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Coed Aces Doctor's Exam


An entire semester's worth of preparation had gone into that day's presentation. The free-spirited professor didn't believe in homework or tests which meant the entire semester's grade was riding on one class presentation about changes in portraiture during the Renaissance. Art history had seemed like such an easy elective. Why was I sweating so much?

For starters, Florida was hot and humid in the afternoon even in early December. I wondered if it would be another eighty degree Christmas. Additionally, the only button down white shirt I had been able to find was long sleeved because clothing shops ignore the fact that Floridians need short sleeves until January and only stock wool sweaters and long sleeves after September. I was suffering for their stupidity as I hauled my laptop across campus in my long sleeved shirt, long black pencil skirt and shiny black leather stilettos. Underneath my sophisticated presentation outfit was a black lace bra with matching lace panties. I made sure even my under clothes were snappy.

Finally there were my nerves. The weather, outfit and stress were the perfect storm for making my stomach churn. My dark brown hair was coming lose from the restrictive bun I had arranged on top of my head giving me a disheveled appearance on top of being flushed.

I have never been a lucky person. This may be why that day was unseasonably hot and the class was in the building furthest from my dorm at the top of a steep incline. After struggling to make it there with five minutes to spare I was panting and sweating when I finally arrived. The large projector screen was down and the day's presenters were all standing around holding tiny scraps of paper. I realized I was the last to arrive.

Professor Hippie was already droning on about turning off cell phones and passing in the term papers. Wait, the...

I looked to the guy next to me who looked calm and collected in his gray sweater and khaki slacks. "Term Paper? I thought the presentation was the entirety of our grade..."

"For sure. The term paper is just the one you wrote on your topic for the presentation." He said it so calm and sure. Was he acting to try to hit on me or had I really overlooked the fact that the bulk of this presentation grade was a paper I hadn't written?

I started to panic. The Professor took her seat in the front row and I realized all of that day's presenters were staring at me. I readjusted my laptop in my hands and the helpful guy from before leaned in to whisper to me, "Everyone drew numbers to see who goes first, you are the last presenter to arrive."

I noticed a stained ceramic mug with one remaining strip of paper inside. I blushed with even further embarrassment as I struggled to shift my laptop to allow a free hand to grab at the tiny scrap of paper. Please say I had time. If I was last, maybe they wouldn't get to me today and I could rectify this problem? Even second I could towel off most of the sweat...

"1," said the asshole scrap of paper. When I glanced at the other presenters I saw on their face that they had known the first spot was the only one still unfilled. I was fighting for breath.

"Alright, it's 3 o'clock, if the first presenter will please take the..."

The last thing I heard was a collective gasp. The last thing I felt was the weight of my laptop leaving my hands. Then just sweet, blessed darkness.

Light seemed to be flashing from far away. I frowned and opened my eyes right as the light flashed again. My eyelids felt like someone was trying to force them back closed. I moaned and my throat was parched.

"Angel? Are you awake?"

I grunted an answer that was meant to be "Yes," but then I was coughing, a dry rasping sound. I tried to focus on the room. I had never been here before but it looked brightly lit and sterile. I tried to move and heard the crinkle of paper covering the padded table where I was resting. A large figure moved to block the unforgiving fluorescent light as I caught my breath.

"Here dear, drink this," said a deep, soothing voice. I took the thin paper cup that was offered me and downed what tasted like cold water.

"Ahh...where am I?" I croaked, before taking another gulp of the water.

"You were in class and you fainted dear. They brought you to the campus clinic," replied the man here. He was in his mid-fifties with short gray hair and a meticulously manicured black goatee. He wore a bright green golf shirt and navy slacks under a white doctor's coat. A name tag read, "Dr. Winthrope."

I winced as the memories flooded back. I had a ten page paper to write, a possible broken laptop to repair, and maybe even a failing grade for my easy blow-off class of the semester. How embarrassing. I then became aware that I was naked.

A light pink paper gown was covering me but someone had removed all of my clothing and my underwear before draping the gown over my body. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"Um...how did I get here?"

