tagInterracial LovePeaches and Cream Pt. 07

Peaches and Cream Pt. 07


Independence Day 2018

Catherine applied another layer of sunscreen to the chubby baby on her lap. Catherine's idea of love changed the moment she met Emily. The intensity of love she felt the moment they put her in her arms was nothing she felt before. "Mama loves you, sweet girl." Catherine kissed the top of her curly brown head. To Cat's eye, Emily did not favor her or Matt except for Catherine's smile and Matt's grey eyes.

Catherine adjusted the sunglasses on her face. The morning sun at the beach was brighter and hotter than Northern Virginia. Personality wise, Emily was Matt's clone. An undemanding baby, she loved being outside and active. They quickly discovered that walks around the neighborhood soothed her crankiness and Matt jogging with her strapped to him brought her pure joy. She fell in love with the waves and sand instantly. Cat enjoyed their mama and daughter sunrise walks on the beach with the dogs.

"Don't forget to put sunscreen on yourself too." Matt came out of the house holding the carbon copy of the baby on her lap. "Someone is up and wanted to see their mama." He leaned down and kissed her. "You slipped out of bed before I could properly tell you good morning."

"A proper good morning is what got me these two." He sat down in the rocker next to her. "Good Morning, my lovely." Catherine's voice took on a sing-song quality when she spoke to her daughters. She kissed Charlotte's chubby cheek. Charlotte looked like Emily but personality wise she was Catherine. A cautious and reserved baby, she thrived on order and routine, observed everything and hated change. It took a while before Em warmed up to the waves and sand. But now she loved everything about the beach: the sounds, smells, and taste. Catherine knew it was going to be a rough couple of days when they headed home.

"Mommy would appreciate it greatly if you two would sync up your nursing and sleeping schedules. She's horny and would like to get laid soon. Or at the very least her pussy licked." Catherine winked at Matt.

"Catherine Susan Miller Walker! Is that any way to talk in front of your children?!" Patricia Miller stood at the bottom of the deck stairs impeccably dressed at 7am. She wore a pair of white linen pants and a light top with an Americana print. Her disapproving face was covered by a large brim white hat. "Sometimes I wonder about you?"

"Good Morning, Mother." Matthew stood up as she climbed the stairs. Catherine couldn't help but admire his toned body. Dressed only in a pair of running shorts, Cat admired his broad chest was covered with a wisp of black hair. The summer tan enhanced the definition of his stomach muscles and muscular legs. Catherine's eyes drifted down to the V of his stomach that dipped into his pants. She licked her lips and shot him a look of lust. "A healthy sex life is the hallmark of a good marriage especially when you are married to a man as sexy as Matt. And please don't forget I grew up in a house with thin walls and a father who deployed."

Patricia took the baby out of Matt's arms and sat in the rocker. "How is my sweet Charlotte this morning?" She kissed the baby's temple. It never failed to amaze Cat how her mother could tell the girls apart. Admittedly, she and Matt struggled in the early sleep-deprived days of parenthood.

Matt returned Catherine's look and winked at her. "Patricia, can I offer you a cup of coffee? I am brewing a wonderful dark roast I bought at a small shop in Alexandria." Catherine gave Matt her "coffee snob" look. "We should all be thankful for my love of good coffee. If not for a cup of coffee, we wouldn't all be here today."


Saturday before Labor Day 2016

Catherine pulled the linen off the bed as she did every Saturday. Matt laughed at her, but routines brought Catherine comfort and familiarity. Growing up a military brat, Cat found calmness in the chaos of multiple moves in routines. Saturday was laundry day regardless if they lived in Germany, Kentucky or North Carolina. As a child Cat chaffed at her mother's rigidity but as an adult, she recognized her mom's need to keep some normality.

Catherine still adhered to some of her mother's rules: clean sheets on the bed every Saturday, no dirty dishes overnight and wiping the sink down after brushing her teeth. However, lessons about being "door ready," not leaving clothes on the floor and no pets on the furniture were not as ingrained.

Cat let out an audible sigh. Thoughts of her mother made Cat feel simultaneously angry, sad and guilty. She could not remember a moment in her life when Patricia was not there. Sadly many of those moments were clouded by her mom's judgmental and controlling ways. Catherine was not a child, and she needed Patricia to respect her choices and decisions.

