I want you to give me some advice but never let her know I told you" she implored.

"I will help in any way I can and not mention it" I replied quietly. Maddy finished her drink, sighed deeply and said.

"One day she came home from school and her Mom was unusually still at work, her father was high and had been drinking. She said that she did something that made him angry and he sent her to bed, a few minutes later he came upstairs and said he was going to spank her. He sat on her bed and made her lie across his lap, then he lifted her dress and slapped her but she didn't cry so he pulled her panties down and slapped her a few more times until she screamed.

He shouted for her to stop crying but she couldn't so he stood up and threw her on the bed and... Raped her, to give her something to cry for... she was ten years old." Maddy was crying and I opened my arms and hugged her, "He never did it again but the threat was always there when he was. She thinks that no man would ever want her because she is tainted, second hand, used.

She has never had a boyfriend because of the risk of rejection and when she said about trying for you herself; that was just for show she just couldn't instigate it herself and would blow any boy off if he tried. She relates to girls better but she's not a lesbian, girls are just safer to be with and I think her size is another ploy to make herself less attractive to men. Who wants to be seen out with a fat nerd with glasses so I'm desperate to help her in any way I can."

"Okay, go and get ready for bed and I'll be there in a few minutes" I told her and gave her a kiss and a pat on the ass and off she went. Meanwhile I went to the office and checked the camera in their room, they were in bed and talking in Spanish so I could only pick out the odd word, then they hugged and turned out the light.

I sat and thought for a few minutes and had an idea or two but I wanted more clarity before I ran it by Maddy. I had a quick shower, dried myself and got into bed, Maddy rolled on top of me and asked

"What do you think, I know that look, you've got an idea, tell me!"

"No I won't, as you said you do know me, therefore you know that I have to think through all the aspects before I can come to a plan and it doesn't happen in five minutes. Yes I have an idea or two but it's not a plan, you just need to continue to be a very good friend to her, talk to them, improve your Spanish, just be yourself, everyone loves you, especially me." Maddy kissed me for the compliment and before long we made slow but passionate love, cumming together in a well-practiced stereo in a 'Sixty-nine.'

Sleep came easily to Maddy but not for me, the thought of that big domineering man turning an excuse for punishment into sex gratification on a young girl was horrific. I could never make that go away for Sofia, something had to be done but I didn't know what, I would monitor the situation for now.

In the morning Maddy prepared bowls of fruit muesli and cooked scrambled eggs on toast for all four of us. Later she took our guests to use the facilities, while I put a folding table and a couple of garden chairs in the room so they wouldn't have to sit on the bed all of the time.

Maddy brought her laptop and let them choose some clothes from a local outlet that I could collect later when I went out, there was a disagreement about money to pay for the clothes but I said that they could pay me back from their pay checks in a couple of months.

There was something I had to do alone and so when Maddy was working on her course work and the others were in their room. Lunch was cheese or ham salads, coffee for the adults and diet sodas for the girls, then I gave Maddy the usual security instructions while I changed clothes and drove the van out the gate. I went to the clothing outlet and collected Maddy's order and paid for it, I guessed that it would be quiet around Sofia's neighbourhood at two pm as the ganger's and drug dealers were mainly early night birds but I was wrong.

As I turned into her street I saw red and blue flashing lights of police cars and the road was cordoned off, I drove as far as I could and got out carrying a parcel addressed to Mrs Gomez (I had made it that morning as I was going to pretend to be a courier). I walked up to a police officer and asked,

"Is that the Gomez residence, I've got a delivery for Mrs Gomez?" he looked at me and said,

"Yeah, husband was a scumbag drug dealer, looks like he crossed The Baristas and they shot him and torched the place, but his was the only body we found, Mrs Gomez and her daughter are both missing, so you better put return to sender on the parcel."

"Thanks Officer" I said and returned to the van feeling euphoric, "Justice is served, I hope they only wounded you Gomez, I hope you felt the flames as the burnt you, bastard!" I thought as I turned the van and drove away. I drove to the warehouse and changed the plates back to the legal ones, left the coveralls and cap and returned home in my car. We did the security bit and I told Maddy of the fate of Carlos Gomez and she fairly danced for joy,

"Oh that's such good news I can't wait to tell them" she laughed.

"Wait Maddy, listen a minute, we know he was a drug dealer and a rapist but he was still a husband and father, there may still be some feelings for him, so let me do this, you just be there for Sofia if she needs it, okay" I explained.

"Okay, I will" she said now looking serious. We opened the room and they stood up.

"Please be seated ladies, I have some news for you which may be good or bad, which depends on your point of view" I told them. Sofia translated to her mother and they sat in the chairs while Maddy stood by me.

"This morning I drove the van to your street on the pretext of delivering a parcel but I was just going to drive by and look." I paused for the translation, "The road was cordoned off by the police so I stopped and asked an officer what had happened as I had a parcel to deliver to you.

He told me that they thought that the Baristas had raided the house and shot a drug dealer who lived there and then torched the house. The wife and daughter were missing, this could be because they had been kidnapped by the gang or had run away." Both women looked shocked, Lucia had her hands over her face and Sofia knelt in front of her and rested her hands on her mother's knees, speaking quietly in Spanish.

Maddy and I waited, the mother spoke a few words, then looked up and uttered a long, rapid sentence which included the word 'Bastardo.' Sofia answered and turned to me,

"She thanks you for saving me, she knew what he was planning but was powerless to do anything about it and I had nowhere to go to escape. I also thank you for saving my mother, if you hadn't she would have probably have died in the fire or been taken prisoner if I had not been there."