"A fellow classmate of yours brought you here with your computer. You did not have any I.D. but he thought your name was Angel."

"Yes, Angel, that is my name, but what happened to my clothes.."

The doctor smiled a reassuring smile. "The nurses and I removed your clothes to make you more comfortable. You were wearing very restrictive clothing and that could have caused your fainting spell."

The black pencil skirt had hugged my hips nicely but I was betting on the stress overload at the source of the problem. I had never fainted in my life though so I was not an expert. The expert was looking at me with kind blue eyes and a patient smile. I decided it was best to trust his judgment. My large 36D breasts heaved with my breathing causing the paper gown to rise and fall.

"What do I need to do now, doctor?"

"Well, we want to observe you for a little while longer and we will want to do a full examination. First, I have a few questions to ask you," he said, and he started in with a battery of medical questions about my weight, height, family history, alcohol or drug abuse..

"You don't have to worry about telling me. They could be life threatening if they caused you to black out.."

"No, I would admit to it. I haven't done any drugs in weeks and I was looking forward to drinking this weekend but have been too busy preparing for this presentation to drink at all this week. I think it was just the heat and the stress."

The doctor was scribbling something on a yellow legal pad. It looked very unofficial.

"Are you able to sit up? I need to take your vital signs," he said, putting the legal pad to the side and fishing a stethoscope out of the deep front pocket of his white jacket.

I struggled to sit up and felt light headed. I immediately started coughing again. The doctor was quick to jump to my aid and help steady me in the upright position. I felt the paper on the table squish under my bare ass and the gown fell own leaving my entire back exposed. The doctor walked to a table and poured a nondescript white pitcher into another paper cup. It didn't seem odd to my addled mind so I happily accepted the drink and downed it as I had the previous cup.

"Now just breathe normally," the doctor said, adjusting the stethoscope then breathing on the end. He reached around and pressed the still frigid metal against my back. He held it there for several seconds and then moved it. I continued to breathe normally as he continued this for several minutes. Without warning he then moved the instrument around to my chest and pressed it at the top of my right breast.

I moved to hold the paper gown up. He pushed it lower to ensure the tops of my large breasts were visible. He continued to move the stethoscope back and forth between my right and left breast, getting lower with each movement. His eyes were focused on the instrument and his lips pursed in deep concentration. He seemed not to notice when he finally pushed the flimsy paper gown completely out of the way leaving me naked on the table. I grabbed at it feebly before it could fall all the way to the ground.

The instrument was on my right breast now, moving closer to my nipple with each inhale. When he finally moved the large flat disc below my pink nipple he used his finger to lightly tease it which caused me to inhale sharply. The room was a comfortable temperature but the doctor's fingers caused my nipples to harden. He held his hand there for several moments before repeating the seduction on my left breast.

I put my hands behind me on the table and leaned backwards, thrusting my chest out towards the doctor's instrument. He passively approved of the change and took the instrument out of his ears and left it hanging around his neck.

"Everything sounds healthy, Angel. While I have you in this position I am going to start the breast exam. It's part of the overall exam," he explained. I nodded.

His hands were firm but not callused. They moved with a purpose around my breasts, kneading every inch. First he focused both hands on my right breast until he was satisfied and then he performed the same kneading motion on the left. Once he was done he took one breast in each hand and squeezed them, watching my reaction. I had never had this done during a yearly check-up and felt slightly on guard about the change in behavior but I did not object. His fingers squeezed and tugged at my breasts and then he lightly pinched both of my nipples between his fingers.

"You should lay back for this part and put your hands over your head," he said, his voice matter-of-fact.

I obeyed. I felt the paper sticking to my ass when I tried to move and realized that I was dripping with excitement. The thin paper gown was the only thing hiding my shame. I re-adjusted my body on the table and the doctor continued to fondle my tits. With my hands over my head my breasts looked like two perfect orbs sitting on my chest. The doctor was eyeing them intently as he continued. They were more than a handful for the doctor even though he seemed to have large hands.

