Monty Kingsford forced his bleary eyes open, shook his mop of black hair and looked around. There wasn't much to see, just the inside of a cage and the walls beyond.

What in the Hell am I doing in a cage? And where are my clothes and since I'm already caged up, why am I shackled?

He'd been walking home from a late study night at the library. The late December day had started cold and blustery and by evening had turned bitter so he pulled his watch cap farther down over his ears and turned up his collar. He'd just stuffed his hands into the pockets of his puffy coat when a pair of arms pinned his to his sides and a hand had shoved a wet handkerchief under his nose. As he struggled, he was aware of a sweet, cloying odor and then everything went black.

How long had he been unconscious? Long enough for someone to strip off all his clothes and tie him up, obviously, and to take him somewhere and stuff him in a cage. He looked around some more. The warm room appeared to be a basement. The windows next to the ceiling let in enough light to make him think it was morning, maybe even past morning. Oh crap. By now his mother would be frantic. With her husband dead ten years, her only son was the center of her life. He had to get out and away but even if he broke his bonds and somehow opened the cage, getting out through those high windows would be a problem. Besides, the weather was near freezing.

While he stewed and concentrated on his predicament, the door opened and a slim young redhead in a cheerleader's outfit sauntered in, a black leather medical bag in her hand. She shut the door behind her.

"Hi, Monty, been awake long?"

"Lisa? What . . .? Lisa, get me out of here, Mom will be frantic not knowing where I am."

"No and wrong. I'm not about to let you out and your mother is perfectly aware where you are. In fact, she's upstairs having a drink with mine."

Monty's jaw dropped. He tried to start a sentence three times but gave up and just sat there stupefied.

"Monty, my mom and dad like to celebrate each Winter Solstice with an orgy for their closest friends and now that I'm eighteen they decided it would be cute to have me in a sex show to start things off. I said it was only okay if the guy wasn't some doofus who would spread it all over school and your mom suggested you. She thinks it will be good for you."

"My—my mother? Good for me? But with a bunch of people our parents' age watching? I—I could never . . . ."

"Now you're over-thinking again, just like your father always did. Your mom says he'd still be alive if he hadn't stewed and worried himself into hypertensive heart disease and a premature death. She's afraid you're going to be just like him. So we all decided that what you really need to do is learn to be more spontaneous. Now I'm not sure what all of tonight's details are but the end result will be letting you out of this cage so you can throw yourself on me and fuck my brains out. And that means you need to drop a shitload of inhibitions so that's why I'm here."

With a toss of her pony tail and a leer on her freckled face, Lisa opened the black bag and took out a sterile syringe and a small bottle with something indecipherable written on the label. Her tongue tip stuck out in concentration, she moistened a cotton ball with alcohol and reached through the bars to swab Monty's hip. Then she carefully filled the syringe and squeezed out a droplet.

Lisa cocked her head to one side and looked down at her neighbor sternly. "Mister, I've had my eye on you for a while and should I finally decide that being Mrs. Kingsford is what I want, I have no plans for early widowhood. If too much thinking killed your dad then you, sir, are going to learn to let things go and operate by instinct sometimes. Fortunately, modern science has come to the rescue with this bag full of delicious chemicals. They'll make you into one lusty animal in time for the party."

She unlocked the door to the cage and leaned in. "Don't move!" she ordered and jabbed the needle into Monty's butt and squeezed out the contents.

"Ow! What was that?" The injection site burned and the heat started to expand outward from the center.

"I'm not sure of the exact formula but Mom says it's a combination of androgens, male hormones. Testosterone is a major component, of course, but there are some others. Anyway, it will have several effects tonight and for the next few days. It will make you a little more aggressive, hornier and your beard will get thicker. It will grow faster, too, but don't worry about that part. I'll give you a shave before the party starts. I'll leave the bag here and come back a couple of times more to dose you up. Now, I'm going to give you a choice. If you promise to not try and escape, which would mortify your mother, I'll let you out of the bonds. However, you have to be tethered back up again before the show starts and given what Mom said about what I just gave you, I probably ought to do it now."

"I—I guess so. Can I at least be more comfortable? Lying like this is giving me a cramp in the neck."

