tagNonConsent/ReluctancePersephome's Humiliation Ch. 01

Persephome's Humiliation Ch. 01


Every morning she would arrive at 11 am to service me. Today she looked absolutely murderous. She locked the door and walked slowly towards me She bent over the desk in a green gossamer dress, thigh high stockings and shoes that only seemed appropriate when they were pointed up in the air. She unbuttoned my pants and I reached up under velvety dress to find her pussy already moist and ready to begin our morning ritual. She loved to swallow all of me to the point of gagging. I pulled her favorite toy from the desk drawer and inserted it with out warning deep into her dripping slit. She gasped and sniveled, but I showed her no quarter as I grabbed her hair pushing her whores mouth deeper onto my cock.

Today would be different as I had a surprise for my nasty girl. I had a special toy that I would make her wear around the office the rest of the day.

It was a plug for her perfectly tight ass that looked like the tail of a horse.

She continued to suck now even faster, trying to catch her breath in between bobs. I would not stop her as I heard her gag and sob like a trapped animal. I showed her no leniency. I turned on the power for the vibrator as I pounded her pussy roughly. Juice began to ooze from her clit and drip into her ass.

I removed the dildo from her quickly and without warning, rubbed her with three fingers from tip to tail. Sensing her breathing was quickening I slipped my thumb slowly into her tight perfect ass

She had no idea what was coming. I made her bend over the desk in front of me and place her hands on the desk. I told her to reach around and spread her ass cheeks. She sighed loudly as my tongue lapped her asshole feverishly until it oozed all over my mustache.

I continued to lick and penetrate her ass hole with my tongue. With the other hand I slowing edged the stiff tail into her ass, giving it final hard push and left it there. I reached around and pinched her clit wickedly, feeling a torrent of wetness increasing to a gusher of warmth that engulfed my fingers.

Knowing she was ready for a new peak I put my whole fist into her pussy and fucked her with very deliberate strokes till she was on the verge of exploding and then quit. Leaving her in harmonious distress

I stood up and slipped my belt off and wrapped it around her neck. She bucked for a moment, sensing she was helpless gave up. I ground the tail in her ass with continuing deeper strokes. My erect cock slid easily from my pants and slid directly into her gaping slit. In one hand I tightened the belt around her neck. I began to stroke her slowly making sure my cock came completely out of her and then plunged without abandon deeper into her. I watched her stiletto heels grind into the carpet as if trying to dig her way out. Slowly from her soul and out of her diaphragm she began to yell hysterically for me to fuck her harder. I pulled the silk handkerchief from my vest pocket and jammed it into her mouth to muffle the animalistic growling that was coming from her.

I pulled out quickly leaving her tail and ass to twitch violently. She immediately reached around and spread her perfect pussy lips as I quickly eased her pain and inserted the toy inside her for another round. I took off my shirt and put it over her shoulders and pulled it taught between her legs so I could make sure both devices stayed put.

Holding the shirt in one hand and belt in the other I led over to the window overlooking downtown and compelled her to kneel in front of me. Making sure to tug the belt and shirt tightly. She hated to kneel in front of me, but she had no choice, she was helpless. I slapped my cock across her face, she bellyached, but I gave her no sympathy. My cock left red marks across her freckled face. I grabbed her auburn hair and slammed my cock down her throat deeper than ever before. The sensation of having all her holes filled at once seemed to open a door of decadence that she had never undertaken.

Just as quickly as I had begun I pulled my cock from her mouth leaving her to gasp in short breaths. I commanded her to bend over and grab the chair in front of her. I pulled the tail from her ass and watched the liquid ooze from her. She tried to pull away and I pulled the belt tighter to rein her in. I guided my dick in her glistening ass hole. The belt held her in place snugly. I continued to slam my cock much too brutally into her shuddering ass. I instructed her to fuck herself with the dildo firmly planted in her gash. The silk rag had fallen out of her mouth so I wedged it across her lips so her cries and whispers would go unnoticed out side the door to an office of unknowing drones. I stopped the pummeling of her ass quickly, knowing she still had not come. Her ass quivered and glistened as I reinserted her tail with unruliness. I removed the belt and told her to get out. Her eyes implored me to let her finish. I made her wear the horsetail for the remainder of the day without reprieve.

Throughout the day our eyes would meet as she tried to rub against me like a cat in heat.

I avoided those encounters and savored in her supreme torture.

The tail bulged a bit out of her gossamer dress, but went unnoticed. She had to sit at her desk and appreciate the fact of her delightful yearning

All day I could hear the horsehair of her tail swish against her flowing material. We were the only ones who knew what was imbedded in her ass. More than once my cock became so engorged that I thought of relieving myself under the safe confines of my desk.

I resisted knowing she had not come either. We would share the waiting ecstasy together.

The office day dragged on as never before, my thoughts were completely focused on the eruption that awaited my filly later. I smiled malevolently at the scenario I had created.

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