I was lost in the rhythm of the doctor's hands on my tits when I felt a new sensation creep across my nipple, warm and wet. The doctor had bent down and was licking at my erect right nipple. I knew deep down that this wasn't appropriate behavior but I didn't speak out. The sensation of a tongue flicking my nipple had me dripping onto the paper covering of the table instantly. My breathing seemed more labored. I tried to sit up but it felt like trying to sit up quickly from underwater. My limbs felt so heavy.

"Doctor, I am not sure, but something might be wrong.." I croaked.

"Please rest Angel, the exam will take a few more minutes, " he said, looking up at me with his head at my breasts. He immediately dove onto my left nipple and continued sucking and licking at my tits. There was no medical reason for this but my mind was swimming and my nethers craved attention. I caught myself moaning and the doctor moaned in return, redoubling his efforts on my breasts, pushing them together and licking them both hungrily.

"We need to complete the rest of the physical exam before I can sign off on your health form. The next portion will be a full pelvic examination. You are free to nap here for the afternoon. You look very tired and we cannot risk you fainting again. As long as you follow all of my instructions I will make sure you are fully excused from the exam and that this was not a pathetic attempt to ditch a major presentation," said the doctor, moving away from where my nude body was laying on the table.

My blood froze. The doctor was going to perform an internal physical exam because of a simple fainting spell? The implied threat of hurting my grades if I did not comply made my skin crawl. I started to protest but my tongue seemed to have grown too large for my mouth.

"I need you to assume the proper exam position. I will help you. You seem very unsteady," said the doctor, reaching to flip me over on the table. I was able to move very slowly but was confused about what the proper position for an examination like this. I did not see any stirrups and the doctor seemed to be trying to lift me off the bed. I managed to come back on my knees with my ass facing the end of the table. The doctor spread my knees and gave a happy sigh.

"There we are, finally! Please hold the position."

My entire body blushed from the embarrassment. My head felt dizzy again. I focused all my energy on holding the position, my legs slightly further than my hips, pushing backwards to allow the doctor access to my most private areas.

I froze when I felt the doctor's fingers outlining the puffy lips of my smooth, shaved vagina. He was not wearing any gloves. His fingers were smooth but firm as they opened my lips to allow an unobstructed view into my tight hole. I was not a virgin but I had only been with two men in my entire life. One before college and one drunken frat boy mistake freshman year. Neither had lasted long and it had been years since anyone had touched me the way he was touching me now.

The doctor started to stroking over my moistening lips, tracing his finger over my hooded clitoris and down the sides of my labia.

"You are so pink Angel. And you are getting very wet. That is a good sign and will help the examination go smoothly," he said, his voice reassuring, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

His thumb was persistently rubbing my clit, arousing me until I had to gasp out loud and push my hips further back towards his hand. The simple movement made me dizzy and I felt the doctor's other hand steady me on the table.

"Be careful, you still seem faint from your earlier episode."

Yes, I was having another dizzy spell. Except I never have dizzy spells and this felt entirely different. My mind wanted to explore the differences and get to the bottom of what was happening to me but the doctor moved his hand to slide one large finger into my dripping opening. I moaned loudly at the touch. He continued to stroke my clit while pushing his finger in and out of my pussy.

The doctor gave an appreciative sigh as he spread my lips far apart with both hands, looking over my pink hole, before shoving two fingers inside and causing me to cry out.

"You have not been with many men, Angel? You are extremely tight..."

"Only two," I said, but my voice sounded strange, muffled to my own ears.

"Shh, just relax, the exam will be over shortly," whispered the doctor, as he continued to force his fingers inside of me. I began to breathe heavily focusing on the doctor's persistent fingers. I could feel my inner walls tightening around the doctor's intruding digits. I knew my orgasm was building and would need release soon. The fact that this wasn't normally part of my womanly physical was the last thing on my mind.

A few flashes and that clicking sound from earlier. The doctor resumes his attentions, vigorously working his fingers inside of me while reaching around to flick my clit simultaneously. Within minutes I was groaning and cumming hard.

The doctor pushed his fingers deep inside and held them there while I rode out my climax on the table spread in front of him. He pulls his fingers out very slowly and I can feel his eyes on my wet, swollen pussy.

