tagBDSMPiercing For National Nude Day

Piercing For National Nude Day


We had been discussing having our nipples pierced for a long time. We had no experience of it, knew nobody, who had any permanent piercing, but we had been experimenting with “play piercing” for several years.

Our play piercing started as we began to explore our love. Simultaneously we had both realised that we have extraordinarily high pain thresholds.

She has a beautiful, completely hairless body. Even when I met her she was completely devoid of any body hair, other than a mass of tight natural blond curls, which is always cut very short. Hairdressing remains ridiculously simple. She sits cross-legged, stark naked, on a stool. She runs her fingers all over her head to stand the curls up. I take all my clothes off, and I cut her hair. It has been an evening ritual, every week or so, for a very long time.

After it is cut we take a bath, I shampoo her hair, wash her all over, she washes me, and we make love. Our voyage of pain adventure started after a hair dressing session. Suddenly she asked me to tie her up.

It was extraordinary; she simply stretched out, stark naked, with her arms and legs pointing, in a cruciform pattern, at the posts of our huge four poster bed. She just lay and waited, her clit erect beneath her mons, her lips held together by her wetness, and by her excitement.

I ransacked the house for all the soft belts that I could think of. It was an ultra modern bed, so there was no hope there. There were tie wraps on two dressing gowns, another two on her housecoats, and, I suddenly remembered, there were two more on the Hotel Dressing Gowns. We had nicked these from a smart hotel, when we stayed a weekend. Six would be enough, and I had found four other things!

I put the four items in a small box, draped the six ties around my neck, like a scarf. Then I returned from my hunt, my cock, becoming more erect by the second, in anticipation of what was to come. It slapped from side to side, as I walked into the bedroom. I strode onto the bed, stood over her middle and sat down, the ties still around my neck and close to my body. She lay completely still.

I lent forward, without recognising the beauty that lay below me. I selected the longest tie, stretched to her right wrist and tied a double slipknot. I did the same on her left wrist, walked to the top right hand corner of the bed, and tied the dressing gown tie end to the post. I repeated the same on her left arm, then secured her feet.

I used the strongest of the ties I had left, those that had been stolen; I tied two more double slipknots, then pulled her feet hard to each corner. I pushed with one of my feet against the corner upright to give myself more leverage. She did not make a sound, but it was obvious that she was becoming very stretched, and very aroused.

I stood a moment to watch, the last two ties still round my neck and close to my body.

She was gently contracting her upper thigh muscles, and her whole body was slightly flushed. She was a delicate pink, rather than her normal alabaster. Her cunt was now more exposed, and I could see it was far wetter. Her aromas were maddeningly sensual. Better still her wonderful, almost conical, pointed breasts gently rose and fell with her excitement, and her anticipation of what was in store. She had not made a sound.

I surveyed my captive. Then I selected one of my other finds. It was a typical, high quality, Club or First Class, airline eye mask. I knelt above her head, and quickly slipped the mask over her eyes. Frankly, she was startled, but still she remained mute. I was in complete control.

I walked silently around the bed, bent at the hips and bit savagely hard onto the tip of her right nipple. I sucked the whole cone into my mouth, licking, suckling, chewing, and biting more, before finally kissing it. I let go. Her nipple stood red, inflamed, and proud; clear of the end of her heaving breast. I was certain that she did not know what I might do next.

I selected the second of my finds, a rolled up piece of plastic cold water piping.

I knelt at the end of the bed, looking up at her glorious bare cunt lips, over her mons, to her heaving breasts, with the right nipple still full, red, and proud. I straightened the pipe, and took great care as I moved the opening of the pipe to within millimetres of her wet cunt lips. I blew cold air onto her seat of heaven. She started to squirm, and wriggle, with delight; at last gentle murmurings began to come from within her soul.

I needed these. I did not want her to cum. I stopped once her pitch rose to that certain point.

Silently I placed the pipe on the bed, pointing between her legs. I thought that I might need it later. I moved to her left tit. I think she was expecting me to bite. Well I did not; I bent over, without a sound, and definitely without touching. I wet my lips, and I simply sucked her nipple into my mouth as hard as I could. Soon they were both identically erect.

