tagFetishPee Party!

Pee Party!


Author's Note: This story was suggested by a discussion at the Story Ideas forum.


Busty Jessica and BedtimeStories sat on the edge of the hot tub, their feet in the churning water, masturbating furiously.

Jessica held a large purple vibrator in her hand, and had it half inserted into her sopping wet pussy, vibrating at full speed. Her head was back, her eyes were closed, her nipples were hard, and her mouth hung open as she savored the sizzling sensations on her pussy and clit.

Beddy, meanwhile, was leaning further toward her back, and had a double-ended dildo inserted into her pussy and anus, vigorously thrusting them in and out. She panted and grunted both from the effort and from the erotic sensual sensations that they aroused as the ends of the dildo slid in and out of her sopping holes.

The hot tub was in a secluded atrium behind the luxurious villa in the French Alps, owned by Busty Jessica. It was a good thing that it was isolated and secluded, because before long, both women were moaning, shouting, and screaming out their orgasms! They shook with pleasure, their shoulders heaving and boobies bouncing, and then, finally, slid the phony phalluses out of their throbbing holes and slipped down into the bubbling water to wash off their sweat.

Beddy looked at Jessica. "You don't look happy, darling," she said. "What's the matter? You sounded like you had a good orgasm."

"It isn't that, Beddy," said Jessica. "I'm just bored with plain old sex! My pussy always feels nice, whatever is in it. A cock, a tongue, a dildo; but it's the same old thing every time. I need something different!"

"I know just what you need, Jessie," said Beddy, with a twinkle in her eye. "Come with me." She got out of the water, and led Jessica over to the nearby pool-deck shower. "Sit here on the floor," she said, positioning Jessica near the drain. "Now close your eyes, and open your mouth."

Busty Jessica did as she was told, expecting a breast or a pussy to soon press up against her waiting lips and tongue. Instead, she felt a stream of warm fluid splashing on her forehead, then her nose, and before long, into her mouth!

"Hey!" she yelled, opening her eyes. There was Beddy, standing in front of her, knees slightly bent, hands on hips, and a golden stream of pee flowing from her groin!

Beddy laughed. "You said you needed something different! Take it all, bitch! Drink my pee!!" She continued to aim her stream directly into Jessica's beautiful face, laughing the entire time.

Jessica turned her head from side to side, trying to escape the warm stream. But Beddy reached down and grabbed her by the ears, turning her face directly into the stream. Jessica could smell the pungent golden fluid as it splashed all over her lips. Actually, she thought, it smelled kind of interesting! She opened her mouth and let the flow in. She was surprised to find that she rather enjoyed the tangy flavor! Soon she was gulping it down as fast as it came, and savoring every drop!

"Ha ha!" said Beddy. "You are my pee-slut! I knew you'd love it!" She continued to pour her stream of golden nectar into Jessica's mouth, for as long as she could. Jessica continued to swallow greedily, already hooked.

Eventually, the stream dwindled to a few dribbles, and stopped. "Is that all there is?" asked Jessica, sadly. She leaned forward and greedily lapped up the final drops from Beddy's distended pussy lips.

"I'm afraid so, darling," said Beddy, laughing at Jessica's needy licking. "At least for now. But now you can do me!"

"You bet!" said Jessica, and the two girls quickly changed places. Jessica angled her hips to best advantage, and let loose a golden stream directly into Beddy's hair.

"Ahh!!" shrieked Beddy. "That feels great!" She lifted her face, and reveled in the warm shower of Jessica's delicious urine. She captured some in her mouth, but let most of it run down her chin, down her chest, and into her crotch. She rubbed it into her pussy and smeared it around her boobs. She was in heaven.

But, as before, soon Jessica's bladder was empty. Beddy got up and the girls hugged and kissed each other, savoring the tangy taste of urine on each others' tongues, and rubbing their pendulous breasts together.

"Thanks, Beddy; that was great!" laughed Jessica. "But I wish there was more."

Beddy glanced around. "How many servants do you have working here at your villa?" she asked.

Jessica had to think a moment. "I have a butler, a cook, a gardener, a driver, and two maids," she said. "That's four boys and two girls."

Beddy gave her a look. "Well," she said. "What are you waiting for? Get them out here!"


Jessica went to the intercom on the wall near the hot tub. "This is going to be great!" she said, as she pressed the button to activate the speaker. Soon a pleasant female voice answered.

"Oui, Madame?" It was the voice of Madeleine, one of the maids.

