tagNonConsent/ReluctancePerils of Pauline Conrad: Shut Up and Listen

Perils of Pauline Conrad: Shut Up and Listen


A Peril of Pauline, Pauline Conrad

Shut up and Listen.

He scratched his ass then he pulled his bathrobe over his naked body. From his hotel window his eyes could scan the skyline of the city, he ran the glass under his nose, he enjoyed a large drink after his hot bath, he savoured his Jim Beam, rolling the liquid around inside his mouth after the occasionally sip while watching the setting sun. Four days he'd been there, four long boring days, in his own words a crap weekend. He had just attended the most boring of commercial conferences thought possible, but some-one from his firm had to be there and as luck would have it, he drew the short straw, oh what he'd give to be home, all cosy with his lovely, the phone rang.

He slumped on to the bed, stubbed out his cigarette, put the drink in his left hand and picked up the receiver, "Hello, Mr Darren,"

I voice, obviously in a temper shouted, "I fucking well know its you Darren, the fucking receptionist told me?" Startled he said, "Yes its," he was still unable to finish his sentence. The voice ranted, "Its me, Pauline, you bastard, you absolute bastard, how could you, did you think it was funny, did you think there was some reason to it because I fucking well didn't."

Darren tried to jump in, "Look this-----,"

But she was having none of it, "Just shut up, do you hear me, you bastard you just shut up and listen."

"Have you spoken to them, I bet you have, they left an hour ago, I suppose you were being filled in with the details while I struggled to get free?"

Darren spluttered, "Spoken to them, details, I eerrr I----," "Yes you shit-head details, well if they didn't, I fucking well will tell you myself, I've done my share of crying now I'm ready, you arranged all this didn't?"

Another, "I," came from Darren. "Don't fucking well deny it, I was only saying things I thought you wanted to hear, a fantasy for you to cum with, you stupid shit, that's all."

Darren hurriedly lit another cigarette before taking a large gulp of his drink, he wanted to explain but she wouldn't stop, she ranted on.

"What was it, just three weeks ago, I only said it while you were fucking me, just you and me in our lovely bed, loving and tender, now its been desecrated thanks to your stupidity."

Darren thanked god for cordless phones as he poured himself another large Beam and swapped ears, but the sound was no different.

"Eight years we have been married, and you decide that it would be fun to talk about our fantasies while we make love, and I go along with it, I didn't have a problem with our love making, I am 28 years old and I thought sensible but I go along with it, just to make you happy and this is how you repay me."

Darren voice was almost a whisper, "Look I think----," "That's the trouble you didn't think, when you were cuming, filling me with cum and I whispered in your ear the first thing that came in to my mind, it was what I thought you wanted to hear, me, fantasizing about being taken by dirty men and a gang bang, that's all I was doing, fantasizing, fantasizing for your benefit."

She drew breath, "What would they say at your precious, Stapleton, Philips if they ever found out, you realize we would be the laughing stock of the country club, you would never be vice president Darren Conrad, just the little shit you are and as for me, the finger pointing from Thornings publishers would be to much to bear, it would be all over Burbeck, god I hope those men, those animals you put up to this, never speak of what happened, we would be ruined."

She went to draw another breath, Darren quickly butted in, "For god sake what happened?"

"I heard the phone ringing, was that you, what were you doing, checking up on your mates?" There was a sudden calmness in her voice, "What happened, you ask what happened, were shall we start my weekend, well lets start at the beginning," Darren poured more in to his glass, lit another cigarette and did what he had been told, he shut up and listened.

"Friday, I did expect another phone call, I mean one to say you had got there on Thursday and I'm tired was not all I expect from my loving husband, no I hung about and waited until nearly lunch time and thought, O K I'll go to the shops which I did, you with me so far, you ass hole?"

