tagFetishPeeing with Suzy Ch. 06

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 06


There was no end to the fun we had on that day when we first made love. We pissed and fucked, then pissed again and then pissed and fucked at the same time. Suzy was an incredible and extremely compassionate lover. It was if she was inside my mind and able to determine every facet of my sexual needs. Likewise, I tried to stimulate her hot body with as much detail as she lavished on me.

At the end of the day I was forced to return home, it being too much to expect to be allowed to spend the night in the arms of my new lover. This was simply due to the fact that whilst still living at home, we lacked the kind of parents that would understand our new found attraction in one another. As I retraced the steps that had taken me to Suzy's home in the morning, I passed the house where I had stopped for my naughty piss session. I wondered briefly if the occupants had discovered my pee stains over their back door, garden gnome and chimney stack. I was half tempted to nip into the space between their garage and fence for another sneaky piss. Temptation got the better of me. After the fun peeing I had enjoyed that day with Suzy, it seemed a suitable way to end the day.

The curtains were drawn against the night inside the house so I was easily able to steal over to the garage. I was just about to make my way around the side when a sudden thought popped into my head. The garage was an old affair with double wooden doors rather than a pop-up affair. As my hand pushed on the handle I was rewarded to find the garage open. I immediately slipped inside, the moonlight passing through the glass in the opposing wall lighting my way. There wasn't much room inside, the majority of space being taken up by a large dark green Ford estate. Butterflies were dancing in my stomach as I started to slide down my panties from inside my skirt. Seconds later and a cold chill was emanating around my bare bum cheeks. This simply stirred my need to pee even more. It was a bit of a struggle to clamber up on to the bonnet of the car but I soon managed it. Squatting down I lifted my skirt out of harms way and got ready to pee.

A loud hissing announced the start of my toilet. Between my legs a hot stream of body warmed piss started to squirt strongly from my pussy hole. Within moments I was treating the car bonnet to a golden shower, my lovely squirting shower of urine pattering over the metal hood. There was easily enough moonlight entering the garage to witness my naughty toilet. Already my golden fountain had made a puddle large enough to cause a trickling stream to run downwards over the bonnet. As it reach the end, it vanished from sight as it ran over the radiator and started to drip onto the cold floor below. I giggled, the fun of my naughty slash turning me on. I imagined Suzy squatting down by the side of me, her golden piss fountain leaving her pussy hole as she pissed as well.

My naughty slash was over way to soon. I decided to leave my panties off for the remainder of the way home. If nothing else I would gain a slight thrill from the movement of air around my crotch as I walked. Once home I retreated immediately to my bedroom where I set about pleasuring myself with my own Vibrator and the many sexual memories I held from the day.

The next night held even more fun. Suzy had suggested a bit of culture so we booked some tickets to the Theatre and were soon on our way. On the way to the Theatre we stopped off at the local McDonalds where we took it in turns to spray the toilet cubicle floor with our piss. Suzy went first. She looked gorgeous, all dressed up for our night our, with her thin black panties stretched across her keens whilst she squatted over the tiled floor. From beneath the material of her short black skirt suddenly appeared a fast flowing stream of honey coloured urine which immediately began to form a puddle on the floor. Suzy's attention was focused on her naughty deed and I took the time to study her hot young body. Her pert breasts looked delicious in her low cut top and I had a perfect view whilst stood above. The memory of the taste of her nipple buds in my mouth stimulated my imagination and I called up a wonderful fantasy of fucking her after she finished her pee over the floor. Unfortunately this wasn't to be in this instance and as she finished her toilet she stood up and fumbled to reinstate her panties. She then got our of the way so I could squat down over her already large pee puddle and add to it with a golden shower of my own.

Once inside the Theatre and the lights had dimmed we proceeded to be very naughty girls. Suzy had chosen Tuesday to go to see the play as this was always the quietest time. We had paid for the cheapest seats in the house which placed us alone in the highest level of seating. We had both drunk lots at the bar prior to the start and already we needed to pee. The amount of alcohol we had consumed was probably a big factor to the naughty deeds we then proceeded to carry out for the next ninety minutes. For a change I went first. My panties were quickly off and I was moving towards the edge of my chair. With my skirt being so short it was no difficulty to allow it to slide backwards allowing my bare bum cheeks to come into contact with the soft material of the chair cushion. This simple thrill was enough for me to start my pissing without any conscious thought. My pee hole opened in my pussy and a strong squirting shower started to emanate from my lower lips. Suzy gasped in wonder at the sight of my pee squirting from my muff before making its way to the carpeted floor below. I was half way through my toilet when Suzy did the naughtiest of things.

I was immensely enjoying my secret slash in my Theatre chair when Suzy bent over in my direction. At first I thought she was simply moving to get a better view of my piss fountain in the low lighting afforded by the stage lights someway off below. It was instead an orgasmic sight to see Suzy moving her pretty head down to between my legs with an stuck out tongue. I guessed immediately that she was intending to taste my piss and I nearly stopped there and then.

"Suzy!" I hissed as to not make too much noise.

A giggle from the area around my crotch rewarded me with a reply. I must admit that I let out a small groan of pleasure as Suzy forced my legs apart so she could sample my honey coloured piss spray. Having my friend and lover tasting my piss stream was the horniest thing I had ever experienced. I could already feel her probing tongue around my clit as she sampled my delights. My piss fountain was already loosing its strength, a damp stain on the carpet testament to the amount of pee I had just squirted out of my pussy.

