Pimp Zee: The Life of...


"Hi honey," Marilyn waved at him from where she was. "You're just in time. I'd like you to meet Zee whom I'd told you about. Zee this is Danny, my husband."

"Much obliged," he came forward and shook her husband's hand.

"Likewise," Danny answered. His eyes then gazed down at Zee's cock and once again his eyes took on that bulging outlook. "You ... you guys just about to get started. I haven't missed anything, have I?"

"Hell yeah we are," Marilyn answered with glee. "Zee here just made me cum like I've never had before. Now I want you to take a seat and watch, okay honey?"

Danny nodded, dropping the packages by his feet. "I can do that."

"Whoa! Hold on there, white boy," Zee snapped at him, taking charge. "I've got a little work for you to do." He fumbled with one of the pockets of his jeans and unearthed his car keys which he then gave to Danny. "The Range Rover parked outside is mine. Look in the passenger seat you'll find a folder and a digital camera. Fetch them for me, and hurry."

He turned his attention back to Marilyn as Danny dashed out the door. He beat his cock against the smoothness of her ass; Marilyn giggled at the feeling and wiggled her buttocks at him. Zee positioned himself as he found her pussy opening and pushed his cock in-between and heard Marilyn groan a response. Zee took things gently with her as Danny quickly returned with a file folder and a digital camera in hand. Zee took the camera, told him to hold onto the folder, and began taking shots of his thick shaft exiting and disappearing inside Marilyn's ass. He told her to look at him and he took one of her flushed face before dropping the camera by the couch and starting to slam into her hard.

Marilyn hugged the top of the couch and began moaning in rhythm with Zee's large prick fucking her cunt. His dick just seemed to expand even the tiniest space of her pussy hole, each pounding sent shockwaves of excitement coursing up her body. Zee loved the sight of her ass cheeks bouncing forward and then backward each time he slammed into her. His shaft was lathered with her pussy juice when he pulled it out of her. Zee couldn't resist smacking her bum; Marilyn yelped from it. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulled her head backwards and went on slamming his cock in her cunt as hard as he could. The sound of her moans rose to high rise shrieks. She too thrust her ass backwards to meet with his cock, crying out her pleasure while she did.

"Oh my God!" she moaned heavily. "Ohh master, that feels so fucking good!"

"You like the way my dick's pounding you, bitch?"

"Uhhhh-yeahhh ... I love it! I FUCKING LOVE IT!"

"Good, 'cause there's more where that comes from. Come here, bitch. Get your thick ass off that sofa."

He smacked her buttocks one last time as she got to her feet. Zee picked up her robe and spread it on the floor. Danny got up and pushed aside the centre table. Zee gave his camera to Danny, instructing him to take some good snapshots. He lowered himself on her robe and indicated for her to come straddle him. Marilyn crouched on top of his and took his cock and guided it into her pussy. Danny came around and stood behind them, training the camera on his wife's ass and began snapping away. Zee wedged his hands under her meaty thighs and pumped his hips upwards as fast as he could, slapping her cunt with his shaft. Marilyn almost lost her balance in the midst of her excitement. Zee's cock pounded her pussy and she thought she could feel it stabbing at her heart. She brought her legs down and leaned forward with her tits over his face. His hands grabbed a handful of her ass cheeks and fingered her asshole while still pounding her. Danny licked his lips as he bounced around them taking snapshot after snapshot of his wife's pussy gushing out cum juice over the black cock that was fucking her raw. The sound of her cries filled the room, mouthing a hundred expletives while she did.

"Ohh shit! Ohh God! Fuck me! Fuck me good, Zee! ... OOHHH FUCK ME, YOU FUCKER!"

