tagMaturePeter and His Neighbours Ch. 04

Peter and His Neighbours Ch. 04


Kay was pregnant. Everyone was over the moon. Kay had phoned her mother to tell her. Cecilia was delighted with the news of her first grandchild. Kay said to her that Peter was the father, he was a lawyer with a first class degree. He was twenty-eight, tall and good looking. Peter had an apartment below Mags and hers. He was now living with Mags and her. Mags was his lover too. He was a kind, considerate and most importantly, a gentleman. If Mags got pregnant, then they would still live under the same roof.

Cecilia initially was shocked by this and warned Kay to be careful. The more Kay spoke of Peter; the more Cecilia started to like him. Kay then gave the phone to Mags as she was Googling everything to see what was best for her and her child. Cecilia asked, "How long have you two known Peter?"

Mags replied, "We have known him to acknowledge for over three months. We have been intimate with him for over two weeks. By intimate, I mean that for over two weeks, he has made love to both of us at least twice a day. At weekends that rises to three times a day each. Now I am the lucky one and will get all of his sperm as I want to be pregnant too. Mum, neither Kay or I have felt so happy in all our lives. Peter loves to be with older women. He has several older women that he meets for sex. We are happy about this as sometimes we join him."

"By us allowing this, it means that he is not out screwing around. He is giving relief to older women with strong sexual needs and desires. A doctor supervises this little group, she is part of the group. She checks that everyone is clean and healthy. We can all have great sex and feel secure that we are not going to get infected with any nasty things. He is an excellent lover. His 'Prince' is massive. The thought of it makes you wet. Mum, we are both so happy. Peter is all that you could wish for in a man. He truly satisfies Kay and I. We both know that he will be an excellent father. How do you feel about it?"

She replied, "The more I hear about him, the more that I like him. One fundamental question, does he have any idea about our wealth?"

Mags answered, "None at all. He is about to buy the Penthouse of the apartments. It would be an excellent purchase as it has five bedrooms. When I saw it, I wanted it. I told him that I could give him a little help with the money. He thanked me and told me that he could do it himself. We will know more about it next week; I am sure that he will buy it. I think that he is financially independent. He is also a scratch golfer."

Cecilia answered, "He sounds good. I think that you and Kay are like me. We all have significant sexual needs. Your father was older than me. The last twenty years we were together, we had no sex. I am bisexual. I have had a lot of girlfriends during that time. After your father died, I had affairs with a couple of young golf professionals. They satisfied me sexually, which is so important. But I was always felt uncomfortable as I felt that they were only interested in my money."

Mags said, "Cecilia, I have never called you that in my life before but now that's what I will call you. Peter and I have had threesomes with women of your age. They are all amazed by the relief that he gives them. He is not an in and out lover. He is not a selfish lover. He cares about who he is with, and they all love him for this. Tomorrow we are going to the funeral of the Mayor; he lived in the Penthouse. May, his wife, told us that he was trying to keep up appearances by still staying there. This is the Penthouse that we want."

"After the funeral, we are going back to the Penthouse, Kay and I, May and her daughter Sandy, I know that tomorrow evening that he will have satisfied all four women. He will have a mother and daughter, and two sisters. Kay and I are so looking forward to it. The thought of it arouses both of us. I don't think Peter is interested in money; he earns a lot. He loves making love to older women. Have you ever done anything like this?"

She replied, "Darling, thank you for your honesty, I appreciate that. I am no angel. I loved your father. He gave me two gorgeous daughters which were wonderful; he also gave me, you and Kay unimaginable wealth. I am so happy that Kay is pregnant. We must ensure that the wealth is carried forward. I hope that you become pregnant soon. I wish that I could still conceive as Peter sounds wonderful. Could you send me a picture of him? I want to see how he looks."

"I love sex, but I had a bad experience with a golf pro. I caught gonorrhoea from him. I was so embarrassed. I had it in my mouth, ass and cunt. I love it in all three holes. I flew to a Swiss Clinic and had it treated privately. That was three years ago. I haven't had a cock since and I miss it. I will be with you in just over four weeks time. Please keep in touch and look after Kay as the next few weeks can be difficult for her. If you have any questions, then message me. I am sure Kay is researching her pregnancy thoroughly. Let me know how tomorrow goes. I wish that I was with you. All my love, Cecilia."

