tagErotic CouplingsPins Ch. 03

Pins Ch. 03


I'm reasonably sure that this can be read as a standalone, but I'm equally sure that it would read better if you hit Chapters I & II first.

As I look at my previous submissions I'd like to remind readers how much authors feed off your comments. I noticed that the three stories I've submitted which have garnered the best numerical voting record are ones which have never received a single comment, oh well, enjoy.


I was a sticky mess and then it hit me. "God damn it Ernie that's it! I'm calling a plumber tomorrow! This is the last time I'm going to go out and face the world with four or five different people's cum dried all over my body. Your shower's been broken for almost two fucking months now and you're still trying to save $4.98 on the price of a valve!

I've had it! I'm calling a plumber and deducting his fee from your next check!


I leaned over and grabbed Annie's nearest body part, which turned out to be her left foot. I kissed it and tongued it and finally said, "I hate to cast a pall, but we've got a plane to catch!"

She smiled, groaned, and swung her legs to the floor. "It's weird! I just listened to your rant and was amused but when you just said we should get going I was just about to say 'As soon as I've taken a shower.' You're right. It sucks not to have one!" Annie went into the galley and, filling the sink with hot water, gave herself a reasonably effective sponge bath. "Come on over here, Jeff. I'll clean you up too!"

After we got dressed and were ready to leave, Bianca came over and kissed me. She said, "I'd give you a blow job for the road but I'm sure Annie's got that well taken care of!"

She turned to Annie. "Girlfriend I wish we were going together but if that can't be, I'm glad they picked you! They got themselves the most beautiful model around!" They kissed and Annie headed for the door with her bag in hand and tears in her eyes.

As we wound our way through airport security I thought that the terrorists had already won by virtue of forcing us to go through all this shit! Maybe we'd be better off with no security at all! A few planes would bite the bullet at first but then, when the novelty wore off, things might return to normal.

We passed on the airline meal and Annie started to nap with her head in my lap. The in-flight movie was something like Harry Potter and the 101 Witches fuck 102 Dalmations, or something like that. As soon as the cabin lights dimmed Annie lowered my fly and proceeded to give me a really pleasant hummer. We weren't noisy about it so we didn't disturb anyone except the couple across the aisle and they seemed to be really enjoying the show.

After we disembarked and left the security area we saw the driver in full chauffer's livery holding a sign saying Annie Parker. Annie got excited and hugged my arm as we walked to the waiting stretch Lincoln. Less than 30 minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of a large industrial park looking building. The driver held the door for us. I said to the eager blonde clinging to my arm, "I won't be that long. I've just got to transact some business and I'll be back to you. I left Annie in the cocktail lounge as I followed the driver back to Javier's office.

Medina came out from around his desk and shook my hand. "Jeffrey! It's been too long! I watched you come in on the security cameras and I gotta tell you... You really outdid yourself with this broad. She's a fox!"

"Actually, I didn't recruit her! I've got this new assistant working for me and she did it all herself! I think she's going to work out great!

I hate to rush things, but the only flight I could book back to Indiana doesn't give me that much time."

Medina took a thick white envelope from his desk and handed it to me. "No problem! Actually it's kind of busy out there and I'd just as soon get this unit broken in and on her back as soon as possible."

He held the door open. "Shall we?"

As soon as we got back to the lounge Annie grabbed my suit jacket's sleeve and said in a mock stage whisper. "I just saw the actor Jimmy Kehoe and Carlos Mehan of the Mets hit on two girls at the bar and it looked like they scored!" She giggled. "At least they all left together! And don't be too obvious but look down at the end of the bar! That's Jeremy Stone!"

I looked where she indicated and then turned back to her. "You're right! That is Stone! Do you want to fuck him?"

She giggled again. "As if! I'd probably get tongue tied and not be able to talk to him! He's so incredibly hot! What is this place?"

I kissed her hand. "This place is called The New Congress Club and it's the most upscale whorehouse in the New York/New Jersey area! Would you like me to show you around?"

Her face displayed excitement, but still no concern. "Shut up! A whorehouse? Could we really?"

