tagGay MalePen Pals Ch. 02

Pen Pals Ch. 02


After writing several stories and having them posted at a website that had a section for erotica I began an exchange of notes and letters with Cal. He had read a number of the stories. We wrote back and forth about story lines and I kept him updated as I finished new stories and submitted them for posting. As we got more comfortable and relaxed in our correspondence we began discussing more personal things including sexuality. This was natural since all of my stories dealt with various sexual situations and adventures.

I told Cal that I was bisexual. I didn’t have a significant other and that I lived alone, but I had a fairly large circle of intimate friends of like mind. Cal told me that he was married and that he was bi-curious but he figured he would never be able to satisfy his curiosity. We left it at that as we also wrote about work, hobbies, vacations and so on.

As we wrote about work we realized we lived and worked in the same large metropolitan area. I didn’t want Cal to feel I was coming on to him so I let him be the first to suggest we try to meet someplace and get better acquainted. We worked in different parts of the city and Cal suggested we meet for lunch somewhere in between. We set up a day and time and place.

I parked on the street near the cafe Cal had suggested. It was a small neighborhood cafe in the middle of a block of small businesses. When I entered I saw a man sitting alone at the counter. He stood, “Hello, I’m Cal and you are?”

I introduce myself with my pen name, but you can call me Wayne.”

He grinned and extended his hand, “Glad to meet the real you at last, Wayne. Let’s take a table.”

I followed him to a table towards the rear of the cafe. Cal looked to be in his late thirties. He was slightly over six feet tall with an average build. He had dark blonde hair and when he turned and sat down I saw he had dark brown eyes. “I’ve really enjoyed your stories and writing back and forth with you, Wayne.”


We ate lunch and chatted mostly about work and sports. That was the first lunch of many. We also met a few times for drinks after work at a neighborhood bar near the cafe. Cal never mentioned his bi curiosity and I didn’t broach the subject either. One late summer afternoon we arranged to meet again for drinks after work. When I walked into the bar I saw Cal was sitting in a booth. When I got closer I saw there was a woman seated with him in the booth.

Cal stood as I approached. “Hi Wayne.” He turned to the woman, “Honey, I’d like you to meet Wayne. Wayne, this is my wife Sharon.” Sharon extended her hand and smiled, “Nice to meet you. Please join us.”

As I sat Cal signaled the cocktail waitress. I ordered a drink. Sharon said she was good for the moment and Cal was still working on his first drink. It was happy hour and all the drinks were two-fers. Sharon turned to me, “Cal told me you met through work.”

I glanced at Cal. He gave me a quick shrug. Well, I thought to myself, writing is work. “Yes. His company contacted mine about some specifications for equipment. The request was given to me. Cal was their contact and that’s how we met.” Cal nodded and gave me a large grin.

We sipped our drinks and chatted. Cal asked for menus so we could order dinner. As we ate, we talked about hobbies. Sharon liked photography and sketching and she was taking painting lessons. Cal had tried his hand at sketching but he really enjoyed puttering around in his small shop. “I like working with wood, but I’m certainly no skilled wood worker.

I told them that I collected books and that I’d been interested in photography since I had been in high school.

“What kind of books?” Sharon asked.

“A few old history and mystery books, but mostly books about erotica.”

“Oh.” Sharon excused herself. As she stood and walked away from the booth, I watched her. She was about five foot four or five. Her full hips swayed as she walked. When she returned, Cal stood and kissed her as she slid back into the booth. She had black hair and coal dark eyes. She had full pouty lips. I think that, years ago, someone had described a movie actress’s with similar lips as being “bee stung.” She also appeared to be rather buxom.

“Sharon, what sort of photography are you doing?”

“Oh, mostly landscape and some nature stuff. I’ll take some photos then use them when I work on my sketching. Do you have any particular interest you’re following?”

“Actually, I guess I’m more into the equipment rather than any particular type of photography. I’ve been using a digital camera for a year or so now and I just bought a digital video camera.”

“That’s interesting, Wayne, because I’ve been thinking about getting a digital camera. I take a lot of pictures and the developing and printing costs get pretty high sometimes.”

“You don’t have a darkroom?”

Cal broke in, “No, I wanted to build one for Sharon, but we’ve never gotten around to doing it.”

“If I had a digital camera, I could do almost everything with the computer when I wanted a print.”

Cal looked at me then at Sharon. “How about if Wayne comes over to our place this weekend. You could bring your digital camera and Sharon and I could see if we might want to buy one.”

