The scratching sound on the basement door is my welcome home. Its comforting having something to come home to... but it will have to wait. I walk to my bedroom and change into my after work attire, complete with corset and heels, it is preferred. Tonight is a special night, so I go into my chest and pull out the essential tools for tonight's festivities. Strap on, clover clamps, some rope, a blindfold and a few other necessities. I serve myself a glass of wine, and go to the basement door. The scratching intensifies, and I can hear the sniffling under the door, hes been a good boy so ill let him out. I open the door and he looks up at me, licks my toes, and kneels to lick my crotch, this is our routine.

Once I'm satisfied with our hellos, I allow him to stand and give me a proper welcome home: my kiss complete with hand in cunt action. I remember then why I fell in love with him. He can make my body react in ways no other has. My pussy lips instantly swell and glisten. I ride his hand for a few more moments before knocking him back down to the floor, after all its where dogs belong. I walk into the living room with him trailing my heels. I call Alex to make sure we are on schedule for tonight's plans, same time same place.

I look down and see the sad face. I add to the suffering by confirming that Alex would be coming to fuck me while he watched. Maybe if hes good ill allow him to lick my cunt clean after. I have him sit with me on the sofa and begin playing with his cock. It is a wonderful specimen after all. I cant seem to keep my hands or lips off of it for long. He is the perfect fuck and suck me size, and his cum tastes delectable. He's already semi hard, so my hands can't help but straying to wrap around his shaft.

He inhales sharply, I see him straining to keep still, wanting the attention I'm being so generous enough to give. I rub his head, and play with the seam below his mushroom. I grab the elastic band I always keep around my wrist and wrap it around the base of his shaft. I want him to be hard until I decide. He hisses, as I wrap it repeatedly around his cock. His cock stands tall and i cant help but lick the bead of juice leaking from the head. He shivers and i decide to suckle him just a bit more, that is until the doorbell rings.

Alex has arrived and my nipples grow hard with anticipation. Alex is an amazing fuck, and I thoroughly enjoy our meetings. I grab my dog by his cock and walk him to the door. He opens it and greets Alex the same way he always does, on his knees, head bent. Alex pushes him out of the way to get to me. We begin kissing and Alex ravishes me. Hes being such a good boy in the corner, not looking up though I know he wants to. I move with Alex to our bedroom, and he follows us, and sits in his chair in the corner of the room.

I strip Alex's clothes off and grab the rope. There is something different about to happen yet no one knows what but me. I lay Alex on the bed and look over at him. I see every emotion in his eyes, jealousy, lust, anger and most of all, passion. It excites me, because while the tables are turned and he is my dog at the moment; in reality the roles are reversed. I know what power it takes to sit there and be commanded, while deep down needing to do the commanding.

Alex begins to bite and suck on my nipples and my head falls back, a moan escaping my lips and carrying through the room. Alex's hands grab me and pull me closer. My pussy is crying, wetness leaking out and down my thighs. I push Alex back on the bed the rope is used to bind Alex's hands to the Headboard. I walk to my dog and pull him off the chair and onto the floor. I force his face in between my legs and ride his tongue for a bit.

He licks and sucks, nibbles and swirls his tongue around my clit. I back away and get on the bed with Alex. I call him to the bed and tell him to play with Alex's ass. This is news to them both and they both begin to protest. I shove a gag in Alex's mouth, and tell my dog to shut up, he does as he is told and begins to play. I move to the top of the bed and stretch out. I move the hair from Alex's face and whisper that it will be ok, I promise that what is going to happen is for every one's enjoyment, well mostly mine; although I'm sure no one else will complain.

Alex begins moaning while my dog plays. I remove the gag and begin grinding my cunt in Alex's face. They are both so obedient and I find my plans going exactly right. I tell my dog to fuck Alex. He looks at me puzzled, Alex's wide eyes on my face. I lean over and spread her ass cheeks and my boy plunges into her. She screams and I smile. She begins to eat me out again while he fucks her, and I watch as he bangs her out from behind, smacking her ass, kneading it.

I want to fuck her so when I see him getting really into it, I command him to stop. He fights the urge to continue and pulls out, panting. I grab the clamps and attach them to her labia, along with another set on her nipples. I grab my strap on and dip into her pussy. She tries to push back on me but i move away, not wanting her to get to excited. I slap her ass hard and tell her to be still. He looks at me and I tell him to position his cock in front of her mouth. I slam into her cunt from behind making her gasp and deep throat him.

He groans and I pull out of her. I instruct him to get a hold of the clamps on her nipples, while I grab the ones on her labia. I position my cock and slam into her ass while pulling on the clamps attached to her lips. When she screams he slams his cock into her mouth gagging her and pulling on the clamps that are on her nipples. I slam into her ass over and over again, pulling on her and slapping her. I watched as he fucked Alex's throat, causing her to choke and gag, fighting to breathe.

I pulled out almost completely only to slam into her harder and deeper. Tears fell from her face and i felt my cunt clenching. I called him to me, I positioned myself underneath Alex. He started slamming his cock into me swollen and straining; his mouth on Alex's pussy. Fucking her with tongue and fingers, and slamming into me, i felt my cunt squeezing. Alex's mouth on my nipples and his cock slamming into me, i cum hard and fast. I reach in between my legs and pop the band around his cock, forcing him to cum. I feel the hot jets of his seed filling me, and I come again. I bite down on Alex's nipples and hear her get off on top of me.

I untie Alex and send her on her way. Go back to the bedroom, walk in and I see him with collar in hand.... My turn....

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