Warning! This story deals with body piercing. While some of the details are true, doing what is done in the story would probably be dangerous. Always have a professional perform piercings, and do it in a safe manner. Have fun!

Beth was a tall gawky girl. At 5'11", and 120 pounds she always had felt awkward about her body. Because of this she grew up shy and reserved as a teenager. She had not had many dates in high school and her only lovers were her fingers. She wanted to explore a little bit, and to become more socially active, but with classes and sports and her shyness she had never really given it a go. She did have some friends though, and they seemed to get dates. Beth was visiting with two of her good friends, Victoria and Jane, when she brought the subject up.

"Why don't the boys like me?", said Beth as she sat on the floor of Jane's bedroom, eating ice cream straight from the box.

"Because you are a shy little prude!", replied Victoria, "Sorry, but you needed to hear that." She was a short girl of Latin American decent. Short and thin, with long, curly, black hair. Victoria never had problems with the boys. She often wore short, sexy skirts to school.

"You need to do something wild. Something that will rev you up a little bit.", followed Jane. Jane was a larger girl, but not too big. She had enormous breasts for a girl of her age. Her straight blonde hair fell across her shoulders. She grabbed another scoop of ice cream from Beth and ate it crosslegged on the floor. Jane had survived by being a complete slut. Despite her size, she did very well with the boys. Perhaps it was the bright red lipstick she always wore, perhaps it was the long flowing skirts with no panties underneath, perhaps it was the fact that she had a reputation for sleeping with any guy on the first date. "Look at you, you've never done anything wild. You don't even have your ears pierced."

"My ears pierced?", Beth sighed, pulling at her earlobe beneath her long straight brown hair. "I don't know. What if it gets infected? Won't it hurt?"

"You are so lame", said Victoria. "Everybody has their ears pierced, and a whole lot more these days. I mean look at this". Victoria pulled up her shirt to reveal a small ring in her belly button. Beth gasped with amazement.

"Oh my God! I can't believe you did that!", exclaimed Beth.

"It's no big deal. I've got one too", said Jane, pulling up her shirt to reveal a similar ring.

"When did you guys get that done?" said Beth. She could almost feel the pain of needles entering her navel.

"We did it a few weeks ago. Together. We didn't invite you because we knew that you wouldn't approve.", said Jane. "My brother is friends with this guy who works downtown. He's really cute." The two pierced girls giggled. "You know, why don't we take you down and get your ears pierced. That's pretty tame for him, but I'm sure he'll do it".

"I don't know. That's pretty scary", said Beth hesitantly.

"Don't be a wuss. We'll make an appointment for tomorrow. Just your ears, we promise." Said Victoria. "Trust us. You won't regret it".

"Well, OK, but just my ears. I don't want any of that freaky stuff.", said Beth.

The next day arrived. Beth showed up at Victoria's house to meet her two friends. Beth had her hair down, just in case. It reached the small of her back. She was wearing an ankle length brown cotton dress. It was sleeveless and cool in the summer heat. The dress had about thirty buttons down the front and tiny white flowers on it. It hugged her body fairly tightly. Beth was taut. Very tight stomach, tight legs. No breasts whatsoever. Even an A-cup bra fit loosely on her tall, lanky frame. She was also wearing her favourite pair of brown leather boots.

She picked up Victoria and Jane (who was already waiting for her), and the three of them proceeded to the piercing store downtown. Beth had a few anxiety attacks along the way, and had to be continually re-convinced by her two friends. The piercing studio was a pretty while place. They also had tattoos there, and the man at the front counter was covered with biker pictures. He was a very scary man. Jane warmly greeted him and explained that they had an appointment with Jeff, the senior piercer. The man directed them to the back, to Jeff's private space.

Jeff's 'space' was a dirty looking back room. There was a table with piercing paraphernalia on it, and what looked like a reclining barber's chair. The walls were all black, and there were posters and advertisements all over the place. It was a little dark, but Jeff turned on a bright, moveable light when they walked it. Jeff was a pretty scary looking guy. He had spiky black hair, and was wearing an old black tank top shirt, with black jeans. Jeff's arms were covered in tattoos, and his whole face was pierced. His lip and his eyebrow, and his ears, and his nose, and more. Beth almost passed flat out when he stuck his pierced tongue out at her. Jeff liked to be considered a freak, but he was actually a good piercer. He was always clean and hygienic, explained the procedures clearly, and was able to handle even the most bizarre requests. Beth thought that for a 'senior piercer' Jeff looked mighty young. Her could only have been a few years older than the girls.