Darren took another sip but just let a mmm slip from his lips, he didn't want her screaming at him again. "mmm is that all you can say, well I went shopping, you must have told your mates to take a great deal of care not to be noticed, hanging around with those other drop outs by the park, but being dark skinned I noticed them, scruffy bastards, then to ask me for money, nice touch, was that to make sure it was me, I expect you showed them a picture and they were making sure, oh I was taken in, I thought they were real down and outs, right down to the smell, I told them to piss off and leave me alone, I should have known something wasn't right when that big one grinned at me, his teeth looked to good to be a tramp."

She went silent for a second, "You better be listening you shit." Darren mmm'd again, "Good, I saw him again when I was talking to Jenny, we were talking about you, you bastard, about you being away for the weekend, my plans for a relaxing time at home, alone with out you under my feet, a time to relax and chill out, he just stood there asking for hand outs, I told him to do something with his life, I shouted at him to go piss some-one else off, I finished off by storming past him telling him to, do something useful, he still put his hand out I soon told him to shove it."

Darren kept quiet, "I walked home, and I don't suppose they followed me, I mean seeing that kind of person in Richmond Gardens would be out of character, I suppose they had the address all the time thanks to you, just what possessed you to think of this, I'm bewildered?"

There was a sigh but she continued, "I think you should know in detail just what your stupidity allowed to happen. I got home, our home, our safe little home, well, the one I once thought was safe, even though you didn't fix that window catch I thought not a problem, how many time had I told you or was it on purpose, was it an integral part of your fucking stupid plan?"

Darren was aware that she was close to tears but he thought they may be of anger so he did as she told him and just listened, "Oh how oblivious I was to what my husband had planned, my husband of eleven years, god I thought you knew me, well obviously your don't, I wondered why you kept asking me about that fantasy. Where did I go wrong, you always said I had great tits, and you thought my tight supple sexy body," Darren noticed the way her voice lowered, "God I wish it wasn't so supple the way they bent it, was everything you wanted but no, you kept on about that fantasy, why, well now I know." Her voice was now back and full of venom, "There I was in my clean house, all the shopping away, thinking, I'll have a bath. I lay in my bath, soaking in the warmth, adding the scented bath oils, while all the time, downstairs your mates were opening that dammed window and invading my privacy because, I can't believe I'm saying this, you thought I wanted something extra in my life."

The anger was defiant, her voice slow and deliberate, "It is impossible to explain the feeling I had as I came downstairs, I suppose your deranged mind could see me, those rose coloured hipster pants with the little lace see through panels in the side, that low cut matching bra, a little pair of pink ankle socks to keep my feet warm, and my short ivory satin robe with the little plated belt. I was just fixing my hair up, you know that lovely pearl clip that forces my hair to hang in a wide ponytail when I turned in to the lounge and there they were."

Now the voice was really venomous, "These animals, this bunch of perverted assholes that you put up to live out my supposed fantasy, you must know some sick bastards, how could you?" The voice now cold and flat, but the venom still etched in the sarcasm, she was about to tell Darren the awful truth behind this horrible, depraved event, "I think I was to shocked to scream, I just stood there, my hands still holding my hair, gazing at those two scruffy individuals sprawled all over my settee, I didn't see the other two, standing back behind the door, oh yes I smelt them but by then it was to late."

She spat the next ten words out like a gun, "And all this happened because of your fucking stupid idea," she took a deep breath, "It felt like I had been hit by a car; my arm was grabbed and pulled down then twisted up my back, I could even cry out in pain as a filthy hand slammed across my mouth; as the other one grabbed my other arm the back of my knees received a kick and I buckled to the floor, I knelt there, I couldn't move or cry out as I watched the two that were sat on the settee just get up and swagger over to me."

Her voice was now shaking with emotion, "That big dark one, the one that had begged me for money loomed over me, he unzipped his trousers and took out the biggest, filthiest cock I had ever seen, he grinned at me, all I could do was look, the stench from the hand over my mouth was revolting enough with out the thought of this animal pissing on me, I tried to shake my head."

"That pearly white grin mocked me, as he showed off to the others I couldn't move that disgusting hand holding my head solidly all I could do was stare at that awful fat cock as he seemed to grow in front of my eyes, I don't know how they did it but it looked revolting it was as though it had never been washed."