"Of course. And who better to show us around than Mister Medina here. Annie, this is his establishment."

Annie held out her hand and Javier kissed it. He said, "It's a pleasure to meet you Annie. You are, by far, the loveliest young lady here this evening."

"As if! Those two girls at the end of the bar are way better looking than me!"

She leaned forward and whispered. "Are they really... prostitutes? They look like movie stars!"

Javier smiled as he answered Annie's question. "That's very perceptive of you my dear. Several of our young ladies were formerly on the silver screen. You see the beauty standing by the piano? That's Donna Stone and the effervescent little minx to her left is Mary Hatch Bailey who was nominated for three Academy Awards in her career! Oh, and the statuesque girl at the bar I'm sure you recognize as being Alma Burke! She calls herself Lorene while she's working here and she's one of our most popular girls." Medina called Lorene over to their group.

"Lorene this is Annie and she asked if we could show her around the Club. Do you have a few minutes?"

The magnificent brown haired whore shook Annie's hand. "It's so wonderful to meet you, Annie. I'd love to show you around. Of course we're now in the lounge. This is where our members relax over a drink or two and talk to the ladies. Several of us play the piano and during Happy Hour we have a professional playing every night. Do you see those drapes over there? Well they cover a 52" wide screen TV and one of the few times it's ever on is during the seventh inning stretch of Yankee home games to show Ronan Tynan singing God Bless America."

Lorene laughed. "All the ladies have come to think of that as being our seventh inning stretch for each evening, too! Tradition has it that even if you're in your room giving some member a blow job you're supposed to stop while it's being sung. There are rumors that some of the ladies cheat and don't stop but I can't imagine why that would be. Each room has a little light which goes on when the first hitter goes into the batter's box at the top of the seventh, so we've got plenty of warning!

I know some of the new ladies are all about business but I'm sorry, it just seems unpatriotic to keep sucking a dick while that song's playing!" She smiled her radiant smile and continued. "But I suppose I'm just an old fashioned girl!

Anyway, let's keep this tour going, shall we?" She led us down a short hall to this marble room with an Olympic-sized pool. There were about fifteen nude units in the pool along with three johns.

"Now this is one of my favorite areas." Lorene continued. "Of course fucking is great exercise but I like to supplement it with swimming. It just seems to melt any tensions away which I might have built up.

Annie, did you know we have a gourmet chef here?"

Annie put her hand on Lorene's arm as she responded, "Actually I'd never heard of this place until just before I met you!"

Lorene put her arm around Annie as she said, "Well we do! Chef Andre makes some of the most divine pastries! I must confess to having a little bit of a sweet tooth which is another reason the pool is good for me!

Now this hall over here leads to the ladies' rooms." Lorene looked over her shoulder inquiringly at Medina.

He simply said, "Seventeen." Lorene nodded and led the group into one of the rooms.

Annie immediately noticed her suitcase opened at the foot of the luxurious king-sized bed. "That's my bag!"

Lorene smiled, "Well of course, silly! This is your room! Where would you expect it to be?"

Annie's smile was replaced with one of apprehension. "Jeff? Jeff, what's going on here?"

I walked over to the unit and said, "I got a text on the plane telling me that the Paris deal had fallen through so I started thinking about what might be the best resolution for all parties concerned. Since we were already on the flight east I thought about this place so I texted Mr. Medina and he answered that he could use you."

Lorene jumped into the conversation. "And you never told Annie about any of this? Jeffrey that was very rude of you! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Annie blew at that point. "Rude, Rude? It's a Hell of a lot more than fucking Rude!

Look Lorene, no offence but I'm not a Whore and I don't care if it has twenty gourmet chefs, I'm not working here!"

That was my cue so I stepped up to the unit, adopting a stern expression. I gave her a pretty hard shove and she fell back onto the bed. "Look! You are a whore and you'd better start getting used to that position on your back on a bed with your legs spread."

Annie immediately popped back up saying, "Fuck this! I'm out of here!"

I shoved her back down, using more force. "Stay down, Cunt!"

At this point a deep, rather quiet voice said, "Apologize." All heads turned to face the rather scary countenance of Javier Medina. His silky voice continued.