Victoria and Jane both gave Jeff a big hug and introduced him to Beth. Beth shook his hand politely and mumbled a 'how-do-you-do'. That's when Jeff responded by showing Beth his pierced tongue. "So, it's an ear piercing today huh? I can handle that". Said Jeff. "Sit down in the chair". He motioned to the chair. Beth sat down quietly. She began to perspire from nervousness. She was trying to keep her courage up, but it was pretty scary. This place was strange and dangerous looking. She was glad that she had her two friends with her. They seemed to be at ease, which made her a bit more comfortable. She was too embarrassed to chicken out at this point. "The first thing we are going to need to do is get that hair out of the way", said Jeff. He got behind her and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Which he then rubber banded. It exposed her long neck and slim shoulders to the air of a fan nearby. It made her go all goosebumpy. She was still perspiring from her nervousness, which only got worse when he put his hands on her body for the first time.

Jeff then reclined the chair, so that she was almost lying flat on a diagonal surface. It put her head even with his hands when he sat on his stool. "Now, I don't want to get you nervous, but we are going to have to hold your hands down", said Jeff. "It is pretty standard with people who seem as nervous as you do. Please put your hands over your head". Victoria and Jane both took her wrists and began to buckle them to straps on the top portion of the chair. "You see, this is a delicate operation. If you flinch and take a swing at me, I could miss with the needle and you could get hurt". Beth understood that. It made her even more nervous to have her hands tied down like that. With her sleeveless dress her underarms were completely exposed to view. It is a good thing, she though, that she had remembered to shave that morning. She felt a drop of sweat sliding down her side, and she realized that her nervousness was totally visible to all the other people in the room.

Victoria and Jane took her ankles and placed them into similar restraints. Again, the purpose was to stop Beth from accidentally kicking. It made good sense from a safety perspective she thought. Victoria and Jane then both moved away and sat on stools, watching. Jeff proceeded about his business, preparing needles, choosing jewelry, etc. "So girls, how are the navel rings doing?" He asked. Victoria and Jane both lifted their shirts and sounded their satisfaction. After making sure that everything was in order, Jeff spun around in his stool and came face to face with Jane. "OK Jane, here is what is going to happen. I have here in my right hand a hollow needle. It is 16 gauge, which is very small. In my right hand I have a piece of cork. I am going to place the cork behind your ear, and then poke through with the needle. That should only hurt for a second. Then I am going to place the end of the jewelry in the needle and pull it though as I pull the needle out. But first, we have to wash up". He put the needle and the cork down and picked up a bottle of antiseptic. He washed down Beth's ears with a cotton swab. Beth was getting more nervous, but she felt something else too. Not only was she wet under her arms, but she was getting wet between her legs too. It was a strange feeling for her. It might have been the hint of danger, the idea of going against nature, or the wildness of it all.

Jeff picked up the cork and needle and moved closer to Beth's left ear. He placed the cork behind the ear. Beth began to shake uncontrollably with fear and excitement. Between the fan, her perspiration, and the excitement, she became very cold. Goosebumps all over her body. Jeff put the tip of the needle against the flesh of her ear. She could feel the sharpness of it. "Are you ready?", said Jeff. Beth nodded her agreement. Her teeth were chattering slightly. She had no control over the situation. Jeff pressed the needle into the virgin flesh of Beth's ear. A shock of pain flew through Beth's body. It hurt worse than anything she had ever felt before. But then, strangely, another feeling took over. A delirium-like state. Her body felt warm all over. She stopped shivering, even though more sweat was pouring out of her. She could smell her own nervousness. Jane and Victoria watched intently.