"Sure. I'll go get some more pillows to put behind your back and head and then I'll spread eagle you. That way when they drop the front of the cage and release you, you can come snarling out at me all rampant and rutting. Gawd, I'm getting excited just thinking about it."

With that said, she left.

Monty had heard the phrase "too much information" before, usually as a joke. Today it wasn't funny. His neighbors threw orgies and his mother attended? The pretty next door cheerleader, who he usually thought of as a pal, had marriage designs on him as and was using tonight to try him out? And all their family friends were going to watch? And he was being charged up to perform—maybe this was some bad dream and he would wake up, but he didn't think it was.

After long minutes of solitary misery, Monty heard the door open and Lisa came back carrying pillows—followed by her mother. Molly Leupold carried a set of keys and while Lisa fluffed up the pillows and placed them around Monty's back and neck she reached through the bars to first unlock the leather cuffs that held him and then to attach them to the upper corners of his confinement. Afterwards she tethered his ankles wide apart leaving him exposed and blushing furiously.

"Oh come now, Monty," she murmured through a grin, "don't act like no woman has ever seen you naked before. Myra Bakewell says me you've gotten into her Darla's pants at least twice. It isn't like you're a virgin or anything like that, any more than Lisa here is." She unlocked the cage front and squatted down to bounce his 'package' gently. "I expect to see this put to good use this evening, don't you Lisa?"

"I thought you said I was going to be blindfolded. How will I be able to see?"

Molly rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Such a literal child! Very well, then, we'll see and you'll feel it put to good use. Is that better? You are looking forward to this, of course?"

Lisa pursed her lips and looked thoughtful. "Well, I'd have preferred my first time with him to be a little more private. But if putting on a show to get the rest of you in a rutting mood is what I have to do to try out my proposed fiancé, I can handle it."

"P—proposed fiancé? I'm not ready to get married, yet, and don't I get to date other girls first?"

"Nonsense!" The voice came from the door.

Monty looked up and saw his mother wearing a tight knit cocktail dress with plunging cleavage. She starred down at him.

"While your father and I were very happy together, half the marriages in this country end in divorce due, in my opinion, to bad choices on young peoples' parts. Molly and I know you two far better than you know yourselves and we are quite sure you belong together. So—consider tonight an announcement of your engagement. The sooner you two hitch up the more sex you can start having. I recommend every night."

Molly Leupold held a squeeze bottle to Monty's lips. "This is just water and some nutrients, Monty. We don't want you getting dehydrated while you wait to go on." Then she gave him a couple of big swallows and closed the cage.

The three women turned to go. "Molly and I will be seeing to the canapés and cocktails, dear," Gwendolyn Kingsford advised her son, "but Lisa will be back to dose you up with some more exciting potions as soon as she's all made up—and to give you a shave. Promise mother you won't let her down?"

And with a leer, the three left.

Montgomery Kingsford was an unusually bright teenager and observing his classmates had made him a cynical one. He had come to the rueful conclusion that cluelessness was a male secondary sex characteristic and now it seemed he was little better than the others. He's only been eight when his father died and growing up with a single mother it never occurred to him to wonder why she had not dated after a respectable period of mourning. Now the evidence strongly pointed to the Friday or Saturday night 'bridge parties' at the Leupolds' house being something else entirely.

When he was small, the adults had just bundled him and Lisa together in her room where they had slept innocently away. Monty had always awakened in his own bed the next morning blissfully ignorant of any hanky-panky that might have gone on. As soon as he was old enough to be left home alone, he was and that, he was now sure, allowed his mother freer rein with her sexuality. Marking the year's shortest day with an orgy indicated that the rein was not only free but had fallen completely off! And now that he and Lisa were of legal age, they were expected to join in? And Lisa was okay with the idea? To be the center-stage entertainment? He began to chew worriedly on his lower lip.

