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Peggy At The Window


(Author's note: Literotica member Peggy46 has invited writers to create a story about her and her swinging sex life. If you don't like the idea of a 46-year-old wife and mother fucking other men and women during business trips, too bad.)

Dave Taylor was starting to get tired, and a headache was brewing.

It was a little past 9 o'clock on a Monday night, and he was beginning to get depressed at the prospects for the week ahead. The 31-year-old junior executive was facing a momentous deadline on a major report that had been dropped in his lap two months earlier, and upon which his future with the company rested.

The report was due to be presented to the company's stockholders at 10 a.m. Friday, which meant it had to be in his boss's hands at 8 o'clock that morning, and he was behind, way behind. Part of it was his own fault, he knew. It was the middle of a steamy Southern summer, a time when the blood ran a little slower, and he had procrastinated on it a little.

But he had also been held up by key information from another department that had finally been delivered the previous Friday, three weeks late. So he was going to have to stay at the office late every night through Thursday to get it finished on time.

Dave knew that if he failed to meet the deadline, he was through at this company, no matter how good his previous record had been, and up to that point it had been exemplary. The company's board of directors would not accept any excuse for the project not being completed and not being done well.

No, missing this deadline was not an option, so he had resigned himself to a week of 15-hour-plus days until it was finished.

Sighing, he pushed his chair away from his desk, stood up and walked to the window that dominated one end of his otherwise nondescript office. He needed to stretch after being in his chair too long.

His office was on the 17th floor of the company's 55-story skyscraper that sat smack in the middle of downtown in the large city where he worked. It was on the side of the building that faced the narrow side street, rather than the main boulevard that served as the building's prestigious address, and was directly across the street from the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The other good thing about his office – the whole building actually – was that the windows in each office were huge, probably six feet wide and running from floor to ceiling. Even on this side of the building, where the sun rarely shone directly, it afforded the office enough sunlight to brighten what was otherwise a rather mundane workplace.

For Dave, the location and the size of the window had one other benefit, especially at night. It was easy to see across the street into the hotel rooms. He had seen many a hot-looking babe come to a window and pull the curtains closed, and the promise of more was always present.

Dave walked to the window and gazed across the street, then stopped dead still in puzzlement. Across the street, directly across from his office and one floor down, a set of curtains was open, and not just a little bit, either. They had been pulled back so that anyone who cared to look could see just about everything that was happening in the room as far as the other side of the king-sized bed.

Seconds later, he saw a woman moving around in the room, then she walked to the window and looked out, clearly searching for something. Dave was close enough to the woman that he could see her very clearly.

The woman appeared to be very nice looking, probably in her mid-40s, with thick auburn hair that was cut in bangs that swept to the right across her forehead, and fell past her shoulders in back. She was dressed in the white blouse and dark skirt that were part of the stylish business suit she had worn that day.

Suddenly, Dave realized that she was staring right at him. For a second, Dave figured that he'd seen all that he was going to see, and that maybe she would freak out and call the hotel management, which would call his company, and he would be reprimanded for peeking at hotel patrons.

So he was stunned when the woman smiled and winked at him, brought her hand to her mouth and appeared to blow him a kiss. Then her hand moved to her chest and she began to slowly unbutton the blouse...

Peggy Sanford had arrived at the Hyatt the previous afternoon prepared to spend a week in the city. She was an on-site claims representative for a large, nationally known insurance company, and she was in town to attend a week-long training seminar that was being held at the city's convention center, two blocks up the boulevard from the Hyatt.

It had a long flight that Sunday, and she'd had an early morning of it on Monday, so she had retired quite early the night before.

But she was clearly hoping to spend some time this week doing what she always did when she visited a strange town on business, and that was to seek new vistas in her quest for the ultimate orgasm. Her methods varied, but the end result was the same; she always got her hot pussy well fucked.

Sometimes, if she in a city she was familiar with, she would visit the sex clubs that she'd learned about or had been to before, and work her way from one sexual buffet to another, many of which could be awfully kinky.