Grabbing the quilt and shams off the floor, she dropped them in the laundry basket. Matt laughed that she washed those monthly admitting he could not remember the last time he cleaned his. On her next visit to his apartment to, she's promptly cleaned everything on his bed and sprayed Lysol on the mattress for good measure.

Matthew Walker. Thoughts of him brought a blush to her cheeks. The past few months with him were passionate and exciting. Last night they walked downtown to grab a drink and listen to live music. She loved dancing with him. The feel of his body wrapped around hers gave her delight. It didn't hurt that Matt was even lighter on his feet than he was in college. The warm evening, bourbon and slow dancing to the Motown cover band made Cat putty in Matt's hands.

His mouth claimed her in an urgent kiss. His tongue fought hers for dominance. His hand roamed her body, squeezing her breast through her dress before heading under her skirt. His left hand pushed its way between her legs while his right hand grabbed her butt. He stroked the fabric between her legs feeling her increasing wetness.

Catherine could feel her body throbbing. She widened her stance and pushed her hips forward giving him better access. "Tell me how much you want this Dr. Miller. Tell me how much you want me to take you here on the street" His teeth nipped at her neck. Their bodies were covered by the shadows. "Aren't you afraid of someone seeing us?"

Matt's fingers glide inside Catherine's panties, his fingertips caressing her swollen clit. Catherine's breathing increased. "Please, Matthew." His increased his tempo until he felt Catherine shudder. "Pleeeaassseee...Take me now Matthew. I don't care who sees" Her voice pleading.

Matt removed his hand to undo his shorts. Catherine slipped her panties down and kicked them off. Using the wall for support, he pulled her right leg to his hip and slid inside of her. Catherine grabbed his head and pulled his mouth to hers. His hard and urgent thrust rubbed against her clit and hit her G-Spot.

He pulled completely out of her. He slid slowly across her engorged clit until his tip rested at her opening. He broke the kiss and looked Cat in the eye. "Now, Peach, do not scream." He slammed his mouth down on her as he slammed into her. He reached between them and squeezed her clit.

Tears came to cat's eyes as she exploded against him. Matt rocked against her and came next. He trailed kisses across her cheek and down her neck. "I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you. I can't explain what you do to me, Catherine. "He kissed her lips. Catherine wrapped her arms around his neck.

Catherine was broken out of her recollection by the sound of barking dogs and the doorbell. Catherine put down the basket and headed for the door. It was either someone handing out religious or political materials. Cat gave herself the once-over in the mirror. She wore a pair of dark jean capris and a yellow floral top. Diamond studs, a gift from her parents, finished the look. Catherine hated to admit this, but she made an effort when Matt stayed over. Always look good for your man was another Patricia lesson. At least she wasn't wearing makeup.

Catherine peeked out the blinds in the living room. A gleaming late-model black Cadillac sat in the driveway. Cat only knew one person who kept their cars looking like they came off the showroom floor. She sprung open the door. "DADDY!"

Phillip Miller broke into a huge grin when he saw his baby girl. "Kitty Cat!" He wrapped his daughter into a bear hug. "I have missed my baby girl. Step back and let me look at you." Catherine stepped back while her dad looked her over.

"I can't deny that you look happy." He took off his trademark hat and stepped into the house. "House looks very nice. Your mother would be pleased to see the fresh flowers." Fresh flowers in a house were another of Patricia's lessons. According to her, they brightened a home and made it elegant. Patricia was known for her green thumb. Growing up she and Phillip kept the best yard in the neighborhood. Patricia spent hours planting bulbs and annuals while Phillip turned their yards into lush green carpets. Catherine's yard was proof of their talents.

Catherine smiled at her father. "Why do we go sit on the back porch? It's a lovely morning." She headed for the back porch through the kitchen stopping briefly to pick up a plate of lemon blueberry scones and napkins. Catherine settled into her favorite chair and offered her father a scone. "Did she send you?"

