tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersPhaedra and Eliza Ch. 01

Phaedra and Eliza Ch. 01


The Women's Bookshop had a regular customer – a busty elderly woman named Phaedra. She weekly bought heaps of books on psychology, anthropology, foreign languages, mythology, and gender studies.

She usually paid by cash, but once she told the sales clerk, "Dear Eliza, I couldn't find a working ATM. Can I pay via credit card?"

"Of course, Phaedra."

Phaedra handed the card to Eliza, who read the cardholder's name as "Phineas ..."; she therefore told Phaedra, "You must have handed me your husband's credit card."

"No, Eliza. It's mine. I'll show you a piece of ID."

The photo on the identity card matched Phaedra's face, the "distinguishing marks" box bore the words, "Female breasts on a male body", and the actual name was "Phineas ...".

So Eliza accepted the credit card, and told Phaedra, "Sorry for the misinterpretation, Phaedra."

"Don't worry. Now you know why I usually pay by cash. By the way, could you give me $100 in cash, or I'll have to make the same disclosure at the restaurant?"

"You're welcome."

Later that evening Eliza went by chance into the restaurant Phaedra was waiting for her meal in, waved at her, read an SMS, made an irritating gesture, and went near Phaedra's table.

"Please, sit down," Phaedra said.

"Thanks. My stupid boyfriend is still at work. I've told him that he shouldn't make up for the organizational deficits of his firm, but he never listens to me."

"Sorry about that. By the way, I behaved like your boyfriend as a young ... person, and I only earned a constrained social life."

"When did you decide to become a woman?"

"It's not that simple. I only asked the doctor to move my belly fat to my breast, and to shape it in the form of female mammae – as I was really fat, he could make me a magnificent bust."


"Then I had most of my body hair permanently burned thru electrolysis, but in all other respects I'm male."

"Why did you do that?"

"Hmm ... my shrink once made a scene to prove his point. He was Jewish, and asked me to have a séance early in the morning. When I entered the surgery, he was still wearing his phylacteries."

"Phylacteries? What are they?"

"They are two boxes observant male Jews tie to their forehead and left forearm during the weekday morning prayer, which contain four biblical passages, because the Bible requires Jews to keep these words in front of their eyes and upon their heart."

"Couldn't this passage be interpreted as a metaphor? Didn't this passage simply ask Jews never to forget the word of God?"

"Give this woman a cigar! My shrink just wanted me to show that I was in the Jews' predicament: I wanted real female breasts within my body because I failed to internalize the nurturing qualities my mother was supposed to have and transmit to her offspring."

"Your shrink's insight wasn't of much help, I assume."

"Neither for him, nor for me: he prays every weekday morning with his phylacteries on, I had my breasts implanted."

"So you didn't get hormones."

"Hormones would have impaired sexual potency. I didn't want that."

"What's your gender identity? Do you think you're a male or female?"

"I have the nurturing qualities of a female, and the phallus of a male – but I regard it as a source of pleasure and nourishment, not as a ruler's scepter."

"You could have been a good lover. But you haven't answered."

"I'm a male, heterosexual. But I often behave like the Greek heroine Phaedra, and I'm seeking a woman who loves the unusual combination of female breasts and male genitalia."

"There are some," Eliza remarked, "But it isn't that easy to find them. By the way, don't you complain of harassment?"

"All the time! Most men unpleasantly leer at my bosom; some make veiled proposals, and I had to learn the delicate female art of weeding out the stupid people and to convince the more intelligent and mature of them to become my friends instead of lovers. Only when I'm sure that they want my friendship and not my body I disclose them that I'm male."

"Do you have female friends?"

"Curiously enough, most of my friends are either lesbian or gay. Perhaps because they share with me the uneasiness with traditional gender roles."

"I thought you were a lesbian, because you often leered at me, but now I know the truth."

"Sorry. I try and be perfect, but I can't be all the time."

"Don't worry. You're among my friends now, even though I'm straight."

"Thanks. Eliza, would you like to dine with me, as your boyfriend has waived his right, or do you fear he will be jealous?"

"You correctly said, 'he waived his right', so he may not complain. And I have nothing to eat at home, because I banked on this date."

So Phedra and Eliza pleasantly dined, and Phedra told Eliza that he once worked as a bank clerk, and even though he had looked forward to growing his breasts for decades, he didn't do that until he retired, because he feared harassment in his workplace.

The fear was actually unwarranted, as a younger colleague of his actually changed sex while he was still working, without apparent insult, but he didn't want to take risks in the first place.

"So you had to put off your happiness for several years," Eliza said.

"The dream sustained me through lots of irksome circumstances. So I don't complain."

"Are you happy now?"

"Happier than before. I feel complete now. And you? Are you happy?"

