tagNonConsent/ReluctancePerverted Old Men Ch. 3

Perverted Old Men Ch. 3


I looked out the window Saturday morning to see Mr. Morgan talking to a man out on his lawn as two other men moved things into the house. Catching my gaze, Mr. Morgan gestured for me to come over as he turned to get back to his house.

- Hi. What's going on?

I sincerely hoped that nobody was moving into his house. Especially not another horny Morgan. Especially not Henry. The thought made me shudder with disgust. Ever since our introduction, Henry has used me in every possible perverted way a hormone driven teenage boy can think of. Hopefully he'll get into an out-of-state college and then I wouldn't have to cater to his whims anymore. Mr. Morgan and his brother was enough to make me feel like a cheap whore. But alas..

- I want you to meet my brother. John. He'll be living in this house from now on. And you, we will be using you more as a caretaker now because of him. But I will pay you a bit more.

Mr. Morgan had started paying me minimum wage for my "caretaking", so my parents wouldn't be suspicious. I followed him down the hall to the room next to his bedroom. As we entered, I distinctly caught a strong hospital-old-sick-man smell. Inside was an skinny old man lying as still as death. Mr. Morgan walked up to his bed and threw back the covers, revealing a naked, wrinkled body. I gasped.

- Suck.

- Wh… He's a fucking corpse!

- Come here and suck.

- No!

Mr. Morgan pulled me struggling to the bed. Grabbing me by the neck, he roughly shoved me into the old man's balls. As I struggled with my face under his cool sack, I felt a hand come down hard on my ass. [SMACK]

- When I tell you to suck, you will suck. [SMACK] When I tell you to fuck, you will fuck. [SMACK] Or I will tell the world the things you have been doing. [SMACK] To us and to your professor dildo. [SMACK] Now you will do as I say. [SMACK] Any questions?

With my body wringing in agony, I cried softly and nodded. My bottom was burning hot and still stinging when Mr. Morgan let go of me. I cupped the still man's testicles in my hand as I placed his limp dick in my mouth. Sniffling, I started sucking, moving my tongue against the shaft.

- That's it. Don't stop.

As I continued to pleasure the still man, Mr. Morgan started undressing me. He fondled my tits and rubbed my crotch, for once I was grateful - it took my mind off the corpse's cock I was sucking on. But I realized, the dick had hardened and lengthened. Mr. Morgan stopped. Playing with my hair, he said

- Now, impale yourself on it. Put it deep inside you and sit on it.

Hesitantly, but quickly enough so as not to get more punishment at the hands of Mr. Morgan, I got on top of the stiff. I gasped as I slid myself down on his cock, and soon straddled there waiting for instructions.

- I want you to move now. Ride it slowly.

So I rode. Sliding myself up and down the shaft, feeling the old man's dick inside me, feeling the sac underneath touching my ass when I came down. My breasts bounced softly as I moved.

- Lean over, I want you to give him a kiss.

Sick. I looked at the old man who seemed almost dead if not already. Mr. Morgan gave me a smart, warning spank on my thigh. Gulping, I slowly leaned down to kiss him, closing my eyes so I didn't have to look at him. Suddenly I felt hands grab my head, pulling me down. I opened my eyes to see the old man's yellow, veiny eyes and his mouth opening. He assaulted my head with his tongue, pushing lots of saliva into my mouth as he jerked his hips under me. Moving with more energy than I thought possible 2 seconds ago, he fucked me harder and harder while I struggled to keep some of his saliva out of my mouth. Finally, I just gave myself to it. I swallowed his bodily fluids and accepted his dick forcing itself in and out of my pussy. Surprisingly, I was dripping wet, we made soft squishy noises as he fucked me as Mr. Morgan watched. He let go of my head and as I sat up, he started to climax. With both hands, he palmed my tits for the first time, thumbing both nipples - and I came too.

We sat in that position, just looking at each other for a while and panting. I didn't even realize Mr. Morgan behind me until he spoke.

- Bend over again.

Impatient, he pushed me down anyway, my breasts pressing against my new employer's chest. Mr. Morgan spat on his hand and rubbed around my asshole, lubricating it. With John's dick still inside me, although spent now, Mr. Morgan pushed in with his slimmer dick into me from behind. He started stroking in and out. Under me, John moaned softly. With his hands, he guided my hips up, and pulled out.

- Kneel up, doggy style.

And so I kneeled up over John as Mr. Morgan started picking up the pace. John looked with glee at my tits bouncing up and down and started to play with them. Squeezing them hard at times, tickling my nipples. Soon, he was ready again. He guided me back down, so he can get it, Mr. Morgan slowing his movement so his brother can get in.

So with the two brother's cocks inside of me, both my holes stretched out, it was no wonder I didn't hear Mr. Morgan's other brother Tim. He must have been watching for a while because he was fully aroused. He positioned himself standing over John's head and unzipped his fly, letting his huge member come out. Without hesitation, he pushed himself into my gaping hole (I was moaning like crazy then), and forced himself deep down my throat. Had I not been so aroused, I would have choked, but I wanted him to - that's how worked up I was. As three dicks moved inside me, filling me with cum, each brother took hold of a nipple or clit and tickled it, bringing me to the most intense orgasm I have ever had for the rest of my life.

Afterwards the three brothers watched me as I drew a sponge bath for John, naked. As I washed him, they told me my duties. I had the regular jobs - like bathing John for instance. But I also had others. For instance, if John was ever hard, without being told, I was to take care of it. And my pay, well, its not much more, but its worth it. All three told me (on different instances) that I would be the sole proprietor of their estates upon their death. And for that, I wear their ridiculous nurse uniforms. (They tend to get ripped or stained, don't ask). But I must say, they're not half so bad as lovers either. :)

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