Pelvic Exam


I walk into your office for my annual pelvic exam. I am wearing a tight brown tank top and a pair of short jean shorts that I cut from an old pair of jeans. They fit my ass perfectly making its heart shape even more defined. I have my dark brown hair pulled back in a loose pony tail. I hate shoes in the summer so I have on a simple pair of brown flip flopsflip-flops. After checking in to the clinic a middle-aged nurse with short brown and grey hair walks me back to the doctor's office. She proceeds to tell me to tells me that I need to get undressed and get into a stupid paper gown. "The doctor will be right in," she said.

I hate waiting at the doctor's office. It smells overly clean and sterilized and smells of latex gloves. Luckily I do not have to wait long as you come in about 5 minutes later and I put down the magazine I was pretending to read. You do not enter the room alone, and I am expecting the middle agedmiddle-aged nurse to enter behind you.

It must be my lucky day because in walks your blonde bombshell of a nurse. She is in little pink scrubs that cling to her body in ALL the right places. She has large breasts and a necklace around her neck that dangles dangerously between her perfect cleavage. She turns around to close the door behind her, and I notice she has a round firm ass. I do not see panty lines so I assume she is wearing ether a thong or no panties at all. She walks past me and smilessmiling, and I get a pleasant smell from her. I am so happy because finally there is something nice to smell in such a nasty place. I do not know what perfume she is wearing but it is intoxicating.

I notice my pussy is getting wet looking at her and I shift in my chair uncomfortably. I do not think she has noticed that I am checking her out so I quickly look away and focus on you. My jaw hits the floor once again when I realize you are just as beautiful as she is. You have dark brown hair and sharp facial features. You stand about 6'2, and have firm arms and a flat stomach. Your stethoscope dangles from your tan neck, and it rests on your pecs that I can see through your thin buttoned up shirt. I am one of the last patients for the day, and I figure you have let loose a little because you are not wearing a tie, and your shirt is unbuttoned 3 three buttons. Looking at you isn't making my pussy situation any better. and I start to blush a bit because I know soon you will be "down there," and I hope you don't notice how wet I am.

"So just an annual exam today?" you say.

"Yes, just a check up," I say while trying to control the vocal indications that I am so horny.

"Ok, climb up onto the table for me and we will get this over for you."

I climb up onto the table and feel the cold leather under my bare ass. It's kind of shocking, and I feel my nipples harden as the shivers run through my body. I lean back onto the table and scoot my ass to the edge of the table. I know the position and I waste no in doing what I need to do. I just want it over with. I hate doing my annual exam.

I feel you wrap your gloved hands around my ankles and move each foot into a stirrup. I never noticed you putting gloves on but I hate that feeling on my skin and I wince a little.

"Ok I am going to start now. Do you want me to tell you what I am going to do before I do it or just do it," you asked.

"Just do it," I reply.

I feel your hands part my thighs, and you expose my fully shaven little pussy. I hear you open a drawer in the table and I know that you are reaching for the speculum. I hope to God that the speculum is warm. You place her hands on my pussy, and I jump a little and while your nurse giggles at me.

"A little jumpy today?" she asks.

"Just a reaction I guess," I say.

"Are you normally this wet?" you ask me.

I don't know what to say. I hoped that you wouldn't notice how wet my pussy had become and I start to blush.

"No," I say.

"Hmmmm," is all that manages to come out of your mouth.

I feel your hands again on my pussy. You and you spread my pussy lips apart, and I can hear my wetness as you do so. I feel the warm speculum slide into my pussy gently and you start to crank it open. You crank it open quickly, and I assume you are going to stop, but and you don't., youYou continue to stretch my wet pussy farther. It starts to hurt a little, but I relax and let my muscles enjoy the stretching.

I look up at your nurse standing next to my head, and as I turn my face it is in a perfect line with her pussy. Her pink scrub pants are a little tight and I can make out the lines of her pussy and I feel my clit tighten. I look up at her face and she looks down at me and smiles. I smile back at her, and I bite my lower lip as I feel you take a swab inside my pussy. She grabs a hold of my hand and squeeze a little as if to tell me it's ok.

