tagNonConsent/ReluctancePaying the Landlord Ch. 05

Paying the Landlord Ch. 05


I wanted it. I wanted that big dick. I couldn't help but lean forward and take his cock in my hand. I think everyone was amazed that I wanted as they didn't say a word. I got on my knees and slowly ran my hand up and down the length of his impressive manhood.

I had no control over my body. My mind was telling me to stop but my I couldn't. My pussy was now in control and I was a helpless passenger.

I pulled his foreskin all the way back and back again. It smelled of urine but I didn't care. I placed my lips around the tip and slowly lowered my mouth down on his cock. He was very wide and I struggled to get my mouth around his girth. I could only push my mouth down an about 6 inches of it before it hit the back of my mouth and I gagged for air.

His cock was becoming more lubricated with my saliva so I began to speed up as it slipped into my mouth easier. I bobbed my head up and down, sucking his length and taking him to the back of my mouth.

His cock was so big it deserved to be worshipped. He placed his hands on the back of my head and pushed me down further on his dick. He would push me down as far as I could before pulling it out of his mouth leaving me spluttering for air, just to thrust it back in again.

"Hmmm, arrrr , yeahhhh." he moaned as he fucked my face.

The whole time I had been sucking, I had my fingers running over my pussy, gently rubbing my clit and slipping the odd finger or two inside me. I was wet, very wet.

Marcus then pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it against my tits. I held them open to allow him to slide his length between my breasts. I closed my tits around his cock and allowed him to fuck my big tits.

Every now and again, he would pull it out and thrust it back into my mouth again, just for that extra bit of lubrication. I held my tits together hard so he could give my filthy tit's a good fucking.

I was filthy, I was dirty, I was a whore. I allowed myself to be humiliated by tramps, what could be more disgusting than that?

Marcus roughly pulled me up off the floor and bent me over the couch. I stuck my ass out so my pussy was wide and open for his big monster dick, he moved forward and I felt him against my thighs, he ran his hands all over my round firm ass and gave it a good smack.

"Oh yes!" I moaned, "smack it harder, smack my ass hard!"

He planted several stinging slaps against my ass, this made my pussy wetter and wetter. He aligned his monster prick against my wet pussy lips and slowly eased into my sopping cunt.

His cock touched the sides of my cunt like nothing ever before. My pussy was overflowing in ecstacy as this big prick violated me, I loved it. He pushed himself deep inside me, I was so wet he did so with ease. I grasped a hold of the sofa and squealed with delight.

He slowly built up a rhythm of fucking my pussy, it was good, so good I felt that I was going to come straight away.

"Oh my God, oh, fuck yes, ahhhh, ahhhh, that's it fuck me hard!"

I was screaming in pleasure as I was ravaged. He sped up his momentum and grasped hold of my hips and pushed himself deeper inside me. I could feel that almost all of his cock was buried inside me.

My cunt was a fucking whore, I hated my cunt for betraying my husband but his cock was so good.

"Oh my God I'm gonna come, yes, yes, yes!!" I screamed as I came all over his cock. He slowed his rythhm down to allow me to come in style.

I felt his cock withdraw from my cunt, it was an amazing sensation feeling something so long slide in and out of you. His cock fell out with a loud plop noise and he sat on the sofa, holding his impressive length in hand.

I wanted to taste my foul cunt so I knelt before him and ran my tongue up his shaft and took him in my mouth again. My twat juices tasted along with his cock tasted magnificent yet filthy. I washed my juices of his cock and the straddled him.

Marcus placed his hands on my hips as I took his cock and guided it towards my soaking cunt. I reached behind and with my left hand I gripped the cock at its base, it was so thick I couldn't encircle it with my index finger and thumb. I placed it between my lips and lowered myself on it.

I dropped on to the penis inch by inch, slowly, enjoying the sensation as it gradually filled me, finally coming to a stop when I sat on his thighs, every inch was deep inside me.

I looked up at the ceiling a let out a long sigh of relief as Marcus buried his face in my big tits. I had the whole of his 12 inches inside me, it felt so fucking good, I just sat there for a while admiring myself embedded on his big dick.

Marcus placed his hands on my ass and lifted me slightly, he then began thrusting into me. I began moving with him until I built a rhythm, as he pushed up I pushed down.

"Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, yes! Oh yes!"

I fucked his cock hard and I couldn't believe that I was going to come again so soon.

"I'm coming, oh fuck yes I'm coming!"

I came again, arching my back. I then put my hands on the fat mans' chest, balancing myself as I thrust down on him. I was such a whore because I wanted more and more.

I had completely forgotten about Mr.Allen sat behind me, but I was soon made aware of his presence. I hands on my hips and something pushing against my asshole, and it was small. Mr.Allen was rubbing his puny little dick against my anus and slowly eased himself in. It wasn't that tight as it had only just been screwed senseless a few days earlier. But his cock in my ass instantly told my pussy to get some more cock.

Marcus lifted me up so there was possibly 2 inches of wet shaft not in my pussy, he slid in and out of my cunt effortlessly and stated to bang me hard. Mr.Allen's cock in my ass was wonderful as it was tighter than my cunt, I could feel his puny cock that little bit more.

I lasted surprisingly long, being fucked in tandem by 2 cocks, one in my cunt and one in my ass. I bet I looked a sight. Dressed in a Basque with fishnet stockings being fucked silly in both my holes by two ugly, smelly fat men.

I think that was what my pussy loved, that physically I was more attractive than them. My pussy loved it that I was a whore who fucked those less fortunate and better looking. I was sort of a rich bitch fucking my way through the lower classes. It appealed to me, I loved that idea.

Mr.Allen didn't hold out for much longer and he unleashed himself into my ass and he pulled out. I could feel his cum leaking from my ass. It was running down over my cunt and down Marcus' shaft I can only presume.

"Marcus fuck me harder, oh yes I want your filthy cum all over my face you dirty, filthy fat bastard! Oh yes, you filthy fat bastard! Fuck my cunt!"

I sounded like a fucking whore and I bet all the neighbours could hear but I didn't give a fuck.

Mr.Allen knelt on the couch and offered his little cock to my face. I leant forward and washed his cock, covered in cum and my ass in my mouth. He squeezed my tits hard as I did.

Marcus started to moan loudly and I could tell he wasn't far. Without warning I was thrown of his monster prick. He stood over me ferociously wanking his monster cock.

"Oh yes, c'mon Marcus give it to me, give me your cum all over my face!"

"Hmmm, arrrr, arrrr, yesssssssssss!" he screamed.

Stream after stream layered my face, I opened my mouth wide as his cum showed me no mercy, it literally covered every inch of my face. It tasted really salty and I played with it in my mouth, rinsing it around and letting it spill over down my chin. I fucking loved it.

An hour later, I was looking at myself in the mirror again. I looked a fucking mess, come was layered all over my face. It made me horny. I reached under the bed and got out the big black 12 inch dildo and fucked it silly. I couldn't get enough of that big cock. Marcus' cock stretched me like no other and I felt a slut to say it but my pussy would not want any cock unless it was a fucking whopper.

It was 3pm, I had cleaned myself up, but I was still dressed in my Basque and that, I couldn't get the size of his dick out of my head. I had to do something about it, so I did.

In just my Basque, fishnet stockings and heels, I opened the front door and left. I walked down the stairs, my heels loudly clattering on the concrete floor.

I approached number 4 and knocked. The door opened and I said that I wasn't finished. I wanted more. Marcus opened the door wider and let me in.

I was a whore. A lowly, dirty fucking whore. And I loved it. I couldn't wait for what tomorrow would bring...


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This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

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