Pedalin' and a Pumpin'


Stepping off his bike and dropping it, he crouched down and rushed over by us. He slowly and quietly sat down on a log about ten feet away. I continued my slow pumping in and out of Karyn. I leaned over her back, reached around her sides and cupped her breasts in my hands. I rolled Karyn’s nipples between my fingers and made shallow strokes into her from behind. We both watched Gitae watching us.


"If you don't mind, I'd like to take these things off." he said, pulling his tank top over his head. He pried his shoes off at the heels and raising his butt slightly off the log, quickly whipped his cycling shorts to his thighs. He awkwardly stepped out of the shorts and placed them on the log under his butt. It wasn't until he sat back down, straightened his legs and spread them before we got a look at his manhood. He took the massive ebony erection in his hand and stroked it. It had to be almost ten inches long and five or six inches around in girth. We looked at each other in amazement and then back at the monster between Gitae’s legs. We must have both looked up at his face at the same time.

He grinned from ear to ear and said, "So, you see what they say is somewhat true. We can be pretty well endowed. Please, don't stop. Karyn, you look radiant. Dusty, keep going. I will sit here and watch." We continued our love making in the "doggy" position. It allowed us both to watch Gitae stroke his huge penis with out breaking stride or resorting to contortions. With Gitae as a distraction, I no longer felt like I was on the brink of cumming at any moment. I could stroke away inside Karyn and enjoy the moment better.

After a time Karyn rose up on her knees in front of me. She reached around behind me and grabbed my butt from the sides. In this position I couldn't stroke very deeply but she pulled me close from behind. It also gave her a better look at Gitae and what he was doing. "Tease him with your breasts." I whispered in her ear and she took her hands and cupped her breasts. Karyn stared into Gitae's eyes as she kneaded her breasts and tugged at her nipples. "Finger your clit for him." I whispered. My right arm was clutching her around the waist and my left hand caressed her left breast. Karyn’s right hand rolled her right nipple between her fingers while the fingers of her left hand spread her pussy lips and began stroking her clit.

"Oooh, Karyn, that is so sexy. You are a very sensuous woman. Thank you. Thank you." Gitae said.

Karyn smiled slowly and shuddered in orgasm brought on by her stimulation, my cock in her pussy, and the whole erotic atmosphere. She slowly lowered her upper body back to the blanket and laid her head on her arms.

I pulled out of her and said, "Here, Karyn, turn over and lie on your back." She positioned herself on her back and I climbed between her legs. Pumping my penis in my hand I placed it back at her slit and glided it between her pussy lips. "Gitae, come over here beside Karyn where she can see you and that incredible tool of yours." Gitae jumped off the log and crawled hurriedly to Karyn’s side. He knelt and sat back at her left side with his knees wide apart. Lying on her back and looking up and over at his hard penis, it seemed suspended in mid air. It bobbed slightly with every beat of his heart. She reach over tentatively and touched it lightly with her left hand. Gitae closed his eyes as Karyn lightly ran her fingers up and down the long shaft. I marveled at the contrast of her white fingers as they closed around his erection and stroked it slightly. She looked at me, then at Gitae, then back at his erection. She released his penis and gently took his scrotum and testicles in her hand. Each testicle must have been about the size of a golf ball or an extra large egg. Karyn weighed them in her hand then softly caressed them.

"You have a gentle touch, Karyn. That feels ever so nice." Gitae said.

"I'm glad you like it, Gitae." she whispered.

"Gitae, would you like to touch Karyn?" I asked.

"May I?" We both looked to Karyn anxiously and she smiled lightly and gave a small nod. Gitae reached out with his large black hand and laid it gently on Karyn’s left breast. Again, I was taken by the beauty of the skin contrast and the stark comparison of his strong hand against Karyn’s soft subtle breast. He lightly rubbed her breast and nipple beneath his palm then took the entire breast in his hand and closed on it gently. He kneaded the left breast for a time while she held and stroked his erection. I was slowly, almost imperceptibly pumping in and out of her vagina. Gitae slid his hand across her chest and took her right breast in his hand. Taking the nipple between his thumb and forefinger he gently turned and tugged at it.

Karyn also seemed mesmerized by the contrast of his ebony hand on her alabaster skin as he lightly caressed her nipple. "May I kiss it?" he asked.