Darren moved for another drink, he cocked the phone between his shoulder and ear as he took another bottle from his suitcase, he just gave the occasional cough to let her know he was still listening, he didn't know what to say, but she did, "I knew this was a set up, I certainly didn't talk about being alone this weekend too loud, but I didn't have time to think as he carried on grinning, waving that filthy thing in front of my face as the other one knelt down beside me, I made some silly noise, , he disappeared the other one carried on tormenting me.

See he knew we had but all I had to do was listen as the big one said, .

Darren sipped on the drink then changed the phone to the other ear, "That man came back, I looked in horror at that silver tape that you had bought, remember you said it may come in handy, was that what was in your twisted mind, because it came in handy for them.

Anger flooded back, "They grabbed my hair and dragged it up while another squeezed my throat, they had obviously practiced it, I chocked, as I did he told to close my mouth tight, I did, anything to stop the pain, quickly they wound the tape around and around my head sealing my mouth, they did the same to my wrist's before they dragged me up, he grinned at my helplessness, he put that filthy cock back in his trouser and blew a kiss at me before he barked, < Take her upstairs, strap her feet together then we eat> he was still grinning as he said

Darren lit another cigarette; "The indignity of being prodded up my own stairs, my legs being touched by that ugly man was nothing to what he had in mind when we reached our lovely bed, I'll let you know now that's the moment when I started to hate you. He pushed me on our bed then deliberately grabbed my ankles and dragged me around, of course as he did my robe moved showing my legs up to my panties and it opened enough to see the matching bra, his grin was sickly."

Her voice took on a trembling anger, "He taped my ankles together, then still grinning he slid his hand up to my knees and ran tape around again just above them, he slammed me down on my back and gloated, I could see the power he thought he had over me, it was etched in that ugly face. He ran his hand over my cheek and then down on to my shoulder pushing the rope open even more, he could see more of my breast, I cringed."

"I can still see his face, he got hold of my ankles and pulled me very slowly down the bed, as he did me little hipster panties dragged on the bed cover, pulling them up, the outline of my slit became all to apparent as they stretched tightly to my body at the top of my thighs, he nodded at me before turning towards the door."

As if in unison, Pauline and Darren both cleared their throats, Darren went to speak but stopped as she suddenly burst out with, "He left me there like some tethered animal, unable to move or cry out, utterly helpless while they, your bloody hench men, ransacked our larder, gorging themselves on our food, drinking our drink, your favourite drink, I could hear them, they were getting drunk at our expense." As her voice droned down his ear Darren felt another drink coming on, "I could her them talking as I made a useless struggle to free myself, turning and twisting, rolling around the bed trying to find a way of ripping the tape, those dammed panties becoming more and more jammed between my arse cheeks, I could feel the material tight on my slit. I suddenly froze as I heard the boards creek at the top of the stairs, there in the door way was the one who had tied me, his eyes feasting on the way my robe had moved, revealing more of my panties and bra and much more of my skin, the grin was back on his face.

Darren poured the drink, "I quickly rolled on to my stomach, I heard him move towards the bed, suddenly his hand gripped the back of my head and held it firmly in to the pillows, I thought he was going to suffocate me, but oh no that wasn't part of your plan was it, he was more interested in lifting the back of the robe and letting his eyes inspect something that you said was only yours, my panty covered arse cheeks."

Darren's hand trembled a little as he put the glass to his lip, what was he going do, should he say something but she droned on, "He just stood there, as his hand moved from my head I dared to take a look. Just turning my face I could see through the dressing table mirror, his massive frame holding my delicate robe away from my body his eyes scanning my long naked legs all the way up to my panty covered bottom, now the cheeks of my arse were on show thanks to the material stuck up me. He must have seen me because his head turned and he stared at me through the mirror that sickly grin will haunt me he dropped my robe and walked around the bed, he looked at me looking at him as he picked up the robe and dropped it around my bound wrist's and over my back."

