tagBDSMPeacock Palace Ch. 01: Newcomers

Peacock Palace Ch. 01: Newcomers


Jessica looked out the window and saw a vast stretch of mountains and trees. This was the first time she had ever been on a plane, let alone a privet jet. It was a luxury she was not used to and, as evidence by her third glass of champagne, she was not going to let it pass her by. Before this moment Jessica Renfro's life would not exactly be described as 'extraordinary'.

When she was younger, Jessica had spent a considerable amount of her time in collage exploring her sexuality, eventually finding her way into the world of S&M. It was a fun and enlightening time for her, but life soon got in the way. Jessica eventually ended up living in a small, one bedroom apartment working at an accounting firm.

Now in her early thirties, strapped for cash, and painfully bored with her mundane life, Jessica was becoming disillusioned. One day, with her trusty vibrator, Jessica spent an unusually long afternoon watching porn and trying to forget her troubles. As the day turned to night, and her lust still not satisfied, her porn searches slowly became kinkier and kinkier.

It was there, within the dark recesses of the internet, that Jessica came across an advertisement for a job opening at a place called 'The Peacock Palace'. From the looks of things, it was a kind of burlesque house. It offered live shows and exotic performances. It presented itself as a high class social club, but under the surface, it was really just a high end sex dungeon.

Her curiosity ignited fond memories of her time in a leather corset. Jessica longed for the feeling of being desired by men who would do anything to please her. Some further investigation revealed that the Peacock Palace offered a wide selection of men and women who would play any role you wanted, provided you had the money. And the money was plentiful. A quick look at the selection of services they offered, and what they charged for it, Jessica could tell this place was flush with cash.

It took Jessica about a week, and several bottles of wine, before she worked up the courage to send in her application along with her head-shot. A few days later she received a phone call, it was a woman from the Palace conducting an interview. She was very cordial and polite on the phone, and seemed to speak with a hint of a French accent. The woman asked Jessica a number of questions about herself. When the conversation eventually made its way to her sexual experiences, Jessica didn't shy away. She explained that she had slept with a number of men (and once with a woman during her sophomore year), and was experienced playing the role of both a Top and bottom, though she preferred the former.

The woman on the phone revealed that the job was part of a three year contract with the Palace. Jessica would be filling the position of 'stage performer', a job that paid handsomely. The woman also explained that the job required Jessica to relocate to West Virginia. Apparently the Palace was built on a large estate and can provide room and board for its employees. Not being particularly fond of her apartment and not really having any family members to tie her down, Jessica said that that wasn't a problem. The call ended with the woman congratulating Jessica and saying that she was hired.

Jessica set out preparing for her exciting new life. She gave her boss her two weeks notice and packed her belongings in a couple of suitcases, leaving the rest in storage. Several days later, a woman arrived at Jessica's doorstep. She introduced herself as Catherine. She was a black woman in her mid to late forties, her slick black hair made into a bob that hung over her broad shoulders. Her tall stature and strong physique produced an aura of intimidation that Jessica, quite honestly, thought was impressive. She directed her to a cab that took the two to an airport, where a privet jet was ready to take off.

When the plane landed on a small airstrip hours later, there was a limousine waiting for them. Inside, Jessica was greeted by two people already there. As the limousine started to drive, Catherine took a moment Jessica to introduce everyone. One was a man by the name of Alex Belli. He was short and fairly thin. And though he was as old as Jessica, his young face masked his true age and made him look no more than twenty. The other, a woman, was named Maria Cadeo. She had olive skin with black hair that flowed over her shoulders. Her body was more pear shaped, with wide hips and long legs.

After exchanging pleasantries, Jessica learned that Alex and Maria had come across the same advertisement she had and were also hired to work at the Palace. Catherine then began to formally introduce herself.

"My name is Catherine Lambton, I am the Second Madam of the Peacock Palace. But you will refer to me as 'Mistress'." Catherine's voice was polite but stern. While she spoke, she maintained strict eye contact with the three and her overall domineer gave the impression of a woman that would say a thing once, and did not like to repeat herself. "Her Lady, Isabel Hereta, has chosen you all to be part of our House. The Good Lady will be your employer, but you will report to me."