She whispered, "Sure." and he lowered his head and took her beautiful nipple between his thick dark lips. I stopped pumping and gazed in awe as he suckled at my wife’s breast. Karyn, too, watched for a time, then turned and looked back at his penis. She pulled it toward her and twisted herself slightly to take only the head into her mouth. Gitae let out a low moan as he sucked at her nipple and she licked around the head of his ebony shaft. In fear of spontaneously spilling my semen inside her, I withdrew and sat back to watch for a time. Noticing that I had vacated the honey pot between her legs, Gitae kissed his way down her stomach. He planted light kisses around Karyn’s pubic mound and kissed the soft flesh of her inner thighs. He kissed the lips on one side of her vagina and then the lips of the other side. He opened his mouth and extended his thick tongue and lightly touched and teased at her clitoris briefly. Then he stuck his tongue out as far as he could, licked around her labia and plunged his tongue into her vagina. Karyn gasped in a rush of air as he began to tongue fuck her, plunging his tongue in and out of her pussy. She spread her legs wider than I believed they could go and cocked her hips to give him maximum access. Her arms were now limp at her sides and her head was thrown back. Her eyes were open wildly and she was breathing in short gasps. He stopped after a minute or so and rose to all fours. He straddled Karyn’s head between his knees, placed his elbows on the ground outside her hips, spread her pussy lips with his fingers and began to focus the attention of his tongue on her clitoris. His huge, dark, throbbing penis hung from between his legs and laid heavily on Karyn’s chin. She reached up with both hands and grasped it like a baseball bat. With one of her hands on top of the other there was still ample cock sticking out from her fist to take two or three inches into her mouth. She began to suck hungrily at his cock while stroking the shaft with one hand and caressing his hefty testicles with the other. He continued the onslaught of her clit with his tongue alternating between light and hard strokes, long and short strokes, and from random directions. I was concerned that she might choke given the size of his manhood and the position the two of them were in, but I looked at her face and she seemed quite happy. I was shocked that she had almost half of his length in her mouth and were sucking away on it. It looked as if she were fascinated by the size of his testicles as she was focused on them as she stroked and caressed them.

I think Gitae was also concerned about how much pressure his penis was exerting. He hugged Karyn’s hips and rolled over dragging her along so that she was now on top. She was now in a better position to control her attentions to his black staff. She took her mouth off of it for a time and seemed to push back a bit so that she could marvel over the size, shape, and color of it. Her hand barely closed around the shaft, its girth was so great. After a time she began teasing the bulbous head with her lips and tongue.

I had located her camera and began taking pictures. The whole scene was incredibly erotic, sexy, sexual, sensual and beautiful. The reality was better than any fantasy and I wanted to capture the beauty for us both to enjoy later.

"Karyn, please, I haven't been with a woman for almost two years. I give you my solemn word that I have no diseases. Please, may I cum inside you. I'll understand if you say no, but if it pleases us both, may I cum in your womb?" Gitae nearly pleaded. We looked at each other and I think we were both more aroused than we ever had been in our lives.

"I don't know, Gitae. I'm not certain you will fit inside me." Karyn responded.

"I will be gentle, Karyn. I want to please you, not hurt you. You tell me if it hurts or feels good. I will do what you say or stop if you want." he assured her.

She rolled over onto her back and looked into Gitae's eyes for sincerity. Satisfied with what she saw she looked to me. We locked eyes momentarily and I nodded my interest. Her legs slowly separated and she held her arms out to him. "Please go slowly." she said. Gitae took one of her feet in his hands and kissed the top of it. He kissed his way up her leg and inner thigh. He stopped briefly to shower little kisses on her vaginal lips and clitoris. He kissed his way up her stomach and paused to suckle each of her nipples. He laid between Karyn’s legs without entering her, cupped her face in his large hands and kissed her sensitively on the lips. He kissed her again with a long and lingering kiss and while I watched I was amazed by his size and musculature and how small Karyn looked beneath him. I heard him whisper something to her but I couldn't tell for sure what he said. He rose up slightly and she reached down and placed his erect penis at the opening to her vagina. She looked at me for a second and then locked eyes with him. He rocked forward ever so slightly and then rocked back. He rocked forward again, this time just a little bit farther and rocked back. Karyn seemed to quiver slightly. He rocked forward slowly just a little bit at a time, increasing the pressure of his penis against her pussy lips. I watched as her vaginal lips stretched open and the dark head of his penis disappeared inside her. As he slid in, she exhaled and closed her eyes. He pushed just a fraction of an inch more in and then began to withdraw.

Karyn opened her eyes and glanced down between her legs. "It's so big." she said.

"Are you okay?" Gitae asked. She smiled and nodded. Gitae slowly rocked forward and this time pushed another inch in. "Feel okay?" he asked as he withdrew again. I could see that his shaft was being lubricated by her wetness. She nodded again. "I want you to relax. Open your hands up and relax your feet. As I push in, you should inhale. As I pull out, exhale. Close your eyes if you like and focus on the feeling. Okay?" he said.