As soon as my pee hole had closed then Suzy was squatting on the floor above my pee puddle. Her head was buried in my lap as she licked and played with my pussy flaps and clit. Slowly she worked in to her tender explorations. Her teasing probing of her tongue into my love hole was an experience that I will never forget. It took all my concentration not to groan out loud as Suzy pleasured my private parts with her mouth and tongue. In the end she brought me to an incredible orgasm, pulling away just before I reached the ultimate moment. As I lay half seated, half lying in my seat, I allowed the shudders of pleasure to rack my body as Suzy returned to her seat. I was still half lost in my world of pleasure when a soft hiss and pattering sound caught my attention. Through half lidded eyes, I stared across at where Suzy was sitting. Immediately they were fully opened in dismay and shock.

Suzy had shed her own panties and was now taking a piss of her own. The difference being that unlike my golden sprinkle over the floor from the edge of the seat, Suzy was sat with her thighs spread open and inclined backwards in her chair. This meant that her powerful spray of piss was now shooting upwards into the air in a long flower arch. At its apex, her golden urine bent and fell downwards, pattering over the rim of the chair back situated in front of her. Jealously surged through me along with a deep thrill whilst I witnessed Suzy's act of piss vandalism. I had no idea she could pee so strongly. I watched on entranced as Suzy enjoyed her pee. As her fountain of flowing piss started to dwindle I bent across and gave her a passionate kiss. This was quickly followed by delving into the contents of her bra which she quickly shed. I then massaged and rubbed her tits and naked pussy until she came. It was a wonderful and very moving experience to be able to make my partner reach orgasm and I bathed in a warm wonderful feeling as we returned to actually watching the play.

After half time and more drinks at the bar, we took it in turns to pee in the aisle. The plush red carpet greedily accepted our squirting honey sprays as we squatted in the darkness with our piss leaving our pussy holes. The damp stains we left behind with our respective toilets were all but invisible in the near darkness. Towards the end of the play we both needed to pee again. Suzy suggested nipping out for a pee in the sink bowls in the Ladies toilets but I had a better idea. The large plastic bag which had held our selection of chocolates we had purchased from the foyer make a perfect receptacle for our piss. I went first, squirting a now clear stream of hot urine into the bag before handing it to Suzy to use for her own pee. Unfortunately the weight of my piss inside the bag was making it difficult for one person to hold open and to pee into at the same time. To overcome this problem I did the honours and held the bag open up to Suzy's delicious pussy. Suzy immediately started to pee, a loud hiss and wet splatter rising up from inside the bag I had earlier peed into. When Suzy started to pee over my fingers I honestly couldn't tell if she was doing it on purpose or simply struggling to aim properly. Either way, her pee was lovely and warm and I didn't mind.

After peeing into the bag for several long seconds, Suzy ceased her toilet. Giggling like a naughty girl she got up from her seat and in a crouch like walk to avoid being seen by the stage, started to leave the row of seating. I whispered out her name as she left me holding a plastic bag full of our respective piss. I thought she was simply going to pee in the aisle again but as I dropped the bag on the floor, its wet contents going everywhere, I looked up to see Suzy vanishing into the folds of a large curtain which swept down from the ceiling. Adopting the same crouched stance walk, I quickly followed eager to see what she was doing. It came as no real surprise to find Suzy peeing once again. This time she was stood with her bare cheeks up against the wall and squirting a clear coloured jet of piss out of her pussy and onto the curtain felt. Already a long damp stain was visible on the material where Suzy's golden shower has christened it with hot piss.

As soon as Suzy had finished off her relief in the folds of the curtain, we decided to flee. Laughing and giggling we fled past started ushers. Outside the night air was deliciously cold and fresh. We walked arm in arm down the high street in search of a taxi. Unfortunately it was kicking out time and the streets were full of people searching for a ride home. A large doorway hidden in shadow called out to us as we walked by and before I knew it we were kissing and fondling each other in its embrace. I could feel the envious looks of passing men as we enjoyed the thrill of togetherness in public. Suzy's body was deliciously hot, her bare flesh burning with an inner heat. We were fingering each other, discreetly as possible, one hand up the others skirt. Suzy's tongue was playing with mine as we kissed, our passions mounting by the second. In the end, Suzy brought me off to a stunning orgasm, literally moments before I felt her body shake with her own explosion of pleasure.

After our fuck we both needed to pee again so we set off in the search of a dark alleyway. Opportunity soon beckoned. As we made our way into the darkness in search of a place to piss, we were greeted by a familiar hissing sound. Suzy bumped into me and pointed at the indistinct figures of two girls squatting behind a group of garbage bins. Their pee streams glistened in the stray street light from the near-by road and we could clearly see the motion of their flowing piss as they relived themselves. The girls stood up and moved off before we reached them. It seemed only apt that we mirror there approach and we were soon pissing our own pussy sprays into the two puddles left by the other girls.

After relieving our pent up piss in the alleyway we returned to the task of getting home. A couple of men were in the process of trying their luck on with us when salvation arrived. Jumping into the back of the cab we instructed the driver to Suzy's home address. The rest of the journey was then spent in Suzy's wonderful embrace, our tongues flicking as we kissed and cuddled on the back seat.

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