Chapter 1

As you walk back to your apartment, you can still feel your heart pounding in your chest. The workout was tough, but you no longer are quite as winded as you used to be. Progress! You open the door and walk in, idly swinging it shut behind you. Dropping your gym bag, you stretch towards the ceiling, feeling your muscles begin to relax. The door latches behind you, but unexpectedly you hear the deadbolt slide home.

"Stretching like that does fabulous things for your tits."

Your muscles suddenly tense, you drop your arms and snap around. I am standing between you and the door, my hand still on the lock.

"W-what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to come again," I say with a smirk, "Is there a problem with that?"

"It's over. You know that. We agreed that everything was even and you wouldn't—"

"It's not over until _I_ say it's over!" I growl, walking up to you. My broad shoulders block your view of the door. I grab you near the elbows, pinning your arms to your sides.

"And after what happened, I want it over. And over. And over again."

With that I lean down and kiss you hard and full on the lips. My tongue shoots out, lashing yours. Your surprise prevented you from closing your mouth, and now it's too late. My kiss is hot, hungry, and raw. Despite your shock, you feel yourself reacting to it. Part of your mind flashes back to hot, wild nights of passion. Frenzied fucking, toys, saran wrap, handcuffs... your knees begin to weaken.

The rest of your mind rebels, however. You break the kiss.

"No. No! I told you it's over. You said you were done, we're even. I've made it up to you already."

Pulling you tightly against me, I growl, "We're not even and you know it. But you've certainly made it up."

You can feel my crotch grinding against your thigh, my cock already hard and swelling.

"Now it's time to relieve my discomfort. I can tell you want it; you're heart's racing and you're already breathing heavy."

You look up at the none-too-pleasant smile on my face. "I, I was working out..." you weakly offer.

"Heh. Working out? Well now it's time for a real workout. But first let's see if the gym's done you any good. Lose the shirt." I release your arms and push you back a step.

"No, please... Just go..." you whimper, eyes downcast, placing a hand on my chest.

"Now." I twist your wrist just to the point of pain. "Unless you really want to see me upset."

A gasp of pain escapes you as you shake your head. I let go of your wrist and give you a moment to rub it.

"The shirt."

You nod and strip it off, tossing it aside, your eyes still on the floor.

"And the sports bra. C'mon, I wanna see if the gym is doing you any good."

You glance up as you reach to pull off your bra. My eyes are greedily focused on your cleavage, already burning.

It is a sensual relief to peel off the hot, constricting Lycra of the sports bra and you can't help but give a sigh of relief as your breasts fall free into the cool air.

"See? Doesn't it feel good to do what you're told? Now, how about that stretch again. It really does do wonderful things for you."

You reach your arms upwards without much enthusiasm, hoping this humiliation will end soon, hoping I don't want what you know I do.

"C'mon, Rach, you can do better than that!" I taunt, grabbing your wrists and pulling them higher. "That's better. Now stretch, enjoy this."

You hold the stretch and feel my hands slide down your arms, feeling the muscles in them. You hope that the hours in the gym have done enough. My hands glide down across your chest and cup your breasts, lifting and rolling them.

"Mmm... awesome as always. I could do this all day..."

The feeling of my strong hands squeezing your boobs causes more flashbacks. Both of us squeezing them, playing with them, teasing your nipples, sucking juice off them, titty fucking you, and hot ropes of cum splashing across them. A shudder runs through you at the memory.

You begin to lower your arms just as I give your nipples a sharp pinch and grasp your shoulders again. Another hard kiss, my cock even bigger than before rubbing against you.

"But that's not really why I stopped by. Now put those secretary skills to work and give me some dick-tation!" I smirk.

My hands are pushing down on your shoulders, but you look up at me, pleading, "No, please, don't-"

My hands twist your shoulders, knocking you off balance, and making you fall to both knees.

"That wasn't a request. Now get to work. And remember, I'll know it you're not doing as well as you can."

The huge bulge in my pants is right in front of your face, but you make one more attempt to avoid it. Looking up, tears starting to fall from your eyes, you say, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean for it to happen! Please! Just let me go; I'll transfer, I'll leave town. Anything!"

