Pick up the Spare


David concentrated his efforts on her swollen bud, only moving away just long enough for the shock of his return to push her ever higher. Her body writhed on the cushions as she edged closer to climax, the sounds of her sexy voice growing louder with each breath.

"Oh — you're so good. You're licking me so good. I'm going to come so hard. Make me come, David. Please make me come."

David's neck was starting to ache, but he barely noticed it in light of the beautiful young woman crying out his name, on the verge of orgasm. His tongue flickered over her as quickly as he could manage, and he sucked her clit hard, massaging the little bud with his lips. She began to tremble and pant, the bittersweet tang of her juices growing stronger.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." Katrina sucked in a great breath, unable to finish, and screamed as she came, her fingers digging into the back of his head to hold her against him.

David kept licking, drinking up the flow of her nectar as she cried out and came. Her screams changed to whimpers, and then to moans as her orgasm tore through her. He only relented when her sounds of ecstasy took on a slightly pained edge, and sat back to watch her beautiful pink pussy quiver and contract.

Katrina squeezed her breasts hard in both hands, and then her right hand slapped down hard on the couch cushions. A violent tremor took control of her body, accompanied by a loud, warbling moan. When she ceased to shake, her propped up leg fell limp, and she closed her eyes to pant for breath.

David licked his lips and wiped her juices from his face with his fingers while he watched her come down from her orgasm. He could feel the slightest tingles of blood trying to swell his cock again, but knew that he was still some time away from possibly getting hard again.

When she finally caught her breath, Katrina's eyes fluttered open and she let out a long moan. "My god. You should teach a class," she said, and then let out a languid chuckle. "Do I taste good?"

"Good doesn't even begin to describe it. You are too sexy for words."

Katrina shivered from another wave of ecstasy shooting through her. Her voice had a note of hope when she asked, "Do you want some more?"

David tried to ignore his stiff and aching neck as he nodded his head.

Katrina quivered, moaned, and then sat up to say, "Lie down."

While David maneuvered onto his back on the couch, Katrina stood to slide down her panties in a sensual, hip swaying dance. Once the sheer material hung suspended below her glistening lips, she turned and bent, giving him a perfect close-up view of her heart-shaped ass. She then stepped out of the frilly undergarments with her right foot and turned again to kick the panties away.

Wearing a coquettish, sexy smile, Katrina lifted her leg over his body and settled over his face with one knee on the couch and her other foot on the floor. She slowly lowered her pussy to his face, and let out a yelp when he thrust his tongue inside her as soon as he could reach.

David swirled his tongue over her folds in a soft caress, and tugged on his arm to pull it through where it was trapped between his body and her leg. Katrina shifted position just enough to let him do it, and then moaned when he pushed two fingers into her depths.

"Curl them up a little," Katrina requested, her walls squeezing against his buried fingers.

David pulled his fingers into hooks, and felt a spot that was different than the rest of her satiny walls — a bumpy little mound.

"Oh — that's the spot," Katrina groaned. "Right there."

David quickly discovered that his fingers drew a much stronger reaction than his tongue, and so concentrated on them. He kept his tongue moving, mostly over her clit, but her sharp sounds of ecstasy as he rubbed her g-spot were more than enough motivation to experiment.

Growls, whimpers, moans, and squeals erupted from Katrina in a steady stream as David rubbed harder and faster. With every touch of his tongue on her clit, the volume of her voice jumped. Her pussy rhythmically clamped down on his fingers, squeezing them tight. He was completely unprepared for her orgasm, and judging from the surprised sound of her scream, so was she.

Katrina's shriek went on and on, trailing off as all the air pushed from her lungs. A cascade of juices flowed over David's face, actually causing him to cough as she soaked him in her girl-cum. He barely had time to consider the phenomenon before she sucked in a huge gasp of air, and screamed again.

David watched her second flood of wetness rain down on his face, and then chest as she jerked away to tremble atop him. Streams of her juices ran down his chest, meandered through the triangle of hair there, and dripped down his neck. Even more pooled in his naval.

Katrina snapped her head against the back of the couch as she continued to cry out in release. Her fingers curled into claws, squishing the cushions into her hand. She bit down on the cushion, muffling her cries, and twitched chaotically.

David watched her come in startled fascination, running his fingers through the incredible wetness covering him. He'd never seen something so amazing in his life, let alone caused it. Katrina looked almost possessed as she writhed atop him, still dripping.

After a minute or so, Katrina managed to turn toward him and gasp out, "Water." She pulled with trembling arms on the back of the couch to lift up enough for him to wriggle from beneath her, and then collapsed down onto the cushions with a groan.

David hurried to the kitchen, the kiss of the air from his movement chilling the wetness on his body. He returned with a bottle of water to find Katrina leaned back against the couch, still panting, but wearing a very wide smile and rubbing her pussy.