"Madeleine, round up the entire household staff. Bring them all out to the atrium, at once. Tout suite, understand?"

"Oui, Madame!" said Madeleine, and hung up.

Jessica laughed. "Did you hear what she said? 'Oui' Madame! Soon it will be 'Oui, oui!' Ha!" She laughed her cute little ass off at her own pun, her full breasts jiggling in time with her laughter.

The two girls dangled their toes in the bubbling water of the hot tub while they waited. Beddy asked, "So, Jessie, how did you come to own this beautiful villa, anyway?"

"Oh, it was nothing," said Jessica. "I met a rich French billionaire in Monte Carlo. I told him that I give the best blowjobs in the world. He didn't believe me; he said that if I gave him a better blowjob than his mistress does, he'd give me the most beautiful villa in all of France. And here we are!"

"Wonderful!" said Beddy, clapping her hands. "And here comes the help!"

Indeed, the household staff was filing out from the house: Madeleine and Desiree, the maids; Beaufort the butler, Gaston the cook, Chauncey the gardener, and Devereaux the driver.

"Chop, chop, everyone!" yelled Jessica, clapping her hands smartly together. "Beddy and I need you to help us out with a new project. Gather round us." Jessica and Beddy pulled their lounge chairs near one another, parallel, and a few feet apart. They lay themselves down, still naked, on their backs. "Madeleine, you stand over my head, and Desiree, you stand over Beddy's head. And please lift your skirts, my dears." The maids did so.

Jessica continued her instructions. "Beaufort and Gaston, you stand on either side of me. And Chauncey and Devereaux, you two stand on either side of Beddy. Get out your cocks, if you please."

Soon everyone was in place. "Okay, everyone. Start peeing, if you don't mind! Aim for our mouths, our hair, everywhere! The wetter you get us, the better!"

The household staff, already accustomed to their Mistress's strange sexual practices and unusual requests, merely shrugged their French shoulders and started peeing. Madeleine held her skirt aloft near her chest, angled her hips, and unleashed her bladder. A steady stream of warm pungent piss was soon splashing in Jessica's face. Jessica stretched open her mouth, greedily gulping and swallowing all that she could, enjoying the warmth, the flavor, and the pungent aroma. Meanwhile, Desiree was likewise hovering above Beddy's face, and angled her own golden stream into the face of her target. Beddy squealed in delight, and reveled in the warm shower of pungent urine on her face, nose, and lips.

Beaufort and Gaston held their dicks in their hands, and let loose their own streams. They swung their meat hoses back and forth, aiming their yellow streams up and down Jessica's beautiful, large-breasted body. They soaked her boobs, her stomach, her crotch, her legs, her feet, and then back up again. The pee splashed erotically off of Jessica's delicate skin before falling to the tiles of the pool deck. Gaston, the cook, paid special attention to soaking Jessica's neatly shaved pussy lips. He was hoping to be able to lick it off later. Jessica was in heaven; wet, yellow heaven!

Over by Beddy's lounger, Desiree was still directing her sweet yellow stream of piss directly onto Beddy's face. She waggled her hips slightly, watching the delicious fluid bounce off first one closed eye, and then the other. Then she angled it slightly to soak Beddy's mouth, her nose, and finally, arcing her hips in a slow circling motion, forcing Beddy to nod her head back and forth, trying to catch as much of the golden reward in her mouth as possible!

Chauncey and Devereaux, like their compatriots at Jessica's lounger, played their streams up and down Beddy's body, like firemen trying to douse a churning inferno. Chauncey, the gardener, directed his stream back and forth between Beddy's two succulent, heaving breasts, dousing her nipples, her mounds, and her ribcage, watching the obscene flow run down the voluptuous curves of her body, forming sensuous rivulets as it made its way down to the tiles of the deck. Devereaux, the driver, focused on her lower body, splashing up and down her legs and soaking her pussy. When she was thoroughly doused, he pinched his pee-hole tightly between his fingers, increasing the pressure of his stream, and aimed it directly at her pussy lips, trying to force them open with the pressure. He envisioned his large French cock entering her holiest of holies in the very near future, and wanted it suitably wet.

Both women swooned with pleasure at the wet, wild, wicked pleasure of the multiple streams of pee. They shuddered with pleasure, wiggled and wriggled in ecstasy, and flailed their arms uncontrollably. They swallowed all of the tasty bladder juice that they could capture, savoring the all-too fleeting pleasure of the all-out urine attack. Eventually, just before all six of the servants ran out of fuel, both women achieved thunderous orgasms, shuddering with pleasure and screaming in delight!