"I have a job, a boyfriend, I am a beautiful woman, I meet intriguing people like you – but all these things don't add up. I'm not as happy as I could be."

"I hope you'll find a way to love yourself. When one loves himself, even small happy events could trigger durable happiness."

"Did your surgery do that?"

"At least my body fat is in the right places now!"

Eliza laughed and added, "Most women can't even say that!"

"You're a wonderful exception!"

"You're really gallant. Thanks."

After dinner, Phaedra volunteered to take Eliza home, and when she parked the car near her palace's main entrance, she saw that it was raining. So she was going to fetch a telescopic umbrella in the car's left door compartment, but Eliza pressed her own left breast against Phaedra's right arm, her own right breast against Phaedra's right breast, and reached out her right hand to take the telescopic umbrella, while her right arm was brushing Phaedra's breasts.

Phaedra clasped Eliza's right arm and told her, "Darling, this is harassment. Please, don't do that again!"

"I was just curious. And it was a quid pro quo."

"You should have asked first. You're lucky that you are a woman, or you'd have already been turned to the police."

"Sorry, Phaedra. I wasn't just curious about the firmness of your breasts. I was curious about your having not just the breasts, but also the reflexes that go with them."

"Now you know that I have them. Please, stop."

Eliza kissed Phaedra in the right cheek and asked her, "Do you forgive me now?"

"Forgiven," Phaedra said, released Eliza's arm, took the umbrella, went out of the car, and escorted Eliza to the main entrance, getting most of the rain while Eliza arrived to the door nearly dry.

When they get in, Eliza noticed that the rain had wet Phaedra's shirt and even her underwear, so the shirt stuck to her skin, and she saw that the surgeon hadn't just put some fat under Phaedra's skin, but also enlarged her areolae and nipples.

But her crotch was decidedly male, and she found the combination somewhat alluring; moreover, whenever she watched Phaedra's breasts, she couldn't help thinking that she had taken so much rain in order to save a woman who had just harassed her.

So she hugged Phaedra and told her, "Sorry, I was really mean."

"You've been forgiven."

"If you come home so wet, you may get pneumonia. Come to my apartment and stay here until your dresses are dry."

"It may harm your reputation."

"I couldn't care less. So, let's go."

So they took the lift and entered Eliza's apartment, which was really smaller than Phaedra's. Phaedra feared that Eliza too was a transsexual who wanted to take advantage of her, but her crotch was really female, so she told herself, "Rape, she can't perform it."

Once they were there, Eliza removed her own shirt and skirt in front of Phaedra, who got the message and asked her, "Are you doing that because you're curious to see me naked?"


"Eliza, up to a few hours ago we were just customer and salesman – now you're asking me to do something I don't even do for my most intimate friends."

"I could be intrigued by your having both mammae and phallus."

"Even I am intrigued by your breasts, but I'm not asking you to show them to me."

Eliza laughed, removed her own bra, brushed her own breasts against Phaedra's and told her, "I'm not asking you what I wouldn't do for you."

Her words, and a stroke to the nape of her neck, convinced Phaedra, who undressed nearly completely – she only kept her panties on, which couldn't anyway conceal her penile erection.

So did Eliza, whose panties were wet, but not because of the rain.

Phaedra asked Eliza, "Is the show worth the ticket?"

"Decidedly so," Eliza said while stroking Phaedra's breasts, and hugging Phaedra to let her feel her own. Then she noticed a drop of white fluid oozing from Phaedra's right breast.

"What's that?"


"How is it possible?"

"Suckling a woman's nipples for months MAY induce lactation. The same COULD also happen to males like me, but it's obviously less likely."

"Can I ...?"

"Yes, but it's my secret weapon. You risk getting a really painful crush on me."

"YOU risk getting a crush on me. It's you who gets the hormonal surge if I suckle your nipples."

"Eliza," Phaedra implored, "Why are asking so much intimacy of me? You already have a boyfriend, and I'm not keen on casual sex."

"Boyfriends are prospective husbands, and husbands are like photocopiers – for reproductive use only."

Phaedra smiled, and Eliza added, "They're not supposed to fulfill all their wives' needs."

"Which urges of yours could I possibly fulfill?"

"I'm just curious about you. I've known you for years, and I noticed that you've always bought outstanding books and media. I knew that you desired me, and I was delighted of it. Now that I know that not only do you have an outstanding learning, but also interesting life experiences and that you sought to have a body like Tiresias' ..."

"The Greek soothsayer who lived partly as a male and partly as a female?"

"Yes. So he was able to understand us women better than any male."

"These breasts are only five years' old. So my understanding of the feminine gender is less than a first grader's!"

Eliza laughed, and told Phaedra, "I suckle your milk, you'll suckle my nipples. So the likelihood of getting such a painful crush on each other gets even."