"You have passed the test Angel," he said, his voice level and clear in my ears. I tried to reply but it was a gargle in my throat. The doctor quickly acted to catch me and help lay me on my back on the table. My knees hit the end of the table and my legs dangled off. I watched him admire my naked body and push my knees further apart, spreading my legs. He was staring at me.

"You make a good slut, Angel," he said, and I tried to protest but found I could no longer speak. I was tired and still throbbing from my orgasm. I willed my limbs to move against him but nothing happened. Panic set in as I realized I was not dizzy but rather felt I had been drugged. My eyes were still open; staring. I tried to blink and was successful though it was delayed.

The doctor went to a computer and started typing something with the same fingers he had used to pleasure me moments before. A monitor flicked on overhead, possibly used to display eye exams during other occasions, but today it showed a picture file with large thumbnails showing a naked girl on her hands and knees before fingered from behind. I slowly realized that was me.

The doctor repositioned an inconspicuous camera and the familiar clicking began again pointed at my lifeless naked body. I could see a live feed of myself on the monitor. I tried to speak out against this but nothing happened.

He returned to stand between my legs and brought the camera in for some extreme close ups. He set it on a stool aimed at my spread pussy and used his fingers to pull my labia far apart. He inserted two fingers and withdrew them quickly, snapping the picture before my tight walls had a chance to constrict back to normal. This continued for several minutes and against my better wishes I found myself more excited than before.

The doctor walked out of my line of vision and I was unable to turn my head to follow him. My tits were heaving with my deep breathing. The anticipation of what the doctor planned next combined with an overwhelming desire to have him continue his practice had every inch of my body on fire. It seemed like an eternity before he returned with a metallic instrument. It dawned on me it was a speculum.

My legs were lifeless as the doctor propped them up on the table, allowing them to flop uselessly to the side. I watched the live video of myself in horror as the doctor positioned himself between my legs and slid one finger down my slit. He brought the finger to his lips, licked it, and smiled.

"You are enjoying this, slut," he said, his voice sounding deeper now, more ragged. He leaned his face down and I felt his tongue seek out my clit and start to lick in slow, steady movements up and down over my button. If I had been able to move I would have squirmed and moaned but instead I was helpless to the intense pleasure brought on by the doctor's mouth. He started to alternate between tonguing down my clit and sliding his tongue down the length of my slit. He even teased my puckered ass with the tip of his tongue on more than one occasion. My body was on fire and I could feel my pussy dripping wetness all over the paper covering the exam table.

Just when I felt my body tense for release, the doctor stopped and positioned the speculum at my tight entrance. My world was bright red pain for a moment as the large, cold instrument was shoved deep into my cunt. I managed a gasping groan and the doctor looked at me, surprised.

"Hmm, you shouldn't be feeling any of this, slut," he said, looking up at me, my feminine juices smeared over his face from his nose to his chin. I sat unable to move, brown eyes locked on the doctor. His eyes narrowed; his brow furrowed as he tried to decide whether or not I was registering what was happening to me. He moved his thumb back to my clit, rubbing it as he pushed on the speculum. I gave another deep groan without opening my mouth as I felt the instrument spearing the innermost depths of my womb.

"That is odd, " he muttered under his breath as he removed his thumb and began turning a screw that caused the speculum to open wide, slowly ratcheting my pussy open. The wider the instrument opened the more uncomfortable I became but I was unable to squirm or protest. I tried to cry out or whimper but only succeeded in a thick stream of drool escaping from the side of my mouth which the doctor did not see or chose to ignore.

It felt like an eternity before the doctor finished his movements and stood back to admire my gaping hole. He readjusted the camera equipment and my eyes were drawn to the screen where I saw myself, stretched beyond the normal limits, legs laying useless to the side. The doctor brought the camera closer, shining a light into the depths revealing how wet and pink I was on the inside. It was arousing see how I looked from this extreme position. The doctor's eyes on me were causing me to feel the return of the orgasm I was earlier denied.

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