Beddy leapt up from her lounger, and flung herself on top of Jessica, mashing both pairs of their luscious boobies together. Her mouth sought Jessie's, and their tongues danced, tasting their combined collections of pee. "Oh, thank you thank you thank you, Jessie! Your servants give great Golden Showers!" They kissed for a few moments, Beddy sucking Jessica's tongue into her mouth and kneading it with her own tongue and teeth. Then she worked her way slowly down Jessica's body, licking up the tasty urinary nectar from every delightful crevice of her host's delicious flesh. She paid special attention to Jessica's wet, tasty pussy, of course, lapping up every drop of pee from between her puffy pink lips.

The six household servants stood nearby, watching the two lovers as they squealed in delight and licked sensuously at each other's moist bodies. They shrugged their casual French shoulders. "Américains!" they thought.


Eventually, Beddy and Jessica stood up, glorious in their pee-soaked nakedness. The servants stood nearby, awaiting instructions.

"Thank you all," Jessica said. "You've all done very well. Now, go back inside and drink all the water you can. Come back in one hour. Chop chop!" She clapped her hands together. The servants filed back to the villa to resume their ordinary duties.

Beddy looked at Jessica and raised her eyebrows. "Well? How do you want to spend our hour?"

"Come with me," said Jessica, with a twinkle in her eyes. Together, they pulled the plastic cushions off of their lounge chairs and set them side by side on the pool deck, forming essentially a large double-bed sized pad.

"You have something naughty in mind, don't you, Jessie?" asked Beddy. "I like it already." She pressed her body up against Jessica's, and wrapped her arms around her waist. Their mouths met, and they kissed deeply, tongues dancing. They pressed their massive boobies together and massaged each others' backs and buttocks with their soft, groping hands.

Jessica raised her knee slightly, and pressed it between Beddy's legs. Beddy parted her thighs, accepting Jessica's invading leg. Jessica pressed it harder and harder against Beddy's already-wet crotch, massaging her pussy lips and her swollen clit. Beddy moaned in pleasure at the pressure on her sensitive genitalia.

"Oh, Jessie, you naughty girl!" she squealed. She knew exactly what Jessica had in mind.

Together, they lay down on the double sized pad, on their backs, pussies facing each other. They entwined their legs with each other, mashing their pussies together, and began slowly undulating their hips together. Beddy felt the heat of Jessica's beautiful pussy and her smooth, creamy thighs; Jessica felt Beddy's wonderful wetness and slick, smooth skin. They pressed and slid against each other, tribbing their genitals together and stimulating their bodies with the friction, heat, and rhythm. Up and down, side to side, and up and down went their hips, with the stimulation to their pussies increasing constantly. Beddy felt her nipples getting hard as rocks from the stimulation, and juice running out of her pussy, increasing the slickness of the rubbing motion. Jessica felt the heat of their combined bodies, and before long the sensuous rocking motion caused an intense pressure in her bladder.

Without missing a beat of her rocking, undulating hip motion, Jessica called out, "Beddy! I think I need to pee again!"

"Me too, Darling!" shouted Beddy. "Let it flow!"

Mashing and gyrating their pussies together all the harder, both women opened their urethras, and let the piss flow at maximum pressure! Beddy's pee arced up in a beautiful golden stream, coming down on Jessica's upturned face. Jessica's pungent nectar flew up, up, and over, landing all over Beddy's big, bouncing boobies. At the same time, their pussies reached critical mass from the tribbing, and their orgasms took them, shook them, and wracked their bodies with incredible waves of pleasure! They mashed their pussies together all the harder, causing the yellow streams of urine to spray hither and yon, soaking their cuddly, curvy bodies up, down, and everywhere at once!

Legs still interlocked, they lay on the pad, gasping and panting, and savoring the afterglow of their massive orgasms. But not for long. The hour was just about up, and the servants returned, once again full of water and waiting to serve their mistress.

Jessica leapt to her feet, and clapped her hands together sharply. "Are you all full of water? Ready to pee again? Excellent! Take off all your clothing, and come with us." She took Beddy by the hand, and led her back to the drain area near the shower. Both ladies knelt down, their faces right at crotch-level. Their beautiful naked bodies were glistening with sweat and urine; their chests heaved, causing their gorgeous bobbies and erect, crinkly nipples to bob in the sunlight. They knelt side by side, holding hands, their hearts racing in anticipation.