All the way that she's crying out, her moans coupled with the sound of Zee's thighs smacking rapidly with the underside of her ass. Zee groaned a moment later and reached behind and took his cock out of her pussy. One forced jerk followed by a heavy grunt from him and a stream jet of semen shot out of the head of his cock like lightning and splattered over the backside of Marilyn's ass. He went on groaning and jerking more spurts of sperm onto the back of her ass cheeks till he shot his last load. Marilyn collapsed on top of him. Some of his thick semen rolled down the crack of her ass and dripped over the now swollen meaty glands of her pussy. Danny leaned forward and took careful snapshots; his eye didn't miss a thing.

Marilyn rolled off him, still gasping. Zee came

to his knees and positioned his cock beside her face. Marilyn took his shaft that was now wet with his cum and her pussy juice into her mouth. Some of his cum dripped down her chin as she licked her tongue down his shaft, moaning in her mouth while she did. Zee told her to hold her poise and indicated at Danny to come closer and take a snapshot of her rubbing her tongue against his shaft. Danny did as was told, fixed his eye on the view lens and pressed down on the shutter, taking not one snapshot but three.

"Perfect!" he announced. He took a step back and took a last shot of Zee bent over his wife with her hand still cradling his cock; how they looked so good with each other.

"Just fucking perfect," he said again.



This document is a fully binding agreement of CUCKOLD OWNERSHIP between the following consensual adults.

The Bull Master: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Cuckold:

The Wife (g/f)

The following undertaking is entered into on the express understanding that no part of this agreement may be altered or deviated from unless directed by and countersigned by the Bull Master ( henceforth to be known as the Bull).

The following undertaking is to be strictly adhered to by both the Cuckold (henceforth to be known as the cuck) AND The Wife (henceforth to be known as the Slut) and is to be done so with all reverence to the Bull.

The following rules, regulations and obligations will exist between all parties from this day forth (19-02-2012) until a date to be determined at the discretion of the Bull. The date of termination as decided by the Bull requires no period of notice and will incur a termination fee of $100 payable by the Cuck.

Acceptance of this contract requires the signature of all parties and is only activated on the Bulls receipt of $100 payable by the Cuck.

On signing this document the Bull will agree to:

Ensure all parts of this agreement are upheld by all parties.

Subjugate both the cuck and slut into his service for the benefit of his well being, comfort and sexual gratification throughout the course of this agreement

On signing this document the cuck will agree to:

Remit any and all compensation to the Bull for his time, patience, imagination and bodily fluids afforded to the slut due to the cucks inabilities.

These gratuities will be paid (subject to the Bulls approval )at the following rates:

Initial acceptance $100

Social evenings $80 (to cover expenses)

Oral sex (provided) $10

Oral sex (given) $10

Fuck (per entry) $20

Anal sex $20

Other sexual activity $10

(as directed by the Bull)

Termination of contract $100

As a supplement to this the Cuck will agree to purchase any and all clothes, toys and equipment that the Bull requires for his enjoyment of the slut.

The cuck will, and without objection, surrender the slut to the bull as and when directed, this is to include up until, during and following the marriage of cuck and slut on the 21-07-2012.

At no time during the course of this contract will the cuck attempt to engage in sexual activity with the slut without the permission of the Bull.

Is to recognize and acknowledge the Bulls superiority at all times.

Will at all times obey the Bulls commands.

Will actively pursue the seduction of the slut's sisters for use by the Bull.

Will accept accidental or purposeful "breeding" of the slut if so desired by the Bull. Including all emotional and financial responsibility for any offspring due to the Bulls activity.

On signing this document the slut will agree to:

Give herself freely and readily for the Bulls sexual gratification, amusement, entertainment.

Drop her knickers for other black men as directed by the Bull.

Engage in group sex, gangbangs as directed by the Bull.

To serve the Bull and black men without question or obstacle.

In conclusion:

This agreement is ONLY amendable by the named Bull

At no time may the Cuck or Slut challenge this agreement.

The Bull has full ownership of this contract once initial payment has been made.


The Bull _________________________________

The Cuck _________________________________

The Slut _________________________________

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