Sharon smiled, “That would help us when we start shopping for our own. But, Cal, I’ve got painting lessons from two until six on Saturday and on Sunday we’re going to the beach.”

“I’ll tell you what, Sharon, if Wayne can come over around eleven, I’ll fix lunch on the grill while you and he go over the digital camera. Would that work?”

Sharon smiled at me again, “Could you do that, Wayne?”

“I guess so. Eleven o’clock would be fine, if it isn’t too early for you.”

Cal pulled a business card out of his wallet. He wrote on the back of the card. “Here’s our address and phone number.”

I took the card and put it in my billfold. I picked up the dinner check. “Let me get this since you got the drinks. No argument, please.”

I paid the check. “It’s been nice meeting you, Sharon, and I’m looking forward to next Saturday. I think you’ll find that a digital camera will be what you want.”

We walked to our cars together. “See you Saturday, Wayne.” Sharon waved as they drove away.

Saturday was a bright sunny day. I dressed in a polo shirt, shorts and sandals. The drive across town was smooth. The weekend traffic hadn’t built up yet. When I pulled into their driveway, the garage door was open. Cal was polishing the fuel tank on a motorcycle. “Hi, Cal.” We shook hands. “You never mentioned you’re a motorcyclist.”

“Oh, we just use this for running around. We’ll ride it to the beach tomorrow. Got your camera? Let’s go find Sharon.”

I picked up my camera bag and followed Cal into the house. Sharon was putting tubes of paint into her artist’s box. “Hi, Wayne.”

“I’ll leave you two with the camera. Sharon, I’ll start lunch in about thirty minutes after I finish with the bike.”

I got the camera out of the case. We sat beside each other on the sofa as I showed Sharon some of the features and controls on the camera. She was wearing a skirt that rode up to reveal a nice knee and lower thigh. I handed her the camera. “Try it out.”

“Let’s go outside into the backyard.” I followed Sharon out of the house. She held the camera up and pointed it at a flowering bush. “Show me how to compose a picture. Do you use the eyepiece or the screen?”

I stood beside her. “You can use either.”

“Stand behind me so you can see what I’m seeing.”

I moved behind her. I had to put my head down beside hers. Her hair brushed my cheek. Her perfume smelled good. She smelled clean and fresh. She leaned back against me. Her full butt pressed against my crotch. Her blouse was open enough to reveal a deep cleavage and a nice expanse of breast. I wondered to myself about why Cal would be interested in making it with a man when Sharon seemed to be a sensual woman who liked to tease.

She shot several pictures and we were just getting ready to download them when Cal announced lunch was ready. We ate lunch and talked about digital cameras. Sharon looked at her watch, “Oh, look at the time! I’ve got to fly or Ill be late.” She stood and kissed Cal. “Bye, guys.” We told her goodbye.

Cal and I finished our drinks as we began to clean things up. We were in the kitchen when Cal began, “Err, you remember in one of my e-mails, I mentioned I was bi-curious.” Before I could answer he rushed on, “I, err, I don’t know, I, uh, I was wondering, err, I.”

“Cal, I’m willing to help you explore your sexuality and satisfy your curiosity. I’m not going to seduce you and we’ll go as fast or as slow as you wish.” We continued to put things away and straighten up the kitchen. “Have you ever been with another man before?”

“You mean, err, sexually?”

“Yes. Any situation that may have become sexual.”

“No. Unless, you count the showers at the athletic club.”

“Has someone come onto you there? Or do you like checking out other men?”

“No one has ever come onto me and there are several guys there who are pretty well hung and, you know, I’ve sort of wondered how it would be, uh, you know.”

“Yes, I know, I’ve been there myself. Let’s find a place to get comfortable and we’ll begin to satisfy your curiosity.. O.K.?”

Cal ginned. “O.K. What’s comfortable?”

“How about the den?” I put my hand on his back as he turned to lead the way. I figured the den would be better than the bedroom. Less threatening. Cal stopped in the middle of the room. I moved my hand from his back to his shoulder. Cal turned to face me. We both hesitated then we put our arms around each other and hugged. Cal surprised me by kissing me on the cheek. He held my face in his hands and kissed me on the lips. Then we separated.

Cal looked at me, “That was nice. I’ve never kissed another man before.”

“Yes that was nice, but you could’ve fooled me. Have you ever handled another man’s dick before?”

“Uh, no.”