"Madeleine and Desiree," said Jessica to the two maids, "Please wait on the sidelines. I have plans for you in a few minutes. But you four men, form a circle, all around Beddy and me. I want you to pee on us for as long as you can. Soak us to the skin; our hair, our bodies, our mouths, our pussies and asses, everywhere!"

The four men formed a circle around the two naked, waiting American ladies, but there was a problem. The sight of the two naked, wanton, panting women, their proud boobies bobbing and their skin glistening with dampness, made the four man-servants instantly rock-hard! They could not pee at all!

"Mademoiselle Jessica," said Beaufort the butler, apologetically, "We are too, how you say it, erect? We cannot pee!" Jessica and Beddy glanced around the circle. Sure enough, all four of the men sported rock-hard stiffies, with glaring purple heads and popping blue veins up and down their shafts. There was no way they were going to pee in this condition!

"Oh, dear!" said Jessica, frowning. "Well, there's only one thing to do. Beddy, I'll take Beaufort. You take Gaston. Madeleine and Desiree, you please take care of Chauncey and Devereaux." With that, she knee-walked forward to Beaufort, planted her hands on his buttocks, and pulled him forward until his iron-stiff cock was engulfed in her talented, sucking mouth. She began slurping and sucking with all the talent that she had developed over her many years as a world-class cock-sucker.

Beddy crawled up to Gaston and inhaled his cock. She quickly had it poking down her throat, his hairy French balls resting on her chin. She massaged his balls with one hand, and poked a finger up his brown French butthole with the other. She sucked and licked and hoovered, twisting her head from side to side to increase the stimulation on his cock head.

Madeleine and Desiree, nowhere near as talented or as experienced in fellatio as the two Americans, nevertheless did their best to suck off Chauncey and Devereaux. They sucked and licked, nibbled and stroked, bobbed and caressed the cocks assigned to them. They weren't the world-class cock-sluts that Jessica and Beddy were, but they were French, after all, and therefore inherently talented in the ways of oral sex.

Before long, all four men were on the verge of cumming. Jessica sucked ever harder on Beaufort's throbbing cock, her talented throat muscles massaging his purple knob as her lips and tongue palpated his shaft and her fingers dug into his buttocks. Beddy swirled her prehensile tongue around Gaston's shaft, squeezed his heavy nutsack, and wiggled her finger deep in his anus. Madeleine pumped her head faster and faster up and down Chauncey's throbbing cock, and Desiree twisted her hands in opposite directions around Devereaux's enormous member as she sucked on his throbbing knob with all her might.

The all-out assault worked! All four Frenchmen grunted at once, and their four French cocks spurted huge white ropes of sperm down the four cum-gobbling throats! The ladies swallowed quickly, slurping down every drop of the creamy French sex-sauce, and then licking their assigned members clean as whistles.

The men all took two steps backwards, their de-pressurized dicks hanging limply between their hairy French thighs. Jessica and Beddy returned to the middle of the circle. The maids resumed their positions on the sidelines.

"Well," said Jessica, "Now that that is take care of, start peeing, s'il vous plaît!"

The four Frenchmen, their dicks limp with over-use, grabbed their meat-hoses and started spraying! They aimed their streams of golden nectar directly at Jessica and Beddy, soaking their hair, their faces, their beautiful bouncing boobies, their taut flat tummies, their shapely buttocks, their creamy thighs, their cute little tootsies, everything! Jessie and Beddy squealed in delight, gulping mouthfuls of the pungent pee when they could, reveling in the warm, splashing streams in between swallows, and just generally basking in the wonderful, wicked wetness of it all! The four men moved slowly back and forth around the circle, soaking the two women on all sides, aiming their pee-hoses at strategic places on the bodies of the two horny American sluts.

Wonderful as it was, of course, the pee-shower eventually came to an end. The four men did their best to shake out the last few drops at their giggling, horny targets, but in the end their wells were completely dry.

Jessica looked at them. "Thank you very much, gentlemen. You may go back to your regular duties in the house. Dismissed!" She clapped her hands smartly, and the four men filed back into the villa, their limp dicks waggling between their legs.

"What now, Jessie?" asked Beddy. Madeleine and Desiree still stood off to the side, wondering what their next assignment would be.

"Now we eat some French pussy, Beddy!" said Jessica with a giggle. "As much as I love snaking my tongue into your smooth snatch, darling, I have a hankering for some hairy Euro-twat! Madeleine! Desiree! Come here, darlings!"

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