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Picked Up in the Gym


Maybe a couple of times a week, I go to a gym during my lunch break. It's in the Hyatt Hotel in the posh part of town and has high fees, but the facilities are good. Yesterday I felt the need for a stretch and work out and headed over. I was about half way through my routine, doing leg raises on one of the weights machines, gazing at one of the TVs across the room, when a guy walked up to the chin up bar a few feet in front of me and started doing slow lifts. He was older than me, maybe mid-40s, thin and wiry with a full face, greying moustache and dark thinning hair. I wouldn't normally have paid much attention – after all, plenty of guys his age are pretty skilled on the equipment – except that his eyes were fixed on me.

I checked him out, my leg raises matching time with his chin ups. Loose runner's shorts, well toned hairy legs crossed at the ankles, singlet raising above his waist line as he worked revealing a bit of padding over his abs, good definition on his upper body and arms. I finished the leg raises and moved to the cable pull. The guy worked on the other side of the machine doing chest presses, his thighs apart and jock strap visible up the leg of his shorts. Again his eyes fixed on me and a thin smile on his lips – as much as you could expect given the weight he was pressing. Again we did our reps in sync. I was finished and went through to the change rooms.

There was still a fair number of the lunch time crowd and people were moving in and out a bit. I sat for a moment regaining my breath and the older guy walked in. His locker was across the room from mine and as I started to undress I was aware of his eyes again. I was down to my jocks and looked across. He was naked, packing his gear in the locker. He turned around and I admired the nice cock that hung heavily from his groin. It was certainly of the large fleshy variety with weighty balls swinging below it. Nice, I thought, realising I'd been vaguely feeling randy for quite a few minutes now. He was watching me look and when I raised my eyes he smiled and winked. It was my turn now and I stripped off making sure he got lots of angles as I shut my locker, threw a towel over one shoulder and headed to the showers, stepping round other guys dressing. As I passed him, I scratched my bum, making sure he got a glimpse of my brown eye – sure he was watching.

A couple of the showers were free and I went into the one in the far corner, hung my towel outside and left the door half ajar. He was not far behind, hung his towel over the next shwer and closed the door so it seemed occupied, then quickly moved to my stall. He stepped in, closed the door and turned to me, the water bouncing off his shoulders. He pushed the shower rose so it was spraying the wall then put a hand on my upper arm. He didn't have to push – I readily went to my knees and kissed, licked and sucked that meaty dick.

Once in my mouth it quickly barred up and I appreciated the way it stretched my mouth and pushed into my throat. I give pretty good head and knew he was enjoying it from the way his hands tangled in my hair and the little gasps audible above the shower noise. After a while he took over, pushing his cock deep till my lips were mashed against his hairy belly, rotating his hips for a few seconds so his cock head rubbed against the ridges of my throat, then pulling back and repeating. I enjoy a good face fucking and I can't remember ever having such a big whanger between my lips. He pulled back and held his balls out. I sucked them slowly and thoroughly, enjoying the size and the way he buckled slightly at the knees as I tugged on each.

Then it was back to face fucking and I was applying lots of suction, thinking he'd soon be getting close and anticipating a nice hot creamy load. But he surprised me by pulling me to my feet, pushing me face first against the tiled wall and pressing against me, his cock grinding in the crease between my cheeks. 'Ever had a cock this big up your arse?' he hissed. I'd already guessed it was a good ten inches and certainly thicker than anything I'd handled before. 'Uh uh,' I shook my head. 'Good,' he grunted. As he pumped the shampoo dispenser I shifted my legs wide, then braced myself as he quickly slapped the greasy liquid into my crack, then fitted his cock head against my pucker. He pressed forward, I bore back and the fat meaty head eased through my massively stretched ring.

My face was squashed against the wet tiles and I was hyperventilating. The guy was also breathing fast and heavy, his breath hot on my neck. 'Nice 'n tight!' he murmured. Then, 'Take it all, pretty boy!' he grunted, bit my ear lobe and drove his big hard cock steadily into my rectum and up into my bowels. 'Chriiiissssssttt!' I panted out as quietly as I could, aware of little more than the huge invasion. Again that grinding of hips and the thick prong churned up my guts. Thrust, churn. Thrust, churn. Thrust, churn. I was taking it a bit easier now, but my insides felt all liquid and I had an overwhelming urge to defecate. As he pounded on, the urge diminished and was replaced by an almost painful shot of pleasure each time the ridge of his glans brushed over my prostate.

The sensations were all consuming. On the one hand it was almost too much to bear; and on the other hand I just wanted it to go on and on, feeling that amazing cock arrow deep into my body. His hands roamed over me, pinching my nipples, squeezing my upper arms. 'I guess you like it,' he murmured, taking my impossibly hard cock and pumping it a couple of times. Then he got in to a rhythm of stoking my cock as he jagged into my arse. I gasped and sagged and in only a couple of minutes jetted out what felt like my biggest ever ejaculation, feeling as if my balls were emptying like never before, almost painful in its intensity.

There was a low chuckle in my ear and then a sticky fist was pressed against my mouth. 'Eat up the hot jizz, pretty boy,' he hissed. I lapped the sticky cum, grimacing as his cock continued to saw back and forth. My own cock was still hard, perhaps due to the constant pressure on my prostate, and it felt like my whole body was as taut as a trip wire. The guy was now scooping my cum off the tiles and feeding it to me, and I could feel his cock twitch each time I licked his fingers.

'Since you're such a slut for cum,' he whispered, again biting my ear. 'You can have mine now.' With that he suddenly pulled all the way out of my butt, spun me round and pushed me to my knees again. With my bottom splayed like that I thought my insides would empty out on the floor. That massive dick was pressing against my lips, the acrid earthy stench from my gut almost overpowering. I quickly opened my mouth and took it in, licking off the earthy bitter flavour as quickly as I could. He was fast into that thrusting grinding action and, both hands on the back of my head, fucked for a few seconds before grunting and quivering into orgasm. I caught the gush on the back of my tongue, feeling the warm burst against the roof of my mouth and back of the throat. It was thinner and even more copious than my own and I was glad of its bleachy flavour to wash away the taste of arse.

I sucked him gently till he softened, then kissed each of his balls before sinking down onto the floor. He directed the shower onto me and, stepping out of the stall said, 'See you here next week.'

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