Other times, she would seek out adult bookstores or video arcades, and spend time on her knees sucking cocks through glory holes.

More often, however, she simply cruised the upscale clubs and hotel bars for worthy men and/or women to bring back to her room for some sublime fucking.

At age 46, Peggy considered herself in the prime of her life, in every way. Her health was excellent, she was in great shape, because she worked out quite vigorously, she had a sunny outlook on life and had a thoroughly voracious appetite for sex, in every form.

In that regard, she was blessed to have a husband who not only allowed her the freedom to explore and expand her sexual horizons, but actively encouraged her to be as uninhibited as possible.

When she traveled, Greg wanted her to go out and seek exciting new experiences, then come home and tell him all about it. And at home, they were part of a tightly-knit swingers group that frequently swapped wives, husbands and lovers, and which met two or three times a year for some positively outrageous orgies.

Peggy and Greg were off-the-charts hedonists, and they believed that had been one of the secrets to the success of their marriage, which spanned 17 years.

Peggy had always been a free spirit, a green-eyed beauty who had dazzled the boys at her small-town high school in the Midwest. But when she graduated, she was ready to break free of her suffocating existence.

She had graduated as one of the top students in her high school, but she had been burned out on school by the time she got to college. She gave the university two years, but spent more time partying and fucking than studying, and lost her scholarship.

At age 20, and at loose ends, Peggy made a fateful decision. She wanted to see the world, and the best way to do that without joining the military was to become a flight attendant. She quickly landed a job with United Airlines, and spent the next nine years flying the friendly skies all over the world.

Being a pretty, single girl with a huge curiosity about sex and a deep well of carnality, her job afforded her the perfect opportunity to learn everything she needed to know about sex. As a result, there was very little that she wasn't willing to try at least once.

Over the years, she had been tied up by more than one masterful bondage artist and sent soaring into the stratosphere of lust. She had made love with more women than she could count. She had had threesomes, foursomes and moresomes of every kind. She and Greg had once fucked on a stage in front a roomful of people at a European sex club. She had had sex in a public park in broad daylight. She had joined the mile-high club within the first year of her employment at the airline. She had even let herself be laid on a table for a seemingly endless parade of men to cover her body completely with cum.

Her retirement from United, not long after she married Greg, had only slightly modified her sexual lifestyle. Not even having three children in rapid succession had completely stopped Peggy from acting out some of her deepest desires.

Of course, Peggy was devoted to her kids – two sons, aged 15 and 12, and a 14-year-old daughter – and she was the quintessential soccer mom, but she was a soccer mom with a nasty streak a mile wide.

So when she finished her day's work at the seminar that Monday, she went to the hotel's health club for her daily workout, had a leisurely dinner at the hotel's restaurant, then hit the bar to see what sort of action she could find.

What Peggy found was that the hotel bar was not the place to pick up good prospects, at least not that night. The hotel was overrun with insurance adjusters just like her, and most of the guys who hit on her just didn't light her fire.

Finally, a little after 8:30, she gave up on the bar and went upstairs. She had a trusty vibrator that she never traveled without, and a book of sexy stories. She'd take care of her own needs and broaden her search on Tuesday.

The first thing she noticed when she opened the curtains in her room and tied them back so that the whole window was visible – which she always did, wherever she went – was the lone light blazing from the massive office building directly across the street from her room.

At first, she just figured that someone had forgotten to turn off the light when they left work earlier. But then she noticed activity in the office, and she caught sight of a man, a nice-looking, youngish man who appeared to be some kind of low-end executive, working late.

She watched as he stood at the full-length window looking out. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head and slow smile creased her face. As was the case with Dave's office, the windows in the hotel were large and deep, with no air conditioning unit to block someone from standing right up against the window.

Peggy stood right in the window, close, and caught the man's eye, then blew him a kiss. He seemed startled at that, then his face registered shock as Peggy slowly unbuttoned all of the buttons on her blouse, pulled it off and tossed it aside. Next, she reached back, unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She had his undivided attention now.