I walked around to the side table, and selected the third of my treasured finds from the box. I opened the plastic zip; luckily it was totally silent, and selected my next three items. I threw the remaining ties away, then I stood astride her body again, and lowered myself onto her naked hips. By now my cock was rigid, so I ensured that it was the first thing to touch, just above her rise. The pre cum covered tip slid up her stomach to rest just below her tummy button.

Quietly I opened the packet of sterile wipes, I formed my right hand around her right breast and squeezed the beautiful gland very tightly. The conical shape bulged out, and her erect, excited, nipple filled. It flattened under the pressure. I wiped the whole area with the sterile wipe.

I released, and her tit was even harder, as the cold of the alcohol based wipe evaporated. I repeated the action on her left breast, and was faced by a totally erotic sight. There was the girl I loved, and treasured, beneath me. She was at my mercy, but totally trusting.

Her rock hard nipples stood atop slightly reddened breasts, gently rising and falling as she continued to breathe quietly.

I broke a medium length sterile needle from it’s pack, took a firm hold of the very end of her right teat, stretched it hard from her body, aligned the tip of the hypodermic with the base of the nipple, and quickly drove it straight through. The sharp point was at right angles to her body.

She let out startled gasp, which I stifled with a huge kiss, pressing her pierced breast between us. She did not say a word, but she knew exactly what would happen next.

It did. I followed the next needle with another huge kiss. I gently peeled the blindfold back from her eyes, and kissed them both. My body was flat on hers completely squeezing any pain away. She kissed me back, long, hard, and deep.

Then I slowly raised my body from hers. She laughed. I had found a travelling medical emergency pack, full of sterile things for tropical travel. I had quietly pierced my nipples through, before returning to the bedroom. We were equally pierced, but her breasts looked extraordinarily fetching.

Then I told her that I was going to ravish her, to fill her with our love juiced, but that, before I did, I had one further experiment. I took great care not to press on, or brush, her nipples as I stretched to the night table, and selected my fourth find. These were two very long, high quality, elastic rubber bands.

I hooked one around the ends of the needle that pierced her left teat, and stretched it. She wriggled with pleasure at the slight stretching sensation. I did the same on her right breast, and hooked this around the needle through my left nipple. I did the same with the other, and we were joined.

Now we experienced a completely new sensation. If I arched my back, we both stretched. It was a wonderful feeling. My knees were still folded under me, I lifted one side of my body, deliberately, gently, distorting her breast. I straightened my leg. Then I lifted the other side, pulling both attached nipples sideways. Now my legs were between hers.

I slowly pushed my hips down, so that my penis moved back, and glided past her clitoris. Finally it parted her engorged lips. I placed a hand either side of her chest, and reared backwards. This pulled and stretched the cones of her breasts down towards her stomach, and away from her chest, until, at last, my tip found it’s rightful home.

I plunged in.

We fucked with complete abandon, her body still tightly stretched to the four corners of the bed. Her chest arched as I pushed, back stretching, my arms at the side of her upper body, forcing my body further from hers.

It was one of the greatest fucks of our lives. Her breasts and nipples stretched taught, then her back arched to follow me. My teats, and my skin, were pulled far from my body. We urged ourselves to the gates of heaven, and let go together. I pumped, and pumped sperm into her flooding canal. She screamed in ecstasy, and we were one.

I collapsed onto her frail body. We were still, her pierced breasts squashed flat beneath my pierced chest. We kissed, and then she started to talk. She said that the initial sharp shock startled her, but that the pain was exquisite. She loved the pulling sensation, and now that the needles were in, there was no pain at all. She adored the sight of the head ends hard against the inner face of her totally engorged nipples.

I concurred. I had been amazed how little it hurt, when I pushed the needles through my own nipples. We had very similar pain thresholds, and she knew that I would not have pierced her had I not been happy to pierce myself.

