Peeping Tom


I watched her from the windowsill peering through her curtains; the white curtains matched her white linen and white pillows. She was tightly wound in a fetal position her body crumbling in on itself. Was she shaking from the cold winter night that was pressing upon her skin? I smiled at her innocence; one should not leave the window open in such unsafe times. She may have been 18 but the look of her sleeping betrayed what I knew to be fact. I pushed aside the curtains and watched. She shivered. I had a though of pulling the covers over her just to see if I could get away with it. I wondered if she'd even know that a man had intruded inside her room and gently covered her body from the cold.

With that though being the center of my addiction I climbed into her bedroom from the window, exercising all caution and sliding the white curtains across the bar holding them until the window was accessible and wide open. I then slowly inched my way into her pretty room. The carpet was a soft mahogany and padded, so that when I stepped down into the bedroom my boots pressed into the carpet. I glanced around the room, since I could now see more from such a vantage point. She had a very childlike style, although she was eighteen. Her bed spread which had fallen to the floor was a pink rose color. She had a few posters on her eggshell walls. Nameless boy band and teenage heart throbs. She had a rack of stuffed animals; all of them were polar bears. I had noticed polar bear snow globes and figurines on her dresser. I smiled to myself and approached her figure.

Her long honey brown hair splashed across her pillow and her little blue nightgown had ridden up to thighs. I shuddered inside, my prick instantly hardening. I could make out her budding nipples peeking from the silken fabric. Reaching down I trailed my fingertips across her revealed thighs. Her skin was angel soft and I had to hold back all my primal urges at the mere traces my fingertips were doing on her skin. I lusted after her madly. I had been watching the girl for over four months now. My body needed to ravish her young innocence. I licked my lips and feasted my eyes over her; I slowly lifted up her night gown until I could see her white panties. I almost came in my jeans from the sight of her perfect round ass clad in a pair of white cottons.

Perverse as I was for peeking in on her every night for the past four months I was beside myself. I wasn't sure if fucking her tight, most likely virgin ass was the right thing to do. A graceful groan escaped her semi parted lips. I felt a tremor run from my head to my groin and knew that to deny my needs could result in devastating consequences. Abandoning my earlier inhibitions I unbuckled my black leather belt and unbuttoned my jeans to allow my partial erection to grow.

I looked around the girl's room and noticed a sewing kit on her nightstand. I licked my lips and grinned. She was too sweet; I bet she would taste so fucking good. I quietly took the scissors from the pouch and stared down at the sleeping beauty before me. I knew I was going to enjoy this.

I cut away at the side of the panties expertly holding the cloth away from her skin and snipping without notice. I glanced at her face serene in sleep, what did she dream of? I had to wonder if she had an idea of what was about to befall her. As the underwear came away I let it fall off her ass and my prick became stiff and pushed against my jeans almost painfully. I unzipped my pants and let my cock free from its prison. I touched her newly revealed skin, tracing my finger down curve of her ass. I let my hand grab her soft firm butt as my eyes stayed on her face waiting for some sign of her slumber disturbed. When her breath hadn't even changed its pace I became encouraged, I was already rock hard knew without looking that pre-cum glistened and coated my head. Her inspiring figure and my encouragement at her lack of response fueled my next move. It was almost too easy to lift up her leg at the ankle and place her in a position my gluttonous eyes would thank me for. The front of her body was in full view and I gradually viewed her alluring temptation. Her nipples peaked and almost strained the front of the blue silk, continuing my exploration my eyes went over the flat of her stomach, and eventually led me to the front of her panties. She was covered by what was left of the garments and I hastily cut the other side, almost drooling with eagerness as the last of the barrier was brought down and removed carefully from her body. Morals declining at an alarming rate I almost said a prayer before my feast.

She was in all her glory breathtaking, heart stopping, and above all an instant erection maker. Almost hairless, but if you looked closely you would notice fine blond hair overlaid her mound. She was slightly wet and perfectly made. I could have cam at the sight had I not had darker deeds to do. I wondered how I was going to put my mouth on such a decadent dessert and not get caught. How could I make this work?

I could tie her up, bind her to the bed and then have my way with her or I could threaten her to stay quiet, I could even hope for the best, hope that she'd never wake. Reality can be a bitch sometimes, but I had come all this way and already passed the point of no return so I decided a mix of all three would suffice. Now was the time for action, all I had to do was get the supplies...

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