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Paying the Interest


When I was 19 years old I was gang raped while on holiday in Spain. That sounds quite dramatic but although I wasn't dragged off the streets it certainly wasn't how I wanted my night to end, and it changed me forever. I had gone on my first foreign holiday with three friends and we were all very excited and determined to get the most out of it. None of us had boyfriends and as we were all far from being virgins there had been plenty of banter about sex, with my roommate Jo boasting that she intended to have a different guy every night. I was a bit more reserved but certainly had few inhibitions. I had had sex with 20 guys by the time we arrived in Magaluf. I had my 21st on the second night. We all went to a club and Jo and I got talking to a couple of guys. We were dancing and drinking and at the end of the night they walked us back to the hotel. We stopped for a bit of snogging and my chap, Chris had a good feel of my bum and tits and pulled me tight against his hard cock. Jo was getting similar treatment and neither of us objected when the guys came back to our room. It was pretty obvious what they wanted and given that Chris was, in my drunken state, starting to look like the hottest guy on the planet, we wanted it too.

Our room didn't have a separate bedroom and as soon as we got in Jo was on one of the twin beds with her guy and he was quickly stripping her out of her skimpy outfit. I was so engrossed in watching Jo being stripped that I hardly noticed that Chris had undone my skirt and it was around my ankles until he pulled my vest top over my head and unclipped my bra. Jo was by now naked and her guy had his head between her legs and was obviously licking her pussy. Chris pushed me down on my back and quickly removed my knickers and soon I too had a hot tongue in my pussy. Jo and I looked over at each other and she gave me a big grin, obviously not at all embarrassed at having sex next to one of her best friends. I however did feel a bit uncomfortable. I had watched porn so knew what people having sex looked like but this was a bit too close for me. I tried not to look as Jo panted through an orgasm but like pulling off a scab, it was somehow irresistible. Her guy quickly mounted her, and they were soon fucking vigorously, her arms and legs wrapped around him.

Chris kept up his licking and worked two fingers in me and I came too, much more quietly than Jo. Chris turned me over and I buried my face in the pillow as he fucked me doggy, all I could think about was how embarrassed I was to be having sex this close to someone else. When the guys had cum I think they were eying up the chances of swapping over but although I think Jo would have I wasn't having any of that and wrapped myself in a sheet to indicate that as far as I was concerned the night was over. They left with some vague plans to meet the following night at the same club. Jo was still stretched out naked, legs parted showing her shaved pussy, and when they had gone she turned to me and said

"God that was good, he had a lovely cock. I didn't get any yesterday, so I'll have to find two tomorrow if I want to get to seven."

Her hand was between her legs by now and as I watched in horrified fascination she began to rub her pussy, spreading her legs wider as she rubbed her clit firmly until she had a noisy orgasm. Then she turned off the light and went to sleep as if what had happened was the most normal thing in the world! Meeting our other two friends later she was eager to tell them about the 'couple of hot guys we fucked last night.' I was slightly more reticent, but we did come with the intention of having a good time and had laughed that the motto should be 'What happens in Magaluf stays in Magaluf' so I really should not have been feeling that way, it was just the idea of being watched/watching that had put me off.

Later that night we were back in a club, once more drunk and flirting with any guy that looked at us. We attracted lots of attention and the barman gave us a tray of shots which we downed to great applause. The guys from last night were there and Jo was soon snogging madly with her fella and was clearly intent on getting more of his 'lovely cock.' I was getting on well with another one of the lads but was feeling the worse for wear from all the booze. The guy I was with was dark and sexy and I was certainly horny after the previous night. All day I had been thinking about Jo being stripped and fucked and then her masturbating as I watched. Part of me was horrified but another part was excited by what I had seen, so when the guy I was with suggested going back to his place I agreed. Jo was clearly going to be using our room and I didn't want to make a habit of us having sex side by side - well not yet anyway. As soon as the fresh air hit me I started to feel very drunk indeed. The guy had hold of me tightly and managed to steer me along the maze of streets and up to his room.