Mags had several pictures of Peter, Kay and herself from nights out and they all showed that they were all happy and natural photographs. Peter looked so natural. In one of them, the silhouette of Peter's massive cock was visible. She sent all the pictures and the one of the outline to Cecilia with the message, "Hope you like, Kay and I love him. All my love, Mags."

Her reply read, "That's massive, he is very handsome. I think that I am falling in love with him too. Would that be a problem? All my love, Cecilia."

She replied, "Not at all. I believe that he will bring happiness and stability to all three of us. We will come together as a family. I also believe that he could be an asset to our companies. We lost that insider information when father died. We can talk about it later. He is so unique, and I am so happy that you see this too. All my love, Mags."


The funeral was packed. The Church was full. All the local community were there in large numbers. It was a moving service paying tribute to many good things that Alex had done for the town. After the burial, they went to the Hotel. There was a buffet lunch. Peter sat with Mags and Kay. May and Sandy were looking stunning, both in black, their outfits highlighting their voluptuous bodies. Ruth, Jill, Joan, Viv and Ada were sitting at the next table. They were all looking good. All were smiling at Peter. May even winked at him.

Around one-thirty people started to leave. At two everyone had gone apart from Peter, Mags, Kay, May and Sandy. May said, "I spoke with my lawyer after the service. I have to see him again on Monday. We must agree on a price. He asked if your apartment was mortgage free as ours is?"

He replied, "Yes, it is. We must now agree on the price that I have to pay you then the Title Deeds can be exchanged. I am sure that we will agree on a price. We can have a chat about it later so that on Monday morning I can put in an offer."

They arrived back at the Penthouse, Sandy poured the Champagne and also got Kay a glass of mineral water. Kay asked, "It is a beautiful day, may I sit on the balcony as I need a little time to myself?"

Sandy replied, "Sure, let me get you cushions for the chairs. It's so peaceful out there. It is a wonderful place to relax. My father would come home after a hard day, pour himself a glass of wine, then sit out there until his head cleared."

May was standing beside Peter, she was holding her glass of Champagne, with her free hand she put her hand on his groin and squeezed his flaccid cock. Mags was starting to undo the buttons of May's blouse; her tits looked amazing as her bra was pushing them up. Sandy joined them; she slowly and provocatively started to strip. May had Peter's cock out; she was tonguing the tip of it as Mags was eating May's pussy. Nothing was being rushed; they were all giving each other pleasure. Sandy was sucking Peter's balls.

For the next two and a half hours, he gave multiple orgasms to May and Sandy before he exploded inside Mags throbbing cunt. May and Sandy were glowing; he had fucked the two in both holes. He had pounded both of them. He knew that's how May liked it. He knew now that Sandy loved it too. He then had looked after Mags. She was so good. There was an excellent understanding now between Peter and Mags and Kay. Kay had come in from the balcony saying that it was so peaceful there.

Sandy asked if she could see Peter's apartment. They all got dressed and went to the apartment. May and Sandy were impressed with it. Peter had a lot of Antiques and Paintings which he would take with him. His kitchen and bathroom were brand new with the best of fittings. Sandy summed it up when she said, "We could bring our things down here. We don't need to do anything; everything is fantastic."

May, Sandy and Peter had a conversation about the price of the exchange of the two apartments. They found the figure that suited them both. They shook hands and Peter said that he would have an offer in on Monday morning. He knew that he wanted to upgrade the bathroom, kitchen, lounge, master bedroom and the balcony. There was probably three or four weeks work that needed to be done. But it would be palatial when it was finished. He was happy, and so were Mags and Kay.

They concluded the deal on Monday afternoon. The money was transferred to May's lawyer practice account. Peter contacted the firm that had done his kitchen and bathroom. They would start on Wednesday. They would also do the balcony. He contacted a firm of painters and interior decorators, and they too would begin on Wednesday. Mags and Kay were making a lot of good suggestions. Kay had found a German company which produced terrific outdoor furniture. She had ordered online, and it would be delivered next week.