I took off my polo shirt. “Let’s get undressed.” I slipped off my sandals and pushed my shorts down. Cal also undressed. We looked at each other then I stepped forward and hugged him again. Cal put his arms around me as we pressed our chests, stomachs, and hips, against each other. We found each other’s lips and kissed. I could feel Cal’s cock pressing against my thigh.

He jumped a little as I reached down and took his cock in my hand. Cal’s hand found my cock. As we kissed again, I could feel his erection swelling in my hand. Cal moaned softly as we separated again. I stepped back and looked at him. He was standing with his feet apart. His tan lines around his legs and waist accented the mass of dark blonde curly hair that surrounded his now fully erect cock. “That’s a nice tool, Man.”

Cal smiled at me. “Yours looks pretty good too, but where’s your tan lines?”

“I lay out in my backyard and read and tan.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon in relaxed exploration. We watched each other masturbate, then we finished the afternoon by jerking each other off. I got dressed and left before Sharon returned from her painting lesson.

Cal and I spent several afternoons together engaged in foreplay - hugging, caressing and kissing. We ended each time with a mutual masturbation session.

One Fall Saturday, Sharon was going to host her painting class. I invited Cal over to my place for the afternoon. After he arrived, I showed him around. He was impressed with my fitness center with the jogger, exercise machine and free weights.

“This is nice, Wayne.”

“I like it. I don’t use the free weights much anymore since there isn’t a spotter here.”

I’ll spot for you. if you like.”

“No. That’s o.k. Let me show you the rest of the place. He liked the sun room with the hot tub, sauna and massage table.”

“Boy, this is really nice. Sharon would love this, especially the massage set up.”

“Would you like a massage?”

“That’d be great.”

“O.K. Get ready while I heat some oil.”

When I returned with some warm oils, Cal was lying face down on the massage table. He had a towel across his butt. I undressed and rubbed some oil on my hands. I started at his shoulders and worked my way down his back. I pulled the towel off and dropped it on the floor. I worked on his legs then helped him roll over.

As he lay back, his erect cock lay flat against his stomach. “I’d say you enjoyed the massage.” Cal grinned. Before he said anything, I cupped his ball sac in the palm of one hand. Cal closed his eyes.. I licked the length of the underbelly of his cock from balls to crown several times. I ran the tip of my tongue around the sensitive rim of the crown. Cal moaned. I had just slipped his cockhead between my lips when he mumbled, “Gawd, I like it when you lick my dick!”

I raised my head and laughed, “If it’s dick licking you like, then you’ve found your man.” I kissed him on the lips then kissed and sucked his nipples before returning my attention to Cal’s waiting cock. I rolled his balls around in their hairy sac while I licked my way up and down his cock shaft again.

Cal’s cockhead was deep in my mouth when he began to hump his hips. I continued to suck and work with him as he fucked my face. His cock was getting more rigid and his ball sac was tightening so I stopped blowing him and stroked him until shot his load onto his stomach.

After cleaning him up with a warm washcloth and towel, I began sucking him off a second time. After Cal dumped another cum load on his stomach, I cleaned him up again and helped him off the table and into the hot tub.

After we got settled, Cal looked at me. “Boy, that was good. Sharon gives me great blowjobs, but her sucking is nothing like yours. She sucks and bobs her head a lot. You use your tongue and teeth and hands and lips and it feels so damn good.”

“There’s lots of techniques and tricks to being a good fellator.”

“A fellator? What’s that?”

“That’s a term for a man who performs oral sex on another man. A fellator is a male cocksucker by any other name.”


“And, Cal, you have a very nice cock. I hope to suck it numerous times before your curiosity is satisfied.”

“Speaking of curiosity, sit up on the edge of the tub. I’m curious as to how a cock tastes and feels in my mouth.”

I pushed myself up onto the deck around the tub as Cal positioned himself between my knees. I had gotten a pretty good hard-on after sucking him off twice, but the warm water had relaxed me to a semi-hard state. Cal looked up at me then he leaned forward and licked my cockhead. He looked up again and smiled before putting his hand on my cock and holding it.

Cal lifted it to his lips. After licking all around the cockhead and up and down the cock shaft, he had teased me into a nice stiff erection. He continued to hold my cock as he guided it around and rubbed it against his face. The scratching of his five o’clock shadow was a turn on. He looked at me again, “Lie back.“

I leaned back on my elbows and spread my legs wide as Cal stood up between them. My cock was hard and lying flat against my stomach. He leaned over and licked me from balls to crown several times. I watched as he held my cock upright and positioned his mouth over the cockhead. “Do what you like have done to you. This isn’t a race, so go slow.”