Then we decided to stay pierced for the time being. My cock was slowly shrinking, so I pulled out. I unhooked the elastic band from her nipples, and pinched them both gently. I left the elastic bands dangling from my nipples, and undid her ties.

She sat up, cross legged, her glorious breasts standing proud from her body, with a needle through each hard nipple. She rubbed her wrists, and her ankles to improve her circulation. She stood up, and we kissed standing naked by the bed.

She had been in rapture about the stretching feelings, so went off to find my coarse fishing kit. She selected two quite heavy weights from the kit, borrowed two more short elastic bands, and hung the weights from her nipples. She also found four caps that would become tip covers, so we did not pierce each other by mistake.

Her breasts swayed around as she walked. They slightly pulled her very firm breasts down. She said that the swaying was a strange sensation, like nothing that she had ever felt before.

We stayed nude, and pierced, for the rest of the day. She kept the fishing weights in place as she prepared meals, and did everything that any normally clothed person might do. Her nipples hardly knew what to do, so they elected to remain totally erect. The crude fishing weights swayed from side to side as she walked, but I went completely into orbit when she lent forward. Then her teats would stretched down, and sway in front of my eyes.

I had a permanent erection.

Both of us are from that new generation of people who work completely from home. She is an accomplished gold smith, and a designer of exquisite jewellery. I bum around in the IT business. We make good money.

Later that evening we removed each other’s needles, there was almost no bleeding, which had us playing again very soon. It may sound bizarre, but we love the feeling of being pierced.

One of her special delights remains to make her nipples very engorged. She then holds the teat end tight between two fingers, and simply press a fairly long needle directly into the end of her tit. She loves it!

Lovemaking is especially erotic when she does this; with the needle ends sticking straight out from the tip of her nipples. Sometimes she deliberately drives them even deeper as she becomes more aroused. She just presses her breasts against me.

Once or twice she has deliberately lain face down, lifted her breasts so they hung down, then dropped straight onto the bed. The pins are driven deep, and she lies completely still, while I do press ups, driving my penis vertically, and straight, into her arse.

This remains spectacularly erotic for us both.

She has hardly ever worn a bra, so occasionally we started to go out, both pierced with needles. Then we read about National Nude Day. That is when we decided to go for full nipple piercing.

She read widely prior to actually having the piercing done, then began to design gold jewellery for both our tits. We agreed that we should start with standard gauge, screw ended dumbbells, which would be long enough to have half round gold hoops under each nipple.

These were manufactured, in 18 carat gold, and appointment made at a piercing parlour that we had both sussed out. We went in together. An hour later we left, each with both nipples pierced. The girl who pierced us was surprised how little we winced. Then we told her of our needle fun. She showed us her beautiful double pierced nipples, but had not experienced that.

Fourteen days later we were both fully healed, and could take our first jewellery off, and on, at will. She had become very secretive about her workshop. All she had been doing became clear when she walked into my IT studio, a hirsute stark naked beauty, with the most exquisite gold nipple shield on the end of each breast. They were completely stunning, sunbursts of highly polished, shiny, and dulled gold. They were held in place by single ball ended pin.

The gorgeous girl had done two very erotic things. She had fashioned them into cones that fitted her breast shape to perfection, and she had begun to stretch her nipples very gently.

She looked enchanting, like a goddess. I gathered her in my arms, and we kissed. We collapsed on the floor, I tore my clothes off, and we fucked as hard as we had on the day of our first piercing experiments.

A little later she said, “Wait until you see it all”. She vanished again, only to return in a see through shift dress that she had exquisitely altered. Each nipple, with its shield complete, stuck through a hole that she had beautifully stretch embroidered at the correct place.

A passer by, casting a casual glance, would see a beautiful, blond, curly haired, girl with two exotic pieces of jewellery covering her breasts. They would not see that her nipples were exposed, and they would have to look very hard to see that she was stark naked beneath the dress. Even then they would doubt the audacity of somebody being that bare. They would assume she wore a body stocking.

Well she did not, and that night we went to dinner at our favourite restaurant.

