tagRomancePicnic With Karen Ch. 4

Picnic With Karen Ch. 4


I opened my eyes, and instantly closed them, they hurt!..I rubbed them and opened them again, clearing the soft mud out, I could see, through my blurred vision, light. Rubbing my eyes more they cleared, I looked around, hoping upon hope that Karen was nearby, no need, her soft body already lay under me!. She was still out cold, her breathing ohkay...she was spreadeagled on her back, her arms and legs akimbo..'Now's my chance'..thoughts sprang into my head!, This, I cannot pass up!. Disregarding our situation I reached into my pants and pulled out my penis, which needed no encouragement, I may add, even in this situation!, I placed it against her naked womanhood, ready to give it an almighty shove.

Karen stirred, fortunatley her eyes, and hair, carried no mud. She opened her eyes.. "Uh..Oh..Where...DAVE.....WHAT ARE YOU DOING!".......her voice carried only surprise. "Ummm, nothing, Princess, just trying to protect you until we figure out where we are"...(lying does not come easily to me!). Karen sat up, her figure covered in mud, hiding the good bits. "any idea where we are"?, she enquired. "Not as yet, see that you are ohkay, though, Karen, and not injured are you? Better let me check, just to make sure." I ran my hands over her body, pretending to be an expert at diagnosing broken bones and such. It was the first time I really had an excuse to do that, and made a VERY thorough inspection, doing nothing for Karen, but every thing for me, as , despite our predicament, I had no choice but to cum in my pants regardless, relieving MY situation temporarily!.

Feeling better and now more attentive to our plight I helped Karen up and looked around.....the hole, or cave..as it turned out to be, led to a nearby beach, the sand a blinding white and as fine as snow, the sea, a brilliant deep blue. Taking Karen by the hand I led her onto the beach. "Oh..Dave...it's sooo lovely here, I must go for a swim and get this mud off", she exclaimed. Being a fair swimmer myself..(True :) I watched her lithe, slim body jump in. Something warned me as she did so.. "Karen", I yelled... " be careful...it is VERY deep"! I had a premonition that this water looked a bit TOO blue by the edge, indicating that it was indeed, very deep. Karen swam out, turning and twisting like a dolphin as she struggled to get the mud off.

A great wall of bubbles suddenly appeared around her, she disappeared amongst them, without any hesitation,I threw off my clothes and jumped in, swimming to where she had been. My feet touched cold steel, which I felt was lifting me upwards. In a mass of foam and bubbles the mass surfaced, a conning tower filling my vision. The Submarine surfaced, revealing Karen clinging to the conning tower.I clambered towards her, and held her tightly as the sub settled on the surface. A hatch clanged open, feet were heard..voices... 'jeeze.....a mermaid, and king neptune'!. Faces appeared out of the spray in my eyes, a braided sailor looking at me/us. "You two ohkay"? ..he sounded concerned enough. "Yeah", I replied, "What the blazes are you doing so close inshore"?. " Inshore deep excercises, mate, by-the-way, no swimming togs on..eh"? I held Karen even closer to me, she was trembling like a leaf..even more so when with a clatter of feet a dozen or more sailors appeared as if from nowhere and stood looking at us/her. 'Cor..look at that' / 'jeeze, she's frigging lovely' / 'lucky fella, wish I had her', 'know what to do with that' / 'wow, what a night she would make'..the murmerings were increasing... I was just about to shout out when "Sailors, Report back to stations"!.The commanding voice belonged to the Captain of the sub. The sailors immediatley disapeared below.

The Captain came down, saw our predicament and ordered a blanket, which promptly arrived and with which I covered Karen. He didn't seem too concerned with covering me, so did the best I could to cover my modesty. Hot Coffee arrived, though we didn't require it, as the water and sun was still warm, a cool drink being really what was wanted. The captain didn't really apologize for his being there at that particular time, it was just our bad luck, he said, but would order up a rubber dingy to take us back to shore. Before we knew it the bright yellow dingy had arrived, two sailors helping Karen and I into it,which did not go unoticed by me that the sailors were a bit too over-zealous in holding her, at least to me, yet still no attempt being made to cover my modesty. I felt awkward, sitting in the thing, Karen having sheilded herself from their piercing gazes with the blanket. We were taken to shore and unloaded, the sailors immediatley turning the dingy around and paddling back to the sub, which, in a matter of minutes, had disappeared over the horizon.

We watched them go......in all the commotion I had not looked at Karen, but now turned to her. She was looking at me...umm..my..penis.....as if she hadn't seen one before. "What is it Karen", I enquired of her.. "Something wrong"? "David, that's the first time I have seen one of those..pretty big, isn't it"?. She said. Now people, if I have a big one then I have a big one, granted, it has been in a semi-floppy state, so-to-speak for all the time I had been starkers next to Karen over the past adventure, but not to the stage when it was ready for action! "Not really, Karen", just it's normal size", I lied for the second time that day ...may I be struck by lighning if I lie again. "Do you think we can..er..work on this subject, darling"? "DAVID...I THOUGHT YOU RESPECTED ME", She exclaimed! "Yeah, I do honey, but since you bought up the subject, and...you're so damn pretty, well..", I reached out to hold her,taking the blanket off her. Karen melted in my grasp, I kissed those lips..soooo soft, my hand cupped her breast...ahhh........the feeling of it!, my other hand wandered to her small tight bum and gently squeezed.. "David", she moaned.. "not here..pleeeease".

Feeling at a loss, I granted her wish, covering her with the blanket again and, taking her by the hand, finding a path back to the clifftop, finding the car with no trouble. Karen dressed...I dressed, saying little, avoiding her eyes, which I felt were upon me all the time. Helping her into the car we drove up to the gate of the farm, the young man, mysteriously appearing to open the gate. "Didya have a nice picnic Karen"? he enquired, leaning into the window into her face. 'Damn him', thought I, 'remembers her name' "Yes, thankyou...lovely day", She replied graciously. "Cuming..er..Coming next weekend"?, the inflection in his voice was too obvious. I gave him what I hoped was a ferocious stare..he got the message, opening the gate to let us through, waving us on.

Arriving at Karen's home, I opened the car door for her. She alighted. "Next weekend, Karen"?, it was a question that demanded an answer. "Dave....., I feel, well, kinda..umm..you know...after seeing you today, can we go somewhere..you know, well...different next weekend"?. "Sure Honey..anything in mind"?, I replied, my throat drying up with anticipation. "Not sure, Dave, can I think about it". She replied. "Yep..no problem..take your time..surprise me"! I said nonchalantly, my shoes full of perspiration I hoped. We kissed ..and kissed.. "Must go..I feel...funny", her voice trembled. She went into the house. I squelched back into the car, and went looking for a stiff drink! . . . . .to be continued.

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