Smiling, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting her perfectly formed breasts fall free. Peggy was slightly smaller than average, about 5-foot-3, 105 pounds, with a pair of firm 36Cs that still sat up high and proud on her chest.

After playing with her tits for just a second or two, she lifted one leg and slid her thigh-high stockings off, then did the same with the other leg. Finally, she hooked two fingers in the waistband of her panties and slid them off her butt and down her legs.

Dave just stood there gaping as this mature beauty stripped naked for him, and he reached down to squeeze his swelling cock through his slacks. And, yes, he made damn sure the woman saw him do it. He figured that if she didn't mind showing him her charms, he didn't showing her his appreciation.

Peggy swept her hands down her body, stopping to cup her breasts and lightly pinch her nipples, before moving her hands down over her hips, down her legs, then up the insides of her thighs.

Her pussy was gushing with desire as she ran both hands through the forest of thick, dark hair that framed her pubic area. She let her middle finger slide gently between her prominent labia, which sat like pearly gates at the entrance to her wet, pink fuckhole.

Peggy gasped sharply as her finger brushed her clit, and she spent several seconds rolling it around before sliding back and pushing the finger into her cunt. She groaned as she fucked herself with the stiff digit, and brought her other hand to bear on her clit.

Dave was goggle-eyed and his cock was raging in his slacks. He was sorely tempted to whip it out and return the favor, but he wasn't sure who, if anyone, might be roaming his floor in spite of the late hour. He sure didn't want to be caught in his office with his dick out at any time, but especially not showing it to the world through his window.

But his hand was steadily kneading the throbbing ridge that snaked down the inside of his slacks as he stared across the street at Peggy's lewd performance. She always got a major feeling of arousal from showing off her body to strangers, and this time was no different.

Exhibitionism had been the first major sexual fetish she had enjoyed as a teenager, even before she'd ever been fucked. She loved being naked, and when she couldn't be naked, she loved the idea of trying to expose as much of her splendid body without being overt about it.

She had found a place in the country outside her little hometown, a wooded area where she often went. She'd take off her clothes and revel in the feeling of being nude under the warm sun and gentle breeze, then lie back on the soft grass and masturbate.

Eventually, when it came time to lose her virginity, that's where she went with her first serious boyfriend.

The thoughts of her early sexual experiences raced through her mind as she worked her fingers at her juicy pussy, feeling the tingles of her orgasm beginning to swell. Looking around, she spied a chair, which she quickly moved over to where she could prop one foot up and really expose herself to this handsome stranger's gaze.

Faster and harder, Peggy worked two fingers briskly in her cunt, while two fingers of her other hand were twirling her clit around like a spinning wheel. Dave just stared in disbelief as Peggy opened her mouth in an apparent gasping squeal, and her body started to shake.

With a trembling quake, Peggy tumbled over the edge in a terrific climax, her hands covered with the fruits of her orgasm. Smiling weakly, she lifted one hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. Then she waved at the man across the street and turned away from the window.

Dave was transfixed at the spot. He looked down at his pants, and he was astounded to see a large wet spot right where the tip of his throbbing cock was. He had gotten so turned on that his pre-cum had soaked through his boxer shorts and his slacks.

He kept watching the room for several minutes, and saw the woman appear one final time, but it was only to pull the covers on the bed down, crawl in and turn off the lamp. The show was over.

Dave turned away from the window and sat down hard on his chair. He just stared at his computer terminal for a long minute, then said out loud, "to hell with this." After Peggy's erotic display, he knew he wasn't going to get any more work done on this night.

He picked up the telephone, punched in 10 numbers and waited for his wife to pick up.

"Hello?" Crystal Taylor answered.

"Hey, babe," Dave said. "I was hoping you were still up."

"Of course, I'm up," Crystal said, her mood suddenly brighter. "I knew you'd probably need some tender loving care after such a long, hard day. But I am getting a little tired."