She dressed only in the shift, nipples exposed, and I dressed in a fine linen shirt that allowed my piercing to be seen. Prior to going out the divine girl added two finishing touches. She fitted a loop to each retaining pin, and joined both nipples with two fairly heavy, twist and three, gold chains. One was slightly longer than the other dropping to her navel in a catenary curve. She looked incredible, wearing a topcoat of a similar material as we crossed from our car.

The owner, whom we knew well, almost had a heart attack when, having taken her coat; he bent to kiss her hand. His lips almost brushed a naked nipple. We had a free meal!

We arrived home with her in a state of erotic arousal that I had seldom seen.

I know that I am no different from most men. I find the partially clad female form more evocative, and sexy, than many a nude body. There is something about the “almost view” of a female body that makes it totally tantalising. We were entering a new world. We made love.

Over the next week, or two, she went back into her secret mode in her workroom. I was barred. She also stopped having vaginal sex, explaining that it was her period. Now this had never stopped us before, but she simply said: “Be patient”. I was.

Then, late one afternoon, she walked into my IT room. Again she was stark naked, except that this time she wore three pieces of exquisite gold jewellery. She had developed the nipple shields, adding two new things. The first were additional cones that stretched her nipples about half an inch further out from the hole through which her teat had originally been drawn.

The second added semi precious stones to some of the ends of the sunburst. Her breasts looked stunningly erotic. She was becoming like a modern day version of an Aztec Princess.

Then I looked down to see the most beautiful cunt ornamentation it would be possible to imagine. The darling girl had gone back to the parlour, and had her hood pierced. No wonder she did not want vaginal sex as it healed.

She had then sculpted, beaten, and investment cast, a replacement for her pubic hair. This echoed the designs on her breasts. A starburst of rays shot upwards in a triangle of gold past her clit to explode on the flat of her tummy. The whole appeared to start in her cunt. She had modelled a hole to correspond with her hood, and, as with those divine nipples, it was all held in place by a simple bar.

I sat open mouthed. She moved to me, and offered a nipple to be kissed. I sucked gently on both. Then I moved the middle finger of my right hand to stroke her exposed clit. It was an amazing experience. She was so on fire from fitting that she had an almost instant orgasm.

My fingers moved down the defined, and modelled, crack to where the gold disappeared inside her. That was even more erotic. She had shaped it to fit perfectly over that wonderful rough area that all women have on the upper face of their vaginal holes. She had obviously slightly roughened the skin side, the inside, of the thin gold to enhance the experience. Pressing and moving it set her on fire again.

The whole design just hooked into her cunt, and over her erect hood. It was held in place by a simple gold bar through the base. It was exquisite jewellery. Later we found that we could make wonderful love with it in place; causing magic movements as we did.

Then she whispered, “I have booked us a table. It is National Nude Day, and this time I intend to go as I am now, with the thin top coat over me until we are seated.” This coat went with the original transparent dress, that she had modified. I completely concurred, but wondered if she would actually induce the full heart attack in the owner.

She asked me to add the two gold chain loops from nipple to nipple. She then asked for a third chain to be connected to a loop that she added to her clit hood bar. I had a huge erection as I did this. It suddenly became even more massive. I realised that the extraordinary creature had adjusted the lengths of the loop to her clit. It pulled on her nipples, and her clit, if she arched her back backwards. This reminded us both of our first piercing experiences.

We took a taxi. We sat in the back. Her legs were wantonly apart, but covered by the flimsy. We stopped opposite the restaurant entrance, and she floated across the road, bare except for her jewellery and the thin coat blowing out behind her. Any passing driver would have crashed had he seen this apparition in his headlamps. She loved every moment. She pulled the coat closed, as we entered, and the owner went through all the kissing formalities.

She said she would wear the coat to our table. Little did he know what was in store.

He showed us to a very discrete table, but before she sat down she simply let the coat slip off her shoulders. He let out a gasp of admiration as his first nude diner sat in full erotic splendour.

Dear Reader,

Should this tale be continued?

Gussie would love comments, and your votes for the National Nude Day competition.

Thank You!

© Gussie – July 2003

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