tagBDSMPick 3 Day 02

Pick 3 Day 02


Janice stared intently at the two remaining box, uncertain. Finally, she pointed to the largest.

"Open it."

Biting her lip, she did as Clark said and read Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator Butt Plug. When she saw the plug that would be inside of her for at least 7 hours, she gave a little hiccup. If she thought yesterday had been challenging, this would be even more so. Nonetheless, she felt a thrill of excitement rush through her body. At least she'd only be plugged for 7 hours rather than 9. On the other hand, this plug splayed out in 4 directions rather than 2. Her bottom had been tender yesterday, but not sore. She could only imagine how full this would be inside of her all day. She felt her nipples harden with anticipation.

"Perfect," Clark said. "I was hoping you'd pick this one. Now. Position."

Janice didn't hesitate. She bent over, cringing just a bit when Clark swiped her bottom with the cold lube. He pushed his fingers inside of her, scissoring his fingers. When he felt she was ready, he pressed in the plug.

"Please, Clark. It's so big! Please, go slow."

"Whose ass is this?"

"Yours," Janice answered, whimpering slightly.

"Who was being a brat?"

"I was."

"Do you trust me?"


"Then trust me now, babe. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just reminding you that you belong to me."

He was right. All of last week she had behaved badly. She had backtalked him, once in front of a customer, complained when he wanted to fuck her, then complained because he didn't fuck her often enough. He had every right to train her to behave better and she knew it. Secretly, she had hoped he'd do just that - take her in hand, prove that he wasn't going to let her get by with going back on her promise to be a good and obedient submissive. Still, she'd never expected THIS! Yesterday had been humiliating but surprisingly erotic, being filled all day with the first two petaled plug, but then, she had to admit, when he had fucked her over his desk she'd had one of the most explosive orgasms of her life. Maybe he was right. She wanted to trust him, wanted him to be the stern disciplinarian she'd always fantasized about.

"How long will this be inside of you?"

"Until you take it out."

She herself had insisted on this rule a long time ago when they had first entered into a D/s relationship and Clark had readily agreed. Whatever he put in or on her stayed there until she used her safe word or he took it out. She'd never regretted this rule and wasn't about to start now.

Janice cried out, sure the massive plug would rip her in two. Clark, though, did go slowly, allowing her body plenty of time to adjust. She was humiliated and felt a delightful uncomfortableness, but no pain of any kind. Finally, the plug was seated inside of her. She could feel her sphincter close around the narrow base and the plug's four petals open.

"Clark. Please."

"No whining, Janice. None. No begging, either. You will open the store on time and go about your job as you always do. There had best not be one customer who comments about anything odd regarding you. You will smile, walk normally, sit without wincing. Understand."

Janice accepted Clark's hand and stood upright, the plug filling her body.

"Yes, sir."

Janice did as Clark said, dusting the antiques, waiting on customers, and never forgetting what was hidden inside of her. She also couldn't deny the wetness coating her thighs. She was so excited that just walking was almost enough to give her an orgasm. At 4:00 sharp, Clark called into the back office of their store.

"Are you comfortable, Janice?"


"Are you in pain?"

"No." She knew she could lie and say Yes. If she did, Clark would remove the plug. Something was changing in her, however. She found she didn't want to lie. She didn't want to be bratty. She wanted, very much, for Clark to make her stick to his expectations.

"Are you ready for me to remove the plug?"

"That's for you to decide," she answered.

Clark smiled and Janice felt a surge of pleasure.

"On your knees, Janice."

Happily, she obeyed as Clark unzipped his trousers and released his cock. Eagerly, Janice opened her mouth. It had been three days since he had allowed her to worship his cock. Janice felt a gush of wetness between her legs as she began to lick and suck his manhood. There wasn't much she enjoyed more than worshipping Clark's cock and balls with her mouth, tongue, and hands. It wasn't, in fact, unusual for to orgasm while performing this service for him.

"No hands," he warned when she reached up to cradle his balls.

He grasped the back of her head, forcing her mouth all the way down to his base. She gagged but did not pull away. How she loved when Clark exerted his power! She was so excited, she was on the rim of orgasm as he fucked her mouth, pumping his length in and out of her hot, wet mouth. Normally she loved to savor his cock, working her tongue around it. Today, he didn't give her that chance. Today he would take what he wanted. Janice felt the tremble in her body signalling her growing excitement. Just as the waves of pleasure began to crash inside of her, she felt the hot spurt of his cum hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly then licked him clean, her body quivering in the aftermath of her own orgasm. She looked up at him, smiling. He bent down, kissed her, then said, "Now, go on back out to the floor, love. I'll take it out soon."

"Yes, sir," Janice said. For the next hour, Janice hummed happily to herself as she attended to her work.

An hour later, Janice again found herself in the back room. Clark asking the same questions. Now, though, she knew the correct answer to his question.

"It is for you to decide when to take it out, sir," she replied again.

Clark smiled, as did Janice.

"Just for that perfect answer, bend over my desk, love. I'm not taking it out yet, but I will fuck your pussy and allow you to orgasm again."

Janice quickly and happily obeyed, finishing the work day with her ass filled, and her pussy comfortably leaking his cum.

When they arrived home Janice fixed a simple dinner for them. Afterwords, Clark bent her over the table and removed the plug. She sighed in gratitude but felt oddly bereft. She expected her bottom to be sore, but instead felt no soreness at all, but a strong desire for it to be filled again. Clark answered this need by filling the stretched hole with his own cock, allowing her to come as often as she liked. To her surprise, he was barely inside of her when she exploded.

"You see, my love, obedience has many rewards," he said.

That night, snuggled in Clark's arms, her bottom hole once again filled with cum, Janice fell asleep with one though in her head. One. More. Box.

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