Phillip sat down across from his daughter. "Catherine," he rarely used her full name. "Your mother does not know I am here. She thinks I am home working on her Honey-do list. She is on her Catholic Lady getaway." Every Labor Day Patricia's church group went on a spiritual retreat shockingly close to the casinos at Cherokee. "You and your mother are two stubborn mules. Her smile and brains were not the only things you inherited from her. Didn't you think your presence would be missed at the beach? Mike was in from Japan, and you didn't come."

For most of Cat's life, the Millers spent one week at the beach during the summer. The tradition continued even as the children went off the college and separate existences. ". Now the week included in-laws, significant others, and grandchildren. Catherine's parents purchased a beach house for a steal when the real estate market crashed and designated the week of the Fourth of July as "Miller Vacation Week."

For a week they put aside any differences to laugh, eat, tell stories, play games and enjoy each other. All three Miller children made an effort to attend some if not all of the week. His military career usually kept Mike away, but due to an impending deployment, he made a special trip. Catherine took John last year. This year she did not attend.

"Dad, I figured it was easier if I didn't come. I had dinner with Michael when he came to the Pentagon, and he understood. I didn't want my conflict with Mom to overshadow his visit and his time with the family."

Phillip took a deep breath and stared directly at his daughter. "Cat, I am 71 years old. I don't know how many family trips I have left. I was looking forward to having all of my kids together again. It's been 5 years since you all were together."

Cat looked at him with wide eyes. "No, baby girl, I am fine. Just realistic that this body is not going to last forever. It's time you stop being childish and put this ridiculous argument with your mother to bed."

"Childish! The woman is judgmental, controlling, disapproving and a pain in my ass. She acted like I brought shame to the Miller name. She acted as if the world was going to end because I broke up with John. And then she wanted to blame all this on Matthew. You did not hear the way she spoke to me on the phone. She called me irresponsible, impetuous and unfeeling."

"So what part of sleeping with your college boyfriend while ignoring your partner of almost three years is caring, compassionate and well thought out? Catherine, you don't get to gloss over your mistakes. Especially when those mistakes hurt other people. And yes, you embarrassed both your mother and I. We genuinely liked John and his family. We thought they were going to be in-laws. Instead, we must defend our daughter and her actions." At 39, Catherine was not immune to her father's disapproving tone.

"Cat, I am not trying to hurt you. But you have to stop acting like a spoiled child and admit your mistakes."

"I am not a spoiled child."

"Ignoring your mother's text and phone calls, not showing up to family events and blocking your parents on social media is behaving like a spoiled child. At almost 40, you are too old to act like a petulant teenager. Besides I raised you, you are definitely spoiled." He smiled indulgently at his only daughter as Catherine rolled her eyes. "The problem is you and your mother are exactly alike. You are both bright, headstrong women who need to be right. The only thing different is how you go about it. Your mother bullies people into submission whereas you pout and wait until people give in. The problem is neither of you wants to wave the white flag this time. And the rest of us are collateral damage." He took a bite of scone. "This is really good. If the math doesn't work out, you should try opening a bakery."

Catherine laughed. "Math and I are doing just fine unless you want to fund this venture." She stood up disturbing the dogs laying at her feet. "I could use a glass of lemonade, why don't I get us some." Catherine wasn't thirsty she just wanted out of her father's disapproving glare. Phillip rarely interceded between Cat and her mother. He learned long ago that they both would turn on him accusing him of favoring the other.

Cat opened the fridge and pulled out the lemonade. Was it too early to spike it with Vodka? Cat gave a silent prayer Matt was not there. The subject of her mother was a sore spot between them. He missed his mother dearly and urged Cat to make amends. He did not want Cat to have regrets if something happened to Patricia. Matt felt guilt about his response when Patricia called and the source of their argument.

Catherine was a mess after her fight with John. Mostly she was angry at herself for getting in this position. She never wanted to hurt John, but she did not love him. Not the kind of love that saw you through hard times and bitter disappointment. Nor did she have any clue of the resentment he was harboring towards her. She should have broken up with him months ago, but secretly she feared he was her "last chance." At 39, Catherine accepted she would need to settle in some ways for marriage and children.