Jeff didn't say a word, but proceeded to thread the earring though. He then wiped up again with the antiseptic, and threw away the used needle and cork. He took another set from the table and swung his chair around to the other side of Beth's head. This time was different for her. The first time was the nervousness of the unknown. She had no idea what it would feel like to have her body penetrated like that. This second time it was the nervousness of knowing. She knew exactly what would happen. She understood exactly what the flash of pain would be like as he violated her body with steel. She became very frightened and asked him to stop. Jane calmed her down and told her that it would look silly to have only one ear pierced. She couldn't chicken out now. She dreaded the pain, but in a way, longed for that feeling of euphoria that came after. The human body is an amazing thing. Sometimes, after injury or exhaustion, the brain released pain-killers and pleasure making chemicals into the blood stream. One can become addicted rather easily.

Jeff placed the other cork behind her right hear and touched her lobe with the needle. This time he didn't even ask if she was ready or not. He just waited a second and then jabbed the instrument through. Beth had not had time to steel herself and gasped in pain. She pulled against the restraints. No wonder they were there. She would have pushed him away. In a second, it was through. Beth was still in the delirium state when Jeff went back to his workbench to prepare another needle. The procedure was over, though Beth. Thank god. I made it through. I faced my fear. She felt happy about it, and the fact that her friends wouldn't call her a wimp anymore. Peer pressure is an amazing motivator. Victoria and Jane made no move to release her hands from the restraints though. That was odd. "Hey guys, let me out of this thing", said Beth, struggling against the restraints to free herself. The leather straps held her in place.

Jeff spoke up, turning around with another needle. "Not just yet Beth. You see, your friends tell me that inside you are a wild girl, but you are too reserved to let it all out. I know that I will never get you in my chair again, so your friends have asked me to complete the job in one sitting". He moved toward her with the needle. "Next we are going to pierce your nose."

"No, no!", screamed Beth. "I never agreed to that. Guys help me!". Beth struggled against the restraints, but to no avail. Her friends just sat there and watched, smiling. "Help, help", said Beth.

"No one who cares can hear you all the way back here", said Victoria. "You know you want it Beth. We know that you have a secret desire to be a wild freak, so we're going to make it happen. Whether you like it or not. You'll thank us later". Jane nodded in agreement. Jeff moved closer to Beth's nose with the needle. Beth had a long straight nose that in her opinion needed no adornment. She twisted her head to get away from him. Jeff grabbed her chin with his right hand and held her face tightly.

"Look. This is going to happen. You have no choice. You can squirm, but there are going to be sharp needles near your face. You can sit still like a good girl and get a fancy ring, or you can wind up with a big nasty scar on your face". Jeff let go. Beth stopped squirming. What he said made sense. Her teeth continued to chatter as he placed the needle against her right nostril. This was wrong. She was being violated. She didn't want this thing in her body. She was being held against her will by a strange man. Her two friends had betrayed her into this torture. The needle went through. Another shot of pain zoomed though Beth's body. She started shivering all over. More sweat poured from her armpits. Her scent was heavy in the air. Then the pleasure came. The delirium high. It lasted longer this time. Beth closed her eyes and began to float. Blood was leaving her extremities in the shock. Her face became pale. She could feel the intruders pulsing in her ears and her nose. She began to swoon. She barely noticed as Victoria got up off her stool and began to unbutton her long brown dress.

When Beth became lucid enough to tell what was going on, her dress was fully open, from neck to hem. You could follow the line of flesh down from her silky neck, past her bra. To her flat stomach. Her white cotton panties. Down the inside of her thigh all the way to her thick socks and brown leather boots. "What are you doing now", cried Beth, awakened to consciousness by the feel of cold air blowing across her almost naked body.

"You are going to get your belly button done. Just like we did", said Jane.

"Yeah, it's not our fault if you chose to wear a dress", continued Victoria, sitting back down. Jeff turned back around with a strange instrument in his hand.