I feel you pull out the speculum and my pussy relaxes a bit.

"Since you are so wet already, I won't need any lube," you say.

I let out a loud gasp as you thrust your fingers deep into my pussy to feel around. I am so shocked at how good it feels and I squeeze your nurses' hand tightly. It is all I can do to keep my hips still and not thrust them at you. IAfter few seconds go by and your fingers don't leave my pussy, and I begin to wonder why. Before I know what is going on your fingers brush against my g-spot and I let out a loud moan. I am so embarrassed I pull my hand to my face and realize I am still holding the nurse's hand. She places her painted fingers on my cheek and cups my face.

I look at her confused as she runs her hands over my face. You haven't stopped moving your fingers around in me and I can't help but enjoy it. You have large thick fingers and I realize you have 2 fingers in me. I am now pushing against you, my pussy begging for more.

"Jenna, can you do her breast exam for me?" you ask your nurse.

"Sure Doc." She replies.

She is not wearing a nametag so I never knew her name but now I do. Jenna. It seems to fit her very well. Jenna slides her hand down my long neck and over my full DD breasts. My nipples are rock hard by now, and I am a little embarrassed. She runs her hands all over my right breast; feeling for lumps and then moves to my left breast. She finishes feeling around but her long painted fingers do not leave my breast. She rubs them some more and then pinches my nipple. A small moan leaves my lips and this time I just close my eyes.

I feel your hands move to the outside of my pussy, and you begin to rub my clit. I let go of all my inhibitions and I moan more. You are rubbing my full pussy lips and I feel you tug on them a little bit. I hear a slapping noise and realize you are pulling off your gloves. I feel your bare fingers thrust back into my pussy, and I push against you. Jenna's hands are still on my breasts, and I grab at her thighs.

Her thighs are firm and slender. I feel my way up to her pussy, and realize her scrub pants are wet. I start to massage her pussy through her pants, and she moans and throws her head back. I rub a little harder, and look up to watch her face. She opens her mouth and exposes her perfect white teeth. Her tongue is so pink and wet. She scrunches her face up when a wave of pleasure runs through her body. I start to tug at the fabric of her pants and slowly work them off her hips and then down her thighs. They drop to the floor, and she slides off her shoes.

She is wearing a matching thong with a little pink heart on the front. I can see how wet they are and the wetness has spread to her upper thighs. I run my finger over the inside of her thighs to get my fingers nice and wet. I slowly bring them to my pink lips and insert them into my mouth. I taste her sweet juices on my tongue. She tastes so wonderful, clean, fresh and sweet. I can't help but want more. I slide her panties to the side to expose a bare pussy glistening with juices.

I feel your hands still playing with my clit, and I start to moan louder as I insert a finger into Jenna's tight pink pussy. It feels like silk inside; so smooth and soft. I move my fingers in and out as I feel my orgasm coming quickly. You continue to flick my clit with your finger, and my pussy tightens as my orgasm hits me. It is like a wave has knocked me over and all I can do is moan loudly, thrust my hips and fuck Jenna's pussy with my fingers.

You stop touching me, and I figure you are done. I look up at Jenna and I pull at her hips indicated I want her to sit on my face. She climbs up onto the table and slides her pussy on my mouth. I open it widely so her whole pussy sits in my mouth. I begin to suck feverishly when I feel something hard poking at my pussy. I feel your hands gripping my hips and pulling me closer to you and your cock enters my pussy filling every inch of me up. I moan into Jenna's pussy as my pussy stretches. You pull my legs out of the stirrups and put them up on your shoulders and start slowly pushing in and out of my pussy. You are strong, I can tell by how you push into me and I can feel your muscular shoulders under my legs.

Jenna is now riding my face hard. I stick out my tongue and flick her clit fast as she rides me. I love how she tastes, and I just can't get enough. I pull her hips into my mouth and start to lightly bite her clit. She really seems to like it because her legs start to shake.