Things got a bit hazy then as I think I must have passed out on his bed. That didn't stop him undressing me and I came too again with him on top of me with his cock in my pussy. Fair enough, it's what I went there for, but I was virtually unconscious and not really taking part. I just wanted to go back to sleep. He stopped - I presume he came in me - and then started again, except that when I opened my eyes it wasn't him, it was another of his mates. I started to struggle but the dark guy was on one side and another of them on the other side and they held me down, arms spread wide while the second one fucked me. Once he had cum they swapped again and a third one fucked me.

There was a pause then as I tried to get up, but they were holding me down, and poured what tasted like coke into my mouth, holding my nose and making me swallow. I'm guessing there was some spirit mixed into it because I started to drift off again. As I did another one mounted me, and I could see that there were more people in the room, there was music playing and there was laughing and cheering and hands all over me as one after another they all fucked me. No, they raped me. I was happy to fuck the dark guy but that was all, the others raped me. Repeatedly. I don't know how many raped me but when they finally let me go it was daylight. My tits and pussy were very sore as was my arse. I had never done anal before, but I obviously did that night. They managed to get me back into my skirt and top and left me on a bench on the seafront where my friends found me a couple of hours later.

I didn't know what to say at first, I just felt so stupid and let them think I'd fallen sleep on the bench after the club. Jo was excitedly telling me about her night. She had taken her guy back to our room but had also agreed that his mate could come too so she'd had her first threesome and was declaring that "Honestly Carol, two men is definitely the way forward, it was mind-blowing!" I laughed bitterly to myself as I wondered how many I had had. One of the other girls was asking if she would be seeing him/them again and Jo said no as they were flying home at lunchtime. That news made my mind up for me and I kept quiet about what had happened to me. I pretended that I had an upset stomach for the rest of the holiday and went home early the other nights, only to be woken by Jo and her chosen stud at around 02:30 as she did indeed fuck seven guys in seven days - eight actually as she dragged a guy she met at the pool upstairs on the last afternoon before finding someone else later that night.

Nine months later I gave birth to a dark-haired baby girl. I had been on the pill so didn't expect to get pregnant but maybe it was all the booze or something else (I still wonder what was in the shots the barman gave us) I drank but somehow, I was pregnant. I had always expected to have children someday but not this way. I could have had an abortion but decided that having a beautiful baby would be a good way to take away the bad memories of that night. A romantic view that I soon realised was just stupidity. My parents went mad when I told them about the baby and all but through me out of the house. A complicated pregnancy and a sickly baby meant that I missed the chance to go to college and the complications of the pregnancy left me unable to have any more children. It was hard to get a decent job as a single mum with little education and men seemed to think that a single mum just wanted sex. Well, maybe it was just the ones that I met but it seemed to me that once they had slept with me a few times they lost interest, the restriction of my crappy flat and growing child putting them off making any more of a commitment.

As for sex, well after being gang raped you would think I'd have run a mile from men but in fact once the soreness had left my body and I was back home I deliberately went out and found a guy I'd slept with before and we fucked all night. I didn't want to leave it too long before having sex again as I didn't want my stupidity (and let's face it, I was stupid to have put myself in that position) to ruin my life and I was determined to continue enjoying sex. The first time he got on top of me brought back some bad memories but soon I was enjoying it as much as I had ever done. I was quite defiant in thinking 'this isn't going to change me' but it did. I became more introverted and somehow more submissive, I certainly became less choosy. You might also think that I'd have nightmares about it and at first, I did, but after a while I'd wake up from a vivid dream of being raped by a gang of men and I'd be wet and horny, the merest touch on my clit bringing me to orgasm.

I used to play a little hard to get but now when a man wanted me I'd agree, part of me thinking that if I said 'no' it would be because I'd been raped. As I said, I'd slept with 20 guys before going on that holiday and after it I had idea what the number was, so it seemed silly to refuse. I even had a threesome when a guy that I was seeing suggested it, he shared me with his brother. I felt a little panic as he climbed off me and his brother took his place, then the boyfriend then the brother again but I got over it and we did it a few times before he too drifted away.