Karyn ran her hands down his sides and rested them openly at the top of his muscular butt. Wiggling her feet to relax, she replied, "Okay." Again, Gitae pressed forward and watched her chest rise slowly as she inhaled. Another full three inches seemed to glide easily into her before he stopped pressing. Her hands were relaxed on his butt cheeks and her eyes were closed. He withdrew slowly as she exhaled. He made several slow short strokes in time to her breathing as she adjusted to his girth. He paused for a second and then began pressing in again. It looked as if seven or eight inches had been engulfed inside her when she made a sudden little gasp and her eyes popped open. He stopped pressing in as her hands clutched at his buttocks.

"Shhhh, shhhh." he hushed. "It's okay. Exhale real slow and then draw in a deep breath. Relax now. Relax. Close your eyes." The grip slowly left her fingers as she breathed deeply. Karyn closed her eyes and exhaled as he withdrew again. He slowly made about ten pumping motions of about four or five inches returning each time to the same depth. Karyn opened her eyes again with a lustful look. She spread her legs as wide as she could and began pulling his buttocks toward her. I was in total awe as Gitae's ebony shaft went deeper and deeper inside her. A high pitched moan escaped Karyn’s lips as his hips met her inner thighs. She exhaled sharply and her body shuddered.

"That's it. That's all, Karyn. Can you feel that? I'm all the way in and pressed up against your cervix. Can you feel the pressure? Are you okay?" Gitae asked. Karyn closed her legs behind his thighs and locked her ankles behind him. She had a far away look in her eye and she hummed in a deep satisfied monotone. She laid her arms back over her head and surrendered herself completely. Gitae started a slow pumping in and out of her love channel. Once in a while he'd stop at maximum penetration and grind his pelvis into hers. When he did this Karyn exhaled spasmodically and she'd either grin slightly or bite her lower lip. I slid over to her side and began stroking myself. She looked up at me and from the look in her eyes it seemed as if she was looking through me. Her left hand rose from the blanket and grasped my penis, stroking it slowly. Gitae began to pick up his tempo and was pumping faster and harder in long stokes.

"Yes, yes, uh huh." Karyn groaned. "I want your cum. Deep. Cum deep inside me." Both of her hands were now running up and down Gitae's muscular chest and sides. She unlocked her ankles and splayed her legs wide. Gitae's hard black body glistened with sweat as he pumped incessantly in and out of her. His eyes were half-open, his jaw slack. His breathing was sharp, shallow and irregular. Karyn’s eyes were wide as she stared up at him. Her neck was flushed and I could see her jugular vein swollen and throbbing. Gitae threw his head back, a grunt emanated from deep in his throat. He made three more hard jabbing thrusts then ground his pelvis into her. Karyn’s head was up off the blanket and her legs muscles were locked and rigid. She teetered at the brink of orgasm. Breathing had stopped. It seemed like seconds passed. Then the muscles in Gitae's butt clenched spastically with his first powerful ejaculation. He gasped.

"Ohhhh," Karyn moaned shrilly. The feeling of his sperm being jettisoned into her womb pushed her over the edge. Her body quivered almost imperceptibly. With every jet of his semen deep into my wife’s womb, she exhaled sharply and moaned. Gitae's head was raised skyward and was contorted in extreme physical pleasure. Thirty seconds passed and his butt continued its spasmodic contractions. His head slowly lowered, his eyes were closed. His body shuddered briefly and he opened his eyes. Karyn’s orgasm subsided with his waning ejaculations. He looked down at her as she both began breathing deeply. Gitae's elbows buckled and he collapsed on top of her. His penis, still deep inside her, slowly began to soften. She again locked her legs behind his thighs and her arms hugged him to her.

I had been masturbating throughout lovemaking and was about ready to cum. Karyn’s eyes turned to me and saw me stroking myself. She knew from the look on my face that I was at the brink. She looked into my eyes and opened her mouth in invitation. I shuffled and leaned forward toward her lips. I contracted in orgasm and the first jet of my semen hit her cheek. I leaned further and she closed her lips around the tip of my penis. The second, third and fourth jet was welcomed by the warmth of her mouth. I leaned back as cum continued to drip from my penis. I leaned down and kissed her lips. Karyn stuck her cum slicked tongue into my mouth I opened wider to let her in. Our tongues wrestled passionately, lubricated by my essence. I licked the cum off her cheek and swallowed it. Karyn swallowed what was left of my orgasm and she closed her eyes restfully. I could see her body relax beneath Gitae's spent form. Locating the camera, I took a couple more pictures of the two of them lying totally sated. The last picture showed Gitae's semi-erect penis still penetrating her vagina as small amounts of his semen leaked around his shaft and out to her vaginal lips.