There was a problem with Peter's furniture. His paintings were OK as he could store them in one of the Mags bedrooms. Ruth, Viv and Ada lived on the floor below the Penthouse. Peter asked them if it was alright to store his furniture in an ample space on their level. Each floor, apart from the ground floor, had this space but on the ground floor, this was where the main entrance was. All of them agreed to his storing of his furniture there. Viv and Ada had both flirted with him. They both had his mobile number; he thought it best if they made the running as he was giving relief to Joan, May, Sandy, Jill Ruth and Mags.

Kay was now having morning sickness and was always felt tired. She had changed her diet and was swimming two miles every day. She and Mags were spending four hours every day looking at figures. Kay was also much more relaxed. She was so happy that she was pregnant. Cecilia had said that it was a great shock for her to get pregnant so quickly. She had now come to terms with it and now, apart from her morning sickness and tiredness. Occasionally, Kay would come with Mags and Peter on their rendezvous as she still loved to suck a clitoris and cock. She was not interested in any form of penetration but still enjoyed her cunt being licked. She felt so comfortable around Peter; he was always so attentive to her needs.

The Secure Entry System had been installed. It was excellent. Every resident was happy with it. Peter was very busy at his office. He was now involved in a lot of Commercial conveyancing. It amazed him how some large companies went about purchasing other companies. On several occasions, he had asked if his clients had thought their purchases through. He had at University taken an online course from the London Business

School coupled with his Accountancy classes at University. He had the vision to see when things were not right. Clients were now seeking his advice before tendering any offers.


The next four weeks passed quickly. The Penthouse had been transformed. It was a very comfortable place to live. Mags was pregnant; unlike Kay, she was prepared for it. She had stopped drinking as soon as she knew that she had conceived. Mags still enjoyed stimulation and penetration leading to orgasm. Kay enjoyed mutual maturation. They also both adored group sex. They were both strict in their daily routines. They were both eating from a healthy diet. They both swam every day. They both orgasmed every day. They both shared the same bedroom and went to bed at eight every evening.

Peter was loving living in the Penthouse. He loved the balcony. Kay's furniture was beautiful. It was so secluded. You could sunbathe naked, and nobody could see you. He loved to have a glass of wine there in the evening after work. Su was still on holiday. Her mother had an apartment in Juan Les Pins on the French Riviera. Her mother, who was in her nineties, but looked from the pictures that Su had sent to be in her late sixties. She had made a fantastic recovery and was now leading a very active life. She had a boyfriend, in his sixties, but Dot, her mother, was complaining, that he couldn't get it up. Su and her mother intended returning home in August as it was too warm there then.

Cecilia was due later this week. She was going to stay in the Penthouse with Mags and Kay. Peter was looking forward to meeting her. She was thrilled that both her daughters were pregnant. She was worried that the family dynasty would come to an end. She was the eighth generation of her family to be involved in the family business. Mags and Kay were the ninth generation. They scrutinised the accounts but were aware that since their father had died the conglomerate now lacked guidance. She felt that it was just running on the spot and was over managed and not as productive as it had been in his day. It was still the largest Private Company in Europe and was unanswerable to any shareholders. She, Mags and Kay owned all the shares. She had the feeling that from what she knew of Peter, that he could be instrumental in changing the groups' fortunes. She then looked at the picture of the outline of his massive cock. Soon her pussy was wet; she got her relief from the powerful jet from her shower jet as she held the strong spray on her hard clitoris.

Every weekday evening Peter had sex with Mags and Kay. It was gentle lovemaking, with both of them climaxing every day. After they had gone to bed, he then would give relief to one or two of his neighbours. He loved to fuck Jill, Ruth and Viv in their apartments. They all got so aroused knowing that their husbands were in the next room. All three of them had Medical Beds which prevented bed sores. They also had pressure relieving mattresses. They all had Alzheimer's. Michael, Ruth's husband, still enjoyed playing with her massive tits. She reciprocated by playing with his soft cock and balls. She had discussed it with his doctor who had said that this was normal and healthy as he was only looking for intimacy.