Unbeknown to Cat, John called her parents to tattle on her. Only his version of events made it seem like he caught her and Matt in the middle of something alluding that their relationship rekindled months ago. After blocking Catherine on social media, he posted a series of posts that maligned her character. Basically, she was an emotionally manipulative trollop who used sex to get what she wanted and had no regard for others feelings. Lucky for Catherine, Alicia took a screenshot and texted them to her. Catherine used the word Lucky sarcastically.

After the fight, Catherine overcame by a migraine took to her bed. She'd turned off her phone not wanting to hear from John. Later after a talk with Matt, they'd gone out for omelets and French toast for a late night dinner. Avoiding her house, the ended up at his apartment watching Netflix. They'd talked about his marriage and her relationship with John before falling asleep.

The next morning he woke her up telling her Alicia was hitting him up on FB messenger looking for her. Catherine, realizing she did not have her phone, returned home to find numerous texts, voicemails, and FB messages. Several were from her mother who demanded Cat calls her immediately. Dutifully Catherine called her mother to reassure her she was ok. However, instead of being compassionate and understanding to her only daughter, Patricia was judgmental and punitive.

She questioned Catherine's morals and ethics. Her mother called her ungrateful, entitles and a disappointment. This set Catherine off. Honestly, Cat did not remember verbatim what they said to each other but 39 years of anger and resentments bubbled to the surface. Patricia demanded to know why she would choose a cheater over a good man. That remark caused Catherine to hang up the phone but not before yelling how much she hated her mother.

Upon hearing this, Patricia ran to her bedroom where she stayed for three days. Catherine took to her bed and called out of work for two days. On the third day, she called her brother, Joseph, who told her how devastated their mom was. He also filled her in on the version of events John told her parents. Cat called her dad who urged her to give her mother time.

But something strange happened in the time it took for Patricia to call her daughter. Catherine went from apologetic to angry. How dare her mother question her morals, believe she was a floozy and blame Matt. She refused to take Patricia's phone call or respond to a text. Instead, Cat vented her fury into a handwritten letter. She stated until Patricia could respect her as a self-sufficient, professional, capable woman they had little to discuss. She mailed the message at the end of April. Her father called, but Cat responded to her mother via text she did not have the stomach to listen to his defense of a woman he once called "vile and manipulative."

Catherine did maintain a relationship with her sister in law, Alicia and her brother Mike. Her eldest brother, Joseph, was a mama's boy. Catherine left it to Alicia to handle him which she did with elegance and ease.

Catherine returned with two glasses of lemonade. "The yard is looking great. I really like how the bushes are trimmed along the back. And the grass in the front looks great. Did you seed it this spring?"

"Matt loves yard work. He mows the grass about every 10 days, edges everything up and planted heirloom tomatoes on the side. He lives in an apartment, so he enjoys having a place to tinker. Plus I get the benefits of a beautiful yard and yummy tomato sandwiches."

Phillip motioned for Catherine to see in the chair next to him. "Are you in love, Kitty Cat or are you caught up in nostalgia?"

"When I saw your mother again after our divorce, I remembered the good things: how she lit up a room with her smile, her humor, and her class. It was easy to remember why I loved her. When the nostalgia wore off, I remembered all the reasons we split up. The fact she needed to control everything, her stubbornness, and anger over playing second fiddle to the army. And she hated how I just gave into to you kids making her the "bad guy." We went to therapy to let go of past hurts and find common ground. It was hard work, but I would not have traded the past 10 years with her. My only regret is we didn't do it sooner and save our kids from our crazy."

"It sounds cliché, but I loved John but was never in love with him. We liked the same things, but I never felt butterflies. It could have been a comfortable life, but I did not want to settle. I want what you and Mom have, what Alicia and Joe have. That kind of love that you can see between two people."

Catherine looked down as tears fell down her face. "Being with Matt reminds me of what love can feel like. But I don't want to romanticize the past or paint a rosy picture of today. We are different people who loved other people and lived a lifetime. Part of me thinks we should try and see if the magic is there and part of me is scared of him hurting me again." Catherine inched her chair closer to lay her head on her Dad's shoulder.

"Honey, be honest with him. Take your time. Let the past go and see if you can make it today. But you can't do that until you talk about it." He leaned over and kissed the top of her head. "I raised a smart, confident, capable woman who will make the best decision for her. Just don't let your hormones overrule your head."

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