Phaedra laughed, lowered Eliza's head to her right breast, let her latch on, and Eliza drunk to satiety; then Eliza latched to Phaedra's left breast, and after drinking a lot of milk, decided to pour part of it into her mouth.

So Eliza kept the milk into her own mouth, pressed her lips on Phaedra's ones until she got the message and let Eliza fill her own mouth with milk.

"Tasty, isn't it?" Eliza asked, and Phaedra answered, "Yes. It's the first time somebody kisses me to let me drink my own milk."

Eliza held Phaedra's head between her breasts and then told her, "It's your turn now. You can suckle my breasts."

Phaedra did that, with more delicacy than Eliza's boyfriend, and rapidly brought her to orgasm, once, twice per breast.

When they were done, Eliza asked, "How could it happen?"

"Darling, mothers wouldn't nurse their children without so mighty a reward. When I began stimulating my breasts in order to induce lactation, I invariably wet my panties. It took a lot of training to prevent that."

"I now feel guilty. I had four orgasms, you ... love."

"A gentleman is happy when he pleases his lady, not when he gets pleased. So, no problem."

Eliza wasn't convinced, so she hugged Phaedra and kissed her in the mouth – once, twice, repeatedly, and she felt his penis getting bigger and bigger against her belly.

Then she removed Phaedra's panties, exposing her naked hairless functional penis and scrotum, and Phaedra did the same to her.

Phaedra took her on the sofa – Phaedra was standing, Eliza lying on her back, with her own hands massaging Phaedra's breasts, which kept dripping milk during the intercourse, and Phaedra's hands stroking Eliza's breasts.

The intercourse lasted a lot of time, because lactation dulled Phedra's ejaculatory reflexes, much to Eliza's enjoyment.

When they were done, they had a shower together, laughing, smiling, stroking and kissing each other until they were clean. Then Phaedra told Eliza, "My garments are now dry. I can come home now."

"No. You'll come again, but not home."

"What do you mean?"

"Do men really like sodomy the way they claim?"

"Yes, but ... it's quite dangerous."

"You've outdone my boyfriend, all my previous lovers, tonight. You deserve a special prize."

"I'm a nurturing gentleman. My calling is giving milk and other nourishing fluids, not pain."

"Stop with that crap. I want sodomy. Can you perform it competently?"

"I've already done that. My favorite lube is mayonnaise."

"Good. I have a still sealed big tube in the fridge."

"But you should have an enema first to clean your rectum."

"I have the douche. So, proceed."

Phaedra brewed a coffee, much to Eliza's surprise, filled the douche with it, and asked Eliza to lie on her left side, bending her knees on the breast.

Phaedra raised Eliza's head to her right breast and asked her to suckle it while she was inserting the nozzle into her anus and emptying the douche into it.

"Can I hug you while the enema is having its effect?"

"Ok," Eliza said, and hugged Phaedra first. When the enema had its effect, and Eliza felt the need to defecate, Phaedra followed her into the bathroom, with her right middle finger stopping Eliza's anus.

When Eliza was done and had washed her private parts, Phaedra took a cotton bud, inserted it into her anus, and as she saw that it was squeaky clean, she said, "We can now lube it."

So she broke the seal to the mayonnaise tube, joined a nozzle, and filled Eliza's anus with the sauce; then she coated her own penis before slowly inserting it into Eliza's anus.

When she was deep into it, she easily accessed Eliza's G-spot, and deftly stimulated it into orgasm – once, twice, three times; when Eliza shrieked, "Stop!", Phaedra stopped and as Eliza regained composure, peed into her rectum, as her penis was still in.

The fluid aroused Eliza again, and Phaedra resumed throbbing until she eventually ejaculated.

When her penis went out of Eliza's anus, Eliza kissed Phaedra and told her, "I'm not dumping my boyfriend, but would you like to visit me as often as you can in order to induce lactation in me?"

"Ok. But why aren't you asking that of your boyfriend?"

"Oh, he'll do that from time to time, and once lactation is established, he'll enjoy my milk. But, as you've noticed, he isn't reliable enough to reckon on him. If I want to secrete milk before getting pregnant, I need your help."

"Ok. I'll help you. By the way, it's time that I have my breasts expressed now. Would you like to do that?"

"With gusto! Then you'll reciprocate, won't you?"

"Obviously. Then I'd like to sleep with you and bring you to work tomorrow. I live quite far from here, and if I stay there, I may volunteer your breakfast and stimulate you again."

"Wonderful. By the way, there is a free apartment in the palace. If you lease it, you may stay in town instead of living in the countryside, and could visit me as often as you like. Would you do that?"

"I'll think about it tomorrow. Let's suckle my breasts now."

"Geronimo!" Eliza shouted before dipping her head into Phaedra's bosom.

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