After some time spent in doleful musing, Monty heard the basement door open again and looked up to see Lisa enter. She still wore what could technically be called a cheerleader outfit but it was far different from the one she wore to school or to games. The skirt was shorter, more a ruffle than a skirt. Underneath was a Brazilian bikini bottom that displayed both ass cheeks in their pink, bubble-butt glory and the sweater, while in the proper colors for their high school, was so thin and so tight that her high breasts and nipples clearly showed underneath. As she opened the black bag once again, she had his complete attention

Pulling out a container, she shook out a pill, picked up the squeeze bottle and opened the cage door. "Now," she said quietly with set jaw, "you can either take this the easy way or I can get mean. Which will it be?"

Monty sighed. "I'll take it. I think I've figured out what's really been going on since Dad died and now I know how much this means to Mom—to you and Molly. I don't want to let anyone down."

At his words, Lisa suddenly relaxed. She cocked her head to the side again and a warm smile spread across her face. She reached out and patted him on the cheek.

"You really are the one, aren't you? Mom was right; you're going to be a great Christmas present. Where are you going to college?"

"Brown. My grandfather set up a trust for me when Dad died because both of them and one of my great-grandfathers graduated from there. If they don't let me in they have to give it back and since I've kept up my grades, I just told them I wanted to go and they mailed me an acceptance letter."

"Brown? That'll work. I've been accepted to Bryant, among other places, and those two are only twelve miles apart. We'll get an apartment somewhere between, Greenville, maybe. Oh, I'm going to love being married to you. Now, honey, say 'ah' and swallow."

The pill disappeared down Monty's throat. "What was that one for?"

Lisa grinned. "It's a thousand milligram Viagra mixed with Tx2-6, a peptide derived from the toxin of some nasty Brazilian spider. In about forty-five minutes, you're going to have the stiffest hard-on of your life and it will stay that way for an hour. I'm gonna go so reamed! Anyway, I'll be back in about thirty minutes to give you a shave and the final dose. Shortly after that it'll be up the elevator and into the living room so the show can start. No worries, Monty, you won't let anyone down, not now. Want me to undo your cuffs?"

"Please. It's getting really uncomfortable."

Lisa's last entry made Monty's eyes pop. She still had her skimpy cheer suit on but now her face was fully made up and it looked like the party had already started. Her eyes sparkled with excitement and there was a bright red hand print on either side of her ass.

"Everyone's starting to feel each other up. Your mom's been boob-palmed at least four times and mine has had her panties pulled off and stuffed into one of the men's tux pocket. Here," she said reaching through the bars with a squeeze bottle, "take a big sniff in each nostril. It's called PL-6983 and it's a real, working aphrodisiac. With the other two things I gave you, in fifteen minutes you will be horniest dude in town. Once I'm strapped down and ready, they'll let you out and you won't be able to help fucking me, probably half the night. So think hot thoughts for the next few minutes while I soap up your face and scrape you smooth. Dad and Harry Felder will be down shortly to bring you upstairs."

When the two men arrived, Monty was definitely feeling the effects of his 'dosing'. His head was slightly stuffy, his face flushed, his cock iron-bar hard and he was clutching the bars hard enough to leave fingerprints.

"Well, son," Frank Leupold boomed, "you sure look set to give my little girl the fucking of her life. Hang on while we put some wheels under you and we'll have you upstairs in a trice."

Though he was familiar with the Leupold's large home, Monty never suspected that it had an elevator. Nor that it opened through a concealed panel in the living room's walnut walls. As he was wheeled out into the room amidst applause, the scene of imminent depravity was astonishing. Men who had started the evening in neat tuxedos were now considerably disheveled. Women who had started in feminine versions of the same were now reduced to the shirt, coat and high heels. Monty saw his mother leaning back against a gentleman with her hand in his fly and his inside her cleavage massaging one breast. Two women in cocktail dresses were leaning on the dining table with their skirts hiked up over their hips and their eyes closed in contentment as men fondled their buttocks and probed their intimate parts.

Only Lisa remained fully clothed, if one considered her skimpy costume 'clothed' and she scampered around with a tray of canapés interrupting erotic behavior with an offer of food and rubbing herself against the various men in the room.