"Jeff either you immediately apologize to that young lady or I promise you'll be found in a dumpster in Jersey City in the morning." There was no doubt in anyone's mind that he would deliver on his promise.

I acted like my fear was overriding my anger as I said, "Annie I apologize for my behavior. I should not have gotten physical with you. It was uncalled for behavior."

Javier continued, looking Annie in the eye. "Please allow me to add my personal apology for this man's conduct. To me it displays a complete absence of character and common decency.

As far as your leaving is concerned. Of course I won't force you to remain here if you don't want to, but I paid this man twenty thousand dollars in good faith. I cannot allow that situation to persist."

Annie shook her head. "No. Sorry, not my problem!"

Lorene sat on the bed next to Annie and put her arm around her shoulders. "Annie sweetheart, it is kinda your problem. See Mr. Medina laid out a lot of money and he can't be expected to take a loss just because your boyfriend's such a prick!"

Annie said, "He's definitely not my boyfriend!"

Lorene shook her head. "It doesn't matter. What matters is that if you don't work here, and if you can't dip into that purse and pull out twenty thousand dollars, then the only way Mr. Medina can recover his money would be to sell you to some brothel in the Middle East or Turkey and Darling you definitely don't want to end up there!" Annie's shoulders sank.

Lorene turned to us. "Now you boys run along, we'll be fine. Just leave us alone for a bit, okay?"

Javier said. "Lorene, I noticed back in the lounge that Annie expressed some interest in Jeremy Stone."

Lorene brushed Annie's hair with the tips of her fingers. "Is that right, Honey? Would you like me to introduce you to Jeremy?"

Annie almost blushed. "Oh he wouldn't be interested in meeting me!"

Lorene gave a little laugh, "Just shows how much you know. You're exactly the type of girl Jeremy loves to meet.

Why don't we all go back to the lounge, then?"

As we walked back up the hallway to get Annie used to her future Javier asked me, "Are you flying back today or are you staying over 'til tomorrow? I've got a pair of twins that I think you'll enjoy!"

"Sounds great but I've got a brand new assistant and I'd kind of like to keep an eye on things for a while. I'd better get back before too long."

We sat at the bar and Lorene brought Stone over to our group. "Jeremy, of course you already know Mr. Medina and this is his friend Jeff." We shook hands. "And this is Annie, isn't she lovely?"

Stone took Annie's hand and kissed her fingertips. "Today's Annie's first day with us and I just knew you'd want to meet her."

"As always Lorene, your perspicacity is flawless! Although I didn't yet know it, I've been dying to meet Annie all day!"

"Well that's just fine! I do declare seeing the way you two are looking at each other is making me blush. Annie why don't you show Jeremy your room and the two of you can get to know each other better."

Annie reached out her hand for Stone's and held her head down as she said, "Okay!"

After they left Medina asked me the time of my flight and I told him. "All right I'll have Luis drive you back to the airport but since we have a little time, why don't we all enjoy a little show." He asked Lorene to 'do the honors'. She pressed a few buttons in a control at the end of the bar and the drapes parted to reveal the TV at the end of the bar. As the set quickly warmed up I recognized Annie back in her room. She was unbuttoning her way down Stone's shirt as he unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. When he pulled the top over her up stretched arms Annie was completely naked and Stone lifted her up with his hands in her armpits as he threw her to the bed. Stone slowly continued undressing, standing at the foot of the bed. Annie couldn't take her eyes off him as she rhythmically opened and closed her legs, her right hand playing with her pussy.

Stone stood at the foot of the bed and Annie spread her legs as far apart as she was able. She reached her arms up in an obvious invitation so Stone kneeled between those delightful legs and began to lower himself on top of her supine form. Annie took the very erect cock before her and guided it to her entrance. He was above her, still supported on his hands when his hips began rocking, thrusting ever deeper into the new whore's pussy. Annie locked her ankles behind his back and buried her face against his neck, her lips tracing a path across his skin. A groan escaped her lips.

