tagBDSMPaying for the Broken Promise Ch. 05

Paying for the Broken Promise Ch. 05


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Part 5, the conclusion

Tuesday was worse than Monday, I couldn't concentrate on anything.

As soon as I walked through the door Lisa wanted to talk. "Peter there is something I need to hear from you. You would never lie to me, would you?"

"Lisa, you know I wouldn't! You know I never have, and I never will!" I meant every word. I never had, and I never would, no matter what!

"Peter, when did you cum last?" I was confused and taken aback at this question.

"You know very well the answer to that" I replied.

"Answer me!" she insisted.

"Okay, last Thursday night in my hotel." I answered sheepishly.

Now I understood. This was Lisa's way of telling me that I'd never get away with this again. She was going to ask me this question regularly. She knew I'd answer honestly, so I was between the veritable rock and hard place.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Lisa was true to her word. Each night she made it harder on me, picking up where she'd left off the night before. Tuesday she made me stroke myself right to the point where one more stroke and I'd have cum. Then she'd let me rest just a few minutes and I'd have to do several more strokes. Lisa had become extremely proficient at telling exactly how much I could take without cumming, and she was pushing me to the very edge repeatedly. Thursday night was the worst of all. She put me through a "treatment" as she'd started calling it, before dinner and another one again right after dinner. By the time we retired Thursday night I was a complete mess.

Lisa had definitely made her point. I'd spent much of each evening this week begging her to let me stop playing with my own cock. Keeping myself at the edge of cumming for long periods of time with my own hand, yet completely out of control. My cock had twitched and spasmed without cumming more in a few nights than I could ever remember happening before. At this moment I felt like I never wanted to touch my cock again. That, of course, was exactly the point. I had managed to get through the whole week without having to stop before Lisa told me too. At least this would end on Friday.

Friday at work was a total blur. All I could do was think about that evening. Knowing it would be Hell for me, but with little idea of the details. And is spite of what I knew was coming, I couldn't wait to get home.

The moment I walked in the door it was a near replay of one week before. "Okay drop your pants" were the first words out of Lisa's mouth. This time, however I wasn't so surprised. Without saying anything I simply complied.

After the last week, my cock was semi hard before I even had my pants down. This brought a wicked smile to Lisa's lips. Lisa gently grabbed my balls and started to feel them. Unlike the week before, I became rock hard instantly.

"This is much more like it" Lisa said, "this is the way a cock that hasn't cum for a while should behave. Now we are going to both enjoy this evening."

I couldn't help but think that my 'enjoyment' would be quite a bit different than Lisa's.

My cock was already throbbing and my balls aching from their fullness. Lisa continued to gently massage them, one with each hand. Shortly she began to rub that most sensitive spot right below the head with her thumbs at the same time. This is one of her most frustrating tricks. Normally she can do this for rather long periods. It gets me right to the edge, but by altering the pressure and speed of her motion, she can continue this without making me cum, but keeping me right on the verge. In my current condition, however, I wouldn't last long!

Without ever letting go of my balls, she maneuvered us both so she could sit comfortably in a chair. Her face at the exact height of my crotch so she could intently study my reactions. This was a bad sign for me, as it indicated her intent to keep this up for some time. I was soon nearly shaking, if she didn't stop I was going to cum. I hoped that was what she had in mind, but didn't really believe it was. I was right, just as my cock started to spasm, she removed her thumbs from my cock. I groaned loudly. She keep up her gently massaging of my balls though. No matter how horny I am, I've never been able to cum from just having my testicles stimulated, but it certainly makes them ache a lot and keeps me very close at the same time.

"Oh God, baby, PLEASE don't stop" I begged. "I need to cum so badly, please Lisa, I've learned my lesson, I will never do it again. Please make me cum" I was pleading now, truly desperate after the week I'd been through.

"Yes Peter, I can feel how full your balls are. You must really need to cum badly. And please do go ahead and beg, it excites me all the more! You never know, I might even listen and give in!" she giggle as she said the last.

I was sure she wouldn't, but I started to plead even more on the chance it might work. What it did instead was increase her assault on my nuts. As often as I could take it, she would again use her thumbs in the same way, stopping only when I was within a second or two of cumming, and starting up again as soon as she knew I wouldn't shoot right away.

