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Personal Touch


Chelby waited for the ferry on the docks of Seattle that took her across the waters to the ship yard on the far side of Puget Sound. The evening was chilly and she could tell autumn was here. The sky was clear the air crisp and the stars sparkled overhead. She leaned over the side of the ferry to gaze into the water as the ferry chopped through it; she loved the wind in her face, and the way it caused her hair to fly wildly. It had been a long time since she had taken the journeys she would take tonight.

Two years ago Chelby visited this small Victorian township and fell in love with Port Townsend, Washington which is also known as the “City of Dreams”. The small town boasted original historical big brick buildings and numerous Victorian Bed and Breakfast Inns. She enjoyed the small shops and blues bars down on the waterfront. On her first visit she stayed in the Tides Inn which is famous for the filming of “An Officer and a Gentleman”. She was returning to that very same room she stayed in before.

There are two sections to the Tides Inn, the new section and the old renovated section. She had opted for the old then, and again now. The view from the picture window in that room, looking over the water, was breath taking and she spent hours gazing over the glass like calm, of the water.

Chelby walked through the darkened streets of town and came upon a small blues bar. She went in, ordered a micro brew and settled in the corner to listen to the music. She noticed that they had a variety of menu items to select from and remembered she hadn’t eaten dinner. She ordered a simple crab salad and a dinner roll continuing to listen to the music. Around midnight Chelby left the bar and walked down the quiet street, returning to her room at the Inn.

She looked around the room as she woke, feeling disoriented, it was only 3:00 am. Chelby rolled over trying to snuggle back under the warm blanket, attempting to go back to sleep because she had so much to do in the morning. Sleep evaded her and she turned over onto her back searching her mind for a reason that she was waking up so early this entire week. She wasn’t able to find any one reason, but many things crowded her mind.

She stretched her whole body reaching high above her head feeling her breasts flatten against her chest and heard the creeks in her bones as they were repositioned from sleeping on them. The feeling from stretching caused a stir, it felt so very good.

Her room was illuminated only by the numbers on the digital alarm clock she had placed on the night stand next to her bed. That was the only light she could see. She closed her eyes and searched her memory trying to remember when she had touched herself last. It was so long ago there was no memory to conger up at that moment.

She pushed the covers aside and lightly touched her skin with the tips of her fingers; beginning at her shoulders, down her arms over her breasts, pausing there to gently tease them. Her fingers lightly tracing over the mounds of her breasts then circling each one which caused her to get goose bumps all over her skin, the sensation only heightened her sensitivity to touch. Her nipples hardened into buds, reaching out for attention. She slowly worked her fingers all the way up over the slopes of her breasts wrapping around and squeezing slightly, only then letting her fingers touch those hard nipples.

She felt the shock immediately, all the way through her body and down to her love nest. She instantly wanted to rush for that instant gratification of an explosive orgasm, but she loved that slow tease, the intense feelings of slowly touching every inch of herself, exploring her sensuality, exciting her sexual side and feeling her need.

She slowly and very lightly flicked her fingertips over the tips of her nipples continuously until she felt them respond. She gently pressed her thumb and finger around each of the small, hard buds and pressed them together. She felt the slight erotic sensation curse through them and as she increased the pressure between her thumb and finger then pulled each one out and away from her body the same time, gently. She thought that there must be a direct line to her clit when she felt it begin to swell and throb within the confines of her soft pussy lips. She moaned and continued to tease her nipples and breasts taking time to gently yet firmly squeeze each of them within the palm of her hands.

Chelby could look out over the bay as she sensually teased her breasts and tantalized her nipples. Looking out over the water and into the star filled night she allowed herself to drift into the deeply intense feelings she evoked from her body. The moon was just a sliver hanging like an ornament up in that beautiful sky. She wished for a gentle lover.

Chelby’s hips began to respond to her extremely gentle touch. They pressed upward from the bed as she continued to slowly tease her nipples and breasts. She was faintly aware of the swelling pussy lips between her legs, but just wanted to experience that feeling and not do anything about it for the time being.

The combination of her hands on her breasts and her hips gyrating up off the bed, the swelling of her pussy lips and her hot juices beginning to flow brought on her first orgasm. She moaned and held her nipples tighter as she wiggled through the sensations of the contracting walls of her hot pussy and her juices slipping down onto the bed through the crack of her ass. She felt her body relax and she sighed.

She removed her hands from her breasts and turned back over onto her back, and smiled. She noted her fingers lightly tracing over the trunk of her body, again circling her breasts, but slowly moving downward. Her skin was on fire and she felt herself respond to every touch, the light moans unheard by anyone crashed loudly in her own mind. The sensual feelings, when just the touch of her well manicured nail tips brushed over her skin, caused her to raise her hips up off of the bed once more as she gasped from the tender touch.

Running the tips of her nails over the slopes of her breasts and out to circle her hard nipples, she teased just the tip of each causing them to jut out even farther. Her hands moved down over the trunk of her body once again, feeling the silkiness of her skin and the erotic sensations running through her. The gentle curves of her body defined by her hands were burning with desire.

As her hands moved down over her body she felt the softness of her mound. She took her hand and slowly rubbed it across the smooth skin. She used her finger tips to trace all around it and felt her juices continue to flow. The outer lips of her pussy swelled to double their original size and her clit was throbbing like the ticking of a clock. She continued to trace the outer edges of her soft mound in anticipation of what was to come.