The limousine was now on a winding highway, speeding past tall trees and scenic mountain overlooks.

"When we arrive at the house I will be escorting you all to your new living quarters. Tomorrow, you will each be placed under the watch of one of the House Masters. They will be the ones advising you and making sure you are properly trained to handle your assignments."

"We allow our employees to enjoy a wide range of freedom. You may use our facilities however you like, provided you ask permission first. You are free to leave the grounds as you wish during your off hours and our chauffeurs will take you where ever you wish to go. There are many accommodations you may use freely. However, if you do not follow the rules of this House you will be punished."

Jessica was amused by the irony of Catherine's statement and could not help but let out a tiny laugh. This did not sit well with Catherine, who gave Jessica a harsh glare.

"This House hosts a number of regular events with a select clientele. The good Lady has taken great care in making the Peacock Palace into the premier social club in the country. She is very well connected and you will do NOTHING to compromise all Her hard work. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Jessica said meekly, immediately regretting her actions.

"Excuse me?"

"Yes ... Mistress."

The limousine turned off the highway onto a small country road and then, after about thirty more minutes, came to a stop.

"We are here," Catherine said, gesturing everyone to step out of the car.

Once outside, the three were greeted with their first view of the Peacock Palace. Wide green hills dotted with trees laid the setting for the grounds of a vast country estate. A long paved driveway lead up a hill and to the Palace, which was actually a large colonial style villa. The main section measured three stories tall with a dome over its portico. It was flanked on either side by smaller wings that extended a additional hundred yards in both directions. A tall brick wall surrounded the grounds and separated the group from the property. Between them and the estate was an ornately decorated metal gate. It's cartouche depicted an intricately crafted peacock that looked down on the three newcomers.

"Welcome to the Peacock Palace," Catherine said. "For the next three years, this is where you will all live and work. Here, you will be at the service of Lady Hereta. You will follow Her every order and obey the rules of this House. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," the three said in unison.

Catherine smiled, "Good, now strip."

The group looked at each other nervously, thrown off by the sudden request and did not know how to respond.

"Is something wrong? I said strip. Everything OFF!" Catherine said, clearly annoyed with their delay.

The three jumped at Catherine's impatience. Jessica and Alex exchanged looks and immediately started to disrobe, but Maria remained still. She looked around at the vast property and the wide open grounds in confusion.

Catherine approached the young woman. "Do I need to repeat myself? I suggest that you do as you are told," she said now standing over Maria. Looking up at the woman's unwavering glare, Maria's hands slowly moved up and began to unbutton he blouse.

Now addressing the group, Catherine continued. "It would be wise for you all to do as you are ordered to while you are here." Jessica at this point was undoing her bra while Alex was stepping out of his shoes and undoing his pants. "If you fail to follow instructions, if you fail to adhere to your training, if you fail to follow the rules of this House, You. Will. Be. Punished." Catherine said, now beginning to pace in front of the three. "The Good Lady has spent a considerable amount of time and resources to accommodate your stay here. Let me make myself abundantly clear, you are all considered an investment in this House and it is my job her to insure that the Good Lady collects on Her returns," Catherine turned to Maria, "one way or another."

As the three continued to strip, Catherine took the time to examine them. Alex's thin body showed little definition of muscle. His fair skin was contrasted by thick red hair that formed a line down his stomach, leading to his genitals. His penis was circumcised and was, as Catherine noted, of decent size.

Jessica had a thin figure and pert breasts. She spent time on her body and was proud of her sexuality, choosing to flaunt it. She working out regularly to maintain her physique and even sunbathed nude to avoid tan lines. Jessica always made sure her mound remained shaven and smooth.

Maria on the other hand was not shaven. A thick tuft of hair, trimmed short and groomed along her bikini line, covered her sex. Her large breasts, with their dark areolas, hung over her stomach, which was defined by a pair of love handles. On her outer thigh was a tattoo of a butterfly.

With the last shred of clothing removed, the three newcomers now stood completely naked, their bodies totally exposed to the world. Catherine then motioned to the chauffeur to pick up their clothes. He did so before then opening up the trunk of the limo and throwing them in. He then pulled out a small wood case.

