"'Rough play'?, what is 'rough play' mean?", said Beth hesitantly.

"It means when a boy grabs it in his teeth and yanks on it while he's humping you", said Victoria. "It's very erotic". Jeff nodded in agreement, although he would not have put it so bluntly. He clamped down on Beth's last virgin nipple. She was getting used to the pain. It still hurt a lot, but she was becoming more familiar with the idea. She was not shivering anymore, although she was still perspiring. With her arms held above her head she could see the beads of sweat start to form under her arms and proceed to roll down her side. Jeff placed the tip of the gigantic intruder against her nipple. Beth tensed her entire body up. Jeff held her breast down with his left hand. He needed to force the large needle through. It was the first time Beth had ever had a boy grab her like that. She had even been to scared to let any of them touch her through her dress. Jeff began pushing. It took a lot of effort to push the 10-gauge through. It gouged out a lot of flesh. Beth screamed in pain. It was the worst of the whole lot. Then she experienced an orgasm. She had never had one before without touching herself. Wet panties flooded with wetness, and the smell of her sex began to overpower the smell of her sweat. Her two friends looked on in amazement. Neither of them had gotten off when they had the procedure done. Beth bucked her pelvis up in the air as the main wave of pain began to subside. She was breathing very hard. Her whole chest burned. Her whole body burned. She had never felt this way before. Her steel lovers now violated her ears, her nose, her navel, and her breasts. She could feel them pulsing. Pulsing.

That is two. Jane said three. Beth had no more protrusions left. Did they mean to pierce her tongue? That she wouldn't let them do. It was too inconvenient. "You're not going to pierce my tongue", she said.

"Who said anything about your tongue", said Victoria. "We're going to get your clitty pierced for you". Both she and Jane giggled.

"My what?", said Beth.

"Your clitoris. The little bump at the top of your vagina.", said Jeff matter-of-factly. "It is a standard procedure. It supposedly helps with sexual arousal".

"You are kidding. That is disgusting", said Beth. Victoria responded by lifting up her short skirt. Her panties were also wet in the front. She pushed the crotch aside to reveal a dark bush of fur, with a small silver glint from a ring hidden deep inside. Beth looked over at Jane. Jane lifted her long flowing skirt to reveal her naked crotch. Jane shaved herself between the legs every day. There was a small silver ring hanging from between her legs too. "Oh my god. No.", exclaimed Beth. She struggled again to get free of the bonds. They held. Victoria walked over to her as Jeff prepared.

"Don't worry, it feels incredible", said Victoria. She half sat on top of Beth to hold her down. With one hand she moved Beth's panties aside to expose her womanhood to the room. Jeff came back with a clamp and another needle. He maneuvered himself between her legs.

"Now, this is just a 14 gauge, so it won't be as bad as some of the others". Beth couldn't see it, but her clitoris was engorged with blood and was really sticking out. Despite having no breasts, Beth had a very large clitoris, and sported a full bush of dark hair between her legs. Jeff opened her up with his hands and placed the clamp. No man had ever touched her 'down there' before. Just the slight, incidental brushing of his hands made her have a second orgasm. She held this one in though, and maybe nobody noticed. The clamp was hard, cold steel. She felt it beginning to constrict as Jeff looked for the perfect point.

"Trust us Beth", said Jane, "You'll love this. It'll make you come so easy". Beth still had her dress up and was playing with her ring. She was such a slut. The clamp bit down hard on her organ. Pain pushed through her thighs. It was like being bitten down there. She had never felt anything like this before. She was always gentle with herself, and her orgasms had some from gentle petting. This was rough. This was painful. This was dirty. No man had even penetrated her vagina before, but now Beth was forced to let a cold, steel needle do the job. Beth prepared to lose her virginity to the hollow metal penis.

"Are you ready?", said Jeff. Beth nodded. She couldn't see what was going on down there because Victoria was still sitting on her, holding her down. "We'll do it on three OK? Ready. One. Two. Three." With that Jeff forced the metal point through Beth's most private space. The needle gouged out a 14-gauge hole into the flesh of her pleasure center. Severing the skin and stimulating deep nerve endings that had never before felt anything. Clear liquid began coming from Beth's vagina. Sweat ran in rivulets from under her arms and from her hairline. An orgasm rocked her body. Not a normal one. A powerful one. The most powerful she had ever experienced. Then another. Then another. Three in all. Her whole body was on fire. She had been completely violated. Completely used. Everything in her was now exposed. There was nothing secret. Nothing to be shy about any longer. She had been flayed an exposed to the whole world. She screamed with a combination of intense pain and intense pleasure. Her tongue swelled. Her face paled. Colors that never before existed appeared in spots before her eyes. The whole room spun once. Spun twice. Then blackness.

Beth woke up in Jane's bedroom, under the covers of Jane's bed. She was wearing one of Jane's nightshirts, which left a lot of room. She had no underwear on. She wondered if all that had happened to her was a dream, but when she moved she could feel the little rings throughout her body. There was no real pain, it almost felt like they were clipped on. She moved the covers out of the way and peered down her shirt. Yup, both of her nipples and her navel showed the signs of being violated. She felt between her legs and touched the ring down there. She had a small orgasm immediately. Strange, she thought. She touched again. Another small orgasm. Beth smiled at the thought of her new toy.

Jane and Victoria walked in. Jane had some juice for Beth. "What happened", she said groggily.

"You passed out", said Jane, handing her the drink. "Apparently it was too much for you".

"Jeff drove you to Jane's place", continued Victoria. We put you to bed. You clothes were ruined. You pissed all over yourself when you passed out. And Jeff. And me".

"We hope that you like your new look", said Jane. She passed Beth a hand mirror. She turned her head from side to side admiring her new ears and nose. It was different. Shocking perhaps. But not bad. Maybe her friends were right. It was time to try something new.

"We got something else for you", said Jane.

"Yeah, Jeff phone number. He wants you to call him. He said that you were really cute.", said Victoria.

Beth got up and out of bed. She was still a bit groggy, and sort of exhausted, but she was OK. Her new piercings were like a shield against her shyness. She felt that she could do or say almost anything now. "I'm going to go home and rest for a bit", said Beth. "Then why don't the three of us go out tonight. Someplace wild where I can show off my new piercings."

"That's the spirit", said her two friends.

"And Victoria,"

"Yes Beth"

"Maybe I could borrow one of your outfits tonight?"

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