Luis came into the lounge and indicated the hour by tapping his watch. As Javier stood and wished me a safe flight I shook his hand and walked out to the parking lot. I was asleep before the car left the lot and when we got to the terminal the driver woke me so I could transfer my carcass and sleep on the plane the entire trip home. Ernie's studio was between the airport and my condo so I stopped to see if anything was going on there.

I let myself in the side door and went into his office. Out on the studio bed were two girls having sex with each other while Ernie kept his digital video recording. I didn't recognize either girl so I was about to walk out when I saw Pins sitting in one of the director's chairs. I slipped out of the office. Pins saw me and waved me over.

"What do you think? I was checking county records and found out that the Alpha Chi sorority was three months in arrears on their mortgage payments. So they called an emergency house meeting to which I was invited to explain creative ways they could get caught up on their payments. Ernie's going to be shooting a lot of porn footage over the next few months. Only thing is, there are several girls that want to contribute to the cause, but their looks aren't quite up what we might need for a photo array. Do we have any subsidiary which we could use to turn them out? I mean really, how much difference is there between fucking on film and us sending them to some hotel room to fuck some businessman from out of town?"

I was temporarily speechless. I'd expected that the first thing out of her mouth would be to ask about Annie, but this Pins was strictly business. She was all about the money and how we might be able to make a buck out of the sorority's financial hardships. I'd been telling Harry for a long time that if we ever found the right woman for this job she'd be able to generate capital for the company well beyond anything any three men might produce. Now that she stood before me, however, I found I missed those very qualities which normally differentiated our sexes.

I felt compelled to say, "In case you were curious, I think Annie will be able to adapt to her new life. There's a girl there named Lorene who's sort of taken her under her wing and is helping her transition."

Her face was a total blank. "Who? Annie? Oh, oh, I know, Bianca's friend! You know, we might be able to get a lot more video from B than either of us thought possible! She's really gotten into her role as a complete on-screen whore! Lucky, huh?"

She put her arm around my shoulders and said, "You know, Jeff, you can probably handle it a lot easier if you just think of Annie as if she'd gone down in a plane crash. If you think of her as being dead, you won't need to deal with the emotional bullshit.

I used to know a sweet girl named Annie, but now she's just a stain on the highway." She stared blankly off into the distance for a few seconds and then smiled. "Nice ass, though!"


This had to be some sort of sick test or something. She'd spent the entire day trying to scour her brain lest it contain any remaining empathy for the cute blonde with the heart shaped ass who would probably spend the rest of her life being used and abused by nameless faceless men. It had been hard at first, but by mid-afternoon she'd felt she was ahead of the curve as far as thinking about all these girls as just product; meat to be processed in the grinder of life.

She looked up at the stage. These two went quite a way toward helping her down her path toward desensitivity. The one with the tight curls thought it would be "camp" to shoot porn. She'd asked "out of curiosity" what the largest number of male partners any model had had in a single shoot. I shook my head as I thought, 'Okay honey, you want to be gangbanged? I'll accommodate you!'

Pins looked at the back of Jeff's head and remembered that morning when, instead of jumping in the shower, she'd listened at the door to the phone conversation he'd had about selling her into sexual slavery; the Fucker!

She put her hand on Jeff's shoulder. "What do you think? Do you want to get in on the action?

The blonde with the tight curls' name is Kelly and her father owns a bank or something. To tell you the truth, the shoot would probably look better if there was a stiff cock in there shagging the two of them!"

Jeff pulled on his belt and opened the buckle. "Anything for the cause! The sacrifices I make should stand me in good stead comes Christmas bonus time!" He climbed onto the bed and grabbed the closest pair of hips and positioned his cock at the entrance to the girl's vagina. She quickly turned around and asked him, "Who the Hell are you?"

Jeff spit on the head of his cock. "I'm Jeff, who the Hell are you?"

"A lesbian!"

Jeff rammed his cock into the girl with one powerful stroke. "And I'm straight so I guess that means neither one of us normally fucks guys!" He rammed into her a few times as he leaned over her back. With the fingers of his left hand he started rubbing her clit in a circular motion which produced a corresponding motion from her tongue which was eating the other girl. The second girl looked to the end of the train and saw Jeff. She just said, "Mmmm, thanks!"

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