tagNonConsent/ReluctancePersephome's Humiliation Ch. 02

Persephome's Humiliation Ch. 02


15 minutes before work ended I whispered in her ear "you are allowed to take the tail from your ass now", meet me at the elevator after work:

5:00 PM came and I saw her waiting at the elevator with five or six other people. She continued to grind one toe of her incredibly sexy heels into the floor. This for some odd reason was incredibly erotic.

I strode to the elevator and somehow managed to be the first one in and able to move to the very back of the car.

She maneuvered quickly so she could stand directly in front of me. We were on the 40th floor, so with stops it would be 5-7 minutes before we reached the street level. As the car moved, she pushed her tight ass ever so subtly against my pants. My cock spread her ass cheeks through her gossamer dress as it strained to get free. At each stop with people entering and leaving she would reach her hand back and stroke my erectness through my pants. As we passed each floor, she became bolder unzipping me and stroking my hard dick in an elevator full of unknowing people. She grasped my cock harder as the elevator shuddered to a stop at each floor. No one was aware of the lust going on the rear of the car. Just as she had stroked me to the verge of explosion the car reached its destination> we parted and I zipped up. We walked separate paths to the dimly lit parking garage. As we approached her car hidden in remote alcove I grabbed her keys and deftly pulled her wrists behind her and tied her quickly with a zip tie. The tie bound her so quickly she let out a gasp. I pushed her roughly into the back seat with her perfect ass in the air. She wore no thong, because of the drenching she had experienced throughout the day. I climbed in behind her, and pulled a velvet hood from my brief case and slid it over her head. She vanished into darkness. Her ass twitched from the shock, and I violently insert four fingers inside her pussy, fucking her with out regard to the pain, she obviously felt. She did not complain but moaned in bestial breaths. I slipped my belt off, wrapped it around her neck, and attached the end to the door handle. Head down ass up in a velvet hood cinched to the back seat. I had planned this all day and it was remarkable how she submitted. I could have done depraved things to her, but I chose to make the fantasy last until twilight.

I moved to the driver side and started the engine, my whore purred with the sounds of the classically tuned German motor car. I drove hastily from the bowels of the garage with my helpless, but tasty harlot dripping clit juice onto the leather seats. I her moan and sob. I only smiled at myself in the rear view mirror as I let my cock free from it enclosure.

I drove to another towering parking garage. I parked in a space with no view at the end of an empty row. . I climbed into the back seat and undid the belt from the handle. As I lifted the hood her eyes tried to adjust to the murky light, she tried to stretch her neck; she without warning found my hard cock ferociously

shoved to the bottom of her throat. She tried to gag but I continued to apply pressure and swiftly felt her lips touch the bottom of shaft. She bucked uncontrollably as I fucked her beautiful face without regard. I reached around and pushed two, three and finally four finger inside her. She swallowed and gasped with delight. She begged me in between deep cock caresses to her throat to be fucked in the ass. I let her continue to beg and mewl. I felt her clit twitch and contract with my finger, I knew she was about to orgasm violently.

With evil glee, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and my cock from her throat. I hastily tied her belted neck to the door handle and replaced the velveteen hood. Her ass quivered and seized hysterically then became very still, her breathing unnatural emitting sounds that were perverse and savage. The hood moved rhythmically with her heaving ass, until her breathing became more like a caged creature than human. It was breathtaking to watch my whore become primal begging to come and given only contempt and venom by her captor.

This feral woman had never felt such humiliation and exhilaration. Tied naked in the back seat had led her to new heights of lust and degradation.

I pulled from the building and began to disappear seamlessly into the night with my kidnapped Persephone begging for sexual relief. I turned the stereo up load drowning her out her pleas and curses. The isolated cabin was miles from human intervention. The blackness hid the galaxies from view. Miles before I had turned the music off to listen to her catlike mewing with an occasional growl of sexual frustration. The cabin drive was long and unlit. I pulled to the woodshop and idled to a stop. I sat unmoved in the front seat letting the tension build in her. She was completely isolated drenched in seclusion and a willing participant of what was to come. I climbed into the back seat and began to lick her ass for some needed relief; I pulled the massive dildo from my bag and inserted it with out premise into her anal cavity, leaving it deep with her. As before her breathing quickened and I pulled the object from her, leaving her wanting again. I undid the belt from the armrest and pulled her brutally from the car. Her wrists were raw from the zip ties and small beads of blood dried onto the pavement. The hood still covering her golden hair, sweat glistening on her neck and spilling onto her saturated tits, rock hard through the sheerness of dress.

I led her into the wood shop. In the middle of the room was a pulley swaying from the ceiling. I grabbed a sharp knife from the workbench and cut the ties from her wrists, exchanging then for steel bracelets and raising her arms over her head attaching the cuffs to the pulley. I pulled her arms taught above until her stilettos almost did not touch the floor.

I took the knife and ran the cold steel inside her thigh, grazing her pussy and spreading her ass checks with the blade. By accident, I pricked her and blood began to flow, she began to moan, I knelt quenching my thirst with her dripping blood. I rudely cut the garters from her stocking and sliced the dress from her gradually making sure she could feel the sharpness of the steel against her back, her flat stomach and her inner thighs. She was defenseless still clad in the darkness of the hood experiencing mortal fear, rapture and lust. After this she go with me to back alleys and allow men to jack off on her beautiful body and then laugh and suck my cock in the back of the limousine This event was her awakening.

In the corner of the room was coiled hose. I attached the end to the spigot and began to spray the icy water all over her shivering body. The frigid water socked her nipples into permanent attention. I directed the stream at her ass, them moving closer shooting the pulsating liquid up into her waiting pussy. She writhed and swayed uncontrollably and squealed with unintelligent guttural back alley resonance. She stood there cinched to the pulley, dripping water and moistness from her vulva.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I turned and walked to the door turned off the light and left her there suspended in severe depravity.


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