I don't know how many times, nor how long this went on, but I was Jell-O when she finally stopped.

We took a break for a light dinner and then it was off to the bedroom for the rest of the night. Lisa decided she wanted to secure me to the bed. She said she was afraid I couldn't control myself for what she had in mind given my condition. This sounded bad! Once I was secure Lisa told me she was so horny she couldn't wait any longer. She also said that how long I'd have to wait to cum would depend on how good a job I did with my tongue. That said, she straddled my head and lower her pussy to my face. Naturally I did the best job I possibly could. I licked and sucked and teased and slowly but steadily built her to not one, but two orgasms. She collapsed more or less on top of me. She just laid there for a while, her sopping pussy inches from my face. Her warm breath caressing my cock. While I just ached for more of her touch. As she began to recover, she slipped my cock into her mouth and just held it there. Occasionally licking the head, but mostly just holding it. It was SOOO maddening.

Finally she got up. "Okay, I think you've suffered enough, its time." I could hardly believe it. I was ecstatic. She knelt between my legs, poured oil in her palms and started to slowly stroke my very rigid cock. It felt wonderful. I was finally able to enjoy the sensations, knowing it was FINALLY building up to me cumming. "Don't smile TOO hard Peter, this is still going to last a while!" she giggled.

I didn't care, my balls were boiling by now and I could feel that wonderful build up. Oh yes, Lisa was making it last and going very slow, but it was continuing to build. My God that woman can do things to my cock!

She was slowly but constantly pushing me toward my reward. At that moment, the week of suffering was worth it. I was so ready to cum. She was looking me right in the eyes and smiling. Most importantly she was stroking my cock nice and steady. It was only a matter of a few more strokes. I was so very close.

The phone rang. She stopped and moved to answer it. "NO! For God sake NO, don't answer that!" I was thrashing, at least as much as I could tied the way I was. Three or four more strokes and I would have cum. DAMN, I was so frustrated I was quivering.

"Be quiet, if you interrupt me while I'm on the phone, you'll wait until tomorrow, understand!" she said sternly. It wasn't a question. I bit my tongue and was quiet.


"Kathy, how are you? I haven't heard from you for days, what's up"

I groaned softly. Kathy was Lisa's best friend. A very sexy best friend too, I might add. But it meant this conversation could be a long one.

"No nothing special. Peter has had a very stressful week and we're just relaxing this evening." - RIGHT!, I thought.

They chatted on for a while, I didn't know or care about what. Lisa was caressing my balls non stop and would occasionally brush her hand over my cock. It was all I could do to keep from screaming.

"Oh Peter thinks he's going to get lucky tonight, but I haven't decided for sure if he will. You know what a complete bitch I can be if I want" she laughed.

I actually started to panic. What if she meant that. What if she was going to make me wait after all. I nearly blacked out.

"Oh no, he's right here. You should see the look I just got."

In spite of everything else, that embarrassed me to the point I could feel myself turn bright red!

"Okay, but I really need to run. I was right in the middle of something. Okay, I'll talk to you in a day or two, bye!"

Later I would come to believe that this had been a complete setup. For one thing, the call came exactly on the hour. I'm sure Lisa had put Kathy up to it and I would later find out that Kathy knew much more about our situation then I'd ever imagined.

She started to massage my nuts again, for serious. "Should I be a real bitch?" she asked with a huge smile.

I started to beg. "Lisa, please DON'T do this, please make me cum, please!"

"Oh Peter, you know I will. You've learned your lesson I'm sure. Now I'm going to untie you and I want you to make love to me. I'd suggest you don't cum before I do however!" This last comment was made with a Cheshire Cat grin. But I knew she was serious.

Having cum twice not long ago, and knowing she would hold off as long as she could, I was feeling ill at ease. Could I keep from cumming the second I slid my cock into her warm, tight cunt.

She released me and I entered her immediately. I concentrated very hard to avoid cumming until she did. Fortunately for me, she was totally turned on by the whole scene and came rather soon. The second she did I exploded inside her. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

We just held each other, and were soon falling asleep, both with very large smiles on our faces.

The end

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