"You are Maddy's best friend but if you were just another person that she knew and she had told me of the circumstances, I would still have wanted to do something, I'm not a hero but I felt that something had to be done" I said.

"He's my hero!" Said Maddy, squeezing my hand as Sofia translated the last. Lucia stood and walked up to me and hugged me and turned to Maddy and said something like "'scusee" and kissed me on the lips, I hugged her back and accepted the kiss. Then she stepped back and smiled at me and Maddy, who was trying not to laugh, then a very nervous looking Sofia came up to me and looked at Maddy who smiled and nodded, then she hugged me very lightly and kissed me on each cheek.

Lucia uttered something sharp and Sofia flinched and then looked at me so I smiled and she came in close and kissed me lightly on the lips too. She stepped back blushing and I mouthed 'Thank you,' knowing it was a big thing for her to kiss a man, any man.

"Now the main thing is still your safety, the police may not know your whereabouts but the gang will probably still be looking for you and if they find one of you, then they will find the other so secrecy is still our top priority" I explained "Even being seen from the road by someone may get back to them, so a few more days here and then we will transfer you to your new home, okay Sofia, Lucia?" The girl translated again and her mother nodded, accepting their temporary prison.

Maddy sorted them a toilet break and stayed while the tried on their new clothes, I left them to it and went to the kitchen to make lunch for all of us. Later I ran cables to their room and installed a small flat screen TV so they could get the same channels as upstairs but independently. Once they were secured again, Maddy and I retired to the hot tub to relax and discuss the morning's events.

"On the whole Danno, I think that has worked out quite well, Gomez is dead so he won't be looking for them. Do you think the gang will look for long?" Maddy asked me.

"It's hard to say, if they took their goods back it was no big loss but what they did made a statement to anyone else they deal with, that it was not a good idea to cross them" I said, "I guess that if they don't find them in a couple of weeks, then they will think that the women have skipped town and will be long gone."

"You know that I trust you not to see other women while I am at Duncellin, I believe you are loyal and faithful to whoever you are seeing, currently me, but if you did accept Lucia's offer, I would not object." Maddy said, shocking me, "She has no other way to repay you and is desperate to do so to her own satisfaction for saving her precious daughter's life."

"You got me again, didn't you? That is the last thing I expected you to say, to offer me for sex to a woman that you only met a few days ago and I thought you loved me!" I replied sharply. She stared, I could almost hear the wheels turning as she realised what she had said. Her mouth hung open, her eyes stared in horror,

"B-b-but... I-I-I... Oh fuck!" She reached down into the water, brought her foot up and pushed her toes into her mouth. My turn to stare for a couple of moments, then burst out laughing. When I finally got control of myself and looked at her she was still in the same position with half of her foot out of sight.

"Perhaps you should engage your brain before opening your mouth" I said chuckling. She removed the foot but looked unhappy, while I sat and waited for her get her thoughts together,

"Okay, I'm sorry Danno! I made a right mess of that, what I meant was, these Latino people have a code of conduct that is a bit like the quote 'An eye for an eye' etc. or even a feud. If you do someone in a family harm then the whole family will be out to get revenge and it works the same if you do them a favour." Maddy carefully explained "You have done her family of two a massive favours and she feels obliged to repay you, her offer was the only means she has at the moment to do so.

You demonstrated your love for me so she still owes you big-time and will repay you if it takes years, I thought this would alleviate that debt in a one off event, which I understand and agree with, one off, and afterwards she will always be your friend, not lover."

"Now if you'd explained it that way the first time, I would have understood the logic behind it. At the moment I'm still not happy with it but let's just say that at some point when everything is settled and secure, I may accede to her request" I stated "You may tell her that yourself when your Spanish is good enough, not through Sofia, this would be between you, me and Lucia only, okay?"

"Okay Danno, I'm still sorry... Can I have a kiss now?" she said in her little girl voice.

I held out my arms and she came to me for some nice gentle kisses, then a little while later,

"Danno, at the risk of putting the other foot in with the first one, I want to discuss what I can do about Sofia" Maddy said tentatively, "I told you about what her father did to her and now she is scared of boys and men."

"You want to de-program her from the damage he did so she can have a normal relationship with someone, correct?" I said.

"Yes, that's it exactly but I don't know how to do it and I wouldn't want Lucia to know either" she replied. I thought for a while but it was difficult with Maddy sat on my lap so I sent her back to her spot to sit. I closed my eyes and went through what I knew about Sofia and Maddy too and after a few minutes I said,

"How much do you like Sofia?"

"Oh I love her to bits, this is why I want to help her" she replied.

"Have you kissed her, not just a peck on the cheek but a proper kiss on the lips?" I continued.

"No I haven't but I would, I think she loves me too but she's too nervous to do anything like that. The main thing is men, did you see how nervous she was when she had to kiss you?" said Maddy.

"But did you see the little smile she gave me after the kiss?" I said.

"No I didn't, maybe there's some hope for her then" cried Maddy grinning.

"Okay, let me think about this, I've got some thoughts but I need to put them all together as this could be potentially dangerous so we have to tread carefully" I told her, "I suggest that you go and try to improve your Spanish for an hour or so while I have a think and maybe a nap."

A little time later I was showered dried and in bed working on the Sofia puzzle and the Lucia debt too. When I woke up, Maddy was under the covers sucking my cock. I lifted the covers and said,

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