"Oh, baby, you don't know the half of it," Dave said excitedly. "Wait until I tell you what I just saw. You'd better be ready, because Dave's got something for you."

"Oooooooh!" Crystal cooed. "Is it big and hard?"

"Throbbing, and soaking wet at the tip," Dave said. He loved this kind of banter with his sexy wife.

"Mmmmm!" Crystal said. "I can't wait. What do you want me to wear? Nothing?"

"Well, that would be nice," Dave answered. "Or maybe that purple thing you bought in San Francisco. You know, the little see-through deal? I really don't care. Surprise me. Oh, and I am leaving the office in five minutes. You won't believe what happened to me just now, and I can't wait to tell you about it. I guarantee you'll get a charge out of it. See you in a few. I love you."

"Love you, too," Crystal said. "I'll be waiting."

Crystal hung up the phone and thought for a second, then decided the little purple number would indeed be perfect for the evening. She loved to dress up in sexy lingerie for her sexy husband, and this was a waist-length transparent teddy complete with a matching pair of thong panties.

She and Dave had met at a social function five years earlier, and the sparks between them had been apparent from the very beginning. After a year of dating, they had married, and it had been four years of wedded bliss.

Dave had always been quite popular with the ladies, because he was good-looking and nicely built - a shade under six feet tall and trim. He was also very smart, with an upbeat personality and a great sense of humor. And it didn't hurt at all that he had a nice, fat 7-inch dick that he knew how to use.

After slipping on her little outfit, Crystal looked herself over, and she felt herself getting wet between her legs. It wasn't that she was that vain, exactly, but she knew that when she got dressed up in such a way that she was in for some serious fucking.

Of course, she would have had good reason for a narcissistic streak, because she was a woman who turned heads everywhere she went. She was a little smaller than average, about 5-foot-5, with a body that measured 34C-23-32 and tapered down to a sleek pair of legs.

She had long sandy-blonde hair, eyes that could fairly be called bedroom eyes and the most sensual lips a woman could possibly have. Crystal had the kind of looks and the kind of body that could make a person's head spin.

And Crystal had never been shy about showing off that body. She had put herself through college working as a stripper for an upscale club. She made enough money for the three years she worked there to pay for her schooling, live in a nice apartment and save back a sufficient amount to live on after graduation while she pursued a position in her chosen field of banking and finance.

She was currently working for a nationally known investment company and was doing quite well. She had been forthright about her job while she was in college, because she didn't feel at all ashamed of it, and she believed that honesty had served her well in landing her position.

As she lay back on the bed in their townhouse, Crystal wondered idly what had happened to Dave at the office that had caused him such excitement. She was a little surprised at his mood, since it came at the end of what she knew had been a tough day at the beginning of what promised to be a difficult week.

A smile played across her face as she realized that it had to have something to do with the hotel. She had been to Dave's office, she had seen how close his building was to the Hyatt, and she had seen how easily one might see into a room if things were set up just right.

Dave forced himself to keep his excitement level down as he made the drive home. Even though traffic could be monstrous on the city's freeways heading into and out of downtown, he preferred driving to work in the summer because of the solitude and the often-spotty air conditioning on the city's train system.

At this time of night, it was only a half-hour from downtown to his home, and as he drove, he thought about what he'd seen earlier. The woman was obviously a serious exhibitionist, because she had deliberately pulled the curtains all the way away from the window, and she had purposefully stood right in that window and put on a show just for him.

Crystal was waiting for him when he got home, and they didn't hesitate. His eyes swept over his wife's lush body, and he pulled her to him. They kissed in a smoldering passion, their tongues dueling. Dave managed to pull off his shoes and socks, and Crystal did the rest.

In no time, they were lying in bed, Dave naked, and Crystal clad only in her negligee. She was slowly stroking his throbbing-hard cock, while he worked two fingers slowly in and out of her steaming, well-trimmed pussy.

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