But the worst part was that sometimes I look at my daughter Emma with her dark complexion and thick dark hair and I think of the guy that lured me to his room. Did they plan it? Who knows but once I was there I was easy meat. Although I love her 99.9% of the time there is that 0.1% of the time when I just feel cold and want to punish her. Irrational I know but I can't help it.

We have drifted around the town, never really settling anywhere and I moved from one rubbish job to another. I finally rented a lovely flat from a private landlord and settled Emma into a decent school just after her 9th birthday. The rent was right on the limit of what I could afford but it was the nicest place we had lived in for a long time. It was a two bedroom garden flat in a Victorian house and the landlord, Steve, lived in another part of the house which was divided into four flats. He inherited it from his parents and I thought lived there alone. The rent had to be paid in cash which was slightly unusual, and Steve would come and collect it on the first of each month. He was in his 50's, medium height, slim, neat beard but had those quick eyes that didn't miss anything. He certainly liked collecting the rent and acted quite grand when he did, always making a point of reminding me that I was only there because he let me stay, he was always saying that he could get more for the place if he let it to a few students.

As the months went by I began to dread his visits to collect the rent. Not yet 30 I knew I was still an attractive woman. Medium height, slim build and a full bust I knew that the lads in the office where I worked all fancied me - or wanted to fuck me at least. Steve had a knack of looking at me as if he knew exactly what underwear I had on, one of those gazes that make people say that he undresses you with his eyes. As I said, I worked in an office for a small manufacturing company and they began to experience difficulties. There were whispers that sales were down and that we were in trouble. This culminated in me having my hours reduced and therefore my wages.

The flat was expensive on a full salary but on a reduced one it was almost impossible. We were told to hang on for a couple of months and things would be back to normal, so I tried my best to economise as I really didn't want to lose the flat. I managed the first two months but not the third. On the first of the month when the rent was next due I was £50 short. As usual Steve came around in the evening and I started to explain that I was 'only' £50 short and would pay it next month. (I had no idea how, it just sounded better that way) He just looked at me and gave me a smile that I can best describe as both gloating and evil before telling me that we needed to discuss it in private as the terms of my rental agreement meant that he now had the right to evict me. Emma was in the kitchen and I was about to tell her to go to her room when he put his hand on my arm and guided me up the stairs to my bedroom.

I'm not sure what I thought was going to happen, I suppose I thought we would talk about how I was going to pay but once in the room he shut the door and took his jacket off. He sat on the bed and started to take his shoes off before looking up at me, saying

"Don't you think you should start getting undressed too Carol, unless you want me to help you that is?"

I just looked at him dumbfounded as what he was expecting me to do sank in. £50. He was expecting to have sex with me for the £50 that I was short on the rent. By now he was down to his boxer shorts and the bulge in them left me in no doubt that he was as excited by the idea as I was terrified by it. I was wearing a skirt and a light jumper and he stood up and took hold of the hem of the jumper and pulled it up and over my head. I should have screamed the place down, but I didn't I just stood there as he unzipped my skirt and let it fall to my ankles. Standing behind me he unclipped my bra and pushed it off, his hands cupping and lifting my breasts before leaving them to slide my panties down my legs. I stepped out of them and my skirt as he pushed me down onto the bed, his hands all over my breasts, a look of triumph in his eyes, no doubt amazed at how easy it had been to get me to this position. His mouth came down towards me and I turned my face away, but he was aiming for a nipple and he sucked my left one greedily into his mouth as his squeezed and pulled at the other one with his fingers.

As he sucked and played with my breasts I could only think how stupid I had been to get myself into this position but when his hand strayed down to my pussy I dutifully spread my legs wider allowing him access. I just wanted him to get it over and done with and get out, to leave me and Emma alone. Oh my god...Emma. What would she think we were doing? By now he had worked a thick finger into my pussy and despite myself I could feel I was getting wetter. Not wet enough for him though because as he got onto his knees to get between my legs he leant forward and spat onto my pussy. Was there no end to the degrading and humiliating treatment I was going to receive from him?