"Don't worry about me. Think of me like your doctor. Beth looked down at her tight virgin navel. Goodbye, she thought. This is the last time I'll see you like this. A tear came to her eye. She was still a little woozy. Her vision was a bit blurred. She could see though that a wet spot had appeared at the front of her panties. She had not recognized it, but her body was getting very excited by the process. It was feeling what she would not allow herself to feel. She was embarrassed and she hoped that no one else would notice. Jeff continued, "This is a clamp". He held up the device. It looked like a small pair of salad tongs, with a small metal loop at each end. "I am going to clamp your belly button with this, and then direct the needle through the loops. That will help me get the piercing straight. You do want it straight don't you? If so, don't wiggle". Beth was too emotionally exhausted to do much resisting. The chemicals her brain had produced were keeping her in an almost dream state. Jeff placed the tongs on her belly button and began moving them around. He marked his target with a pen. Then he clamped down hard and tied the clamp in place with a rubber band. It hurt like hell! Even through the painkillers floating though her blood stream, Beth could feel this. It was like having her navel caught in a mousetrap. It was different from the ear and nose, which was a quick sting. Jeff left the clamp on for almost a minute as he grabbed the needle and made sure everything was straight. "This is a 14 gauge ring", he said". It is standard size for a belly button". He started to give her instructions on the proper care and treatment. Don't wear tight jeans, keep in clean, wash with antiseptic, that sort of thing. The clamp was still attached however, so Beth heard almost none of what he was saying. Blood left her head. She began to feel really faint. He pushed the needle through her body. Not just through a millimeter or two of flesh like her facial piercings, but through a distance maybe five times as thick. The needle completely violated her body. It was not like being penetrated during sex. The vagina is made for that. That is natural. This was different. This was unnatural. Her steel lover was penetrating her in a way that was completely wrong. She became even wetter between her legs at the thought of giving herself up this completely.

She almost passed out from the experience. She could feel her tongue start to tingle and swell with lack of blood. The room became dark, even though there was a bright light pointed right at her. She saw colours. "OK. Just three more and we're done", said Jeff.

"Three more! What the hell do you mean three more.", said Beth. She wasn't screaming because she was exhausted. It was more of a mumble. Beth was in her own place now. Jeff grabbed another needle and Jane came to Beth and caressed her forehead. It was covered with sweat.

"These are going to hurt the worst dear, so get ready. But once you're done you'll thank us". Jane rubbed her shoulder.

"What are you going to pierce next" said Beth. She couldn't think of anyplace that was left. Jane responded by starting to undo Beth's bra. Beth had chosen to wear one that clasped in the front, so it came off easily. Her breast lay exposed to the bright light of the lamp, her two friends, the cold air of the fan, and the piercer. She looked down. They were barely there anyway. Mostly flat, barely rising above her breastbone. Beth had always wanted to have a full, woman's body, but nothing ever developed. She was surprised to see that her nipples were very hard and erect. Harder than she had ever seen them. Harder than when she went swimming in a cold lake. Harder than when she masturbated about the boys in school. They must have extended an inch from her chest.

"Well, that is good to see", said Jeff. "I guess we won't need this". He put down the bowl of ice. "The nipples have to be a little erect, or else it won't come out straight. He had another clamp. He placed it on her left nipple and clamped down hard. This hurt a lot. Beth couldn't quite tell if it was worse than the belly button, but it was quite bad. Her tongue got all tingly again. "This is a 12 gauge ring", said Jeff holding up the jewelry. It is a good size for you. It will make those cute nipples of your stick out all day. He placed the tip of the hollow needle against the side of the nipple. "Are you ready?", he said. She nodded in agreement. The steel needle was inserted into the taut flesh of the nipple. It gouges out a 12 gauge hole for the jewelry to fit into. It was a harsh lover. Pain went through the entire left side of her body. Her whole breast felt like it was on fire. And for a long time town, minutes after he had finished threading the intruding surgical steel through. She had never had her nipples played with like this before. She had never even had a boy caress them. Suck on them. This was a new experience. Sweat poured out of every poor in her body. Her vagina felt like it was on fire. She could actually feel the blood vessels down there pulsing. She almost had an orgasm from the pain and the excitement and the euphoria. She came close to losing consciousness.

Her other nipple begged for similar treatment. If anything it got even more erect. It actually hurt a bit as it stretched toward the needle. Jeff came back with another clamp, but an even bigger needle. It was huge! "This is a 10 gauge needle. It is the biggest we start with. It is for 'rough play'".

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