Cal lowered his head. He closed his lips around the cock shaft just behind the rim of the crown. He continued to hold and gently squeeze the shaft as he ran his tongue around the cockhead in his mouth. “That’s good, Cal, so good.”

He continued his exploration by licking up and down and around my cock. If the sucking, slurping and smacking sounds were an indication, Cal was enjoying himself. Soon my cock was slick with saliva. Cal pushed his mouth down the shaft. “Go slow and don’t gag yourself. This isn’t a race, remember.”

Cal grunted as he began to bob up and down. I could feel my pubic hair getting wet from saliva, spit and drool. He was sort of a sloppy cocksucker, but weren't we all when we each sucked our first cock?

Cal settled into an enjoyable blowjob by swallowing my cock, sealing his lips tightly around the shaft, then slowly withdrawing his head until his lips touched the rim of the crown. He applied strong vacuum as he sucked and, at the top, he would run his tongue over the cockhead before loosening his lip lock and slowly swallowing me and doing it all over again.

I could feel myself getting more rigid. Cal began to manipulate my balls as he sucked. He rolled them around in their hairy sac. He gently tugged the sac and squeezed the nuts. That did it for me. “I’m going to pop my nuts.”

Cal grunted as he sucked and tugged. “I’m going to cum, Cal.”

Cal pulled my cock out of his mouth. He wrapped a hand around the shaft and began to jack me off as he straightened up. “Here I cum,” I groaned as the first couple of gobs shot into the air then fell back to land on my stomach. My balls pulsed as the cum flowed up and out of my cock as if it was a fountain. Cal kept his hand wrapped around my shaft. He slowly stroked me as the cum ran down my cock shaft and over his hand.

He held me until I stopped cumming. He grinned, “How was that, Wayne!”

I grinned back, “As the cliche goes, it was good for me. Was it good for you?”

Cal laughed, “It was very good. I didn’t know what to expect, but I really liked doing it.”

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before? Like in your sleep or something?”

He laughed again, “No, I swear, this is the first time. Yours is the first cock that I’ve sucked. Not that I haven’t seen some others that I’d like to try.”

“You said you enjoyed it. I guess you did.” I nodded at Cal’s hard stiff cock jutting out in front of him.

Cal looked down, “I guess I did.”

“Let me take care of that for you.” As I slipped into the warm water, Cal absent mindedly licked some of my cum off his fingers.

Cal put his hands on my head as I gobbled his cock. I sucked him hard and fast as he began to fuck my face. Ball play was added as I fondled his balls and ball sac. His sac tightened and I could feel his cock grow harder in my mouth. His face fucking became rather ragged and he was beginning to gasp and breathe hard. I took Cal’s cock out of my mouth as he began to shoot his third load.

After he sprayed his cum over my face and shoulders, I stood and faced him. I wiped some of his cum off my face and placed it on the tip of my tongue. I gave Cal a deep French kiss. He responded by putting his hand in the water and finding and holding our cocks tight against each other.

“Wow! I never thought I would French kiss another man. That was o.k.” Cal pondered a minute, “And my cum tasted different than yours.”

“They always do. Let’s get cleaned up.”

We showered together with a modest amount of touching, fondling and kissing before we toweled off and dressed.

Just before Cal left to go back home to his wife, he turned, “I hope we an do this again soon.”

“I’m sure we can.”

“No, Wayne, I’m serious. I want to get together again.”

“I’m sure we can and will. Let’s see how next weekend looks. Now you better go or Sharon will start to wonder if you have been having too much fun.”

Cal laughed, “You’re right.” We hugged and kissed lightly as he opened the front door.

Each Saturday afternoon Cal and I would get together. When I went over to Sharon’s and Cal’s, I‘d usually help Sharon a bit with the digital camera they had purchased. I wondered if she suspected that Cal and I were getting it on together. Whenever she left for her painting class, she always said something like, “Have fun together, Boys,” or “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t enjoy.” Cal always waited twenty minutes before we could begin doing each other.

When Cal came to my place on Saturday afternoon’s, we dispensed with any preliminaries and social niceties. We’d get naked as fast as we could and immediately begin our suck fest. Sometimes we would begin with hugging, kissing and fondling and other times one of us would bend over and immediately begin sucking the other’s cock.

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