tagFetishPeeing with Suzy Ch. 05

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 05


We lay together in our post climax bliss for several long minutes with only the sound of our breathing to disturb the silence. The room was still dark with only spots of sunlight filtering through gaps in the bedroom curtains. Finally Suzy sat up and whispered in my ear. "I really need to pee. Do you want to watch?"

"Yes," I whispered turning around on the bed to stare once again into her beautiful blue orbs.

She gave me a wonderful smile and quickly planted a kiss on my lips. She clambered off the bed as I sat upright. I pulled the Duvet to cover my lower half but left my boobs uncovered for Suzy to enjoy. I watched her cross the room, her wide bare bum cheeks swaying from side to side as she walked. I wished for a second that I had such a wonderful bum but then wondered if Suzy thought the same thing about my posterior.

I half expected Suzy to grab her bedroom bin again for her pee but was shocked when she simply squatted down over the bedroom carpet in the far corner. She must have seen the look of shock on my face. "Don't worry," she grinned. "I'm getting having my room decorated when I go back to college and with that she started to pee. Immediately a strong squirting stream of yellow piss started to squirt from her lower lips. Her golden shower fell to earth, landing on the carpet where a damp stain immediately started to grow. I watched on entranced, my hormones already starting to revive into a state of excitement.

Watching Suzy pee was a wonderful experience especially when carried out in such a naughty location. Seeing her take a piss all over her bedroom floor was stimulating fun and my one hand involuntarily vanished under the bed sheets to lovingly stroke the groove of my pussy. Meanwhile, the squirting shower of piss leaving Suzy's pussy lips continued unabated. The stain on the carpet had grown considerably and small droplets of her pee where dancing around the main spot where his piss fountain was landing. The sound of Suzy's toilet over the carpet filled the bedroom. This was making me want to go also. I removed the hand that was stroking my pussy and crossed my legs.

"Suzy, I need to pee as well," I whimpered across to my lover. Her yellow stream was abating now, a wonderfully damp patch on the floor revealed the extent of her piss.

Suzy looked up from watching her pussy squirting her pee down onto the carpet. Her urine shower was almost done now; her pussy lips allowing just the smallest trickle of pee to leak out.

"Sorry Leslie but you peed on my carpet last time." She paused with a look of concentration on her pretty face. "I know." She giggled and stood up. Walking across the room to the window she grabbed the nearest curtain and held it up to her muff and proceeded to wipe herself dry. "Would you like to share a shower with me?"

Naturally I agreed to Suzy's wonderful invite and we were soon washing our naked bodies under the steaming water in Suzy's on-suite shower cubicle. I had presumed that Suzy intended for me to simply pee in the shower like we did at college or at the swimming baths. However, she had something far more wonderful in mind. Turning the shower water off, she dropped to her knees so that her back was towards me.

"Pee on me," she giggled.

Naturally I complied. Moving my muff up to the back of Suzy's head I wasted no time and commenced my toilet. Immediately a thick squirting stream of hot piss leapt from my muff lips and proceeded to spray over the back of Suzy's blond cropped hair.

"That's so nice," Suzy whispered. "You have such a lovely pussy Leslie. As soon as you finish peeing over me, then I am going to give you the best pussy licking you'll ever have."

The mere suggestion of Suzy licking my pussy was almost enough to stop pissing there and then. However I was having an incredible time, urinating over Suzy's delicious body. Her hair and neck looked incredibly inviting as I squirted my yellow shower all over them. Next I peed over her creamy back enjoying the sight of my spent urine flowing over her flesh on the way down to her buttocks. Finally my golden pee dripped off the firm roundness of her bum cheeks and onto the cubicle floor.

Suzy was good to her word. As soon as I had relieved my last squirt of hot piss over her wonderful body, then she turned around and buried her head in my muff. Her expert tongue did a fantastic job of stimulating me and barely minutes later I was enjoying my second orgasm of the day.

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Can't wait for them to start tasting each others pee! My mouth is watering so much I'm ready to drink my own pee!

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