"Thank you," Katrina said when he handed her the bottle. She sipped at first, pausing to take several breaths between each, and then finally drank. She finished about half of the bottle before holding it out to him with a sigh.

David sat the bottle back down and looked at the dark, damp spots on the couch. Katrina followed his gaze and said, "God — you made me squirt a lot. I didn't even know it was coming until it hit me. I've done it a few times, but never like that."

"Surprised me, but I liked it." David said, and then shook his head as he admired her. The whole thing still seemed unreal.

Katrina looked at his half-hard cock and let out a sexy growl. She sat up and leaned forward to wrap her hand around him. "Oh, you're so much bigger than Gary," she breathed.

He had just enough time to wince from that comment before she slurped him between her lips and made him forget all about it.

David stiffened in her mouth in no time, and she let him go with a final slurp as soon as he was completely hard. "I need it. Sit down," she breathlessly demanded while pulling on his arm.

He barely had time for his ass to hit the cushions before Katrina stood up and turned her back to him. She squatted down to guide his cock inside her before leaning back, and sinking down on him.

Her velvety soft walls squeezed him tight as she sat down on his cock. She was even tighter, hotter, and wetter than he could have imagined. After a groan and a wriggle of her hips, she pumped her knees and started riding him.

David let out a stuttering groan as he slid in and out of her, little squishing sounds from her saturated pussy accompanying her vocalizations of pleasure. He reached around her to squeeze her breasts as she slid a hand between her legs.

"Oh, your cock feels so good," Katrina said as she bounced a little harder. "Does my pussy feel good on that big cock?"

"Unbelievable. So tight."

"Uh huh," Katrina responded, and then yelped when he bucked his hips up toward her on the downstroke. "Oh yes! Fuck me."

David felt the itch building in the tip of his cock, but it was subdued. Somewhere between having come so recently and the sheer force of her riding his cock, he was able to maintain control. Katrina bounced on his cock with wild abandon, her fingers rubbing her clit hard and fast.

David concentrated on keeping up with her rhythm. The last thing he wanted was to slip free of her with a mistimed thrust of his hips.

"So good. So big," Katrina called out between whimpers and squeals.

"Come for me," David growled, now losing ground against his cum bubbling up for release.

One of the clips on Katrina's garters snapped loose, letting the strap whip as she continued to ride him. "I'm getting there. I'm going to come — come on your cock."

"Ah — do it," David managed to spit out, now fighting with all his will against the growing inevitability of his own climax.

"Oh — y-y-y-y-yes!" Katrina cried, and then sat down hard on his cock. She screamed and threw her head back, covering his face in her dark locks as she came.

David breathed hard between clenched teeth as her walls squeezed him almost painfully tight. Several more screams erupted from her as she continued to come, and he thought for sure that he was going to come as well. As her body went limp, he felt the urge subside — barely.

Once she caught her breath, Katrina asked, "Did... Did you come?"

"No. Almost," he answered.

Katrina took several deep breaths, and then pushed away from the back of the couch. His cock slipped free of her to slap against his stomach as she stood, leaving an outline of her creamy juices when it popped back away from his body.

Katrina quivered and twitched as she slowly turned around and leaned over the couch with her hands braced against the back. "Take me. I want to feel you come for me," she begged, and then yelped as another wave of orgasmic energy coursed through her.

David stood up and moved in behind her, his cock throbbing in anticipation. He pushed inside her with a groan, and then gave free rein to his needs.

Katrina looked back over her shoulder at him and said, "Oh yes — fuck me hard. Come for me. Come in my pussy."

Two bodies collided with loud smacks as David thrust into her clinging depths. He voiced the rapid swelling of his climax with a loud, growling scream, and then slammed his hips forward to bury his cock hard inside her.

"Oh! Oh yes. Mmm — it feels so good," Katrina breathed as he pulsed inside her, creating a warm pool of cream in her depths.

David remained buried inside her, reveling in her sexy voice until he couldn't endure the tight squeeze of her pussy any longer. She echoed his groan when he pulled free, and then rolled over to sit down as he bent to support his trembling knees on the arm of the couch.

Katrina parted her legs and brought a dollop of his cum that had bubbled up from inside her to her lips. She sucked the digit clean with a moan. As she reached for another taste of the creamy treat, she grinned and said, "Happy Valentine's Day."

David chuckled and agreed, "Happy Valentine's Day."

Eventually, the couple made it into David's bedroom. Katrina went to the bathroom to pee while David collapsed, exhausted onto the bed. He had quite nearly dozed off when she crawled in next to him and laid her head on his chest.

"Would you take me bowling again tomorrow?"


Katrina snuggled up against him and said, "You sure hit a strike on me."

David chuckled and wrapped an arm around her, already drifting off to sleep. His half-asleep brain conjured up the thought, More like picked up Gary's spare.

His eyes popped open and he furrowed his brow at that disturbing thought, but having the beautiful young brunette in his arms soon chased away the discomfort, and he drifted off to sleep.

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