I grab your hair tightly, pulling your head back farther; "Damn right you'll do anything, bitch! And you'll start by servicing my cock. Now put that mouth to work; we both know what you're capable of doing."

I let go of your hair and take off my belt, doubling it over in my hands.


"Now what's it going to be?"

Whimpering more freely now, you lean forward and run your hands softly up my thighs. As you reach my crotch, your hands spread out to the sides, letting just your thumbs lightly graze my cock. Your hands reach around to grab and knead my butt, pulling me forward so you can press your face against my crotch. You nuzzle my cock, rubbing it through my pants with your nose, your lips and teeth teasing at it.

I moan slightly, "Yeah, you still know how to get a guy going..."

Haltingly, you open my pants and see the tip of my cockhead already pushing up above the waistband of my boxers. Leaning forward, you give it a quick lick, then catch the waistband in your teeth and slowly pull it down. My velvety cock leans out towards you, gliding down your forehead and cheek as it's released from my drawers. Your nose is filled with the strong, clean, musky scent of my crotch.

"Yeah, baby; that's nice," I say softly as your hands lift my balls free and begin rolling them gently between your fingers. Your tongue now slowly snakes its way back up the length of my shaft, and you pause to lap and swirl at the sensitive underside of my cockhead. My fingers slowly twist into your silky hair, expressing my pleasure. That exquisite pinch of pulled hair, combined with the scent and taste of cock, overwhelms you and reminds you of your love for the pleasures of sucking cock, of the ecstasy of exchanging oral sex. You feel your pussy getting wet at the thought of a tongue between your legs...

With a little grunt, you reach around to grab my ass and pull my hips tight against you while your mouth suddenly swallows nearly my entire cock. We moan simultaneously at the amazing feeling of your wet, talented mouth engulfing my hard cock, of my rigid tool filling your mouth. You begin sucking and licking my cock in earnest, attacking it like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Your hands continue caressing my balls, sometimes pulling on them, your other hand stroking my cock hard and fast. I feel your tongue swirling and lashing the head of my cock and we both feel it getting longer and harder from your expert fellatio. In a spasm I thrust forward hard, pulling your head into me, and you nearly choke from suddenly deep-throating my raging cock. Brief snorts of musky air are all you can draw through your nose as the muscles of your throat squeeze and massage my dick. Feeling my balls tighten up, you pull them down and back, expertly delaying my climax while also partly withdrawing my cock so you can suck harder on the head and breathe at the same time.

"Oh god, baby, you're too damn good... Unh! Unh! Yeaaaaah!" I pull my cock all the way out of your mouth just as I start cumming. A hot jet of cum shoots out and splatters on your upper lip. Shot after shot fires out, forcing you to close your eyes as my cum arcs across your face and into your hair. I can see you smile broadly as my cum coats you, and as I begin to fade, I rub my cock along your soft cheek and lips, coaxing you to suck it clean. I lean back against the wall as you slowly lick the thick ropes of cum from your lips, smiling at its warm, stickiness.

"Damn... you are one hell of a hot cum-slut...You look just perfect like that!"

At the sound of my voice, you come back to yourself and realize where you are—kneeling before my cock, topless, your face and hair covered in my cum... just like the cum-slut I said you are. Your smile disappears as you collapse, your head hanging down in shame.

"Now, now," I say almost gently, "It's only a temporary mess. I don't expect even you to have to meet anyone like that. C'mon, get up."

I grasp your shoulders and pull you to your feet. I turn you away from me, kissing the back of your neck as I knead your breasts in my hands.

"Go on. Take a shower and get cleaned up. You just got back from the gym, after all."

I release you and push you towards the bathroom

with a firm squeeze of your ass.

"And be sure to clean EVERY where, including that fine, tight ass of yours. I'm gonna give you a REAL workout when you get back!"

Your head whips around with a shocked, frightened, pleading look, but what you see on my face is nothing but a raw, lustful smirk of promise...


[Rating and feedback appreciated. That's what will determine if I continue the story, as this isn't my usual genre.]

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