With just the tips of her fingernails she traced the length of the right outer lip of her pussy. Her legs automatically spread wide, begging for more attention. She was very careful to tease and gently touch ever so slightly, just the outer lips of her pussy; up one side and back down the other, alternating between each of her lips. She felt the heat building between her inner lips and she felt them swell so tightly. Her juices continued to flow from her body as she traced the lips of her pussy, building that fire deep within her.

Reaching up to squeeze her breast again she gasped out loud and continued to trace the lips of her pussy. She teased her nipples ever so lightly and they stood rock hard. She changed her touch on the outer lips of her pussy to the tips of her fingers on her right hand. She slowly stroked them up and down the outer lips of her pussy. She stroked them up one side and down the other, ever slight and teasingly slow. Her heart pounded, her breathing was deep and erratic, and she moaned as her head rolled from side to side, she had forgotten how incredibly good she could make herself feel.

She felt the tip of her tiny clit ring rising up and peaking out of the lips of her pussy. She felt the dripping of her hot juices slide down across her ass and onto the bed beneath her. She felt the heat rise from the depths of her love nest and she felt that ache building deep inside of her. She rested herself back into the softness of the pillows as she gazed out to the starry night sky; she held her hands still for a moment, right where they were. She caught her breath and reveled in the sensations swirling through her body and mind before continuing on.

She had one hand cupping a breast and the other hand cupping her pussy lips and she slowly started to pet each spot. Very softly and extremely unhurried, she ran her hands over her skin, sensually teasing and memorizing each touch. Removing her hand from her breast and sliding it downward to her mound as she continued to stroke the lips of her pussy, the fingers of one hand found her clit hood ring. She lightly tapped it against the covered head of her clit and nearly screamed out from the pleasure.

Her right hand stroked the outer lips of her pussy as the left fingers teased the clit ring. She spread the outer lips of her pussy and began to tease the inner lips. She spread her juices on her fingers and they glide up and down the inner lips, very leisurely traced them as she had done the outer lips. Light, gentle strokes up and down each side, she felt her body tense from desire. Quiet moans slipped from her lips into the empty night.

She dipped one finger into her love sheath and coated it with her juices. She gently stirred just inside her opening and softly stimulated her spongy spot, her chest heaved with hurried deep breaths and the ardent feeling of such a personal touch. The excitement from that touch evoked that deep passionate feeling of wanting to explode.

She boldly removed her finger from her pussy and brought it to her lips, and she tentatively slipped her tongue over her lips to meet the juice filled finger. With just the tip of her tongue she took the sweet juice from her finger and rolled it into her mouth. She loved the taste of herself and the feeling of her juices on her tongue. She closed her eyes and memorized the taste.

She returned her hand to her love nest to stroke and tease her slit. Opening the outer lips of her pussy she began to trace the lines of her inner lips once again. Ever so slowly her fingers caressed the folds of her very wet pussy. She was feeling her orgasm grow strong, but prolonging the explosion. After all, she was there to please herself.

Chelby’s breath was still deep and fast as her fingers danced over her clit. She took her swollen wet clit in between her finger and thumb, and then stroked it just like it was a tiny cock. The feeling from stroking it was incredible.

Her finger tapped her clit ring and the sensation intensified her stroking. Her fingers found their way back into her hot, wet, pussy. She began moving them in and out very slowly. She had never felt the inside of herself with thought; she had just touched to cum. Her fingers felt each fold of her pussy, exploring everywhere. She teased her g-spot until she couldn’t stand it anymore, and then sucked her fingers clean again.

Chelby felt her body respond to her touch as if her lover were touching her. She had never felt this response from her own touch and she was amazed that she allowed herself to go this far. It felt so awesome, she couldn’t stop.

Her fingers found their way back to her pussy where her other hand had been stroking up and down. She felt every stroke and was astounded by the response of her body. She slipped her fingers into her pussy deep, finger fucking herself slowly teasing every inch of the area she could reach. The walls squeezed around her fingers as if it were a hard cock, they pulled as if they were milking the cum from that cock. She slowed down and then worked up to a rhythm of finger fucking her self.

Her other hand steadily caressing her clit, pinching and pulling and stroking as she worked her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, moaning and rolling from side to side. She could feel her juices flow down over her fingers and hand and felt the throbbing of her clit. Her breathing labored mixed with the sensual sounds of her pleasure.

Her orgasm was building higher and higher as she teased her g-spot even harder. She moved her fingers in and out of her love sheath adding a third. Her other fingers working magic on her swollen clit she was ready to explode.

Chelby worked her fingers faster; she felt the inside of her pussy contract around them as her clit throbbed harder. All she could feel was the passionate orgasm that was about to explode from the depths of her. She let go. Her voice sounded loudly in the quiet room as she brought herself over the edge. She drenched her hand with her cum, her hips up off the bed and slowly sank back down into the soft mattress.

She lay with her head at the foot of the bed; her hands remained lodged in her pussy. She was wet from perspiring and wet from an explosive orgasm, but she felt unbelievably sedate.

She opened her eyes after a few minutes and looked out to over the bay. The water was so still the stars reflected in it. The peace of the water flowed over her and she lay there in that bed reflecting on the stars she saw when she came.

Feeling a chill after about an hour, Chelby pulled the bedspread up over her body grabbed a pillow from the floor where they had fallen and she curled up to gaze out the window. She thought of her last lover and smiled. He would have been very happy to have shared this night with her. Just watching her personal touch.

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