He pushed my knees back and knelt between my legs, lewdly rubbing his cock with one hand as he continued to work a thick finger in and out of my pussy. I'd hoped that he would have a small cock or at least no bigger than average but I was disappointed to see that he was big, certainly one of the biggest I had seen in the flesh. He pushed his knob against my lips and I tried my best to relax and let him in, but he had to force his way inside, making me wince, which he seemed to enjoy. He started fucking me with long slow strokes, grinding his pubic bone against my clit each time and I couldn't help myself, I started to push back against him, my hips bucking against his. I was trying to make him speed up both, so it would be over and also because I could feel an orgasm building inside me and I didn't want to cum with him, but he kept on with his steady pace and I started to lose myself in the feeling his big cock was creating in my pussy. All this action was making the bed shake and it started a rhythmic thump against the wall, a sound the whole world knows means that someone is being fucked and I thought of Emma downstairs listening.

He finally scooped one leg over his arm and started fucking me with a real urgency, his big cock now sliding in and out of me easily as I could feel my own orgasm approach. As he doubled his efforts, slamming his huge cock into me as hard as he could I started to cum which was his cue to stiffen and fire his spunk into me. He lay there for a moment, collapsed on top of me as his cock shrank and the spunk started to dribble from my pussy. It had been a good fuck but why had I let him do it? He wiped his cock with my knickers, putting them in his pocket as he quickly dressed, and I just lay there. Before he left he said

"What I propose Carol is to add £10 per month to your rent for the next five months, you can pay the £50 you owe that way. I won't be charging you interest in cash on the debt, that would be unfair in your situation, but you do have to pay something in lieu. I think that the service you have just provided is a fair exchange for me spreading the debt out for you. I expect it to continue until the debt is paid. I'll see myself out. Goodnight."

I was dumbfounded. I at least expected him to wipe out the £50 but now he'd made me have sex with him and all I'd got was more time to pay and until I paid in full he intended to collect 'interest.' I should have said something to him at the start, made him explain what he had in mind, but I had just let him walk all over me, just like so many men before him.

I dressed and went downstairs. Emma looked at me with her big dark eyes and asked

"Is everything OK now mum, we don't have to move do we?"

I just smiled and assured her that everything was going to be alright. Later that night as I lay in bed I was torn, consumed by the worry of how to survive with a growing kid and a reducing salary and the pleasure from the tender ache between my legs where Steve had been so recently.

For the next month I tried, I really tried. I sold stuff on ebay, I kept costs to a minimum but by the 1st of the month I was short again, this time by £60 plus the £10 extra I should have paid. I packed Emma off to a friend and stripped off my work clothes and was waiting in just a short bathrobe when he arrived. As soon as he saw me he knew.

"How much?" he asked

"£70" was all I could say, staring down at the carpet.

This time he made me suck him first. There in the lounge in front of the patio doors he took off my robe and ran his hands all over me before pushing me to my knees and pulling his cock from his trousers. Sucking him made me appreciate exactly how big he was, his cock filling my mouth and almost choking me as he wound his hands into my hair and fucked my mouth. I wanked his thick shaft and squeezed his balls, sucking until my cheeks burned as I tried to make him cum as quickly as possible, but his stamina was impressive, and it seemed an age before he pulled out of my mouth and wanked a torrent of thick spunk over my face and tits.

As I wiped the spunk off me with my robe I looked out into the garden and thought I could see something move behind one of the bushes, but Steve soon demanded my full attention. He had stripped and was soon hard again. He sat on a dining chair and I straddled him, his cock slipping easily into my by now wet pussy, much to his amusement. He rocked me backwards and forwards on his cock as he played with my breasts, his hands and mouth roughly squeezing until my nipples were as big and hard as they had ever been. His cock was throbbing and pulsing in my pussy and I was close to cumming, jerking my hips and trying to rub my clit against him when he took my hand (which had been on his shoulder) and pushed it down to my pussy. He held me by the waist as I leaned back and rubbed my clit frantically, moaning and groaning as I came. He was stronger than he looked, he managed to stand with his cock still inside me and lowered me to the floor before fucking me harder than I have ever been fucked before, my final orgasm coinciding with his. As we rolled apart I thought I could again see movement but could not be sure.

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