Catherine stood over Maria, who tried to cover herself with her hands. When the chauffeur stepped behind the exposed woman, Maria turned her attention behind her. Catherine then, in a swift motion, grabbed both of her hands of the distracted woman and yanked them behind her back. Maria let out a yelp as the chauffeur then reached into the case, pulled out a pair of handcuffs and locked them around her wrists.

Jessica and Alex stood and watched as Catherine then produced a ball gag from the case and, with the assistance of the chauffeur, forced them into the young woman's mouth. They finished with a pair of blindfolds that strapped tight around Maria's head. When they were done, Catherine let go of Maria who responded by frantically hunching over, desperately trying to shield her exposed body as best she could. Catherine then moved to Jessica and repeated the same violent process. Learning from the others, by the time they reached him, Alex chose to cooperate and did not attempt to resist.

When Catherine was finished with her captives, she pressed an intercom by the gate and, moments later, they began to open. Catherine grabbed Maria and Jessica, using the chains of their cuffs as handholds. The chauffeur took hold of Alex and together they marched their way up the driveway to the Palace. As the company passed the threshold, Jessica listened as the gates closed behind them with a loud clang.

Left blind, the trio of newcomers could not help but become conscious of themselves. Maria became extremely aware of her surroundings. Any sound she heard registered a reaction from her. Every bird chirp, every rustle of a tree, every snap of a twig, she turned and tried to shield her body from her unseen voyeurs.

Alex was less concerned of any potential peeping tom. He was too mesmerized with the odd sensations he was experiencing. He was focused on the foreign feeling of a warm afternoon sun on his genitals and a cool breeze between his legs. It was an odd feeling being so totally exposed and Alex was trying to decipher how he felt about it.

Jessica however could only think of her feet. Forced to walk on the hard pave work barefooted, the many small stones and twigs that scattered the surface felt like they were embedding themselves in the soles of her feet. Adding to her discomfort, the pavement was hot from the sun and every step Jessica took felt like she was walking on coals.

The journey to the Palace took a fair amount longer than if they had not been so impaired. The result being that by the time they finally traversed the grounds, navigated up the stairs, and arrive at the front entrance, the helpless party were all starting to breath heavy with exhaustion.

What followed, the three had no choice but to endure. Unable to resist in any way, they were forced to suffer in their humiliation. When the door opened, the company was greeted with the sounds of a cheering crowd. The three jumped back at what they could best discern as a gathering of about twenty applauding strangers. Maria attempted to retreat but Catherine held her firm in place. Alex froze in place and his face grew bright red. Jessica was just thankful she was off the hard pavement and now walking on a smooth marble floor. As they walked forward into the crowd, amongst the clapping voices began to emerge.

"Welcome to the Peacock Palace!" said an unseen man.

"You're gonna love it here!" called out a woman.

The three were shoved forward and together, they were forced to make their way through the crowd. Jeers and catcalls followed the three nude captives as they marched through the interior of the Palace. Where ever they were going, the crowd seemed intent to follow.

"The Good Lady made a fine catch with these two, those are some nice tits!"

"Don't forget about this one, he's got a nice cock, don't you!?"

Room after room, they were carried through a seemingly never ending maze. Jessica attempted to mentally draw a map of the layout, but the many twists and turns of their journey proved too convoluted to follow. The marched up stairs, through corridors, back down stairs, past large halls, outside into a courtyard, and then back inside. Jessica concluded that Catherine must be taking the opportunity to parade the trio through the entire House. All the while, the crowd followed them. In fact, with every room they passed, it grew larger.

"That's a pretty cunt, can't wait till they shave it smooth!"

"You give good head sweetheart? I can help you if you need some pointers!"

"I'd love to see that nice ass of yours red from a good paddling!"

Further and further they walked. Meanwhile the crowd, which seemed to now number in the several dozen, followed them. At the beginning of the parade, they had all remained at least a few paces behind the company. But as the group kept moving, the crowd grew more bold. They come closer and closer to the defenseless trio until they were almost on top of them. The three were brushing up against strangers, bumping into their voyeurs. In the middle of all this, a hand emerged from the crowd and grabbed Jessica's breasts.