Ruth could orgasm when he played with her tits. She would go down on him and suck his limp cock. It wasn't a problem for Ruth. They both enjoyed the intimacy. They did it once a week, and she would climax. She then would finger her wet cunt, and with her fingers dripping with her cunt juice she would offer him her wet fingers which he hungrily licked clean. He would smile as he licked her fingers clean. Once a month he would orgasm from his soft cock. She would lick him clean; then they would kiss. She was pleased that they could still give each other relief. She loved to be fucked hard and deep with Peter but was glad that even in his demented state she could still give him an orgasm even if it was only once a month.

She was surprised that one afternoon he had said to her, "I know that I am not a stud anymore and I appreciate what we do sexually, I love playing with your beautiful tits, I love licking your fingers clean afterwards. Viv and Ada have enormous tits too. How would you feel if we asked them to join us? I can make you cum when I play with your tits; I am sure that I can make them cum too. It has always been a fantasy of mine to have two women at the same time."

She replied, "Michael, you know that I will always be there for you. I will need to ask Viv and Ada. I know that they both have strong sexual drives. I will ask them and let you know. I think that we would need to change the lighting in here they may be put off by how bright it is. Would you like them to suck you too?"

He responded, "I would love it if they did. I would also love to watch you making love to them. I can hear you when they visit. Last night you were very loud, and that aroused me. Who did you have last night?"

She thought that it was Peter and he had pounded her hard; she said, "It was Viv, and she was very hot. I love it when she is hot. Yes, you can watch us. But let's do it with either Viv or Ada first as having three of us at the same time may be too much for you. After we have cum would you like to lick our cunt's clean."

He smiled and said, "Of course I will, I have wanted to ask if I could do that with you for a long time. Ruth, I don't get hard but I can still cum. It gives me pleasure when I do. I would appreciate it if you could arrange this. I feel that my sex drive is diminishing every month, but I am still enjoying it. I honestly feel that our weekly meetings could be fortnightly now, but I don't mind your friends visiting you and the noisier that you are, the better it is for me."

They kissed and then she left the room. She messaged Viv and Ada and asked them to come over for a drink. She explained what had happened. They both were comfortable with it. George, Viv's husband, liked to play with her tits too and could still make her cum. His cock was always limp, but she said that the next time they did it, then she would go down on his soft cock. They then invited Jill up, and she said that it was not unusual for people living with dementia to have sexual urges. She also said that Bill, her husband, enjoyed licking her cunt. Twice after Peter had cum inside her, she had let him lick her cunt, and she had cum while he was doing it.

Ruth then sorted the lighting out in Michael's bedroom. With the curtains drawn and only a night light on the right side of the bed was illuminated. The left side was in total darkness. Ruth tested it with Michael. It was good. Michael was pleased with it too though that evening he was not interested in sex.

Viv had gone down on George. She had massaged his balls as she sucked his limp cock. Viv sensed that George was aroused, though his cock was soft. She focused on what she was doing, and fifteen minutes later he didn't squirt, but his cum was slowly oozing out of his limp cock. She took it all in her mouth then licked it clean. She had cum as he had played with her tits. She asked if he wanted to lick her cunt. He nodded in approval. She squatted over him, and fifteen minutes later she came in his mouth.

Jill summed it up when she said, "Dementia can leave the patient sexually frustrated. They can feel rejected. We have managed to reach out to Michael, George and my Bill. We all are finding more subtle ways of giving them affection and intimacy. It is a win-win situation. We are giving them pleasure, and they appreciate it. I put Bill on a mild antidepressant, and I found that it increased his sexuality. That, was good for me as he started to eat my cunt with more intensity."

"We all must understand that physical intimacy and affection are the only ways that a dementia patient has got to communicate their emotional needs, as their physical desires remain, and they need relief as much as we do. I will give you some of the antidepressant pills for Michael and George, and we can see if it increases their sexuality. I am sure it will, but the frequency will get longer."

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