He could hear the emotion in her voice, "His huge hands easily gripped my arms and pulled them up and he continued pulling them up, his grin got wider as I was forced to raise my arse to relieve the pain, as I was trying to pull my bound legs up so his left hand pulled harder, then to add more misery I watched as his right hand dropped on to my panties, his huge dark hand now covering what was left of the little panties that protected my defenceless arse."

Darren thought, here comes the temper again and he was right, "How could you leave me at their mercy, this hand now rubbing and squeezing my arse plying the skin, gripping and letting go, moving over me gripping and fondling my arse, then he slapped me, and again, I made silly, uummmhhhpppp noise's but you could hardly hear it over the continuous sound of hard hand striking soft skin, he kept pulling me up until he ordered me to bend over my knees. The tape pulled hard around my legs as I looked at myself bent in servitude. He pulled the little belt around to the clasp and undid it then he fastened it behind my knees and up to my arms forcing me to stay in that folded bent position. I watched myself helplessly bound, unable to scream at him as he pushed his fingers in to the flimsy waist band of my panties."

Pauline was almost screaming, "I watched this oaf pulling my panties down thinking this is my husbands idea of an exciting moment. I looked at my red arse cheeks as he pulled the last of the panties from between them, I was still stinging from the spanking as this man ran his fingers in between the crack, I saw his finger disappearing, I could fell him pushing down towards my arse hole and I couldn't stop him, I felt him tickle up into the hole, I wiggled my arse trying to escape the invading digit, but the more I wiggled the more he pushed in, I shook my head and made more uummpphh noises, it made him worse, he was enjoying my frantic efforts to escape, I froze as I watched his hand continue under, I saw that triumphal grin as I felt his fingers start to explore my cunt lips."

"I tried to straighten my legs but the pain the tight belt caused in my arms stopped me, that lovely belt you had bought me as a surprise present was now holding me it that vulnerable position. I couldn't take my eyes off the scene unfolding, was this really happening to me; was my husband behind all this? Yes you bastard admit it, you had made me defenceless and available to anything this man wanted to do to me. I was mesmerized at the ridiculous sight of me with my arse up in the air. It was going to be a lovely easy day of relaxation, now I was helplessly tied, this ugly man was playing his fingers over my most intermit part, and I couldn't do anything about it, then it got worse, my eyes caught movement, in the door stood your other three perverted hench men."

Her voice quivered, "If that gag hadn't had my mouth sealed I would have been sick at the way they leered over my arse, I could see them and by looking through the mirror I, as well as them watched him, his hands now shoved between my bound legs, his thumb rubbing at the opening to my cunt, I moaned as they move towards the bed and me."

Now she was in a temper, all that had happened was ready to explode down Darren's ear, "That was the start of my weekend, the weekend you had arranged for my fantasy to be played out, you stupid shit as if I had a fucking fantasy in the first place, what the hell got in to you, was I supposed to like this, had you planned another one on your next weekend away, had you told them that the tenth was to be a repeat performance? As hands played with my arse and cunt so the big one with the grin, came and sat on the bed right in front of my face, his legs stretched out either side, the odour from his crotch made me vomit, with one hand he grabbed my hair and made me look up at him, with the other hand in undid his trouser waist band and pushed his zip down, that huge filthy cock flopped out, he shook my head

Darren changed hands, continually holding it, his arms were getting sore, she almost snarled the next words, "Then he gripped his cock, it was so long he could slap my face with it, he pulled my head up higher, I was nearly choking where had they got their ideas from, what did you tell them, god you better have and answer tomorrow, its alright hiding on the end of this phone but god help you tomorrow."

Now Darren's arm was really getting sore but he had to listen, he had to make a plan, "He still held my hair, making me watch as that filthy cock of his seemed to grow in front of my eye's he laughed at me, suddenly something wet touched my pussy, one of the filthy bastard was licking my cunt, I wiggled trying to stop him but I felt fingers pulling my cunt lips apart as this long rough tongue pushed in me, did you tell them I liked to be licked, did you, you bastard."

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