Jessica let out a yell, muffled by her ball gag and suddenly a flood of hands emerged. Her cry was a starting gun for a marathon of molestation. Her breast, her ass, her thighs, and her pussy. Nothing was left untouched.

Jessica was not alone however, the others were not spare this abuse. Alex felt a hand run down his stomach and grab hold of his dick and balls. Two more hands laid on his chest and gave his nipples a firm pinch while a fourth reached around and grabbed his ass. It's fingers slid between his cheeks and started to trace the entrance to is anus. Alex's flushed face suddenly grew even more red.

But the worst off was Maria. The crowd, sensing her discomfort, focused their attention on the terrified woman. A torrent of hands sprang forth, every square inch of her body was touched. She screamed in response and thrashed around trying to throw off her attackers. Bt her whipping back and forth caused her to lose balance and fall to the ground. On her knees, Catherine's firm hold of her restraints pulled Maria's arms back and up. This left her ass pointed out, presenting a target.

"God damn, look at that beauty!" someone yelled before more hands reached out and assaulted Maria's exposed behind. Hands touched Maria's thighs and ass but the target of their assault was her pussy. Fingers clambered over each other for the chance to touch her soft lips. Someone in the crowd of invaders eventually reached her clitoris. They messaged it between their thumb and forefinger then, with a cruel force, began to squeeze. They pulled back and gave the sensitive sex organ a fierce twist. Maria's muffled screams filled the room.

Just then there was a loud "THWACK" and the hand was yanked away.

"Alright, knock it off you wankers!" a voice called out. Suddenly, the room fell silent and the hands retreated from the trio. "You're gonna have plenty of time for that later."

Jessica turned to the source of the voice, a woman it appeared with a thick cockney accent. She couldn't tell for sure, but she suspected that the woman was young, no older than late twenties. Whoever she was, she wore high heels. Jessica could hear the clatter of her shoes on the marble floor as she walked to Maria and helped her onto her feet.

"Well, 'ello gorgeous. I can see why the boys went after you. You got a nice arse and that's a pretty muff," the woman said. "But don't let them scare you love, I know for a fact half these lads prefer taking the whip rather than 'olding it."

Jessica listened as the clatter of heels came closer and then proceeded to then circle around her. "And what about you dear? You the one Juan's gonna train?"

"Yes she is, Mistress Ann," Catherine answered. "The Good Lady has decided to make her our new showgirl."

"Is that right?" Mistress Anne said, "Well, she's defiantly pretty enough. She should fit in nice." Mistress Anne then leaned in close to Jessica's ear. "You better get ready for a work out. Juan don't go easy on girls just 'cause they got a pretty fa-" Mistress Anne suddenly stopped herself and Jessica heard her heels quickly clack across the floor.

"Would you look at that! This gents actually hard! Oh I can tell already, you're gonna love it here."

Jessica then heard the distinct fapping sound of a hand stroking a hard cock. She could also hear the muffled sighs of pleasure coming from Alex.

"Oh Mistress Catherine!" Mistress Anne called out playfully, still stroking Alex's cock.


"Can I keep 'em? I promise I'll take real good care of 'em, I swear. I'll feed 'em, and groom 'em, and play with 'em! And I'll take 'em for a walk every day!"

Catherine paused in her answer, meanwhile the fapping sounds and muffled sighs grew louder and faster. "Well, you're going to need to talk with the Good Lady, but I don't see why not."

"YIPPY! Your 'ear that boy?! We're gonna be best friends!" Mistress Anne called out. The pace of her strokes grew even faster as Alex's sighs evolved into a long drawn out moan.

Then "THWACK!" and muffled screams echoed the halls as Alex collapsed on the floor, whimpering in pain.

"Mistress Anne, please do not break the new toys," Catherine sarcastically chided.

"It's just a little love tap. If his ginnes can't learn to 'andle that, he's gonna have a rough time 'ere."

Jessica listened as the clattering of heels passed by her and continued down the hall. As Mistress Anne walked away, she called back, "Consider it a preview, love!"

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