"I am so close! Don't stop!," she yells at me.

I switch between licking and biting her little clit. and soonSoon she starts shaking more, and I hear her moan loudly and while I feel her cum flow into my mouth. It's so sticky and sweet, and I lick her pink little hole to make sure I get it all.

You are thrusting into my pussy hard now, and I hear slight grunts out of you. Your cock feels amazing in my pussy. You keep hitting all the right spots, and all my muscles tense up. I push Jenna away from my mouth just long enough to scream "Harder!". Without warning you thrust into me as hard as you can and I scream into Jenna's pussy. It sends vibration to her clit, and she starts to cum again. You thrust a dozen more times and I start to cum hard.

You pull out of my pussy without coming and you move up by my head. Jenna climbs down and flips me onto my knees and you slide in under me so your cock is at my mouth. I slide the head into my mouth, and all I can taste is my pussy. I push your cock deeper into my mouth and start to suck my juices off. I thrust you deep into my throat and try to swallow. This creates a suction feeling and tightness and I feel you start to pulse. I do not want you to cum yet so I pull memy mouth off your cock and wait a few seconds.

Jenna positions herself under my pussy and pulls me down onto her face. I am so wet my juices drip on her face. She mumbles something about it tasting so good. She pushes her mouth onto my pussy, and I moan loudly as I push my mouth onto your cock. I push it all the way in so it is in my throat and my nose is pressed against your stomach. You put your hand on the back of my head and hold it there and push down a little. I start to gag a little but you don't let me up. Before I know what has happened you're hot, sticky cum flows down the back of my throat. You pull up so your load fills my mouth properly. It is so sticky and warm.

I hate the taste of cum but yours is so sweet. I hold it in my mouth and climb off the table and pull off Jenna's shirt and bra. I spit it all over her lovely nipples. I push my body against hers causing your cum to transfer to my nipples as well. Then I kiss her making her taste your cum. Her tongue parts my lips and explores the inside of my mouth making sure not to miss any cum.

"Come here Jenna and clean off my nipples."

She obeys and cleans me up. She plays close attention to my dark nipples and then moves to the outside of my breasts. She does such a good job cleaning me up. You sit and watch as Jenna and I touch each other. I lean over and clean off Jenna's nipples. They are so tight and pink I suck on them and bite down. My teeth leave an impression and then I kiss them to make them feel better. I lick up all your cum on beautiful Jenna's breasts.

I lay on the floor so Jenna can finish eating my pussy. She starts at the top of my cunt and runs down my outer lips. She takes her long fingers and parts my lips and runs her warm tongue down the wet insides and to might tight little hole. She licks feverishly at my hole and starts to poke at it fast. Once it is all wet she slides a finger in and makes a hook in her finger so she hits my g-spot. Instantly my juices start to flow heavier, and she moves up to my hard clit. She bites it hard and I let out a squeal and then she proceeds to licking my clit fast and hard. I am moving my hips hard against her tongue.

"I am going to cum! Don't you dare stop," I say.

She licks harder and faster and my orgasm finally comes, and I shake on the floor. My breasts are bouncing about and my legs squeezing Jenna's head between my thighs. I pull at Jenna's long blonde pony tailponytail to pull her head away from my sensitive clit. I lay on the floor for a minute breathing heavily.

"Wow," I say. "Is that a normal exam Doc?"

"No, not at all. I look at pussies all day, and yours was just so perfect I couldn't help myself," you say.

"And your nipples are so beautiful," Jenna says, "I just couldn't keep my hands off them!"

"We do hope this will stay with us and not travel outside of this office," you say.

"Of course."

You say, "You may get dressed now." and I comply smiling, as you 2 two get dressed as well.

"I will submit these swabs to the lab, but as far as I can tell, you are doing great! Make sure to make set another appointment for next year."

You and Jenna walk out of the office andwhile I sit down on the chair next to the desk. I dress quickly, and walk out in a daze.

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