tagLesbian SexPink Lips Pt. 05: First Time

Pink Lips Pt. 05: First Time


Note: This is a flashback, I decided to do a story about when Lily and Blue's first time together Enjoy regardless of what gender and sexuality you are!! There will be a few music references in this story so you are welcome to listen to them while you read the story, I think it sets a really good atmosphere. I know it always gets me horny.


Blue smiled softly at Lily from across the dinner table. It was their one year anniversary and Lily could not have been more ecstatic. She loved Blue with every fiber of herself, ever since Blue first kissed her, she knew that things would never be the same again.

Lily clutched Blue's hand as they made their way back to Blue's apartment. At the time Lily had not yet moved in. Lily fidgeted with her hands, she knew what was to come and she was a little anxious. She and Blue had never had sex before, she had never had sex with anyone. At the same time, she was so excited that she could barely breathe.

Lily walked into the apartment and Lily sat on their bed. Even though Lily wasn't officially moved in with Blue, she still liked to sleep in Blue's bed because Blue would cuddle with her. Needless to say, it was much better than her loud dorm roommate who was always bringing crazy men over.

"Hey, I'm going to brush my teeth and you can get ready for bed okay?" Blue smiled softly at Lily and Lily looked down at her toes, smiled, and blushed a little. Blue walked out of the bathroom and crawled under the covers. "Goodnight sweetheart," Blue gently sat up and planted a kiss on Lily's cheek.

Here goes nothing, Lily thought to herself. "Hey Blue, um I was wondering if maybe you..." "Hm?" Blue sat up and looked at Lily. Lily's eyes dropped down to Blue's gorgeous boobs, she always loved Blue's pjs. Her shorts barely covered her perfect, squishy ass and her perky boobs were contained in her flimsy, worn out tank top.

"I was wondering if maybe you wanted to um have.. sex?" Lily blushed and looked away. Lily felt a warm pair of hands run up and down her back and a soft kiss on her neck. "Are you sure you want to do this sweetie? I'm more than thrilled to oblige." Lily felt Blue's hands move slowly from her back to her arms. "Yeah, I've wanted to for a while now." Lily turned to face Blue.

"Is that so?" Blue smirked. "I knew it was only a matter of time after I felt you cupping my boobs at night." Lily blushed and looked away. Blue turned Lily's face so that it was facing hers. "Just trust me baby, I'm going to make you feel so good. I promise." Blue laid Lily down on the best and pulled her into a hungry, lusty kiss. "Oh god, I'm so horny Blue." Lily felt shivers run up and down her back, she was already insanely wet.

Blue quickly turned on her speaker. The song Muse by Partynextdoor rang out into the air filling the room with sensual lyrics and slow beats. "Fuck, I want it so badly." Lily moaned. Blue slowly unhooked Lily's bra and Lily's boobs gave a slight bounce. "What do you want baby? Tell me, tell me baby girl."

"I want your fingers inside of me, oh god please." Lily moaned. "Not so fast hun," Blue chuckled as Lily opened her legs wider. "Don't you want to feel really good first, hm?" Blue ran her fingers along the sides of Lily's stomach and Lily giggled softly. "I wonder where else I can explore.." Blue rolled Lily's nipple between her thumb and index finger.

Lily moaned softly, "that feels so good." "You know what feels even better?" Before Lily could give an answer, Blue took Lily's nipple in her mouth. She sucked on the pink rosebuds until they became hard in her mouth. Lily moaned loudly and Blue kept sucking on them. "God that feels so good, oh Blue, oh yes." Lily was going to come just from Blue's mouth on her boobs.

Lily felt warm sticky fluid rush down her thighs. She came to the realization that she had just come all over herself and Blue wasn't even touching her pussy. Lily gently fluttered her eyes open. Blue gently ran her fingers along Lily's thigh and put her fingers in her mouth. "I didn't know you were that sensitive baby, this is going to be even more fun."

The song House in LA by Jungle switched on to their speaker. Blue moved Lily's thighs apart with her hands and planted a soft kiss on her inner thigh. Blue saw Lily's pussy twitch slightly. "Please Blue," Lily moaned out. "I want you so badly." With that, Blue plunged her tongue into Lily's pussy, swirling it all around her clit. Lily moaned and clutched Blue's head.

"That feels absolutely amazing, oh god Blue, I'm gonna come again!!" Lily moaned loudly. She felt Blue's warm hand snake up to her boobs. Blue pinched Lily's nipples and Lily felt like she was going to explode. She was going to come all over Blue, she couldn't take it.

"Not so fast." Blue removed her tongue from Lily's pussy. She gently slid two fingers into Lily's molten pussy, they fit snugly but perfectly. Lily felt a little pain when Blue's fingers entered her but it quickly diminished with Blue's thrusts. Blue thrusted her fingers in accordance with the music, slowly drawing her fingers in and out, in and out.

The rhythmic motion caused Lily to move against Blue's fingers. Blue brought her mouth back to Lily's perfect, heat-filled pussy. "I-i, I-i." Lily felt her words slurring. She was going to come any second now. Blue sensed this and sped up her motions.

"That's a good girl, come for me." Blue softly bit Lily's clit and Lily screamed as she came all over Blue's fingers in sticky waves. Lily bucked her hips as she rode out her orgasm, her screams turning into moans until she finally collapsed onto the bed. She felt a single tear roll down her cheek, she had never had anything as good as what she had experienced with Blue.

"T-h-a-t w-w-was a-am-maz-zing." Lily panted out and Blue gently massaged Lily's back. "If you want, tomorrow we can.. try something else?" Blue whispered softly in Lily's ear.

"We can have.. you know.. a little more physical contact, just us two." Blue whispered and Lily smiled. "Yeah, I would love that." Lily felt her eyelids grow heavy and soon Blue shut off the light. They drifted off into deep sleep, but Lily knew that more exciting, lust filled adventures with her love would surely await her tomorrow.

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Sweet and tender first time

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