As Monty was rolled out of the elevator and into the room, Molly Leupold gently pushed away the ardent man groping her, straightened her dress and announced, "My dear friends and lovers, it is time for, if I may be permitted a deliberate pun, the climax of the evening." Guffaws rang through the group. "Tonight we welcome the next generation into our happy play group, my daughter Lisa and Gwen's darling Montgomery. Over the course of the next year you will naturally get intimately familiar with either (or possibly both) of them but tonight Lisa has elected to be most thoroughly plundered by young Master Kingsford and she has chosen you to be the witnesses. As you can see, Monty is, courtesy of a wonderful cocktail of medications, bull ready." The women murmured appreciatively. "Now all that's needed is to prepare the little object of his desire. If I can have some assistance?"

Two men who, if they weren't so disarrayed, might have looked distinguished stepped up to Lisa. She flushed with excitement. She raised her arms coquettishly over her head and the sweater was whisked up at the same time her skirt and panties were whisked down leaving her standing there charmingly naked in bobby socks and sneakers. Molly handed the men a box and they took out a thick blindfold and fastened it over Lisa's eyes. Then they buckled fur-lined cuffs to both her wrists and ankles. One last dive into the box and a pair of rubber suction cups were squeezed shut and then popped over her nipples. Their sudden pull made the girl gasp.

While this was going on, Frank Leupold rolled an elaborate rack from a side room that seemed to have evolved from a sawhorse. There was a large leather-covered cylindrical pad across one end and a smaller one at the other. The center beam was padded, too. Lisa turned away from Monty, spread her legs and her ankle cuffs snapped to the legs of the frame. She bent over and her wrists were pulled down and shackled leaving her stretched out, helpless and open.

Molly looked straight at Monty, now panting with lust and straining at the bars of the cage.

"Primate researchers tell us that many species' females show their readiness with bright red bottoms." She turned to her daughter. "Shall we make sure you're ready, baby, and get your bottom all red for Monty?'

Lisa giggled and wiggled her ass in response then gasped as Gwen turned a large wand vibrator on and applied it to her pussy.

"Well," announced Molly, "that should get her good and ready. Now for the reddening." Her husband handed her a light riding crop and she set to gently smacking Lisa's butt. It obviously didn't hurt very much but the girl's skin was so fair that each stroke made a mark that was first pink then bright red.

Lisa's moans from the vibrator and glowing skin started to affect the party-goers. Trousers dropped, skirts lifted and women got pulled down onto men's laps. Cocks impaled pussies to the sound of delighted moans and growls but all kept their eyes on the girl in the center of the room. Finally, she threw back her head, chirped in orgasm and both women stepped back.

"Okay, let him at her!" The cage door dropped and Monty, completely out of control, rushed out. He seized Lisa by the hips and drove his super-hard cock deep into her. She screamed. "Yes! Fuck me, Monty, fuck me hard! And don't stop, just—don't—stop!"

The room burst into applause, at least some of it did. Others were too occupied to pay any attention to the young couple. Gwen's sparkling knit dress shucked off over her head and tossed aside followed by her thong. The woman was lifted off the floor, thrown head down over a large man's shoulder and carried kicking down the hall in search of a bed.

The same scene happened all over the living room but Monty paid no attention. His whole world was the view of Lisa's butt and back and the sensations of sex. Release. He craved release but the chemical cocktail had made him too hard to cum. Harder and faster he pounded her, the slapping heard all through the big home. Sweat popped out on his forehead and dripped down his face, off the end of his nose and down his neck. Still he pounded her, the tension rising higher and higher. His shoulders tingled. His face felt like a balloon ready to burst until finally, with a scream, he emptied himself into her in what felt like a five minute orgasm. And when it was finally over, he staggered back and collapsed on a sofa.

Someone he didn't recognize unlocked Lisa's cuffs and helped her to her feet and over to the sofa to flop down next to Monty. "Gawd!" She murmured and they both fell asleep.

Monty woke up to the feeling of a warm moist cloth wiping his face and cleaning him up.

"Very well done, son," his mother said. She was still naked but as self-assured as if dressed in the latest from Paris. "You did us proud. But like daughter, like mother. You've had a half hour to rest and Molly is waiting for you in the main guest bedroom. Up you get, it's down that hall, second door on the left."

Wondering, Monty did as ordered and when he opened the door Molly Leupold was laying on one side, the sheet pulled up just to her hip, her head supported on her left hand. The right waved him forward.

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