tagNonConsent/ReluctancePerverted Old Men Ch. 4

Perverted Old Men Ch. 4


- Come here, I want you to meet my girlfriend.

I had come to clean John Morgan when I saw that Henry was over for the weekend. I followed him into his room and he closed the door. Sprawled on the bed was a girl, her hair mussed, lipstick smeared and one tit exposed. I guess Henry had already started on her. I wondered what he wanted with me.

- Here, sit on the bed. Make out with me.

And so I started making out with the male I disliked making out with the most in this whole house. He started kissing me while rubbing my full breasts as his girlfriend watched. He was obviously showing off his knowledge of porn, he did the whole bit of tongue licks outside the mouth. He took off my shirt and pulled my breasts over the cups by the nipples. I groaned at the pain. He laid me down and started sucking on one breast while his girlfriend joined him on the other. As their heads rolled around my chest, I started to feel the stirrings of pleasure. Henry raised his head.

- I want you to pleasure my girlfriend. Her name's Cherry.

The disgust on my face said it all. I was NOT going to do THAT. As Cherry lied back, pulling her skirt up and spreading her legs in expectation, Henry literally pulled me up and shoved me head first at her crotch.

- Mmmph

- Ooh. Henry, she's not licking.

- I said to lick it goddamit!

With that he gave my ass a smack. He had watched his grandfather spank me many times in trying to get me to do what I didn't want. The smell of pussy was overpowering, her pussy drooled with juice - the whole thing was wet, all the way to her asshole. Tentatively, I stuck out my tongue and started moving.

- More, more! Suck my clit, bitch!

As I explored with the pussy at my mouth, Henry was working at mine with his fingers. He played in the wet pool that had gathered, rubbing all over my clit all the way down to my crack. I felt him push one finger in my ass and one finger in my pussy at the same time. An effect that made me jerk my head, striking some pleasure from Cherry.

- Ooh. Fuck her Henry. Do it with her face between my legs. Mm I'm so turned on. Make me cum through her Henry.

With a plop, Henry's fingers came out. Brusquely positioning my ass, he went right in with his dick. I couldn't tell which hole he was inside so I turned back to see that he was in my pussy, with a dildo up my ass. He switched it on, making me moan loud inside Cherry's crotch. I had never felt anything like it before. It was wriggling around in my pussy unlike any cock I've ever had. As I turned my concentration back on the clit in my mouth, Henry started fucking me straight and hard. Each thrust pushed my face into Cherry's slit, bathing my face in her pussy juice. Soon, there were moans and groans coming from both front and the back as I squirmed in between. Henry reached down and played with my clitty and Cherry grabbed my head and tried to smother me with her pussy. The full lips started pulsing as she came and I felt her cunt sucking on my lips as she let out an orgasmic cry.

- Clean her off. I want you to eat every single drop of her, as you will mine.

It was a sloppy mess. But as I came close to cumming myself, I was so horny, I would do anything. I cleaned her off really thoroughly, drinking all the cum from her pussy and all the juice from between her lips. I even cleaned her slit and her asshole. Finished, I rested my head in her lap, mewing with the oncoming of orgasm. Henry started earnestly fucking me, grinding my hips against his on every stroke. Candy pulled away from me and went around to the back. I gasped with orgasm at the first touch of her soft tongue on my clit. She enclosed it with her lips and swirled her tongue around it as I came. Soon after, Henry released himself in me as he came. After the pulsing had slowed, he pulled out.

- Clean it off.

I put it in my mouth and he gruffly shoved it deep. As he pulled in and out of my throat, I tasted my cum and his cum mixed with the taste of Cherry's in my mouth.

- Alright, you can go take care of Uncle John now. Go dress in the hall.

My head swooning with the rush, I picked up my clothes and went into the hallway to dress.

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by Anonymous03/10/18

First chapter

I like this series, it's sad that the first chapter is gone:'( I'll always remember it as the one that got me into Literotica.

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