Exhausted now, nearly as the two of them, I laid back onto the blanket. A warm, late summer breeze blew around and over us rustling the trees over head. I looked up at the sky through the leaves and gradually let my eyes close.


I don't know how much time had passed but I dozed off for a while. As I dozed I occasionally heard the two of them whispering while they cuddled and caressed one another. I may have fallen asleep; they may have made love again, I don't know. Later, somewhere in that dream-world space between being awake and asleep I sensed some motion next to me. The quiet rustling continued at the outer reaches of my consciousness for a moment then I felt warmth and the touch of skin on my ears. My eyes blinked into wakefulness and I looked up into Karyn’s ever so recently used pussy. The hair was matted and wet and I could see the semen beginning to flow from her lips.

"Good morning, Sunshine!" she said, "I brought you something. See, wishes do come true." With that she spread her knees slightly and lowered her pussy to my lips. I extended my tongue and licked a swath from her clitoris down the length of her lips. The normal taste of her pussy was nearly overpowered by the taste of sperm. She smelled of musky sex. I reached up with one hand and inserted a finger into her pussy as deeply as I could. The insertion opened her channel enough that Gitae's ejaculation poured from her womb. I eagerly pressed my mouth to her pussy and penetrated as deeply as I could with my tongue. Overwhelmed by the flow I nearly choked before I began swallowing as quickly as I could. Karyn looked down at me and saw my eyes wide with surprise at the rush of their love juices. After two deep swallows and the flow began to subside, I closed my eyes and concentrated on cleaning the juices from her sated pussy with my tongue. The whole situation aroused me so much she was surprised to see that I was erect again. Leaving her pussy at my mouth, she bent at the waist dangling her breasts over my stomach and sucked my penis into her mouth. As I continued to tongue-lash her slit I could see Gitae sitting behind and alongside us. He was stroking his thick ebony shaft in his hand watching her mouth rise and fall on my penis. I teased her clit with my tongue until I noticed a new strand of cum leaking from her pussy. I'd lick up her slit and clean her lips, then return my attention to her clit.

"Have you got that tight little love tunnel cleaned up for me, Dusty?" Gitae asked after a few minutes. I looked up to see him positioning himself behind Karyn. Upside down I nodded at him and grunted out an "Uh huh." while continuing to lap at her clit. Karyn squirmed a bit and took a long deep pull at my cock. "Good." Gitae said, "Don't you stop what your doing there. I'm just going to add some to the sensation." With that he shuffled up on his knees between Karyn’s legs from behind. I looked in total amazement as he positioned his swollen manhood at her pussy lips, just inches from my face. The head of his engorged penis literally popped into her as he slowly leaned forward. I felt her gasp around my cock as he entered her. Never taking my penis from her lips, she lowered her head to my hip and pressed her breasts to my stomach. Nearly cross-eyed, I watched as every inch of Gitae's long shaft disappeared inside her. With my tongue still teasing her clit, when his pelvis reached her bottom, his heavy testicles hit my forehead.

"My God!" I thought. "This is amazing. I can't believe this. Look at how black his cock is sliding inside of her! Oh man, what she's doing feels good. I've never seen or felt her clit as swollen as this before. Her mouth feels so dick is so hard. I can't believe he's hitting me in the head with his balls! Look at the size of him...he seems to come out forever before he plunges back in." I couldn't hold back any longer. Between her oral ministrations and the sight my eyes beheld, my loins tensed, I gasped for a single breath and erupted in an intense orgasm. Karyn caressed my balls as they emptied and moaned with her mouth over my penis. The vibration of her vocal chords heightened the sensation as my muscled locked up and jet after jet of semen shot down her throat. She lovingly swallowed my cum and gently kissed the head of my shrinking penis. I appreciatively swirled the tip of my tongue around the perimeter of her clitoris. Gitae grasped her hips and began pumping into her with long, deep, slapping strokes. Five, ten, fifteen strokes he made. I flicked at her clit with growing intensity. She pushed up on her arms and raised her head. Her breathing was sharp and rapid. Once in a while she'd gasp and a groan would escape her throat. Gitae and I focused our attention on her most sensitive areas. Karyn suddenly dropped her head to my lap and her arms spun around my thighs clutching them tightly. Her body shuddered violently as her body was racked by the most intense orgasm of her life. Looking up I could see the opening of her vagina convulsively contract around Gitae's erection. Gitae gasped twice and rammed his cock into her as deeply as it would go. I noticed his scrotum contract as his body tensed and groaned out a lyrical, "Ohhhhh?!" As he began to pump his seed into my wife for the second or third time, he tried to press deeper with every pulse.

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